Moving to San Diego Pt. 01

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Chapter 1: Arriving

I’d been nervous for the entire trip to San Diego, but as the cab made the turn into my father’s neighborhood my anxiety kicked into overdrive. I had never seen my father’s house, because I had lived with my mother in New York. But when she accepted a teaching position at a University in Paris, my parents decided that I should live with my father, his new wife and my half brother.

I was nervous because I had not seen my father, his wife Lisa and my half brother Brian for three years. After my parent’s divorce my father had moved to California where he had meet Lisa. That was 5 years ago and in the meantime my father’s new family had lived in China for a couple of years but had moved back to San Diego this spring.

My father was a brilliant businessman and had made tons of money first at Wall Street, and then China and now he was the CEO of his own company. Where lots of people had lost money on the financial crisis my father had done just the opposite. That became very clear when the taxi drove up the driveway to my Dads house. It was a huge mansion.

I paid the driver and carried my suitcase up the stairs leading to the main entrance. There was a moment of fear just before I rang the bell. What if they couldn’t recognize me or what if they wouldn’t want me to live with them?

It seemed as if the moments between when I rang the bell and I heard the lock turn stretched into hours. The heavy door swung silently inward on well oiled hinges and framed in the doorway stood my father’s wife Lisa. What a sight to behold. I knew that Lisa was 37 but she looked ten years younger. She was a beautiful woman with blond hair that hung almost to her shoulders.

“Hey Jason,” Lisa said smiling and moved forward to pull me into an embrace. Since I’m a couple inches over six feet and nearly a foot taller than her, Lisa had to stand on her tiptoes, despite her heels.

She pushed me out to arms length to give me the once over. “Look how strong and mature you are. I nearly couldn’t recognize you.”

“Thanks Lisa.” I could easily understand her because the last time we had seen each other was when I had been 14 years old. In the last three years I had taken up martial art and develop my body into a hard muscled fighting machine. At the same time my interest in typical young boys stuff gave away for a new interest — girls. Over the last three years I had developed quite a reputation at my old school as a ladies’ man — and had established a craving for sex. This change in my life also meant a change in my personality — up to that time I had been a very thoughtful guy, but now I was truly a great egoist. But I had always managed to hide this side of me from others. But I had to admit it to myself. If I wanted something, I would move heaven and earth to get it.

“You look so different. Now you are the tall, dark and handsome type.”

“Thanks Lisa. You look exactly the same as if time has been standing still.” It wasn’t insincere flattery. Lisa still had a beautiful face with blond hair and pretty blue eyes. Last time I had seen her she had just been my father’s new wife — but this day I saw her for the first time as a women. Today, she had on a low cut white cotton V-neck top that showed the soft swells of her firm breasts. Standing 5’4” she had a great figure, with nice tits on a very lithe frame and a pretty nice ass. I could already feel a throbbing in my groin.

“Come on in and I will show you to your room,” Lisa said after she motioned to me to come into the house.

“Great,” I said carrying my suitcase into the house. “Where’s dad and Brian”

“Jim is at work and Brian is taking a nap. He has been so excited to meet you that he couldn’t sleep last night,” Lisa said smiling. “He has been talking constantly about you coming to live with us for the last week.”

I gave a chuckle and said to Lisa. “I hope I don’t disappoint him.”

“I don’t think you can. He is a three year old boy who already worships his older brother. Those present you have been sending to him when we were in China was the best he had ever gotten. He has been sleeping with that silly teddy bear ever since he got it at his birthday last year,” Lisa said while walking down a long hallway. At the end of the hallway she opens a door.

“Here is your room. I hope it doesn’t disappoint you,” Lisa said while looking somewhat nervous at me.

I walked into the room. It was a large room, which was decorated just perfectly. “Wow Lisa,” I said “This is just great.”

“You have your own bathroom,” Lisa said while pointing at a door. “And we have given you this room because it is isolated from the rest of the house. Sometimes an eighteen year old needs his privacy. Jim and I have our bedroom at the first floor and the same goes for Brian.”

I couldn’t believe it. Here I was in a great room and I still had my privacy. All at once I was looking forward to the coming year. “I just love it Lisa,” I said with a big smile on my face.

