Mouthwatering Maria

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The music was blasting; couples were dancing and most of all we were drinking. It was a typical college party. Fighting the guys off wasn’t easy but the male animal was not my desire. By the time I was in the 8th grade, I knew that I loved women. My mom, Carmen, liked women also, and when my father died she would bring women home and it wasn’t long before one of her lovers seduced me. I have been a lesbian ever since and I love it!

My 5’7″ frame, 38Dcup tits and shapely legs are real attention getters; but unfortunately for me, most of the attention came from men. A very attractive couple came back from the dance floor and sat next to me. The guy went to the men’s room and the pretty blonde girl turned to me and said, “This guy is all over me; I have got to get away from him!”

I grabbed her wrist and quickly ushered her out of the place. We drove in my car and her blue-eyes shined as she thanked me and told me that her name was Joyce. I informed the sweet thing that my name was Maria and we could go to my apartment and have a couple of drinks and then it would be safe to take her back to her car.

Joyce complimented me on my apartment and said that she had to stay in the dorm on campus. I turned on some music and poured us some vodka and orange juice; I poured the 5’2″ girl extra vodka to loosen her up. We danced, she told me she was 19 and I let her know that I was 20. After several more drinks, (she was really starting to feel them) I held her close as we danced and pressed my magnificent boobs into her and whispered in her ear, “You are such a sweet thing, I could just eat you all up!!”

My hands slid down to her little ass and she answered, “You are joking, aren’t you?”

“Not at all baby, I want to take you to places that you never knew existed, your pussy will explode so much that you will think that it is the 4th of July! Sweet thing, I’ll put a big smile on your pretty face that will never fade!!!”

She looked stunned and stammered, “I…I don’t do that. I mean that I’ve never been with a woman!! I…I better go home now.”

I lifted her skirt and brushed my long fingers over her blonde bush; while still squeezing her buttocks, I slid two fingers into her moist muff! “Oh, oh, please don’t do this to me. Oh Godddd, pleaseee stop!! Nooooo!!!” Her eyes were rolling and lust was taking over her sweet body. I added another finger and furiously fucked her tight twat! The slapping, sloshing and slurping sounds were so lewd that it really turned me on! Joyce was now fucking back at my hand and I inserted a finger in her ass-hole; I fucked the sweet young thing hard in both holes, and she fucked back; she was gyrating back and forth like a stripper on ecstasy!

I removed her clothes and sat her on the sofa; between the booze and her aroused state, she did not protest. I kissed her full on the lips and explored her mouth with my seeking tongue! My lips and tongue caressed her ear, neck and arm. I kissed her breasts and tweaked her tiny tits and lovingly kissed her stomach, feet, legs and thighs. By the time my mouth was on her pussy it was soaked. She exploded immediately; goose bumps appeared all over her body as she shuddered to a rousing orgasm!! The sweet girl was now pumping her smoldering pussy into my face and was out of control!

I got to my feet and disrobed; her eyes grew large as she beheld my voluptuous figure. I sat with her on the sofa and encouraged her to suck my big tits. I pulled her head to my breasts and said, “Come on baby, suck my big tits, I know you want to. Yes, that’s it, take that nipple in your sweet mouth and suck!!! Yes, girl do it! I bet your mother didn’t have big tits like this for you to suck on, did she? Well baby, now you have big tits to suck, so just enjoy them!” I hand fed the girl my big boobs and she nursed on them just like a baby girl sucking for milk!

Then I grabbed a fistful of blonde hair and pushed her face to my hairy cunt. The little blond girl stared at my thick patch of black pubic hair with wonder in her big-blue-eyes. As she sniffed in the intoxicating aroma of my aroused pussy, I could see the desire in her eyes. She flicked her tongue on my moist pussy lips, slowly at first, then increasing speed until she was lapping it up with fervor. Soon, she was sucking on my clit, nibbling my pussy lips and tongue fucking my sopping pussy! “That’s it Joyce! You are a natural born cunt lapper! Oh baby, don’t stop, keep licking, I am going to cum all over your sweet face and I want you to lick up every drop. Yesssss!!!”

I took her to my bed and strapped on a 10″ dildo. I fucked her like a whore and made her beg for more. After she achieved several orgasms, I had her worship my hungry cunt with her sweet mouth! She gobbled it up eagerly and feasted on my mouthwatering muff! “Oh, hell yeah baby, you are a keeper! I am not going to let you go! You are my bitch, my personal cunt lapper and I want you to move your sweet ass in with me! Joyce stayed the night and the next bahis firmaları day we moved her out of the dorm and into my apartment.

