My Adventures with The Annes Ch. 04

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We were on our way home from the first game of the new season, a short drive. Anne was driving, Anne-too also in the front, reading a little booklet Barry had given her. I lounged across the back seat. The Volvo was very comfortable.

“Where did you learn so much about rugby?” I asked.

Anne-too snorted an unladylike snort.

“Bob, Dave and Henry played. Loads of other hunky guys played in those days. They also needed encouragement and support. We were their support team.”

“We?” I asked tentatively. Anne wasn’t old enough to support rugby when Bob was alive, surely?

“Me, Julia and Karen. A perfect team, we travelled everywhere with them.”

My mind clicked over slowly. This was all new to me. Dave, Henry, Julia and Karen?

“You know my Mum and Dad, Aunt and Uncle? You never said.”

“You never asked and besides I certainly didn’t want to frighten you away. Think back, six weeks ago. What would you have done if I’d said ”Hi, Martin, I know your Mum and Aunt?'”

“I’d probably have erm.. done things a little differently, maybe had a nice cup of tea?” I responded after very little thought.

“Exactly! And where was the fun in that? And ‘sposin’, after you’d just finished fucking both me and my daughter I’d said, ‘That was great and oh, by the way, I’ve also fucked your Dad and your Uncle’?”

“Yeah, come to think about it I’m kinda glad you didn’t but…” my voice tailed off. It was going to be a tricky question however I phrased it.

“How did I get to fuck Dave and Henry?”

She asked the question for me.


“It was a long time ago. We fucked around. I just got lucky. I married Bob.”

“We being…?” Again I ground to a halt.

“We? Me, Julia and Karen? Yes, we made a great team. The changing rooms weren’t so nice then though.

Which answered my next question.

I sat up and leaned around the front seat giving her a quick peck on the cheek. That startled her. I’ve never given her a simple peck on the cheek.

“You OK?” she asked in a worried sort of way.

“Never felt better,” I admitted happily.

“How so?”

“Well,” I paused considering my words, “You’ve just told me, in a round about way that my Mum and Aunt were, just like you. As you very clearly put way back when I first fucked you both, sluts! That comes as a great relief to me as ever since I’ve been able to get a stiffy my head has been full of filthy thoughts. No luck with girlfriends so I had to find someone else to fuel my wanking sessions. Mum and her twin fitted the bill perfectly. So here I am a horny bastard and I’ve just been told that the objects of hundreds if not thousands of wanking fantasies are sluts. How good is that? Do sluts ever change their spots, I wonder?

Anne-too looked at me in the reflection in the sun-visor’s mirror.

“Yeah, probably as often as leopards. . .” she whispered mischievously.”

### ### ###

“Hi, stud! Your Girls given you the night off?”

It was Monday, early evening, College had re-started, our first rugby match had been two days ago, with all its revealing details. I was at home, my house. Dad was away with Uncle Henry on a two week contract. Mum was out somewhere and little brother was was on a school trip for a fortnight. I was trying to take advantage of the peace to do some college work before going up to visit My Girls for an hour or two.

I say trying as it was difficult to concentrate. After the match on Saturday I’d stayed the night with My Girls. Enjoying the usual fuck sessions with both, to while away the time, you understand. Just for the record I’m not proposing to document every fuck session with one, the other or both. That would become boring very quickly. Anything different and I’ll tell you – I promise.

After Anne-too’s revelations on the way home from the match a number of things that, at the time didn’t actually strike me as odd, made sense. Now I know that doesn’t make much sense either but I know what I mean. F’instance, prior to meeting Anne in the pouring rain Mum had always wanted to know where I was going and what time I might be home. Now? She never asked. I’d say ‘I’m off to see Anne’ and she’d just say ‘OK Dear, have a nice time.’ I’d say ‘I’ll probably stay the night’ or, particularly on a Friday, ‘See ya Sunday night Mum’ and she’d never challenge why I thought it necessary to stay over night when I would be less than a mile away. When I returned on the Sunday evening there was no Spanish Inquisition, just a simple, ‘have a nice time Dear?’ to which I’d reply, ‘Yes, thank you Mum.’ she’d smile and that would be that.

Now… I understood, perfectly!

### ### ###

We, My Girls and I, had had a long chat that Saturday evening, about things in general and sex in particular. I’d mentioned the ‘L’ word.

