My Best Friend’s Boyfriend

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Notes from the Author

Hi, I am Ria from India. I’ve been an avid reader of .com’s stories for the last 8-10 years. A few weeks ago I came across an author from the website and tried to convince him to write about me but he convinced me into being a character for his fictional stories (An Open Minded Girl Ch 01 and Ch 02). Since my character has been introduced, I decided to be more autobiographical and write about my experiences in my own words. Hope this first one is good if not I hope to get better with your feedback. I hoped to start which my first sexual experience but since I was underage then I can’t write about it. So I shall start off from when I was 21. Thanks! Hope you like it!


Since this is my first story, I shall start off writing a bit about myself. I’m an only child so I have been quite spoilt. Although I was sexually active for quite a while, I was honest to my partner, who I dated till college. Till 19, I only had two partners but that was about to change. One of the reasons for my early beginnings was my body development. I grew fast and early by my 18th birthday I had ample 34C cup breasts, firm, round and did not need bra support. My ass too was shapely thanks largely to my workout in the gym (a special story for later). I’m quite dusky with big lips and around 5 feet 8. Enough description, lets get to the story.

When I turned 21, I finished studying in Delhi University and decided to move out of home. I shifted to Mumbai to look for a job in media and public relations industry. My only problem was that I did not know how to go about it. A very good friend of mine, Sanjana (name changed) was living in the city and I decided to live with her initially. She stayed in a posh South Mumbai flat, with a brat of a boyfriend called Arjun (name changed).

Arjun, may have been a brat, but he was hot. I did not know him and hadn’t seen him till I saw him when Sanjana and Arjun came to pick me up at the airport.

While Sanjana waited right in front of the gate, I emerged wearing a military green tank top, short denim skirt and knee high boots. Looking around as I emerged, I wanted to see if there are nice looking men in Mumbai. Immediately I saw one. He must have been more than 6 feet tall. Muscular and pencil beard with longish hair tied in a ponytail. I didn’t know it was Arjun but he had my senses tingling from the first look. The only thing on my mind “Damn, I want him to pick me up, use his strength and fuck me while he’s standing and my legs are wrapped around him”

I hugged Sanjana, my college roommate and an average looking girl but a similar sex drive.

“So I can see there is enough candy to eat and see in Mumbai,” I told Sanjana giving her a playful wink, still eyeing Arjun. “Riaaa, he’s Arjun my boyfriend!! Don’t eye him like that, I’m sure you’ll find others,” she said as we walked towards his car.

As my eyes were locked on him behind my shades, I could tell he quickly checked me out. But to put Sanjana’s fears to rest I said, “Yeah don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll find myself a nice hunk of meat too.”

Sanjana’s flat had two separate bedrooms so I nicely set up in one. We decided that since it was my first night we should go partying. Arjun invited a friend of his Rohan (name changed) and we decided to goto Dome, a fancy club on Mumbai’s Marine Drive.

Rohan was quite good looking himself but definitely not close to the demi-god looks of Arjun. But he was a smooth talker and already was trying his luck with me when he came over to the flat. As usual, we girls were taking time to get ready.

It was my first night in Mumbai and I hadn’t had a fuck for over two months as back home in Delhi my relatives were over, limiting my chance to be naughty. I decided to wear a shimmering short halter dress with a plunging deep neckline. I decided not wear a bra or panties with it, just in case I got lucky.

Rohan quite clearly was impressed but Arjun too kept checking me out slyly. At the club, I hung around more with Rohan to get Arjun a little jealous. The music was electro-house, perfect illegal bahis for grinding and I was quite good at it. I could feel Rohan get hard as my ass crack grazed his crotch again and again.

I was drunk and enjoying myself. I gave up thinking who was gonna fuck me tonight but I enjoyed Rohan as he felt me completely in the darkness of the dancefloor. I remember catching a glimpse of Arjun eyeing us. But the next thing I remember is going with Rohan to his car.

I was incredibly horny so I didn’t wait to go up to his house and he clearly didn’t mind.

“Oh baby, you lips …. so soft….feels so nice against my cock,” said Rohan, while he switched his car off in his driveway.

My lips locked around the tip of his cock as my tongue circled the tip, I could tell he was enjoying as he gripped my hair hard. “Fuckkkk……you are so good,” said Rohan.

His pre-cum was leaking away as my tongue worked furiously. Soon, I wrapped my tongue around his cock and my lips slid down to the base. His entire cock was in my mouth and I started to suck it in the vacuum thus created.

“Ohhh baby I’m about to cum suck me harder,” he screamed out. I thought he’d get hard a second time to fuck me so I sucked harder as he started to shoot his load. I sucked it all up, my first taste of cum in what felt like ages. But to my utter surprise and disappointment Rohan said he couldn’t fuck me tonight and dropped me back off at Sanjana’s.

