Mums Relief Ch. 02

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My mind had been a whirl since our last encounter and I had been very careful to be totally correct, watching what I was doing and where my Dad was etc.

It was a beautiful sunny morning and he had set off for a two day trip up country to visit an old customer of his.

I had swept the yard and tidied the garage and decided on mowing the grass as my next job.

The sun was hot and piercing and I removed my t shirt top and continued pushing the mower over the front lawn. Mum came out to me with a glass of ice cold juice and I took it from her and drank almost half in one gulp. She stared at my body and without any warning she ran a finger over the sweat on my abs drawing lines as she went. She looked into my eyes and smiled with that cheeky look I had seen only the other day.

Her finger tickled me and I tensed my chest, she did it again and I pressed her finger tightly to my chest.

I now had another problem of course, a problem of a different kind. My cock was already starting to tent my loose fitting trousers.

“Just come indoors and I’ll rub you down with a dry towel,” she said.

“I’ll stop the mower and be right there,” I responded.

I stopped the mower and hurried indoors and there she stood in the living room dressed only in her bra and pants. She held a large bath sheet in her outstretched arms, ready to towel the sweat from me.

“Turn round and I’ll start on your back,” she whispered.

I turned and felt the towel moving up and down my back from my neck to the middle of my ass.

“Ok, you turn around now … there,” she said “that’s better, isn’t it?”

I turned back around to face her and was immediately struck by the size of her tits and her nipples stuck out through the thin sports bra.

“huh uh,” I muttered.

She rubbed my shoulders and chest vigorously then along my arms and came back across the front of my chest and down to my waistline. I must have visibly tensed as she came down to the waistband of my trousers because she smiled as she did it.

“I suppose your legs are all sweaty too, aren’t they?” she quizzed.

“They are, as you know,” I replied laughing.

“Ok then, take off your trousers and I’ll do them at the same time,” and she laughed again.

“But you know what trouble I’m having right now don’t you?” I answered.

“For sure I do, just get on with it though,” she said.

I ran my topkapı escort hands slowly round the waistband of my trousers and slowly but deliberately lowered them, pulling the front of them over my now rock solid cock. It was forcing my briefs to stretch and pull straight out from my body. I slipped them over my shoes and stood there with my now full hard on poking its way under my briefs in the most glorious sight I could imagine.

I stood up straight and my rock hard cock seemed to stand out even further. She knelt in front of me with her arms outstretched, the towel in her hands and started on my legs. She towelled from my knees down to my feet and then worked her way all the way back up to my groin. My cock was pulsing and aching from not having any stimulation other than that from my eyes and mind. It twitched and moved as if with a mind of its own and I stared at it and my Mums actions as though in a trance.

She couldn’t get closer to me because of my cock and it was then that I could see a thin line of juice escaping from the front of my tight white briefs and falling as a single thin string to the floor. This was so much pre cum, like I had never seen before. I could feel it pulsing the juice out of me and I thought I would have to scream. Just when it felt as though it couldn’t get any better, I looked down and saw her tongue licking the end of my cock through the white cotton briefs.

She dropped the towel from her hands and took hold of my cock over the briefs and licked and sucked it through the cotton.

It took literally seconds for me to cum. My spunk flew through the cotton and covered her tongue and mouth in a diffuse layer of creamy cum. She rubbed her face over the front of my soaking wet briefs and distributed my come all over the front of her face. She licked and gobbled the remaining globules of come, drinking them down as she got them.

The sight of her doing this prolonged my orgasm and I seemed to go on for ever, my hard cock pulsing what seemed like a never ending stream of come through the fabric.

She put her arms round my ass and held her face close to my cock and balls and breathed deeply sighing as she tightened her grip on me.

Her hot breath transferring through my briefs to my skin.

I stroked her hair and head and rubbed my fingers across her forehead.

“That was just the best ever,” I said in türbanlı escort a low voice.

“You’re just a truly wonderful son and I’m so lucky to have had you, my darling,” she said.