The next evening we went out for dinner and I told Joyce that I never thought that I would invite a girl to move in with me because I liked playing the field too much. She replied, “Don’t feel bad; I never thought that I would be eating pussy! Who would have dreamed that I would be another girl’s bitch and loving it? God, sex with you is like a rocket to outer space! You are so wild and exciting, the honey that drips from your pussy is like nectar from the Gods and I cum when I am feasting on your delicious pussy!”

We stayed in the rest of the weekend and enjoyed each other’s company. It was a weekend filled with wild passionate lovemaking. The only interruptions we experienced were phone calls from my girlfriends. They were all in a state of disbelief when I informed them that I had a live in lover! Spring break was in two weeks and Joyce invited me to go home with her and meet her mother. I accepted her invitation and looked forward to the trip.

It was good to get there after a nine hour drive. For a 37 yr. old woman Joyce’s mother was extremely attractive, the resemblance was amazing. Introductions were made and her name was Joan. She seemed embarrassed when I kissed her on the lips and held her tight. I don’t think that she was accustomed to such a friendly greeting. Joan acted annoyed but I could detect arousal too. Joyce and I carried our luggage to her room, put the clothes away, showered and went downstairs for a snack before bed.

Joan gasped when she saw me in my flimsy nightie; it did little to hide my luscious body. We ate cookies and drank hot-chocolate. Joan tried not to stare but she was having a difficult time keeping her eyes off my sexy body. Her face and eyes revealed annoyance, embarrassment and desire. The poor dear was conflicted; I decided then and there to introduce her to my mouthwatering cunt!!! As soon as I got the chance, I would seduce Joan! Joyce is not stupid; she saw what was going on and became upset.

When we went to bed, Joyce asked me why I was displaying my hot body to her mom. I told her that Joan reminded me so much of her, that I just couldn’t help myself. We made mad passionate love and I fucked Joyce with the strap-on; she screamed so loud that her mother would have to be deaf not to hear her daughter’s wail of willful lust.

The next day, Joan often looked at us in a strange way; this told me that she knew that her precious daughter and I were more than just friends. I decided to confirm her suspicions by kissing Joyce in front of her and touching her daughter in loving ways. Joan became increasingly distant and cold towards us; her contempt was obvious, her looks of disapproval were annoying and she was getting on my nerves. The sooner I got this uppity bitch on her knees and introduced her to my mouthwatering pussy the better!

Joyce and I went to the bedroom and she was greedily gobbling up my juicy joy hole; my little bitch did not know that I left the door ajar so that her mother could see her daughter on her knees feasting on the delicious treat between my wide spread legs. I became very vocal, yelling out, “Yeah baby, eat my cunt! Suck the clit, oh Yesssss…! Do it, eat the cunt bitch!” Joyce was facing away from the door so that her mother could only see her ass sticking up in the air. Joan was standing in the doorway with a horrified look on her face.

Joan lost control and yelled, “Stop this now! I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in my home. Young lady, I did not bring you up to act like this! From now on you will sleep in separate rooms and if this happens again you will both have to leave this house.” She stormed off and Joyce showed me my new room down the hall. It was next to her mother’s bedroom and I discovered a door that led to a beautiful bathroom. I opened the other door and it led to Joan’s bedroom. So, it was a shared bathroom, this could be interesting.

I decided to cautiously explore the master bedroom and found a vibrator and a dildo! Miss goody-goody liked her sex toys! I remembered that Joyce told me that her father left her mother two years ago and was never again heard from. Joan was lonely and horny, no wonder that she was so frustrated; tonight her lonely nights would be over, tonight she would know sweet surrender and submissive bliss!

The rest of the day was a drag and Joyce even discussed leaving soon! I turned in early and waited for Joan to go to bed. I knew that she liked her wine and went to bed a little tipsy. I heard her enter the bathroom and waited a minute before joining her. She was sitting on the toilet when I entered totally naked! Her mouth dropped and her eyes opened wide, she tried to speak but she just stared at my mouthwatering body. I moved closer so that my pussy was inches from her startled face. I could see it in her eyes; she craved my cunt, Joan was succumbing to lust and could not kaçak iddaa resist the desire and passion building up in her!