“What’s love got to do with it?” asked Anne-too, “you shouldn’t confuse love with good sex, ever. You can love the way a person fucks but that’s not to say you have to love them! You could also say that you love someone but that’s not to say they’re a good fuck or even that they satisfy you. Totally zeytinburnu escort different things. Meet someone you want to fuck? Then fuck them. Marry someone you love and you might well be frustrated for the rest of your life. Not a good position. Marry someone that fucks you senseless every night and at least you’ll sleep well.” she finish with a laugh.

“Yeah!” chimed in Anne, “Love is supposed to be exclusive. Sex is supposed to be fun. That’s where problems always start. Why we all have erogenous zones. Why we get turned on, often for no apparent reason and by totally the wrong person. You want your love to suck your cock, swallow your spunk. She refuses. What do you do? Go without, frustrated or find somebody else to blow you? Cheat or quit? She wants you to eat her out or fuck her arse. You want missionary. Does she put up with the situation and get grumpy or find a guy to give her what she needs? Cheat or quit? You can’t have real, fun sex if you are into the traditional love thing, now can you?”

I looked at her, totally bemused.

“Think about it. We met, and we fucked in less than ten minutes. I didn’t love you. You didn’t love me. It wasn’t even a case of hardly knowing each other. We didn’t know each other at all, we’d never even met but we still fucked and it was still fantastic.”

I couldn’t argue with that and told her so.

“I brought you home,” she continued, “you fucked my Mother then you fucked me. How many times did you fuck us both that weekend? Did you feel guilty? Did I feel jealous? Did my Mum feel jealous? No way! We all enjoyed ourselves immensely. You came back for more, we came back for more. Do you feel jealous when Mum and me get it together? What about this afternoon? We stripped off and danced naked in front of the rugby team. You didn’t look jealous! You looked as pleased as punch. Next week, if we win, we’ll be showering the man of the match. You know what that will entail even if he doesn’t. It is all about sex. We enjoyed it. Are you going to tell me you didn’t?”

I didn’t hesitate.

“No way! I loved it, so did the guys!”

“The important thing to remember, at all times, is that sex is fun. That sex can be enjoyed with everybody and anybody as long as they are consenting. It’s why Mum and me enjoy sex together. No problem, no hang-ups, no taboos.” Anne continued.

“I’ll add only one caveat to that,” said Anne-too, “they must always be of legal age. Under-age sex is totally NOT acceptable. Stick to that one simple rule and there will never be a problem between the three of us.

I take it that you don’t mind that we are probably going to shower and have some form of sex with some, as yet unknown, guy next week? Not the best looking guy, the most charismatic guy, the guy with the biggest cock. A guy selected only because he played a better game than the rest of the team on that particular day?” asked Anne-too?

I looked at her. The ‘ARE’ registered very clearly. I didn’t need long to form a reply.

“You are kidding me? You said it yourself. Not the best looking etcetera. Not competition just somebody who played a good game. Before the game we agreed what you would offer. You made your promise with my full understanding of what ‘would’ be involved. Not even as imprecise as, ‘might’, be involved.

Remember that first lunchtime when we sat around the kitchen table?” I reminded them, “Just after I’d fucked both of you? We agreed that I could call in extra help as required? Just think of the team as the help bank. They win, you go to the bank for a withdrawal maybe a deposit. I know you’re not the girls to break a promise, ‘specially if there’s cock involved. Anyway, let’s be blunt. If I’m at risk of loosing one or both of you next Saturday then I’m just as much at risk days, weeks, months or even years down the road. If it all goes tits up for me on Saturday then I’ll be pissed off, big time, but if I’m not giving you what you need I’m on borrowed time anyway. I’ll just have to be man of the match the following week and go back to wanking until I find another couple of damn good sluts.” I ended with a grin.

Fortunately they both smiled at that!

“I remember,” said Anne-too quietly. “We agreed one cock, one cunt and only back at the farm. That’s not quite what we agreed last night or what we offered this afternoon.”

Anne nodded her agreement.

“But we didn’t actually offer a fuck, just an assisted shower.” she suggested, “Martin?”.

I was expected to make a decision? I thought for a few moments, bouncing the problem and possible solutions around in my head. Somehow I knew that the guys at the club were not a real threat to my relationship with My Girls. I also knew that I couldn’t satisfy them both all the time. I also realised that teasing and showing off in front of the guys gave both of them enormous pleasure. Not to mention how much I enjoyed it. Could I keep them happy for the foreseeable future, years, on my own? Unlikely but we could all have a great time in the meantime if I shared them now and again and again and again… A no-brainer, really.

“OK, aksaray escort starting point.” I offered, “Like you said only minutes ago. There’s only one rule, nobody under-age! Other than that, no rules and no secrets. What happens, happens. OK?”

