Mother’s Solace Ch. 04

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She awoke from her sleep gazing at the profile of her lover. His face slightly chiseled like his father’s, yet also slightly round like hers. His hair was dark blonde, likely due to the combination of John’s blonde hair, and her dark auburn. His blue-green eyes held a serene calming aura, they were soft, yet firm and full of conviction. Claire loved his body he wasn’t bulky or really toned, but he was fit enough despite not working out, it must have been the power of youth. “He’s so handsome.” She thought to herself. After just sitting there looking at her son’s features, she decided to get out of bed.

Locke had always been a deep sleeper and after yesterday night, she had no doubt in her mind that he would be in a deeper state of unconsciousness than ever before. Slowly she grabbed his arm, and lifted it off her waist. Getting out of bed she leaned over and kissed Locke on his forehead. ‘Oh, how I love this boy.’ She thought to herself. He saved her, saved her from a path that would’ve surely destroyed her at the end. He comforted her when she had no one else to rely on, they were best friends, but of course there were still boundaries being mother and son, but it hadn’t mattered much they were seldom crossed.

Locke gave her a greater happiness than she could’ve ever hoped for. Claire couldn’t help but think she was selfish. She had done everything she could for the boy, yet somewhere down the line she went from loving him, to being in love with him. Not only that, she couldn’t help but feel that she was the cause of his lack of social interaction, he still went out with his friends sometimes, but it hadn’t been as often as most teenagers growing up would. He had given up so much for her, all because she ended up blaming him for her incompetence and the feelings she felt for him.

Claire might’ve been in her 40s, but she was still in her teen years in terms of emotional attachment and romantic love. She had never meant to kiss him that night on his birthday, an impulsive reaction? Maybe. She also didn’t mean to push him away the way she did the next day. She was scared, so scared that he’d think something was wrong with her. That’s why she decided to avoid the subject. She was so happy, yet so afraid when he confessed his love for her that morning. How could she be okay with it? These feelings were incestuous, not deemed proper or acceptable by society.

Her feelings had gotten the better of her. She braced herself to engage in a one night stand. She had to if she loved her son, if she wanted him to have a proper future she’d do it. It might’ve caused a strain on their relationship, he might’ve ended up hating her but it would of been for the best. Yet she failed, she couldn’t do it, even if it benefited him in the long run. No, she decided to get drunk and mope instead. Then later she threw herself at him without thinking of the ramifications of her actions. No, being drunk wasn’t an excuse, not at all.

That morning while getting over her hangout, she gave in to her feelings, she didn’t care anymore, that’s what she told herself. She wanted Locke desperately, and if he wanted her too, she’d gladly give herself to him. Claire shunned her maternal motherly instincts, she didn’t care if having sex with her son was taboo. After all no one would find out, all they had to do was keep it a secret. That was another foolish mistake of hers. The love-making was intense, she never expected him to be so big, and he was such a passionate lover putting Claire before him, making sure she was comfortable even when having sex. She could tell just how much she meant to him.

They had lost themselves in the throe of passion, the result ending in a possible pregnancy. Claire didn’t want to hurt him, but she had to discuss her feelings, and tell him what she felt they should do if she was pregnant. Locke didn’t take kindly to her suggestion of taking the morning after pill and the alternative of actually having an abortion if that didn’t work; he knew she was right, but it was a difficult situation and Locke was angry, she left him alone hoping that he’d calm down. She was being unfair to him after all, she wanted him as a lover, yet didn’t consider that he might want a wife and to have kids one day. After they made up she promised herself she wouldn’t hurt him anymore, if she was pregnant she wouldn’t have the baby, but she’d try to do everything else that she could to make him happy.

She decided to suggest that they go out together, at the very least they could spend time together outside the house. It had been a while since they last went out together. When he told her he was hanging out with his friends she was a bit hurt, but when he asked her if she would come along, her brain stopped functioning for a second. He couldn’t of possibly asked that, she was after all his mother and she certainly didn’t feel she looked young enough. Claire was relieved when he didn’t push it, until she accidentally piqued his interest about her friends. She loved Melany and Denise, but they were a threat.