I put a hand on the back of her neck and pulled her pretty face to my inflamed womanhood and purred, “Stick your tongue out and lick my pussy darling, I know that you want to taste my juices. Don’t be afraid, it’s alright; taste my luscious Latin pussy! It taste like caramel candy and it’s just for you! Go ahead darling, eat it all up, enjoy yourself.”

The frightened mom was surrendering to temptation; she sniffed in the intoxicating aroma of my smoldering pussy; she was filled with want and need, her red lips kissed my swollen pussy lips and her tongue darted in and out of my sweltering sex cavern. I fucked her face with fervor and cried out, “Yeah baby, that’s it!! You love my spicy Latin pussy, don’t you bitch? Suck baby suck, gobble it all up! Good girl; look up at me while you dine on my delicious cunt, I want to see your lust filled blue-eyes when I cum on your face!!!”

Joan had surrendered to the desire in her loins. The attractive mother was overcome with burning passion. She was eating the hot, slippery and mouthwatering pussy with reckless abandon. The once uppity mom was now feasting with fervor on my luscious pussy. She was lost in a wild feeding frenzy. Joan nibbled on the beefy pussy lips, sucked hungrily on the enlarged clit and stuck her probing tongue far up the clammy cunt. Joan put her hand to her own pussy and murmured sounds of delight. She had reached an orgasm while trying to bring me to a climax! A few minutes later I quivered and shook to a blissful orgasm as Joan shamelessly devoured my lusty Latin cunt!

I led the mother of my lover to her bed and proceeded to lick her pink slit. I tongue fucked the bitch and brought the enthralled blonde woman to a quick climax and told her to wait a minute while I went to get a surprise for her. I returned wearing a strap-on dildo; I felt very wicked as I spread the creamy legs of my frightened conquest and plowed the big fat dildo deep into her tight pussy!

The submissive mom screamed out in pain, her pretty face grimaced and tears flowed from her big-blue-eyes. I lewdly pumped the dildo in and out of the little pussy, with long powerful strokes. Gradually, the pain subsided and it was replaced by intense pleasure. Joan was now fucking back at the big pussy pleaser, her creamy legs wrapped around my brown buttocks and she cried out, “Oh yes, take me, it feels so good! I need it so bad, please don’t stop! Yesssss…Fuck meeeee… I’m going to cum, oh goddddd!!!” I lifted Joan’s legs up and let them rest on my shoulders and was able to plow even deeper into her sopping pussy. After another orgasm the dildo was withdrawn with a swishing sound and I could not help but smile at the sight of her lewdly stretched-open-wide pussy.

I put my whole hand in her gaping cunt and made a fist. Then I fist fucked the bitch until she flowed cum all over my arm! She was then ordered to lick my hand and arm clean and get a taste of her own pussy juice. I marveled at how she was able to take my arm, half way to my elbow, into her previously tight pussy! I told her that she did well and as a reward I let her eat my wonderful womb! I told her that some of my pussy juice and cum had leaked to my ass crack and that she was to lick up every drop. She was reluctant at first but once she got past the smell, she had it licked!! I gave her some more of my sweet cum to drink after she tongue fucked my ass-hole.

I stood and gazed down at my subservient little conquest and said, “You loved that, didn’t you? I will give you plenty of practice eating my Latin pussy until you can eat pussy as good as your daughter! Who knows, perhaps I will let her show you how it is done! Sounds kinky and perverse, having a mother and daughter service me at the same time, I love it!!!”

“No, please don’t make me do it in front of my daughter. I will willingly do what ever you want but not with my little girl, please don’t tell her!”

“She is not a little girl, she is 19 years old and she loves my mouthwatering pussy, just like you do. You are both my white bitch fuck-sluts and will do whatever you are told. Now I am going to go give your daughter what she craves. Sweet dreams and when you hear us get up in the morning, I want you to prepare us a fabulous breakfast!”

When Joyce and I went downstairs, the smell of bacon and eggs filled the air. We both thanked and complemented Joan; it was indeed a great breakfast. Joan wore a housedress, while Joyce and I had nothing on except our robes. Joan put the dishes in the dishwasher and was closing the lid when I pressed my sexy body to hers and told her, “You gave us such a nice breakfast to eat and now I want to give you something scrumptious to munch on!” I dropped my robe and pulled her head to my ample breasts and demanded that she suck them. I hand feed her each tit and felt tingles run through my whole body as she lovingly nursed on my rubbery kaçak bahis nipples. I instructed Joyce to loose her robe and join her mother.