It was late-night/early morning and since I still didn’t have the keys, I rang the bell. Arjun opened the door, with a bed sheet wrapped around his waist. I froze for a minute as I didn’t expect him. But with my disappointing night still in my mind my eyes followed his body down to his stiffness peeking through the bed sheet.

I could tell he didn’t get satisfied tonight, just like me.

“So, you had a nice night?” he said. “I’ve had better,” I replied as I walked back in. “Anyway, I hope you are enjoying the night.”

He was trying hard not to show his disappointment. “Every night with her is amazing,” he said as he went back into the room.

I knew I did Sanjana a favour because I could suddenly hear her loud moans, I had stoked Arjun’s passion and Sanjana was the beneficiary.

The next few days were uneventful. I was busy hunting for a job and shopping with Sanjana so I managed to stay out of Arjun’s way. But still my libido was growing. A few days later, I invited Rohan because Arjun and Sanjana had gone out for dinner.

Rohan, brought some wine and tried to make up for last time. But I wasn’t interested in wine or food. My pussy was hungry, not me.

We went into my room, he wasn’t getting a blowjob this time. I took the lead and pushed Rohan onto the bed. Rolled his condom on as I got him hard while kissing his chest. I knew I was ready and wet and as soon as he was firm enough, I placed myself above his cock and started to ride him.

I didn’t even look at him as I rode him only thoughts of Arjun came flooding through my mind as I moaned out loud. Rohan’s cock was not long but it was thick and I was loving every moment of it.

I started bouncing faster on his cock as he too increased his pace. My moans and his groans filled up the room . After about an hour Rohan was spent. We rolled a joint and smoked it as I lay naked with him.

I could hear the lock outside open. They didn’t come to disturb us and went straight to their room, which was adjoining my room. While me and Rohan smoked the joint, I started to play with him. Tonight, I wanted Arjun to hear my moans. I couldn’t believe I wanted him so badly.

My lips locked around Rohan’s nipples as I did my best to get him hard again. Tonight, Rohan didn’t want to look bad and somehow was ready to fuck me again. He got on top of me and started to pound me as I began to moan.

When I get fucked nicely I’m very loud naturally. Tonight, I had to make a special effort.

As the noises from our room grew, so did Sanjana’s screams. It was a game of one-upmanship and something told me Arjun wanted me to know how good he is.

Next morning, the illegal bahis siteleri boys woke up late but me and Sanjana were having coffee. “Mmmmm you and Rohan finally hit it off haan?” she asked me seeking some gossip. “He is a nice guy you guys should start dating.”

“He’s ok,” I replied. “You know me, I was horny and he was easily available so I slept with Rohan. But he’s just timepass yaar.”

“You and Arjun are getting it on rough haan, I can see big hickies on your neck,” I teased Sanjana. “Yeah, I don’t know whats gotten into him. But I’m really enjoying it. Pity I have to leave for a week tomorrow.”

I knew my eyes lit up, but thankfully Sanjana didn’t notice. “Oh, is that so? Is Arjun going too?” I asked. “Nope, he’ll be here only, but don’t worry he’ll be out of your way.”

Last thing I wanted was for him to be out of my way.

Me and Arjun dropped Sanjana off at the airport but the drive back home was unusually quiet. There was sexual tension in the air. But neither I nor him wanted to make the first move.

The next couple of day I kept calling Rohan over while Arjun slept in the other room. I wanted to tease him with the sounds. I also overheard Rohan telling Arjun about me.

It was the fourth night Sanjana was away. I knew I had to act soon. But I didn’t want to make a move and be turned down by Sanjana’s boyfriend!

Rohan was fucking me for the fourth night consecutively. After he was done, I ventured out for a glass of water. Arjun too came into the kitchen for a midnight snack, the snack was me.

Dressed only in a tee-shirt, I was drinking water when Arjun came behind me, stark naked. He pushed me up against the wall while I dropped the water. My breathing became heavier, nervous but turned on.

“You are such a tease,” said Arjun. “But no more, tonight I make you scream.”

He leaned in for a kiss. It was what I had wanted since I landed in Mumbai. My lips locked with his, as our tongues wound up with each others. His hands sliding up the sides of my body making me go wild as I felt up his back muscles and dug my nails into it.

I pulled my self onto him and wrapped my legs around his waist as I firmly caught my ass and started walking towards his bedroom. I kept licking his neck as he carried me in, but we had small detour. “Rohan, your job is done, get out of here,” Arjun ordered him as we continued to go in.

I turned my head to the other side of Arjun’s neck, the movement threw my hair back. I could feel Arjun get harder and softly poking my ass crack. I moaned softly and he knew exactly why. “Don’t get too excited, its payback time for me. Tonight you get a taste of your own medicine,” he whispered into my ear as he threw me onto the bed.

My eyes locked into his as I moved back towards the headboard. He grabbed my t-shirt firmly and said, “Where do you think you are going?” And in a sudden move, he ripped off my tee-shirt as my hands moved to cover my boobs.

