Mother’s Helping Hand Ch. 11

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Alice Green

The usual disclaimers apply, the story contains incest and sexual scenes so if you are likely to be offended by this please don’t read any further.

The characters are over 18, the persons and events described are entirely fictional. The author reserves all rights to the story and its reproduction apart from on Literotica.

All feedback is appreciated and if you like the story please rate it in the comments section.

Chapter 11

It was the following Friday when Bobby’s mom arrived home later than usual, he padded out of his room expecting her to come up the stairs and begin his evening’s erotic fantasy world but instead she remained downstairs and called up to him, “Bobby would you come down here please?”

Oh shit, this wasn’t good. It was the tone of voice that meant something was wrong and normally meant he was in trouble. He made his way down the steps, his stomach tingling with nerves although they weren’t enough to subdue the raging hard-on that grew in a pavlovian reaction whenever the prospect of his mom’s tender touch was near.

She was sitting at the dining table with some papers in front of her.

“Sit down Bobby.”

He sat nervously opposite her.

“Read this.” she said pushing the papers across the table in front of him.

The letter was headed from the clinic and he scanned through it trying to make sense of it as best he could, …medical program…..selection procedure….taking part…..accepted.


“This means I’ve been accepted? They’re going to use me in the program?”

“Yes Bobby.”

“That’s great isn’t it?”

“Read the letter.”

“Appointment at De Milo Studio Monday 11th… That’s this Monday, 3 days time.”

“Read the letter.”

“Accommodation details… Hotel…. Flight booked..2 tickets… plus assistant.. the assistant is you right?”

“Yes Bobby I had some leave to take so I was able to book the time.”

“Wow! So we get a free trip to New York, flight and hotel paid for all I have to do is stick my wang in some plaster.”

“Bobby Stevens!! Can’t you be serious??”

He was taken back by the strength of her rebuke.

“Sorry mom, but this is good right? I mean for the clinic and your job? And a trip to New York would be nice right?”

“Bobby if anyone realises you are my son then our lives will never be the same. I’m talking jail, professional ruin, you would have the stigma for the rest of your life too.”

“Mom, who’s going to know? No one knows us in New York, as far as they are concerned we are just Mr Robert Smith and his glamorous assistant, who will be assisting him with the casting of his piece of art.” he thrust his hips up and waved his hard on at her which wagged about the table.

“Bobby this is serious!”

“I know mom, I am being serious. Going to New York is safer than being here, there’s no neighbours or co workers to run into. We can just be together for a weekend, what’s to worry about?”

“Oh Bobby, I don’t know, maybe I’m being paranoid. I just can’t help this feeling we are being watched.”

“No one’s watching us mom, and no one knows we’re going to New York. We’ll have a ball.”

“I suppose…”

Bobby sensed she was relaxing a little and pushed home the offensive hoping she would loosen up and give him some attention. He stood up and walked over to her singing.

“Start spreading the news….. ba baa da ba ba!” swinging his dick in time to the music in a crude lampoon of a broadway musical.

“Bobby, stop it!!!” his mom admonished trying to stop herself laughing.

He continued to dance in front of her his cock now at eye level.

“I’m leavin’ today… da daa da da” waving his cock at her.

“Stop it!” she playfully swatted his hard dick and he withdrew out of range.

“Sorry mom, but I’ve missed you.”

“Hmmm.. so I see, well you’d better read the rest of the letter.”

“What, oh ok….” he peered at the letter “to obtain best results subject should refrain from orgasm for at least…. 48 hours!! Holy crap they don’t mention that on the application form! You mean I get no action for like, 2 days?”

“Well not quite, there’s more.”

“More? Um.. some sexual stimulation is beneficial providing it does not lead to a climax…. So you can still do stuff as long as I don’t cum?”

“Well yes I suppose so Bobby, but as 48 hours is the minimum I’m afraid your curfew starts tonight.”

“You mean I can’t cum at all till Monday?”

“I’m sorry Bobby, they procedure is there for a reason, they have to get a good mould of your… penis… and that is the whole point of the trip after all.”

“I suppose so…”

She smiled at him, “I’m sorry Bobby, I’ll try to make it up to you.”


His cock lurched and the possibilities that flashed through his mind and as he stepped closer to her, his cock swaying as it approached her throbbing at eye level.

“Oh Bobby, I didn’t mean, now… I only just got in.”

