My First Lesbian Encounter

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This is my first sexual experience with another girl. It happened in the summer of 97. I was married for just one year and was leading a normal sexual life, fully content with my hubby… the sex with him was a bliss, may be because I have been brought up in such a conventional life style. We have tried almost all the positions, including anal and oral sex, and my hubby satisfied me fully.

All in all, I felt (and still feel) very lucky to have him as my life partner. But, things suddenly took a turn, and I have been lured into the bi-sexual world by this event. I had to go to Bangalore (in India) to attend an official Seminar, which was scheduled to last for a whole week. And I had to go alone, without my hubby… and it was the first time after my marriage with him that we are separated for such a LONG time. I was hesitant to attend the Seminar; unfortunately, I had to go because it was an important one, which could help me in getting a promotion soon. With much persuasion from my hubby, I left for Bangalore. I reached Bangalore on a Monday morning, and got registered on the first day at the Seminar site. It was just the introduction about the topics of the Seminar and getting to know the participants. There was this girl from an organisation in Maharashtra who was also a participant at the Seminar. Her name is Madhulika Sharma (Madhu for short), 26 years old, with a pretty face, and a gorgeous body.

She stood almost my height of 5’11,” with a 36(C)-24-36 figure, very fair, with long legs, and black hair, cut to shoulder length. She was unmarried, but not a virgin (I later learnt from her). I think, I was destined to share the accommodation with Madhu at the Hotel. I had no problem to share the accommodation since there were a few girls attending the Seminar, and I welcomed this proposition to share the accommodation with girl instead of with another unknown man! Madhu was quite charming and very friendly, and she was always with me, just comforting me whenever I felt a little nervous. She had attended quite a few Seminars before, and for me, it was the first one. So, she helped me with the formalities and gave me some tips on taking notes that are relevant and essential. The pre-lunch session went off well and we all headed to lunch, a buffet one at that. She asked me, almost in a whisper, whether I drink alcohol or beer. I was surprised at her question, and answered in the negative; and, told her, I had tasted beer in a few occasional parties when I accompanied my hubby but never had any hot liquor. She did ask me about smoking and for this I answered in affirmative, because whenever I took beer, I smoked at least two cigarettes before finishing of the mug of beer! She just smiled and told me that she occasionally drinks beer and liquor, and was also a party smoker.

After lunch, and after the post-lunch session, we returned to our hotel room. The room was quite cosy with neatly furnished double bed, with air-conditioning, television, VCR, and a telephone. The bathroom and the toilet were ‘Glamourooms’ as they advertise in the Parryware ads. This was the first time that I stayed in an expensive hotel, without my hubby! Madhu asked me whether I would like to go to the restaurant for dinner or should we order room service; and, suggested that it would be better to have dinner in the room, possibly after gulping a mug or two of good beer. I thought for a while, and wanted to have the thrill of doing so… and I accepted her proposal. (I later thought and wondered, how meticulously she had pre-planned the whole arrangement… yes, she would eventually turn out to be an able Administrator!) With a wicked smile on her lips, she approached the cupboard and showed me four bottles of beer, ready to be chilled in the fridge. She sought for my help in storing them in the freezer and all the four took shelter accordingly. She next switched on the TV and some lousy cartoon was running on… promptly she switched channels, surfing one by one, and at lasted on a music channel where a hot favourite Hindi number, with scintillating dance movements, was showing. She commented sarcastically about the dancers’ erotic movements and told that the performers are just making love with their clothes on… and I was taken aback at her straightforward comment.

I was watching the song intently when she told me that she wanted to freshen up and proceeded to the bathroom to take a shower. I told her that I too would like to have a shower and asked her to finish soon. She slowly walked towards me and asked me, keeping her hands on my shoulder, with a wink, whether I wanted to shower along with her. I blushed and told her to cut such naughty thoughts and pushed her towards the bathroom… and she giggled and told me that it would be a real feast to see me in the shower. I smiled, modestly accepted her compliments and told her, so would be for anyone to see her too!

She freed herself from my clutches and took out a nice pair of sexy, deep red bra and panties, and a flimsy nightgown, placed them on the cot, and walked toward the bathroom with just a fluffy towel on her shoulder; and, I resumed to the TV where another similar song with similar exotic casino oyna and erotic movements was now showing. I retrieved a film-magazine and started to glance through it.