“I will let you unpack, rest a bit — and when you a ready — you can halkalı eve gelen escort come and find me and I will give you a tour of the house and the grounds,” Lisa said at the door.

“Thanks, that’s a deal,” I said.

Lisa turned around and went down the hallway. I couldn’t resist so I took a long lingering look at her shapely ass as she unknowing walked away. Her skirt clung to her firm, shapely buttocks, as they moved in a fluid motion while she walked down the hallway. My living situation has just become really interesting…

Chapter 2: Tour around the house

I woke from my nap and saw that I had been sleeping for an hour. Lying on my bed I began to think about my future living situation. When I first heard about moving to San Diego to live with my father, I had been pissed. In New York I had had a steady group of willingly females who almost always did what I wanted — yeah I had been a real stud who got laid all the time. Which eighteen year old would freely want to give up on that? But after seeing Lisa again I began to see the benefits of moving to San Diego. As I already had explained the new person I had become always took care of itself. When I began thinking about Lisa the throbbing in my groin began, and I was getting hard. I never question the fact, that she was my father’s wife aka my new stepmother, but in this moment I was think of Lisa as a desirable woman, who I wanted to fuck. Not once was I taking into consideration that if I succeed with my seduction of Lisa I would be cuckolding my father. That was the kind of person I had become.

With a tuck at my cock I raised from the bed. Quickly I formulated a game plan. I wouldn’t be like a raving bull, which had tunnel vision. No I would play this way cooler. I would become my father’s pal — and a son he would be proud of. I would be a role model for my kid brother, and a trusted and caring friend of my stepmother. This would take some time but when I reaped the fruits of my hard work it would be that much sweeter…

I jump out of bed and went to find Lisa. When I came to the entrance hall I could hear the sound of voices coming from inside the house. Following the sound I came to the kitchen where I found Lisa and a little boy talking. I made a small cough to make them aware of my present in the room.

“Hey there,” said Lisa. “How was the catnap?”

“Great,” I replied with a smile and continued waving at Brian. “And who may this little fellow be?”

Brian ran to me and gave me a grin while almost shouting. “I’m Brian and you are my brother Jason.”

I gave him my hand and said smiling “Great to meet you Brian. I hope we can become really good friends?”

“Me too,” came it immediately from Brian.

“Are you hungry Jason,” asked Lisa.

“No, I got some food on the plane,” I replied “I’m more interested in a tour around this mansion and the grounds.”

“Then let the tour begin,” Lisa said while pointing around in the kitchen. “As you can see this is the kitchen. Jim always jokes about the kitchen as being my room. I have to admit I like to cook, so I have great difficulties disagreeing with him. I like this room and spend a lot of my time here. But let’s continue the tour this way.”

“Carry me,” said Brian, while raising his arms at me.

I lifted Brian put him on my arm and followed Lisa. For the next 10 minutes I got acquainted with the house and became more and more impressed.

“Last but not least we have the exercise room,” Lisa said while opening the doors to a large room.

“Wow I’m speechless — this is just great,” I said while looking around. My local gym in New York hadn’t been better equipped than this room; there were benches, weights, machines and a lot of cardio machines. At the end of the room there was a glass wall and on the other side of the wall was a big indoor pool. In the corner of the pool area was a spa bad and a sauna.

“I try to come here 3 — 4 times a week,” Lisa said and with a look at me she continued. “If you also workout — maybe we can do it together sometimes.”

“That would just be great. I’m almost sure that I’ll be coming here every day. I’m addicted to work up a sweat,” I replied.

The next half hour we spent looking at the grounds to the house. The backyard was isolated from the houses in the neighborhood and there was a big swimming pool and a tennis court. While Lisa had been guiding me around I had taken every opportunity to check her out. What a fox she was – a total milf. When we walk up stairs I had been trailing behind, so I could get a good look at her ass and legs, which were slim and tan. When she wasn’t aware of it, I was checking out the front. I had estimated her breast to a c-cup but they seem larger on Lisa’s small frame. But true to my game plan I had done this with the outmost discretion.

“Well I have to start making dinner,” Lisa said, while entering the kitchen.

“Come Jason, we can play in my room,” Brian said.

“Now Brian maybe Jason doesn’t want to play halkalı grup yapan escort with a three year old boy,” Lisa quickly replied while throwing a glance at me.