“I’ve been waiting all day mom, and now you tell me I’m going to have a major dose of blue balls, you could give me a little attention at least.”

“Oh Bobby, ok I suppose so.” she sighed, with outward resignation halkalı bdsm escort while inwardly she could feel her self becoming excited at the prospect of teasing and tormenting this giant cock for the next few days. She hated herself for being such a slut but couldn’t deny the warmth that was growing between her legs , where you created Bobby a sick voice called to her. God what was wrong with her? The giant cock in front of her gave a lurch and she watched transfixed, as the skin rolled back over the head a little further, the purple dome of his cock shiny the skin was so taught with his desire.

She slowly reached for him lightly running her fingers up and down his erect cock, wondering what It would be like to see him rendered in plastic, for other women to share and admire. Still they would only have the replica she had the real thing. She continued stroking him, feeling the silky smooth soft skin slide up and down the iron hard shaft and the over the bloated purple glans, marvelling at how he felt hard as iron and smooth as velvet at the same time. With her other hand she cupped his heavy, low hanging balls, admiring their weight and size, feeling each one fill her palm.

He was looking down at her breathlessly, completely in her power as she drew him towards her, allowing her tongue to snake out between her lips and tenderly explore his cock head, tasting the tangy saltiness of his precum. She could feel his balls tighten in her hand in response to her caresses and continued to gently bathe his cock head with her tongue before slowly licking down his shaft till she reached the base and taking first one heavy ball, then the other in her mouth and gently sucking on them.

She sucked and licked his balls for a few moments before licking back up his shaft to the head and slowly enveloping the swollen glans in her mouth, sucking his cock in earnest, sliding her lips down the shaft and using her tongue to duel with the huge slab of meat.

He could do nothing other than throw his head back and moan as she began to make love to his cock in earnest, her sensuous lips sliding up and down the shaft of his cock, her tongue snaking around the underside of his glans. He watched as her head bobbed on his cock, her movements slow and sensuous, as if the cock was a lover she was passionately making out with. She withdrew her lips from his cock after a few minutes, allowing his excitement to subside while she caressed his turgid, mammoth shaft with her tongue, delicately teasing the beast for a few minutes before once again enveloping him in her warm wet mouth.

He lost track of time, it seemed the universe stood still and the only reality that mattered was his mother and what she was doing to his cock, but all the same he could feel his balls ache and his cock becoming more and more sensitive so that her ministrations were bringing him nearer and nearer to orgasm with each bout of sucking and licking. Finally she withdrew and looked up at him.

“There better?”

He looked down at her with glazed eyes as his cock lurched, shiny with her saliva and drooling pre cum.

“Uh, well kinda. This is going to be a long 2 days.”

She smiled and gently ran her hands down his sides, moving him backwards.

“I know Bobby, but I will make it up to you, properly, on Monday.”

Right now that seemed long time away as Bobby watched Alison stand and head up to her room. He followed her up the stairs watching her shapely ass wobble in her uniform. He didn’t think he could take any more sucking or stroking right now but at least he could sit back and have a display of tits an ass while she got undressed.

He sat on the bed and watched as.Alison chatted about work, she appeared casual but was acutely aware of her son’s eyes on her as she slowly removed her uniform and walked about the room in her underwear. She’d recently started wearing some more revealing underwear which her husband had bought a few years back. She found herself becoming aroused as she paraded herself in front of her son, her breasts jiggling in her skimpy bra and her ass almost totally exposed in her high cut panties. She turned her back to him as she undid her bra, sliding the straps down her shoulders and teasing him before turning and letting him admire her huge tits as she prepared to have her shower. She closed the bathroom door and threw her moist panties in the hamper before climbing in the shower. Her nipples felt like rocks as she ran her fingers over them and as the warm water cascaded over her she unconsciously slipped her fingers between her legs and rubbed her clit. She was so excited t took only a few moments for an orgasm to shudder through her, she gritted her teeth trying to stifle the moan and hoped the noise from the shower would drown it out. Twice more she felt her self ride the crest of a wave of ecstasy as she pulled and twisted her nipples while rubbing her clit.

After her shower Alison put on a pair of black lace panties and headed downstairs Bobby’s eyes following every bounce and jiggle of her naked breasts and she walked past him.

They headed for the kitchen, Bobby standing watching her while she prepared dinner.

“I’ve halkalı elit escort booked our flight for early Sunday morning so I thought we could go the Mall tomorrow and buy some things for the journey.”

