Mother/Daughter Honeymoon Cruise Ch. 02

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Author’s note: This is my second submission to the site, and the second in what is shaping up to be a very long series. This series is also the first that I have ever written in the erotica genre, so I really do appreciate your (gentle) criticisms as well). I have already learned that these things rarely work out the way you think they will. My original plan for the story (novella, whatever) had the first scene being Lynne’s wedding day. Now, that scene seems to be at least two or three more vignettes away.

Thanks to everyone who has commented on the previous episode; I hope can keep you all entertained for a little while longer.

What has come before: Lynne McMahon is a 46 year old widow, Jenifer (Jenna) McMahon is her 21 year old daughter. Lynne is getting married tomorrow, and Jenna has traveled to Tampa Bay during Spring Break to be her mother’s maid of honor. There, something happened that may set their previously-familial relationship onto a new path…

Lynne took her daughter downstairs to the hotel restaurant to meet her fiancé, David. Jenna had to admit it…her mom was right. David was a straight-up Adonis. Dark hair, dark eyes, chiseled features, and a casual, easygoing charisma that made everyone laugh within minutes of meeting him. And, he was young. Really young. Jenna was surprised by just how young he was; her mom had told her that that David was a younger man, but Jenna guessed that David was much closer in age to her than he was to her mom. Still, she could totally get why Lynne liked him; hell, in another place and another time, Jenna would be the first one in line to jump his bones. But tonight, for some reason, whenver she looked at David she felt pangs of jealousy. ‘It’s time to share mom,’ she thought. ‘It’s time for mom to have some happiness, too.’ But, those thoughts provided her with little comfort.

Also at dinner were Eric, David’s balding and slightly paunchy older brother, hie petite, redheaded wife Julia, and their twin daughters, Wendy and Melanie, both seven years old. The kids were super excited; after the wedding tomorrow, the family was going to Disneyworld, and they could barely sit still, must less use their ‘inside voices.’ They were cute, and they attracted most of the other adults’ attention, which relieved Jenna of the obligation of talking about herself, or even of paying attention to what anyone else was saying.

And this was a good thing because Jenna spent the entire dinner distracted; she felt hot, jumpy, and uncomfortable in her own skin. In a word, she was horny – incredibly, impossibly horny – and she couldn’t sit still. Her clit was hard like a rock, and even the most minor shift in position sent unwanted jolts of pleasure through her body. It didn’t help that the hotel was overrun by college kids wearing the minimum clothing required by law; it seemed like everywhere she looked, she saw washboard abs, tight butts, bouncing breasts, luscious lips…and tonight, for some reason it was the women that were making it harder, ha ha, to pay attention to a plate of boring scallops and salad.

‘I am not a lesbian,’ she thought furiously every time she managed to avert her eyes. And yet, every time she looked up, she found her gaze following a gently swaying pair of tits or a curvaceous ass in a string bikini instead of yet another pile of muscles wearing a pair of surfing shorts. ‘I’m getting married to a superhot hunk and all I can think about are girls…God, what’s happening to me?’

The twins did something cute, and the men at the table roared with laughter. Jenna looked up. Her mom, Lynne, was staring straight at the vee of her shirt, her eyes following the gentle swell of her daughter’s breast. ‘Oh. My. God,’ Jenna thought. ‘Is my mom checking out my tits?’ She felt her face get hot as her nipples hardened under her mother’s gaze.

Lynne jumped suddenly, and her eyes snapped up to meet her daughter’s. An electric shock jolted straight through Jenna’s core when their eyes met. Lynne blinked several times, her pink tongue darted out to wet her lips.

A bright red blush started at Lynne’s neckline and it crept up her face. Lynne reached for her water with a trembling hand and lifted it to her mouth. With a start, Jenna realized that her mother’s nipples were hard, both of them straining against the white shirt that she wore.

‘She’s turned on,’ Jenna thought, and then, ‘She’s turned on…by me!’ Suddenly, she longed to feel of her mother’s bare breasts against her skin again, to revel in their heaviness, their softness, and their size, as she had just a few moments earlier in the room. With a start, she averted her gaze again. ‘Stop it, Jen! Just stop it!’

The moment her daughter looked away from her, Lynne was hit by a sudden rush of shame and guilt. She had been checking out her own daughter’s body on the day before she was going to get married. ‘What the fuck is wrong with me?’ she thought. ‘I need a drink.’ She reached for a water glass on the table, forgetting for a moment that she was already holding one. Her hand jerked; innovia escort ice cubes and water spilled down the front of her shirt, turning the fabric transparent and putting her dark, over-sized areoles on full display.