I heard the water hissing through the shower, and Madhu started humming a melodious tune. I was somehow intrigued by her unexpected comment on seeing me in the shower, and I was just getting turned on about the idea… My hubby many a times insisted that he be allowed to watch me when I bathe. I always felt very happy and privileged to let him do so… and to even fondle me and make love to me in the shower. But, never had I watched a pretty girl (like Madhu) bathe. I was strongly tempted to just peep into the bathroom to watch her bathing, but somehow, I controlled myself and started preparing for my bath. I retrieved my undies from my travel bag and a night suit (a cotton salwar kameez), and waited for Madhu to return.

I heard the bathroom door open and came out Madhu, covered herself in that large terry towel, knotted at her bosom. The fragrance of the soap lingered in the room… I deeply inhaled the fragrance emanating from her body, and walked past her with all the clothes I had taken out of my travel case and headed to the shower.

When I was bathing, I was very much alert and kept an eye on the door of the bathroom whether Madhu was spying on me while I bathe (in fact, I was in a way expecting her to do so…) and a little while later I emerged out of the shower and dried myself with the towel and changed into the undies and the nightsuit (in fact it was a long cotton gown running up to my ankles) and returned to the living room.

Madhu was still covered in the towel and watching the cable channel (where some adult movie in English with a romantic scene was on) and was deeply engross in it… (may be, acted like that, later I found out). I went to the mirror to adjust my hairdo… and was shocked to notice in the mirror that Madhu’s hands were busy massaging her breasts, intently watching the movie… and I blushed seeing her involved in self-play. When I took an abrupt turn, the hair oil can fell down from the dressing table with a loud noise and she was transported back to the present [from her (some) enacted fantasy]… and seemed to blush from being caught playing with herself. I too was a bit embarrassed and slowly asked her why she had changed to her night clothes…

She winked and told me that she wanted me to watch while she changed, and waited for my response. I was now really turned on and really wanted to see her without the clothes but was too modest to accept that I wanted to… and she persuaded me and told me to get her the undies and the nightgown. I slowly walked near the clothes and fetched them to her… Her clothes really were so soft (like her) and sensuous. When she took the clothes from me, I felt her hands brush slightly against mine, even holding them for a longer while than required, and she removed the knot which kept the towel firm against her bosom, to reveal her pretty, firm, flesh globes. Her tits were very firm and nipples stood out like two cherry fruits on a cake! She asked me to assist her to wear the bra which I readily obliged; but in my nervousness, I failed to hide my eagerness, which I am sure (even now) she would have noticed (and she had…!). She slowly removed the towel from her lap, and her pussy came to my view! She had a perfect flat stomach, with a cute bellybutton, nicely trimmed pubic hair, and her cunt lips lined with dark, curly, soft silk like hair. My eyes bulged on seeing her sweet pussy and my mind, automatically started to compare it with mine. Though I kept my pussy clean-shaven, hers was better than mine (at least I felt so…) and I wanted to touch it and feel it in my hands. This was the first time that I saw a full grown pussy (other than mine) and I was trembling… I was not sure whether it was right or wrong to have such a feeling and my mind was troubled. Madhu seemed to enjoy all the commotion in my mind and slowly got and stood before me, with the bra just hanging on her shoulder unfastened at the back. With a sexy smile and an evil wink, she grabbed the panties and started putting in on her and turned her back to me to help her fasten the bra clasp.

I was in no mood to let her dress up and I was turned on heavily, with my pussy lips trembling and my nipples hardened and stood out, straining to be freed from the lacy confines of the bra. I missed my hubby so badly that I needed someone to pay attention to the aching tits and the trembling pussy…

How I wished him to be by my side to fondle me, kiss me passionately and make tender love to me… Alas, I was away from him, and left in the company of this electrifying girl, who had almost seduced me into this (otherwise taboo) sexual world. To overcome my sexual arousal, I immediately fastened her bra clasps and offered her nightgown and asked to get dressed up so that we could proceed to have dinner soon. She was confused at my sudden change of mood and asked me whether I felt hungry. Yes, I was, but not that hunger in my stomach, but six inches below it. And, I stuttered something to say that I was feeling slot oyna tired… and something just to hide my arousal, which she clearly understood. She stood before me for a while, in just her panties and bra, taking a few cautious steps like a Russian ballerina, showing off her assets to me, for my viewing pleasure and asked me whether I was sure that she should put on her nightgown. I firmly replied in the affirmative and proceeded to the fridge to bring out the now chilled beers out of the freezer. I was in a dilemma – whether to just drop the evil thoughts of proceeding further and getting closer with this girl and cross the horizon, or otherwise – and I could not just decide. Because my body was really on the fire of lust!