“Sure ok mom.” he stepped up behind her and reached round so he could cup her breasts.

“Bobby! Stop it! I’m trying to get dinner ready.”

“I’m not stopping you.” As he kneaded her huge boobs she could feel his hard cock pressing up against her back. His hands were growing stronger by the day and she found his grip on her tits firmer and more stimulating.

“Bobby I’m cutting vegetables..” his fingers found her hard nipples and began squeezing them. She drew breath at how good it felt and hoped he didn’t guess.

“I know.” He continued to squeeze her tits and play with her nipples and she felt her arousal building at his touch. God his hands felt good on her tits and that huge cock, pushing into her back. She had to stop this.

“Bobby, stop!” She tried to fend his hands off her boobs but he was having too much fun to be easily deterred. She finally squirmed out of his grip and turned to face him.

“Bobby stop it. I’m serious I’m cutting cucumbers for dinner.”

“I’m sorry,” he looked hurt and puzzled, “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

She felt her mood softening at the hurt and confusion in his eyes.

“Well you wouldn’t want me to chop the wrong cucumber by mistake would you?” she held the knife in one hand and a cucumber in the other in a mock threatening gesture as his cock throbbed pointing towards her.

“Okay I surrender! Anyway you’ll need my cucumber for Monday”

“Well take your cucumber over there out of harm’s way then.” She smiled as she turned back to the kitchen counter she felt herself remembering all the times Bobby’s father had moved up behind her like that and held her tits before sliding his big cock into her and making love right there in the kitchen. Stop it! She told herself, he’s your son not your husband and this is not something you should even be thinking about.

She finished making dinner and they sat together on the couch watching TV, Bobby was hard as a rock and was wishing he could hurry the next 2 days up. His mom cuddled up to him, her boobs resting on his arm and her hand on his chest. She would run her fingers over his hard abs down towards the arrogant column of meat that jutted from his groin but without actually touching him. His cock was lurching and drooling precum and she gently ran her fingers down his side before allowing them to lightly caress his balls, tenderly playing with each one before running up over the underside of his cock and lightly caressing his dick making it jump and dance under her feathery touch. His cock was drooling pre cum now and a strand hung down onto his belly as she lightly ran her fingers up to the bloated head and began delicately sliding the skin backwards and forwards. His cock head was slick with the clear liquid and her fingers slipped easily over iron hard contours of his bloated glans.

His dick jumped and lurched under her touch as if it was trying to escape but she tenderly held it, continuing to tease and caress without ever letting his climax approach

“Bobby you’re making quite a mess.” she commented, her fingers and his cock coated in precum.

“Sorry mom, I’m just so horny I can’t help it.”

“Do you want me to stop now?”

“I don’t want you to but I don’t think I can take much more.”

It was the honest truth, his dick was so hard it hurt and his balls ached, and he still had 2 days to go!!

“I understand Bobby, here let me clean you up.”

She headed to the kitchen her ass wobbling in her tiny panties before returning with some kitchen towels, she leant over him gently wiping the precum from his cock and belly, her huge heavy tits hanging down and swaying as she did so. Even her touch while she cleaned him was infuriating and watching her huge tits swaying was driving him crazy.

“Do you think I could have some pain meds tonight?”

“Are your wrists hurting?”

“A little.” He lied, it was his dick that was killing him and he hoped a few pills would help him get some shut eye and a few hours relief and fortunately he was right, as they lay together watching TV he soon began to feel drowsy and was soon asleep.

Bobby had a restless night despite the pain killers, his hard-on remained stubbornly, achingly stiff all night and his dreams were filled with images of his mother. He found himself floating up from his sleep and found himself staring at a huge naked pair of tits swaying in front of his face. He wasn’t sure if he was dreaming or awake anymore, as he blearily awoke he heard his mother’s voice.

“Well those tablets certainly knocked you out last night, come on sleepy head we’ve got some shopping to do ready for tomorrow.” She was leaning over him naked apart from her panties and he drunk in the sight of her heavy swaying tits and felt his cock give an aching lurch, oh god another 2 days of this, how was he going to take it? His mother turned and headed for the bathroom and like a moth to the flame Bobby couldn’t help himself from crawling out of halkalı escort bed and following. His dick was so hard the skin had rolled back all the way and if he had been alone he would have been tempted to beat it off on the bannisters again it ached so bad.

