My Co-Worker Rebecca

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Rebecca was a little thicker then all of the other girls that I worked with that I liked but she was a cutie none the less.

She was twenty four years old. She was about five feet nine inches tall and she weighed about one hundred forty pounds.

She had a chubby yet cute face with a little nose and she had a cute smile and she had brown straight shoulder length hair.

Rebecca’s tits were huge, about the size of large cantaloupes and she always showed them off by opting to wear a tight navy blue polo shirt rather than the usual navy blue smock many of the other girls would wear.

More often than not Rebecca would wear a pair of really tight black denim pants. They were just a bit too tight for her build but she actually made them work.

Sometimes I’d catch Rebecca bending over when she’d be helping a customer and when she did that I had no other choice but to look, and look as long as I could.

She wouldn’t just bend over either she would kind of shove her ass way out as if she was waiting for someone to just come by and mount her.

On many occasions Rebecca and I engaged in sexual conversations. She’d never really talk about herself when we’d have them, but a couple of times she did.

One time, Rebecca dyed her hair and one of her male friends made a comment about her newly dyed hair. She told me how the guy made a comment saying;

“You illegal bahis dyed the hair on your head, did you dye it anywhere else?”

Rebecca told me what her reply to her friend was.

“I would need to have something there in order to dye it.”

She told him.

Basically Rebecca admitted to me that she has a bald pussy and I didn’t even need to ask.

Another night, Rebecca was telling me a story about how she was giving someone a hand job. When she finished telling me the story I began jokingly whooping and howling.

Next thing I knew Rebecca said something like;

“Don’t worry, it wouldn’t be you I’d give the hand job to.”

When she said that I was really hurt and nearly wanted to cry. I was always nice to Rebecca and to all my co-workers in general so for her to say something like that was uncalled for. She did end up apologizing, but that wasn’t until a couple of days after.

It was after that when the first and only fantasy about Rebecca came about.

In the fantasy, I go into the store on my day off and I walk over and talk to Rebecca for a few minutes. She tells me that she’s just getting ready to go on break and wanted me to hang out with her.

While I wait for Rebecca I walk around the store saying ‘hello’ to some of the other people that I work with. About ten minutes later I hear Rebecca’s voice come illegal bahis siteleri over the intercom calling me to the front of the store.

I walk to the front of the store and meet Rebecca and I walk with her out to her car. We get into the back seat of the station wagon she drove every day and the two of us light up a cigarette.

She apologizes again for telling me she wouldn’t be giving me a hand job and tells me that she wants to make up for it.

I laugh and tell her that I’m over the whole thing and that she didn’t have to do anything.

Next thing I know, Rebecca reaches for my zipper and undoes it. She reaches inside and pulls out my cock and starts stroking.

In her right hand she hold her cigarette and in her left she strokes my now rock hard cock. She reaches over her shoulder and flicks the ashes of her cigarette out of the slightly open back window.

A few minutes later she raises her hand to her mouth and she spits into it before wrapping it around my cock again.

She strokes it quickly and forcefully.

“I hope you can cum before I gotta go back inside.”

Rebecca says.

She strokes my cock and I feel myself nearly ready to cum.

“I wanna do it on your face.”

I tell Rebecca.

“How are we gonna do that?”

She asks, tossing the cigarette out of the window.

I tell her to lay back canlı bahis siteleri on the seat and she does.

I hunch myself over with in the tight confines of her station wagon and I straddle her chest.

Rebecca rests her head on the arm rest of the back passenger side door and she continues to stroke my cock rapidly. I look down at her and see that her eyes are moving up and down looking at the night sky above her car as if she isn’t paying attention to what is going on.

I grab my cock from her hand and start jerking it myself.

I begin cumming, shooting two thick streams in to both of her eyes, a third thick stream hits her lips and another lands on her forehead and stretches down onto the bridge of her nose.

Rebecca keeps her eyes wide open, the pools of cum in her eyes jiggle with every movement of her eyeballs.

After I finish cumming Rebecca sits up. My cum slides from her eyes down over her cheeks down onto her jaws and it drips onto her chest.

She reaches around the interior of the car and finds a dirty T-shirt which she uses to wipe the cum from her face.

When she finishes cleaning her face, I walk with her back into the store.

Once we get into the bright lights I see some of my cum on her shirt.

“Make sure you clean that off before going back to work.”

I tell Rebecca.

“h don’t worry I will.”

She tells me.

She walks into the back of the store and I stay up front talking to a couple of other co-workers.

When Rebecca comes back up a few minutes later I see five dark spots on the chest of her shirt where my cum was.

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