“If you don’t need any help in preparing the meal I would be happy playing with my kid brother,” I said with a smile to Lisa.

“No help needed so you two can just run along and play,” Lisa said.

With a yell Brain rushed to leave all while he shouted back over his shoulder. “Come on Jason — we can play in my room”.

As I started to follow him I heard Lisa’s voice from behind. “Just tell Brian when you have had enough of playing with him. We don’t expect you to want to be with him all the time.”

I looked back over my shoulder to Lisa and said with a gleam in my eyes, “I have missed having a brother, so I want to spent some time with him”

“That’s just so sweet,” I heard Lisa whisper while leaving the kitchen.

Chapter 3: Meeting dad

An hour later I was sitting in the windowsill looking out the window in Brian’s room. Brian was happily playing at the floor, when I saw a car approach the house. That must be dad coming home from work I thought to myself.

I went down to the kitchen but before I could enter the room I stopped because I could hear voices.

“Jim, you won’t believe how tall Jason has become. He has become a good looking young man and he is so kind. Right now he is playing with Brian,” It was almost as if Lisa’s soft voice floated out of the room.

“I can’t wait to see him,” my father responded.

I took that as my cue and went in to the kitchen with a big smile at my face while saying “Hello dad, long time no seen”.

My father turned around and greeted me with a hug. “Hello son — yes it has been to long since we have been face to face. But as I have explained, work has just been a bitch the last couple of years.”

All along I hugged my father I also assed the change in him. Last time I had seen him in person was when I had been 14 year old. At that time he seemed as a tall man, but now I was a few inches taller. When I had been a child my dad had been a lean man, but now he also had gotten a punch. Noticing all that I said with a grin to my dad, “You look good for an old man.”

“Yeah I’m getting old but look at you. You have put on some muscles boy. Looks like me when I was at your age,” my father replied.

“Dinner is ready,” Lisa said. “I’ll go get Brian.”

“No let me do that Lisa,” I said. “I haven’t helped you with the dinner or setting the table, so that task may be mine.”

“All right Jason,” Lisa said with a smile while caring a bowl with vegetables to the dining table.

While eating dinner the conversation went lively. I learned that the last couple of years Lisa had stayed home to nurse and rear Brian. As late as last week Brian had started in day care, so now Lisa had a lot of time on her hands. She still didn’t know if she would get a job or be involved in some kind of volunteer work in the local society. Some of Lisa’s friends from college lived in this area and they had approach her with some ideas concerning volunteer work. My father was a workaholic who always left home early in the morning and on good days came home just before dinner.

When the topic about his long working hours came op my father look at me and said. “I bet you also take your schoolwork seriously. As I recall all your grades were A’s at the ending of this school year.”

“Well dad,” I replied with a grin at him, “You have sat the standard for this family and I work hard to live up to those standards.”

In fact that was just one big fat lie. I had never spent much time doing my homework, but I was so fortunate that I was gifted with an extremely high IQ. That meant I always got good grades with the least possible effort.

“My motto has always been: Work hard — Dream big,” my father said and continued, “I think this is a case of like father like son.”

“Yeah,” I answered back, “Speaking of work shouldn’t we discuss my chores in this household?”

“Chores,” my father laughed.

“Yes,” I said, “I’m eighteen years old and I want to contribute to the work around the house. I couldn’t accept being a man taking advantage of your kindness.”

“There are not a lot of chores to be done,” Lisa said and continued, “2 maids come twice a week and do the cleaning of the house and a gardener come once a week. I make the food myself so there isn’t many household tasks left.”

“As you can see son — you don’t have do any chores,” my father continued.

“Well it sounds really good, but I must insist upon doing some tasks in order to live here,” I said, “I have a suggestion. What if I took charge of maintaining the exercise room, the pools and the tennis court? And I can babysit Brian when you guys are going out.”

My father beamed at me, “I like the idea. If you want to have those jobs — you can have them. I often don’t have time to do much exercise anyway.”

“Fine,” I replied. “Maybe I could also halkalı masöz escort ask a favor from Lisa.”

“Of cause,” Lisa said, “What can I do for you?”

“In a couple of years I’m going away for college. And before that I would like to learn to cook a decent meal. So I was hoping that you could teach me something about cooking while you prepared the dinner for the evening,” I said.