Julia snorted water out of her nose. Jenna’s jaw dropped as a thrill ran through her body. Both of the men turned; their eyes popped wide open.

Lynne stood up, knocking the chair she’d been sitting on over. “I’m sorry…I need to…uh, bathroom…” She bent over to pick up her purse, revealing a valley of cleavage unrestrained by a bra.

Julia stood up and slung her own purse over her shoulder. “I’ll come with you.”

Lynne shot the other woman a haunted look, then nodded and fled for the back of the restaurant.

Julia smiled at the rest of them. “You boys play nice with my future niece.” Then, she followed Lynne.

Jenna shut her mouth and turned to find David leering at her chest. “So, Jenna, what are you planning to do for the rest of the week?”

Julia caught up to Lynne by women’s bathroom door. She caught Lynne’s arm and directed her further down the hall. “Family bathroom, hon,” she whispered. She herded Lynne into a larger, single-toilet room, and then shut and deadbolted the door behind them. “More privacy.”

Lynne could barely hear her. She stood in front of the mirror, trying her best to hold back the tears. “I am so…humiliated…”

Julia walked over to her and put one arm around her back. “No! You mustn’t say such things. It was just an accident; we all have them.” Then, she smiled at Lynne’s reflection in the mirror. “Besides, it’s spring time in Florida. All of the prettiest women are supposed to get their tee-shirts wet at least once.”

Lynne chuckled despite herself. “Yeah, but not in front of their future sister-in-law and her two very young children.” She pulled up a handful of paper towels and started dabbing at the front of her shirt.

Julia tsked. “Not like that. Here…take it off. We’ll use the hand dryer by the door.”

Lynne balked. “I would be embarrassed…”

Julia smiled. “I’ve already seen everything you’ve got, sister. It’ll be faster, your shirt will be dryer, we’ll get back to our meal quicker…”

Lynne put up one hand. “Okay!” She smiled shyly, and turned her back to Julia before lifting her tank up over her head. She handed the shirt to Julia, who took it to the automatic dryer. Turning the nozzle upside-down, she laid the shirt over the vent and hit the button.

She turned around. “Now, let’s take a look at the rest of you. Did you get your skirt wet, too?”

Lynne blushed…her panties were soaked. Like her daughter, she hadn’t been able to get her mind off of sex the whole meal, and she’d been uncomfortably horny. ‘Horny enough to check out my own daughter’s tits,’ she thought. ‘What kind of a pervert does that?’ But she didn’t say anything. Instead, she shook her head and turned around to face Julia, covering her breasts with her hands.

Julia chuckled. “Looks like you’ve got your hands full, Lynne.”

Lynne smiled despite her predicament. Her breasts were both full and large, and in order to cover her large areolae, she had to splay her fingers.

Julia checked over the front of Lynne’s short skirt. “Lucky for you, no more damage.” She raised one eyebrow. “No bra tonight?”

Lynne blushed an even deeper shade of pink. “My daughter’s idea…she’s, um, got plans, I guess…”

“Bachelorette party! Say no more.” She patted Lynne on the shoulder. “I almost never wear the damn things anyway.”

Lynne frowned. “Really?”

“Look at me, Lynne.” Julia spread her arms.

Lynn looked at her really closely for, perhaps, the first time ever. Julia was a little shorter than Lynne, maybe five-five or five-six, but she was built much more slightly. Her future sister-in-law probably weighed no more than ninety pounds soaking wet, and was thin almost to the point of being bony. Her facial features were very fine, like bird’s, and her skin was so pale as to be almost translucent. Her hair was red, naturally-so, Lynne thought, and she was wearing a rather conservative green dress: high-necked with buttons up the front, short sleeves, and a hemline that kissed the tops of her knees. But, there was no hint of protrusions on her chest. In a word, the woman was flat.

Lynne nodded. “I haven’t gone braless in public since…” she tried to think back to the last time she hadn’t worn support. She wasn’t coming up with anything other than, “Twelve years old.”

Julia raised an appreciative eyebrow. “Twelve? Life has been good to you. I never wore one until I was pregnant with the twins; at my biggest – a B cup.” She laughed and restarted the dryer under Lynne’s shirt. “I have something that might help you not feel so…naked…tonight. Something that covers up our more…obvious signs of arousal or chill. Would you like to try it? Will you promise not to freak out?”

Lynne swallowed. This trip had taken istanbul escort such a surreal turn already, she couldn’t imagine it getting any weirder. “Yes. Promise.”