There was silence for a minute or two as we all examined the idea.


“OK,” said Anne-too, “but that includes you.” she added looking directly at me.

“Me?” I responded, surprised at the suggestion, “I’m fucking the sexiest, greediest, horniest, dirtiest, pair of sluts on the planet and you think I’m gonna want to put my cock in someone else? Yeah! Right!”

Anne grinned,

“Hasn’t he just got the most wonderful way with words?” she said to nobody in particular.

Anne-too smiled, winked and very quietly said,

“Wank fodder?”

I was stunned for a moment then the penny dropped.

“Yeah, well that’s never going to happen.”

“What?” asked Anne.

“Oh just something that cropped up the other week while we were in bed and you’d gone down to make three coffees. He repeated it in the car after the game.” replied her mother. “You were probably concentrating on your driving.”

“No secrets?” queried Anne.

“Fantasies,” I admitted, “Your Mum asked if I often have a wank. I told her I did, every night until I met you. She asked what I thought about while I wanked. I told her ‘fucking my Mum and her sister’.”

Anne’s eyes sparkled.

“You thought about fucking Karen and Julia while tossing off? Hey! That’s great, isn’t it Mum?” she looked over to Anne-too who nodded and smiled.

“Why?” It seemed like a very simple question at the time.

“Because…” started Anne only to be stopped by her Mother.

“All that excitement this afternoon, I need a fuck,” she announced, “let’s go to bed.”

### ### ###

“Hi, Julie, Mum’s out I’m afraid.”

“I know! I just popped around to see you. Guess who I bumped into in town this afternoon?”

Stud? Girls. Night off? It could only be one of two people. After Saturday’s drive home from rugby it could only be one of My Girls. I didn’t let on what I knew.

“You know Anne-too?” I asked as innocently as I could.

“Well your Mum ‘n’ me know her as Anne the Elder now, so as not to confuse with Anne the Younger but yes, we three go back years. We used to go on cock hunts together. After considerable, enjoyable searching Anne the Elder found Bob, I ended up with Henry and your Mum, your Dad.”

“I see. What did she tell you?” I wasn’t worried. I was interested and delighted to have the confirmation of what Anne-too had told me and extra knowledge, straight from the horse’s mouth as it were. Not that Julie was a horse by any manner of means. She was as beautiful as her twin sister and that was as beautiful as Anne-too, but about 3″ taller!

So Mum, her sister and Anne-too went out to hunt for cock did they? Not quite what Anne-too had suggested but close enough. After all would a lad want to hear from his lover that his Mum and favourite Aunt were cock hungry sluts, (not just sluts, you understand?) in their youth? I’m not going to answer that one on the grounds that… I will admit that it did excite me more than a bit though. I mean, Mums don’t do that do they? Yeah right! Sluts grow up but does that mean they stop loving cock?

“She said you were very good AND adventurous.”

I grinned happily at her. It’s nice to be told you’re very good even if it is by your favourite Aunt, particularly if there’s a fair chance she’s still a slut inside. The conversation also seemed to be taking an interesting path. Maybe I could lead it a little off the straight and narrow?

“Why do you say Anne ‘found’ but you and Mum ‘ended up with’?” I asked mischievously.

“Bob was a much better fuck.” Julie didn’t bat an eyelid! “Your Dad and Henry always went to the pub on a Saturday night, even back then. Your Mum and me used to go up to the farm to visit Bob and Anne, even after we all married. ” she added matter-of-factly, “Are you adventurous?”

Clearly there was never intended to be a ‘straight and narrow’?

Both of them married and still fucking Bob along with his new wife! Total sluts then.

“Apparently.” I replied without any feeling of discomfort and carefully suppressing my building excitement. “I certainly enjoy trying out anything new, at least a couple of times.”

“Good! That’s why I came round. You adventurous enough to shag your old Aunt, at least a couple of times? I haven’t had a really good fuck in years!”

Yeah! Total slut! Mentally I punched the air then wondered where Mum had gone looking all dressed to the nines.

I grinned again. I knew it was a full ear to ear grin and decided that maybe honesty could be a very useful tool in this situation.

“Julie, for god knows how many years I’ve wanked myself to sleep at night while fantasising about fucking you and your sister senseless. You want me to shag you? You betcha! Where? How? What’s your best position?”

Julie gawped at me then a massive smile came to her ataköy escort face. Her eyes sparkled with excitement.

“You’ve tossed off while thinking of shagging me?”