She stood in front of me and we held each other close our now wet and sweaty body’s rubbing lovingly together.

I cupped the edges of her tits in my hands as she still held me close. Her tits were so firm for a woman her age and her nipples stood out at least an inch from the surface. I could feel them pressing into my chest and I slid my hands down to her fleshy ass mounds and started to knead them slowly in the palms of my hands.

“That feels so good,” she said

I slid my right hand fingers into the edge of her briefs from the back and pulled them tight. Her briefs rode up at the front and tightened over her pussy and clit. She gasped as I did it and shifted her weight onto her other foot. I pulled them even tighter from the back and she opened her eyes and gave me that special eye contact. I slid my hand under her ass and between her legs, feeling the bottom of her entrance as I moved my first finger under her.

I continued sliding over what I now knew was a wet, sticky and extremely hot pussy hole and onwards to her clit.

She visibly shook as my finger hit her clit and she shifted her weight backwards and forwards as my finger began to stroke the nub of her clit, which was so hot and hard.

She moaned and shook as I gently but firmly rubbed it with small circular movements. My wrist and arm ached so much I had to stop and began to pull my hand out of her pants.

“Please don’t stop, my angel,” she said

“My arm is aching and going into cramp I will have to change position Mum,” I answered.

She pulled me across to the couch and we sat next to each other and I slid my hand down her briefs and back to her sticky hole and clit. I worked on it, going in small circles, then larger circles, faster then slower and she moaned and moaned as I felt her tense and start to shake with a super orgasm that rocked her whole body. She hastily grabbed my hand and kept it pressed firmly on top of her clit, not allowing me to move it even a fraction of an inch and she gripped her knees together trapping both our hands in a super vice like grip.

In a minute or so she straightened out her legs and her whole body relaxed and went limp, her breathing tüyap escort became deeper and longer and she finally opened her eyes.

“Jeez, it’s a long time since I had one of those,” she said and smiled up at me.

I lowered my head down to her and planted a long wet loving kiss on her ruby lips. She responded and put her hand round the back of my head and pulled our heads tightly together.

We kissed slowly and passionately for several minutes our lips gliding over one another’s and our teeth nibbling at each others lips.

My cock was gaining yet another rampant hard on and without any ceremony I reached into my briefs and pulled him out. I stroked him back to a full solid hard and continued to passionately kiss her, sliding my tongue over her lips and tongue. She was aware that my other hand was stroking my cock and she reached down and took over from my own hand. Her technique was superb, almost seamlessly her hand stroked my now fat solid pole and I continued to play with her lips. She leaned away, wanting to look at my cock, it was now a deep shade of red up the shaft and a dark reddish purple on the head and ring.

Her other hand slid into the elastic waistband, reaching underneath my balls she gently lifted them up and over the tight elastic.

“We don’t want them trapped in there do we?” she said

“Oh that is so good, I can’t tell you,” I replied.

“You don’t have to tell me I can see and feel it, you have no idea how much I love the feel of you,” she said.

She continued stroking my monster cock and as the pre cum lubricated the head of it, the movements got to feel progressively better and better. She was a true expert and quickened her pace then slowed, then quickened again, making me rise and fall towards another orgasm.

With her hand supporting my balls one of the fingers on that hand found the ridge close to my prostate and she rubbed away with that finger.

In a matter of seconds I arched my back, stuck my hard rampant cock in the air and she pumped it stiffer and stiffer until I shot my load way up into the air. She continued stroking it slower and gentler as it gave up its creamy load, shot by shot. It dribbled in globs down her fingers and shaft.

Without warning she lifted her hand off my cock and into the corner of her mouth as she licked the back of her hand clean from my spunk.

Her long pink tongue, stroking the back of her hand and lifting the spunk in globs and strings into her mouth, where she swallowed it down.

I lay back exhausted and fulfilled on the couch and she snuggled into my side.

What a start to the day and it wasn’t even lunchtime yet.

What else did the day hold for us?

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