“Okay.” Julia reached up to the top button on her dress and undid it. The second, third, and fourth followed, revealing a trail of Irish-pale skin from her delicate throat to the top of her sternum. Even with her blouse open that far, Lynne still couldn’t see the swell of her breasts…but she also couldn’t take her eyes off of the younger woman’s body.

Julia smiled shyly and pulled her top open to reveal where her breast should be…but there was nothing there! No nipple, no areole…nothing! Wait…there was something there; a patch of something slightly darker and round. Julia slipped her fingers under it and peeled it off of her chest, revealing a surprisingly pink and thick nipple underneath. It hardened up the moment the cool air of the bathroom hit it.

Julia held it up; it looked like a nude-colored flower. “Nipple petal. Silicon. Re-usable. Here…” She offered it to Lynne.

Lynne blinked. “I’ve, uh, never…”

Julia laughed, a sweet, tinkling sound. “I’ll show you. We just need a bit of water first.” She reached over to the sink and turned the knob.

Nothing happened.

She frowned and looked around. “Oh, dear.” She picked up a piece of cardboard from the counter. It read, “SINK OUT OF ORDER.” Julia looked at Lynne. “It never rains, but it pours.” Smiling almost seductively at Lynne, she extended her tongue and licked the back of the petal.

Lynne stared at it in amazement – Julia’s tongue was as long as a smaller penis, and she flicked it precisely over the back of the petal, making sure to moisten each side just so. For an endless second, all Lynne could imagine was that tongue – that marvelously long, incredibly dexterous tongue going deep between the folds of her labia, licking and teasing and…

Julia reached up with one hand and took one of Lynne’s wrists into her tiny hand. “Ready?”

Lynne nodded, her breath caught in her throat.

Julia pulled her hand away from her right breast, revealing the large nipple, hard and aching, and the large, dark areole that surrounded it. “Hope this is big enough,” she said with a laugh. Then, she carefully placed the petal over Lynne’s nipple, trapping it under a layer of insulating silicone that was still warm from the other woman’s body and wet with the other woman’s saliva. Julia kept her hand there, pushing slightly, her fingers flexing ever so gently to unconsciously knead the ample flesh of Lynne’s right breast.

Lynne sucked in a breath and put her hand on Julia’s wrist, thinking at first to pull the smaller woman’s hand away.

“No,” Julia whispered. “Let it warm up for a moment or two.” She flicked her green eyes to look up at Lynn. “Unless you find my touch offensive…”

Lynne’s heart hammered inside of her chest. Her breath was coming in short, quick gulps. She shook her head, a tiny, submissive motion, her eyes wide. “Far from it,” she managed to whisper breathily.

Julia raised her eyebrow again. “Hmmm.” She gave Lynne’s breast one final squeeze, and then let it drop, gently, back to lay against Lynne’s rib cage.

Lynne made no move to cover her right breast again.

Julia opened the other half of her blouse, revealing a second petal. With a slight smile playing on her face, she slowly pulled the silicone cap off of her other nipple, revealing another large, swollen pink nipple on a slight bump of a breast. As before, Julia lifted the silicon cap to her mouth, and she put that amazingly long and dexterous tongue on the back side, lavishing it with her saliva until it gleamed. This time, however, she didn’t reach out to take Lynne’s wrist. Rather, she blinked slowly and waited.

Feeling at once slutty and shy, shamefully exposed and proud like an exhibitionist, Lynne dropped her hand. Her left breast dropped slightly, and the cool air in the room immediately stirred her nipple to stiffen. She nodded at Julia.

Studying the areole, Julia carefully aligned the petal with Lynne’s breast. Her tongue poked out of the corner of her mouth as she concentrated. Then, she pressed the petal against Lynne’s breast, making Lynne acutely aware of the other woman’s touch, the softness of her hands, and the sharpness of her elegantly manicured nails. This time, when Julia squeezed her breast the first time, Lynne sighed, and she used her hand to capture the other woman’s hand against her breast.

Julia blinked, a question in her eyes.

A thrill ran up Lynne’s back; heat emanated from between her legs. Lust clouded her vision and drove rational thought from her brain. Suddenly, the only thing that mattered was coming; she needed the release of an orgasm immediately if not sooner. “I’m not a lesbian,” she husked.

Julia frowned. “I never said-“

She didn’t get a chance to finish. Lynne put her free hand behind Julia’s neck and planted her lips on Julia’s slightly-open kadıköy escort mouth. The smaller woman stiffened; at the first touch of Lynne’s lips, her mouth froze as well. She squeaked in surprise; Lynne sucked the noise into her mouth and smothered Julia’s lips under her own. Julia tasted of cherry lipstick and Caesar salad and she smelled of lavender and coconuts.