His mom was standing on tip toe to adjust the shower and her ass looked amazing, only a tiny strip of fabric hiding her modesty, she turned to face him and he once again ogled her tits. No matter how long he trawled the internet he never seemed to be able to find a pair that compared to hers.

“Are you all right Bobby?”

“Err, yeah mom. Just, you know, a little distracted.” His hard on lurched and a strand of precum hung from the purple head.

“Yes so I see. Well perhaps a nice shower will help relax you.”

Showering you with my cum might he thought.

She seemed to take her time preparing him for the shower and then stripped her panties off and washing herself, lathering and soaping her beautiful body, the display was awesome and his dick was jumping like it was transmitting in morse code. Finally she finished cleaning her opulent charms and turned her attention to him, washing him in a slow sensuous fashion, her big tits rubbing against him and his hard cock bumping against her tummy. When she washed his cock it was with an agonisingly slow light touch that drove him crazy without getting him close to cumming, caressing the iron hard slab of meat, gently drawing the foreskin back and forwards before pulling it all the way back and rubbing around the bloated head as if it were a door handle she was opening. Right now he was so horny she could just about do anything to his dick and it would feel good, even smacking it around would feel better than the permanent dull ache he’d had for the last 24 hours.

She dried them both off and dressed herself, Bobby watched her reverse strip tease as she encased her boobs in a sexy bra that gave her an amazing cleavage before putting on a thigh length skirt and a summery top that was quite low cut for her. He looked down at his cock, purple and with veins standing out and didn’t think he remembered ever being this hard or horny. Even after his accident he hadn’t been this turned on, but then he hadn’t had a chance to get used to his mother giving him daily multiple orgasms which had now been cut off, and now he was like a drug addict going cold turkey.

His cock jumped and dribbled some more pre cum which ran down the shaft.

“Well time we get you dressed Bobby, oh dear you are making a mess aren’t you?”

“Err yeah sorry mom.”

“That’s alright Bobby.” She fetched a piece of toilet paper from the bathroom and gently wiped the pre cum from his cock before heading to his room to get his clothes. It was a warm day so he chose a t shirt and shorts and as usual he had no underwear His mom levered him into his shorts as gently as she could but her every touch was almost agony he was so sensitive. His dick stuck out even more than usual and his mom covered her mouth as she looked at him trying not to giggle.

“Oh my goodness Bobby, you look like a tripod!”

“Mom it’s not funny, I’m dying here!”

“You’re not dying, you’re just a horny young teenager, and I promised I’ll make it up to you after Monday. That’s if we get to New York, I’m sorry Bobby we’re going to have to get you some underwear for the journey or you’ll never get through the airport. They’ll think you’re trying to smuggle a bazooka through if they see you like that!”

He groaned but looking down she had a point, if they patted him down right now they would certainly get a handful. He thought of some hot young security girl grabbing his dick through his shorts and felt his cock lurch and dribble.

“Just make sure you keep your hands in your pockets today Bobby.”

“Yes mom.”

They drove to the mall and Bobby followed his mom round the stores while she bought various items for the journey, all the while holding his dick through his pocket. His hands were getting stronger and he found he was able to squeeze the head of his cock to give himself a little relief, the trouble was the more he squeezed the hornier he got. He could feel his pre cum seeping through the lining of his pocket and he guessed he was starting to make a mess inside his shorts. The other downside was all the squeezing was making his wrists ache and as the pain meds wore off they hurt more. Bobby’s mom had gone to buy some more clothes for the trip, why the heck she needed more clothes for a 2 day trip he didn’t know but then his mom didn’t need much excuse to shop.

He sat on a bench in one of the main concourses, trying to hide his hard on as best he could and checking out the girls. He saw a couple he had spotted before coming out of one of the stores and smiled at them. They were about his age and wearing cut off jeans that showed off their ass cheeks. He felt his cock lurch in his shorts at the sight and put his hand in his pocket to help hide it and give it a furtive squeeze. Shit they were hot, one was blonde and had a crop top on that clung to her and left no doubt that she didn’t have a bra on, not that she needed one. She looked like an A cup, perky and small with ‘sit up and beg’ titties that he would love to suck on right now. Her friend had brown hair and tight dark t shirt. When she turned he could see she had a major rack, she looked like she was a double D. She was wearing a push up bra and her shirt was low cut displaying a cleavage that jiggled so that he guessed her boobs were home grown.

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