After all Melany was the kind of woman beylikdüzü escort that could get married men who would never consider infidelity thinking twice. Denise didn’t go after married men, but still once she found out Locke was single, she’d try to be all over him given the opportunity. Locke ended up convincing Claire to let him meet them, next weekend or so that was the plan. When he arrived home early from the party Claire was in panic. She wasn’t emotionally ready for this. She already was slightly depressed and upset, talking with the girls had given her second thoughts about her relationship with Locke, they were from two different generations.

Even if you took away the fact that it was incestuous, age difference was still a factor, and what would she do if Locke fell in love with someone else? Her maternal instincts were clashing with her love for him.

All she could do was try to bury her nervousness, and disdain for the situation. He had ended up handling himself fairly well in front of her friends.

Claire was honestly impressed, of course Locke had ended up looking a bit at the women, they were attractive, but for the most part he was more interested in getting to know more about them, and what they did.

So here she was, staring down watching her lover sleep. After a few minutes she went to take go take a shower. Claire grabbed her robe and undergarments before heading to the bathroom. Taking the robe off she looked at herself in the mirror.

“Am I really attractive?” She asked herself. Claire’s features still looked young. She was truly lucky that the pregnancy hadn’t done a number on her, her hips were a little wider, but in turn her breasts had grown a little bit. She had smooth silk-like skin, no crows-feet had become apparent yet. Sure her eyes slightly crinkled when she laughed or smiled wide, but that didn’t really count. Surprisingly, she had no worry lines, despite some of the stressful times she’s gone through. She ran her hands through her short dark hair. She thought back to when Locke had complimented her on it. Claire wondered if he had preferred her long curly hair instead, but then again he had said the short hair brought out her face more. It was definitely easier to maintain it shorter, but if Locke liked it longer who was she to complain?

During her shower, she decided to cast all doubts to the side. Claire made a promise to herself, a promise that she would never push Locke away ever again, and that she’d be by his side as long as she possibly could. Sooner or later Locke would meet a girl that made him feel special, who truly loved him as much as she did, and would be able to be all the things that his mother couldn’t. It hurt her just thinking about it, but it was something that would happen. Claire would end up being alone again, but she’d would be fine with it if Locke would be happy. She’d do her best to support him as much as possible. “No more getting jealous. If he meets a girl that he takes interest in I won’t hold him back,” she told herself, as she rinsed the suds from her hair. As she got out the shower, she dried herself off then grabbed her hair dryer from the covert. “I’ll live in the now,” she said plugging it in and turning it on. Looking at herself in the mirror, she began drying her hair. She would clean up the house, a bit then prepare for her date.


I felt a soft warm sensation on my lip, opening my eyes I gazed up at my beautiful lover, her sky blue eyes staring down at me.

“Time to wake up sleepy head.”

“You’re sure up early.”

“It’s already eight thirty, that’s not exactly early.”

“I’m sorta surprised you didn’t sleep in a bit, ya know, after last night and all. I know you sure wore me out, if you keep that up I might become impotent,” I joked.

She laughed,”You say that, but your penis doesn’t seem to agree with you much,” she pointed at my hard-on.

“That’s not my fault, I’m not used to being woken up like this.”

“Whatever, get up and go take a shower now. You smell like sex,” she said wrinkling her nose.

“Would you care to join me?”

Claire rolled her eyes, “I’ve already taken a shower, besides last time we almost ended up doing it again.”

“What’s wrong with getting dirty and clean?”

“Oh my god, my poor sweet boy has become a sexual perverted beast,” she teased.

“Oh really, I think that was you yesterday. It’s funny how you can act all sweet and innocent now when yesterday you woke me up and gave me a blowjob, lets not forget about your porn-star dialogue.” Mom’s cheeks started turning red.

“Oh hush, boy, you enjoyed it.”

“Only because it was you my dear.” I said pulling her in and kissing her neck.”

“More like because you have a mommy fetish.”

“I do not,” I denied.

“Oh, please don’t think I haven’t seen the link to that video a while back. What was it called again?” she smirked.

Oh crap, I knew exactly what she was talking about, around a year ago my friend sent me a link to some beylikdüzü eve gelen escort MILF porn, saying it was ‘the craziest MILF experience’ on the web. I must have forgot to erase the history.

“My friend gave me that link.” I told her lamely, even though it was the truth.

Claire rolled her eyes in disbelief, “Yeah, okay just go take a shower now.”