When I returned to the table to keep the beer, I noticed Madhu dressed in that nightgown! But, it aggravated my problem, because it was very flimsy and made of such a transparent silk, and it accentuated her every curve and sharp feature. I could not divert my attention from my sensational body. She was really a wicked and evil girl, who had planned to seduce me the moment she signed me at the Registration Counter at the Seminar, I thought, and I almost hated her to have landed myself in this situation. Had I not met her and had I not shared the accommodation, the turn of events would not have taken place at all. But, I did welcome this, and the objections raised by my inner conscience were set aside, and my physical lust overpowered it! With a trembling voice, I called out, “Madhu, it’s time that we started our party!” and I had the hidden meaning that I was all available for the pleasure ride. Madhu did not disappoint me, because she was the mastermind who had planned this event and she coolly came forward and took the seat opposite mine on the table.

I switched off the TV and inserted an audiocassette into the system and the soft, enticing instrumental music of a renowned Composer (I do not remember now who it was) filled the room. We sat staring at each other for a while which seemed to be an eternity. At last, Madhu broke the ice and let out a shrill of laughter. She said to me, “Sumi, I’ve been watching you since I came out of the bath. You do not seem to be the same Sumi whom I met this morning. Something has changed, and I know, I have been instrumental in making the change… Am I right?” and with soft, sensuous smile on her lips, placed her hands on mine and held them for a while.

I lowered down my face to avoid her stare and slowly started to relax and smiled at her. She read my thoughts and came near me and sat next to me. Only inches apart, I felt the heat radiating from her body, and it was really infectious. Madhu got hold of the chilled beer and opened it, filled up two mugs. The foaming beer, the enticing music, and having Madhu by my side, did have an effect on me. We clinked the beer mugs, toasted each other, and raised the mugs to our lips and had our first sip. It was really refreshing, and heavenly. When I was just sipping slowly from the mug, Madhu placed her empty mug on the table, and smacked her lips, and winked at me…

“Sumi, are you always slow in all…?” and giggled and patted on my thighs… and started running her hands slowly up and down my thighs over my nightsuit.

Already I was an aroused state, and with some expectation, and when Madhu made an advancement, that was the last straw and I gave in… I gulped the beer and emptied it immediately; placed it on the table, and turned to Madhu and replied in a grin, “May be, slow and steady wins the race, don’t you know?”

Madhu gasped at my comment, and asked me whether I was ready to run the race to which I said, “I’m already warming up for the occasion!”

Madhu refilled our mugs, got up, and I raised my arms up which made my tits rise up and stand up like two little mounts. And Madhu could not stop herself from grabbing my hips and embracing me and my arms encircled her reciprocating her embrace, and she kissed me softly at my stomach, over my nightsuit. I was feeling her back, and reached the snap of the bra, and my fingers were apprehensive whether to open it or not… Madhu gently whispered in my ear, “Love, why do you wait… I know, you are in a dilemma – to be or not to be – and I promise, you will never regret later. This is the occasion, and let’s live through it… C’mon baby, take me and give me what I want. Now!” and started licking all over my earlobes and poking her tongue inside my ears, tickling me gently.

She suggested that we dance for some time and told me to put some music on the stereo or the video. I surfed through the channels quickly and found something that you could dance to. The music started just as she was coming back into the living room with another refill of beer in the mugs. She placed the mugs on the table and started to dance and asked me take the beer.

“Come on, Sumi, dance. It will unwind your inhibitions.”

I took a big gulp of beer and agreed and soon we started gyrating to the music.

The next couple of songs picked up the beat and we were soon dancing wildly, drinking our beer and having a great time. I loved watching her dance, canlı casino siteleri the way her hips moved, the way her breasts bounced.