“Great idea,” my father said, “When I first started college I couldn’t even boil an egg. You’re a smart boy Jason — and Lisa is one of the best cooks I know.”

“I would love to teach you Jason,” Lisa said.

After that I began to yarn.

“Go to bed Jason, you have almost four weeks to get acquainted with the area before school starts,” my dad said.

I made an excuse for myself and went to bed. Moments before I drifted away I thought to myself. You were anxious at arrival, then you saw Lisa and in a few hours you had made a game plan. And now you are best friends with Brian. Lisa likes you and your father thinks that you are a great son. I had great hopes for the future.

Chapter 4: Getting to know Lisa

I was sleeping in late the next day. When I got up I went to the kitchen. There was a note on the counter, where Lisa had written, that she had taken Brian to the day care but would be back in half an hour.

I got the cereal from the cupboard along with a bowl and went to the refrigerator for some milk. Then I began to eat, while reflecting about yesterday. I was still very interested in making a pass at Lisa, but I had to take it slow. So for the next couple of days I would have to rely on myself for getting some relief.

Ten minutes later I heard a car and a moment later Lisa walk into the kitchen. Wow — my chest constricted when I saw this lovely vision of a woman gliding toward me. Lisa was wearing a sleeveless tank top in jade there showed of her full and firm breasts and her tanned arms. Her pants were white and it was a light gauze material almost translucent.

“Good morning Jason,” Lisa said, “Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah I’m quit rested,” I responded.

“Have you got any plans for today?” Lisa asked.

“Well I have been thinking about a long workout, because I have not been to the gym in some days now. Maybe you would like to join me — you know the more the merrier?”

“I would love to. I’ll go change and we can meet in the exercise room,” Lisa replied.

Five minutes later I had changed into my workout clothes — a t-shirt and some baggy shorts. Then I went to the exercise room where Lisa just had arrived.

“Down boy,” I said to myself while feeling a stirring in my pants. Lisa was definitely ready to some workout dressed in blue fitted top and some kind of yoga bottoms. The top provided her with a nice looking cleavage — and I could feel my penis hardening.

“Do you have any suggestions to our workout,” Lisa said smiling to me with her soft and sensual voice.

“How about we do some cardio for half an hour and then hit the weights. We can then be spotting each other,” I replied.

“That’s a plan,” Lisa said, “I’ll start with the stair stepper.”

“Well I’m more into the exercise bikes,” I quickly retorted, because the bikes was placed right behind the steppers.

I began pedaling the bike while I admired Lisa’s tight ass. She had chosen the right exercise and with her back at me I could keep on staring at her without getting caught. My cock was responding, and growing rapidly — thank god for the baggy shorts.

After half an hour we stopped and I asked Lisa if she would be interested in doing bench press and in general working on our chest muscles.

“I’m not sure. I have never been much into exercising with weights,” Lisa said.

“It’s all right — we’ll take it slow in the beginning,” I said and continued, “It’s much better than using the machines.”

“Okay let’s do it,” Lisa said.

For the next hour we worked up a sweat. While Lisa only used the barbell I couldn’t resist showing off. The last time I pushed 350 pounds. Lisa was my spotter and very nervous.

“If you can’t make it I can’t help you very much,” Lisa said.

“That’s all right, you just have to help me steer the bar, and I’ll have no problems pushing it up,” I responded. One time an accident almost happen — when I started to push the bar up my sight got fixated on Lisa’s crotch. The exercise had made her a little sweaty, and you could see the outline of her panties through her trousers. Try bench pressing while getting a hard on — that’s not an easy task.

The last exercise was chest flies. I spotted Lisa kneeling, which gave me a great opportunity to look at her breasts. I noticed that her nipples where getting hard and I had to restrain myself. I would have given the world for a quick caress, but I kept my cool.

After the workout we went to our separate bathrooms to take a bath. When I got naked I was so hard that it was almost painful. My ten inches cock was feeling like steel, and I simply had to jerk off in the shower. Just thinking about my proximity with Lisa for the last two hours made me hard, so I began to lube myself up nice and good, and slowly began to stroke my cock. As I got more and more turned on, my stroking picked up and got louder. I closed my eyes and imagined myself sucking on Lisa’s tits and then I shot my load all over the shower stall. I came long and hard.

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