Alright, I said getting up and handing towards the door feeling defeated, I suddenly remember something! I didn’t wanna pull this but she forced my hand.

“What about you though?” I said stopping at the door and looking back at her.

“What about me?” She asked quizzically

“Oh, if memory serves me well I recall that about two nights ago a nice film was on the screen in the living room.”

The color drained from Claire’s face.

“I…I was drunk…and besides it was on the recommendations.. I.. wasn’t searching for it or anything.”

“Yeah, okay whatever you say cougar.” The next thing I knew a pillow hit me in the face.


After taking my shower and getting ready, mom called me into the room.

“Locke, come here for a second.”

“Yeah, what is it?” I said entering.

Claire was standing there in a black brassiere and panties. The sun shining down from the curtains illuminated her dark auburn hair, and her eyes twinkled. I stood in amazement looking at her, she was looking sexier every day. Her soft creamy shoulders, her beautiful slender legs, the way her bra held her breasts. I couldn’t help but think I was a lucky motherfucker, no pun intended. Luckily she didn’t notice my perverted gaze or maybe she just decided to ignore it.

“I need help picking out what to wear. I’ve decided between two outfits. Hold on a second.” She said, briskly walking over to her wardrobe and opening it.

She began looking through the clothing, there were quite a few outfits that she had that I’ve never seen her wear. And for a second I swore I saw a latex bdsm suit.

“Uh, Claire.. is that.. a.. bon..”

“Oh that, Melany got it for me yesterday. I sorta ended up having a little too much to drink, and ended up telling the girls that my new boyfriend was…well,.. kinda passive in bed..” she said blushing as she continued looking through the clothing.

“Geez, if you’re gonna tell them all that why not just let them know you’re fucking your son.” I joked

“Mmm, maybe I should, at least that would keep Melany’s paws off you.. at least I’d hope. Ahh, here they are,” she said, pulling two outfits from the closet.

“So either this one”

She held up the left one in front of her first. It was a mini length strapback, that showed a great amount of skin from the shoulders down to just above the small of the back. It didn’t look exactly appropriate for a casual date, It was one of those ‘I know you want some of this’ kind of dresses, probably something that Melany picked out. It would definitely get the guy’s looking, and I’d prefer if she didn’t wear anything revealing, at least not in front of other men.

“Or this one.” she put the first one down and brought the second in front of her.

It was a sleeveless blue jean denim dress, that reached down to her knees. It had a brown belt to adjust the way it fit for whoever was wearing it. The color was a darker blue, but it went along well with her eyes. And it wouldn’t have perverts oogling her, it clearly was the best choice!

“I think the second one is good, it looks more date appropriate and it looks like it will go well with your body type.”

“Alright, this one it is then. I’m actually rather happy you picked this one, I tried both of them on but couldn’t choose. The first one is a bit promiscuous, I only picked it because Melany insisted, I thought you’d want me looking sexy.”

“You’re always sexy, love.”

Claire blushed and gave me a cute smile, “Thanks, okay now I need to get dressed, out.”

“What… I can’t watch you put it on?!”

“No you pervert, a girl likes her privacy when getting dressed, thank you very much.”



“Okay, twenty minutes, that’s fine.” Claire hanged up the phone.

“Hey, Claire where are we going anyways?”

“Out for breakfast then to the mall, after that I’m not sure. It’s hard to really plan things to do on short notice.”

“It’s fine I just want to spend time with you. Come here, ” I gestured patting my leg.

She looked at me confused for a second, before she caught on. “O..oh, I’d… rather not.. that’s embarrassing,” she said blushing. How could she be embarrassed by sitting on my lap, she was never shy about cuddling before, besides this kinda contradicted how she was acting last night.

“Please, I wanna hold you..” I pleaded.

She sighed, blushing she walked over and sat on my leg. She was tense and was looking at floor like she always did when she was nervous.

“Relax, what’s wrong?” I said pulling her towards me.

“N..Nothing, It’s just a bit… weird beylikdüzü masöz escort is all..”

“I don’t understand, how could this embarrass you but not all the other stuff you did yesterday. You straddled me, talked dirty, begged me to…”

“I get it!” she snapped. “In my defense I was a bit tipsy yesterday night..”

“That doesn’t explain that morning.”