Wow! Mom and daughter feverishly sucked my big brown tits, this was absolutely fantastic. I had Joyce assist me in disrobing her mother and sat on the counter and ordered them to suck my toes and lick my sexy feet. Watching the blonde mother and daughter lick and suck my feet was a total turn on. It tickled and it started the fire burning in my pussy! I instructed them to kiss their way up to my smoldering sex-hole! Both tongues probed my blazing pussy and set my fireworks off! I knew how much dirty talk got them hot, so I ordered, “Eat my hot, spicy Latin cunt, you filthy little fuck-slut whores! Gobble up all of my tasty cunt fluids, you nasty tramps. Oh yeah, I’m going to cum, lick it all up!” I told them that they were good little cunt lappers as I looked down at their cum-covered glistening faces.

The rest of the week was spent in sublime ecstasy; my obedient sex servants did everything I asked them to do. They lovingly ate my pussy and kissed my ass. I would bend one of them over and fuck her pussy and ass while she ate the other one’s pussy, and then I would have them change places. The night before we left to go back to school, they performed a sex show for me and I fingered myself to a tremendous orgasm as I watched the lewd sex show. Mother and daughter licking each other’s pussies in a 69 position was such a perverse and forbidden act! My pussy oozed juice, watching the lewd display of wanton lascivious incest! It was so vile and nasty, I loved it!!!

The rest of the semester flew by and it was time for summer vacation and I was looking forward to introducing Joyce to my mom. The plan was to spend a few weeks with my mom and then go visit Joan. Joyce talked to her mother every week and said that her mom was looking forward to seeing me again. I was eager to have my two little blonde sluts together again.

We got to mom’s house in the evening, bathed, changed and joined my mom and her live in lover in the living room; we were served wine and pizza. Mom told Joyce that her name was Carmen and introduced Rosa to us. Mom had the same, black hair, dark brown eyes and big breast as I did. She had gained some weight and was somewhat stocky but she looked extremely sexy for a 42 yr. old woman. Rosa was tall and slender with red hair and green eyes. She was 28 yrs. old and had nice tits. Mom told Joyce that she could call her Carmen or mom, which ever she preferred. Rosa said in a sexy voice, “Sweet thing, you can call me anything you want to call me!” Joyce blushed and said that it was nice to meet them both. We enjoyed the wine and conversation and went to bed, the long drive and the wine made us very sleepy.

Once in bed, my little bitch wanted to know if I told Carmen about us. She said that she got the feeling that they knew that we were lovers. “Why do you ask? Are you ashamed that people know that you are my little pussy licker? I didn’t tell our neighbors or classmates but most of them know. My mom is into women and she can spot something like that right away, and besides, she knows that I am a lesbian. We sleep together, how difficult could that be to figure out?”

“No, I’m not ashamed, it’s just that this is new to me and I feel a little embarrassed, that’s all.” Even though we were tired; I gave my little cunt lapper a spicy pussy facial before we drifted off to sleep. I assured her that my pussy juice and cum were good for her complexion!

The next day we all went shopping and ate out. Rosa bought some sexy lingerie for all of us! I embarrassed Joyce by telling her that I could hardly wait to see her in the sexy lingerie. Carmen and Rosa stared at her and smiled. They both said that they too would like to see Joyce in her lingerie.

My mom served us all beer when we got home and after several rounds, Rosa blurted out, “I have a great idea! Let’s all model our new lingerie, it will be fun!” Joyce was somewhat reluctant, but I took her by the hand and we changed together. Joyce looked like an angel in her white brassiere and panties; the white stockings and garter were a nice touch. My outfit was pink and I felt Hot! We went downstairs and Mom looked racy in red and Rosa was provocative in purple.

Music was playing and more beer was served. Joyce and I danced and mom danced with Rosa; before long we were all kissing and fondling each other. Mom got behind Joyce and pressed against her as she kissed her neck and squeezed her buttocks. I slid my fingers under her white panties and entered her sopping wet pussy. My little blonde girlfriend could hardly stand; we pushed her down on the sofa and began to seriously ravish the sweet thing!

Mom sat on one side of her and I sat on the other. Rosa spread Joyce’s legs wide and devoured her sweet honey-hole while mom and I hand fed her our huge melons. Mom sat on the top of the sofa and pulled her blonde head to her sloppy cunt and urged, “Come on baby, eat momma’s juicy pussy. Momma wants you to feast on her succulent slit, yes, that’s it, lick the pussy, little girl, momma wants to cum on your sweet face, eat it bitch!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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