I was still so shocked I couldn’t say anything. My breathing became heavier as I thrust my boobs forward offering it to him.

Arjun leaned forward and just blew on top of my nipples which made them hard. “Ahhhh fuck, I wanted you so bad,” I moaned out. “Fuck meeee” as I spread my legs out. “In time baby, all in due course of time,” he just sniggered.

He pinched my nipples hard as his fingers traced their way down to my pussy. His thumb started to rub my clit as his middle finger slipped right into my wet slippery pussy. My hands went through my hair as I arched my body in utter pleasure.

Seeing my state, Arjun decided to tease me even more. He pulled out his fingers covered in my juices and put it in front of my mouth as he started to kiss my belly button. I licked off my juices of his finger, “Time for me to taste you too bitch,” he said.

His mouth moved steadily towards my pussy. My thighs parted to make way as I grabbed his hands and guided them towards my boobs. He teased me again as he blew on my pussy and giving small pecks to my pussy lips.

“Mmmmm you smell so much sweeter than Sanjana,” he said. “Did you canlı bahis siteleri think of me while fucking her all these days?” I asked. “What do you think?” he said as his mouth covered my pussy leaving me no chance to reply. “Aaaaahhhhhhhh Godddd.”

His tongue started playing inside my pussy and automatically my crotch started to grind on his mouth to give him more access. He was driving me crazy I just prayed he could fuck me till he satisfies all this urge that he is planting inside me.

He kept sucking my pussy bring me closer and closer to my first orgasm in months. Rohan hadn’t even brought me close despite his thick cock. “Oh baby, I’ll cum on your face..” I yelled out to Arjun as his tongue increased the ferocity of its licking. My body arched and shivered as I reached an orgasm. My juices gushed through as I squirted on his face.

“Mmmm bitch you are a squirter? Sanjana didn’t taste half as good as you,” Arjun said while winking at me.

I grabbed his hair tightly and pulled it up to mine as we kissed again. I tasted my juices on and in his faces as I turned and came on top of him.

“Now, its my turn,” I said. I started to kiss his chest as I stroked his stiffening cock. I rubbed it against my pussy to tease him some more as I bit one of his nipples. He grabbed my hair, “Damn, you are as good as you look.”

I licked his well formed abs as I kept stroking his cock. My mouth kept going lower. But I wanted to give him more than just a blowjob. I wanted to rim him, something I had seen in a porno once. But with him I wanted to try it.

I kept stroking his cock with my hand as my head disappeared under his ass. My tongue licking the length of his ass crack as I heard a groan. “You dirty girl, I’m gonna fuck you good. Where did you learn this?” he asked.

I started to run my tongue around his ass crack as I felt a lot of pre-cum forming on the tip of his cock. I wanted his cum on my boobs so I got up and put his cock between my boobs as started to stroke it.

Soon it was throbbing and he shot a big load all over my tits and my mouth. Like a hungry cum slut I licked it up. I got up from the bed thinking he’s spent for the night, I was wrong. I only got as far as the door when he came running up and pushed me up against the wall. His cock, still hard resting in my butt crack as he put my hair aside and whispered into my ears and said, “Oh I’m far from being done with you.”

He put his arms under my thighs, lifted me up and put my pussy on top of his cock before slipping me on it. I moaned out loudly, my dream from the time I saw him came true. No one had ever fucked me in this position. I was scared but it felt amazing.

He lifted me and while fucking me we walked me to the bed. “Oh Arjunnnn, fuck me in every way you can,” I yelled out. He put me on all fours and grabbed my boobs milking them while he slammed his cock into my pussy. His strokes increased pace as I moaned louder.

Not being able to control himself, he grabbed my hair and pulled me back. He brought me up but his cock was big enough to keep fucking me. We kissed again as I showed my nimbleness this time. I broke the kiss and spun around on his cock. My back was now on the bed and my legs on his shoulders.

The sudden enhanced access took me a little by surprise as my mouth opened while I screamed. With gravity on his side he kept pounding me. “Fuckkkk Arjunnnn, no cock has ever been so deep in me.”

I reached another orgasm and this time I triggered him off. I could feel his cock throbbing in my pussy. I realised he wasn’t wearing a condom but I was beyond the point of caring. I wanted his cum shot deep in me. I grabbed his butt tightly digging my nails into it as he groaned out “Ohhhh Riaaaaaaa” and shot his load deep in me.

Spent, this time he crashed on me. I hugged him and said, “Well we have three more nights till Sanjana gets back.”

It turned out that Arjun as the owner of a company I had applied to. I ended up working for his company and still do. He still fucks me but not as often because of work and also because I found other guys.

Sanjana never found out about us but she also soon broke up with Arjun. As for me, this was just the beginning of my adventures in Mumbai. From the looks of it, it was going to be as much fun as college. But more on about those later. Let me know if you like this.

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