We were really getting in sync with each other the way you can get dancing. Only, I didn’t think Madhu was used to this with another girl. Then the music changed tempo. Something slow came on. Madhu stopped, and took a swig of wine. But I swayed over to her, still wanting to dance. Madhu put her hands on my waist and drew me back into the middle of the room, keeping her eyes locked on mine. Soon, she started to dance with me putting her hands on my shoulders. She didn’t seem ready to break eye contact. As the dance continued, Madhu pulled me closer. Our hips met, swaying together to the slow beat. Our upper bodies came slowly together, our tits pressing against each other. Finally, Madhu leaned forward, opened my mouth and started to kiss me. I kissed back at first, maybe out of habit. Then suddenly I pulled back, and half pulled out of her arms.

“Madhu, no. We shouldn’t be doing this. Why are we doing this?”

“Because, Sumi, Because it feels good,” Madhu responded, and kissed me again, and of course, I responded.

She was wearing a musky perfume. It was driving me crazy. Her tongue sought mine and mine responded. I wasn’t fighting her at all, and wasn’t pulling away from her. She slowly ran her hands all over my back and in the process the nightsuit gave way and at times I could feel her hands on my bare skin, that soft velvety touch on my thighs, and on the fleshy panty-clad globes. Madhu freed herself from me for a moment (only to join me soon later) and lifted the hem of the nightsuit and with a sweep, she removed it over my head and I stood before her in sexy undies – just lacy bras and the silky panties, all wet and damp. Her hands came up to my front and ran lightly over my bra, over my breasts. Madhu’s hands were in my hair, God! It felt good, her fingers in my hair, on my ears. She found the clasp for my bra in the back, and undid it. There is something exciting in taking off another woman’s bra, and I believe you all agree… An anticipation, a quickening, my stomach gave a little quiver. She pushed the straps off my arms and it too fell to the floor. Her hands quickly went to my breasts. Madhu started rubbing around the base of my breasts and made squeezing motions around and up until she reached my nipples. My nipples were hard when she reached them. She flicked them with her thumb, pinched them, and rubbed them. She felt them with the base of her hand and with her fingers. I wanted her to suck them so badly. I was making a sound from the bottom of my throat. It started out as a moan but soon began to be a purr. She was making me, a lovely lady purr! She wanted to know what other sounds I would make. In fact, now I felt so strange and had overcome the inhibitions, and it was I who was being seduced by Madhu…

Wow… it aroused me a lot (even when I write this… I am wet and my pussy is just creaming… waiting for some attention…), and I too wanted to taste the fruits of lust and pleasure, and I started to cooperate… My feet started to tingle, and I could start to feel the beginnings of sexual arousal… All I knew is I didn’t want it to stop there… so when we broke our kiss… I started to kiss her neck. Madhu whispered in my ear and asked if I really wanted this… and that Madhu did. I told her yes, very much so. We started to undress each other. Madhu was very beautiful… (I had always thought so.) Once we were naked, we laid down on my bed and continued kissing and fondling each other. Her body is perfect… I kissed and licked her neck, then her shoulder, then down to her cleavage. I was now lying on top of her in a modified “missionary position” with my mouth on her breasts… as I caressed her breasts I started to kiss and suck her now erect nipples. All I could hear between moans was, “Please, don’t stop,” (like I really could).

Madhu then kissed me on the cheek. I then kissed her lightly and quickly on the lips and told her I felt the same way. I had never kissed a girl on the lips before, and was a bit nervous, but Madhu didn’t seem to mind, so we hugged each other and when we broke… I kissed her again… this time a little more passionately… Madhu responded by filling my mouth with her tongue… what a sensation!!

She loved sucking on my nipples, and asked me to suck hers… they were like mine… long, thick, and VERY sensitive. My body jerked and my back arched as she made love to my breasts. I could feel her nipples pressed up against my belly and the tickling of my pussy hair on her belly. She started to slide down and began kissing down my body. I now had my hands on her head… almost pushing it down, as if to let her know what I wanted… When her lips reached my pussy, which I always kept clean shaved (as the way my hubby likes it), I pushed on my knees, bending them and pushed them up towards my chest. I was now spread wide open. Madhu, lifted her head, and asked me would I like to eat her pussy and lick her cunt…I replied, yes, pushing her head back to my pussy and asked her to take a full turn and offer her pussy to my mouth! She said, instead of a 69, she would prefer pleasuring each other slowly… and I accepted. I asked her that I wanted to taste her pussy now… and she slowly got up and straddled my face, offering my sweet-smelling cunt at my face…

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