“Yeah! And some!” I agreed softly.

“And some?”

“Fucking right! Beautiful woman. Tits to die for. Legs up to her armpits. Looks like she knows how to fuck and lives a couple of hundred yards away? Damn right I have. In my fantasies I’ve done things with you that are probably impossible.”

She was now laughing delightedly.

“You got creative with me AND your Mum? Together or separately?”

“Yeah, both.” I said wistfully, casting my mind back to those days and nights that only stopped a couple of months earlier.

I rose to my feet politely.

“You really want to fuck?” I asked, hoping she wasn’t just winding me up.

“Yeah! I do. Where? How do you want me?” The smile on her face was almost reward enough.

She came into my arms, I held her close and ran my fingers down her back. When I got to her waist I went back up, under her light blouse and undid her bra with effortless ease. I’d been practising. Next I slid my hand down over her hips and up her skirt taking hold of her knickers.

“You won’t be needing those.” I told her firmly, “and you can take your skirt and blouse off while you’re at it. I like my women naked when I fuck them.”

She didn’t hesitate and was stark naked, shoes and all, in a trice. She looked totally stunning! Much better than any of my fevered fantasies. I took her by the hand and led her up to my bedroom. She went straight to the bed and knelt on the edge, her pretty arse up and very inviting. Not today, I told myself but sometime, maybe soon.

“One thing My Girls have taught me is that one mustn’t rush the good things in life. And I’ve got time not to rush if you have. Lay on your back and open wide. I want to find out what my favourite Aunt tastes like.”

Julie wasn’t smooth like My Girls but she was nicely trimmed. I had the feeling that she had prepared in the hope of my accepting her generous offer as she smelt and tasted so sweet and inviting. What would please Aunt Julie? I set about the delightful task of finding out. She was already wet and swollen so I headed my mouth straight for her clitty and sucked it between my lips, secured it with the tiniest pressure from my teeth then teased it with the tip of my tongue. She must have been working herself up or very sensitive. She came almost instantly and violently.

“Good?” I asked releasing her clitty after a few minutes.

“Fucking incredible! I haven’t had a man down there since… Well lets just say Henry has never been down there.”

“So he won’t notice you’re nicely trimmed?”

“It’s always trimmed.” she replied candidly.

“Just in case?”

“Yes,” she said after a slight pause, “just in case.”

“And it’s been a while?”

This time the pause was considerably longer.

“Yes.” she replied in almost a whisper.

“Well, in future you’ll know where to cum, won’t you.” I replied and went back down on her juicy cunt.

“Ohhhh! My god I’ll be back often!” she promised after a few more minutes of me eating, licking, sucking and stroking.

“Fuuuuuck! I’m cummmmmin.”

She started to tremble then shudder before finally going right over the top throwing herself about on my face. Her hands grabbed my head firmly, held it as still as she could then started to thrust her hips up demanding more and more. I kept her boiling as long as she could take it then eased her down slowly to a tick-over point where her breathing was nearly steady and her twitches occasional, like three or four times a minute. I then spent a very satisfying five minutes licking, sucking and teasing her pussy bringing her back to the boil again. As her next climax approached I changed the position of my hands. Passing them under her parted thighs I could then reach up, with a thumb either side of her cunt I opened her wide like a perfectly ripe fig. My tongue dipped into her juices, it probed the gaping entrance to her cunt. I licked around the opening, pushing my tongue in as far as I could. Her climax was building faster. I slipped one finger inside her cunt, probing as far as I could. She gasped and bucked on my face. Another finger, from the other hand and on the other side. In deep then opened her up with pressure from both fingers. She was sobbing. Her thrusts grew more urgent. The climax continued to build. A third finger, swiftly followed a fourth, she was open, ready for cock, my cock. My incestuous cock. Removing one finger from her cunt I sought out her dark rose and pushed against her anus with that single, wet, slippery digit. It opened obediently. As I entered her back passage, my thumbs opened her cunt wide. My tongue probed deeply and my nose rubbed hard against her clit. Aunt Julia gushed as her climax hit. Her screams of sheer joy should have woken the neighbours. She pulled my head in tighter and her cunt pushed urgently back onto my face. I didn’t stop. Swiftly removing another finger from her cunt I worked that as deep as I could into her open, welcoming arse. She set off again, another violent orgasm. Her shoulders joined the fray as her body tried to escape my mouth and fingers while her cunt and arse wanted more and more. I gave them more, as much as I could. Urgently eating, sucking her clit, thumb-fucking her cunt and finger-fucking her arse.

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