“Well, I did tell you I would take care of you.. and besides it’s not like I wasn’t feeling .. you know….”

“So basically I’m dealing with a naughty talking lover in bed, and a shy reserved woman out, also lets not forget the condescending mother that pops every once in a while.”

“I wouldn’t exactly say that accurate, but you aren’t incorrect, I guess..wait I’m not condescending I have never displayed superiority over you without reason.” Claire said giving me a glare.

“It was a joke Mom.”

“Well quite frankly, I didn’t find it in the least bit funny.” She said, squirming a bit.

“You know it really does feel nice to hold you, Claire.”

Mom began to relax hearing my words, she became less tense, and leaned against my chest.

“You’re a trip you know that.”

“Sorry, I’ll try to be more son-like if you want.”

We sat in silence, I leaned my cheek on her, and basked in the scent of her perfume. She began to speak up after a few minutes of coddling.

“You know it’s kind of strange, it seems just like yesterday when I would be holding you like this.

“Funny how things change, huh?”

“Yep,” was her reply.


We ended up going to Fluffy’s Cafe for breakfast, its a nice cafe/bakery in Manhattan, they have amazing sweets, the name of the store certainly matches the quality of the pancakes, the way it melts in your mouth is sublime. This was my first time actually going here, mom would often bring me muffins or treats from here when she got back from work when I was younger. Claire seemed to be a bit fidgety. I was fairly nervous myself for some strange reason. I guess the tension of going out on an actual date was a bigger deal than I originally thought, although I think most of her anxiety is due to her wondering how we appear to other people. We ordered some food, and sat awkwardly in silence until the food arrived.

“I know you’re nervous, but let’s try having a good time Claire.”

“I-I know that it’s just.. I can’t explain it..”

It’s obvious she was really tense and I didn’t really know what to say. I wanted to get to know mom on a more intimate level, there was always that barrier between mother and son, so to speak. I couldn’t exactly talk to her about certain things without it becoming awkward. I had questions I always wanted to ask her but, I never got the chance to ask, or I just simply hadn’t thought about it at the time. She always told me I could talk to her about anything, but I held back.

“Why don’t we play a game while we wait?” I asked.

“Hmm, a game?” She raised her brow suspiciously.

“Yep, it’s an old game, but it beats sitting here in silence saying nothing, doesn’t it?”

“Well.. as long as its nothing crazy, I suppose I wouldn’t mind.”

“Don’t worry, its not something that can get ridiculously like Truth or Dare. We’re just going to play 21 Questions. But here’s the catch, we’ll be asking the questions as a couple, so no motherly answers, and the questions are going to be things we wouldn’t usually ask each other.”

She brought her finger to her lip in thought, “I guess..” Mom mumbled, taking her finger away from her lips. “Only on one condition.”

“And what might that be?” I asked quizzically

“If either of us want, we can request a change of three questions. .”

“Fair enough. Why don’t you ask something first?”

“Alright, Who was your first kiss?”

Wow, that sure escalated quickly. I wasn’t expecting her to ask something so personally right off the bat. I was reluctant to answer, but how would that make me look when I was the one who suggested we play in the first place.

“Julie Vilella.”

“Oh, that girl who came over a few times with your other friends?”

“Yeah, it turns out she had a crush on me since freshman year.. you aren’t… expecting me to get into the specifics are you?”

“I’ll reciprocate as much information as you do Locke, so it’s up to you. If you’re gonna be vague don’t expect any more of me,” she said with a smirk on her face.

I sighed, “Fine, you win, she ended up confessing that she liked me around junior year, It was around the time I started to take more responsibilities upon myself.”

Claire gazed at me empathetically. “Around the time you heard me-“

“Its not your fault, Claire, don’t blame yourself besides I wanted to help you,” I said, cutting her off.

“But still, if I hadn’t said that.. you could have..”

“It wouldn’t have worked, she ended up moving to California around four months later. Her dad had gotten an offer for a business promotion.”

“I..I see…” she said, looking out the window solemnly.

She was still battling doubts and the guilt that she felt, I could see it in her eyes. I got up from my side of the table and placed myself next to her. She turned and looked at me slightly bewildered. I lifted her chin, and kissed her. I think she lost herself in the moment, she began kissing back for a split-second, but then pushed me off.

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