Lynne thrust her tongue against Julia’s lips, pushing in to encounter her teeth, rigid and unmoving.

‘STOP!’ Lynne’s rationale brain finally caught up with her lust-hazed id. ‘Stop it, Lynnette…you’re raping this poor woman.’

Lynne jumped, backing out of the unwelcome kiss, releasing Julia’s neck and her hand with a sudden rush of shame and guilt. “Oh my God, Julia, I am so sorry. I don’t know what came over me…”

“I do,” Julia replied. She still hadn’t removed her hand from Lynne’s breast.

Lynne blinked. “You…do?”

“Yes.” Julia dug her nails into the larger woman’s breast, sending a shock of pain and fear into Lynne. A nanosecond later, her womb throbbed with sudden need. Julia watched Lynne’s reaction and nodded. “That’s what I thought.” She reached up and pulled Lynne’s face down to hers; their lips met, but this time Julia was the aggressor. Her lean, powerful tongue penetrated Lynne’s lips, forced open her teeth and jabbed into the space behind, seeking Lynne’s tongue and twisting with it before pushing it back down into its bed.

Lynne almost gagged on the smaller woman’s tongue, but then she started sucking on it like a small penis, rounding her lips and hollowing her cheeks.

Julia dropped Lynne’s breast. She ran her free hand down Lynn’s back, scratching her skin lightly with her nails all the way down her spine. Chills flowed from her touch, raising goosebumps everywhere they went. Julia pulled Lynne’s head tighter into the kiss and then thrust her hand under and up Lynne’s skirt, grabbing her right between her legs.

Julia broke the kiss. “You’re soaking wet, slut.”

Lynne stood up straighter. “What. Did you call me?”

Julia pinched Lynne’s clit, hard, between her thumb and forefinger.

Lynne gasped. Pleasure roared through her boddy, ripping away the last vestiges of her civility. Her knees wobbled; she grabbed onto the sink to keep from falling over. “Ungh…ungh…no…ungh…stop…”

Julia hissed into her ear. “You don’t want me to stop, slut. You want release, right here, right now.” Julia tore the older woman’s panties down to her knees and then beyond. “Lift your right leg.” Lynne obliged, and Julia slipped her panties off over the shoe. “Now the other.” A moment later, Julia held onto Lynne’s panties. She lifted them to her nose and inhaled. “Mmmm…nice.” The smell of wet pussy filled the room. Julia held the soaked panties in front of Lynne’s face. “You’ve been wet for a while now, Lynne. Is my brother-in-law responsible? Answer truthfully – I’ll be able to tell.”

Lynne nodded. “Yes…and no…Partly.”

Julia smiled. “I figured as much. I saw you checking out all those youngsters in the hotel.” Julia dropped the panties onto the counter. “In fact, I even saw you checking out your own daughter. You were, weren’t you?”

Lynne froze, fear seizing up her brain. “I, uh…”

Julia slapped her across the face, not hard enough to hurt, really, but hard enough to shock Lynne nevertheless. “Answer. The question. Slut.”

Lynne lowered her eyes and nodded. “Please…don’t tell David.”

“I wouldn’t anyway.” Julia released Lynne, took a step back, and tucked Lynne’s sopping-wet panties into her purse. “But I’m going to keep these.”

Lynne’s head snapped up. “You can’t send me out there without underwear.”

Julia raised one eyebrow. “Or what? You’ll leave the chair you sit in so wet it’ll shine. Not my problem.”

“Please,” Lynne whispered.

“Okay…I’ll give you a chance to earn them back.” Julia hiked up her skirt, revealing a pair of plain white bikini-cut panties. Without any hesitation, she yanked them down to her knees, revealing a neatly-trimmed orange-red bush and a pair of damp, slightly swollen pink labia. She braced herself against the door, dropping her panties to the floor as she did, and spread her legs. “You have five minutes, slut. Make me cum, and I will give you your panties back. Fail, and they’re mine, and you can go clubbing full commando with your sexy little daughter.”

Lynne blinked. She hadn’t gone down on another woman in more than twenty years. “But, I…”

Julia sniffed. “Time’s wasting, slut. If I were you, I’d get licking. Four minutes fifty-two seconds left.”

Lynne dropped to her knees in front of Julia on the bathroom floor. Without preamble or foreplay, she plunged her face into the other woman’s pussy, finding it soaking wet, fragrant with Julia’s musk, and opening at the first touch of her tongue. Julia tasted sweet, like old honey, but also tart, like new blackberries, and she plunged her tongue between the folds of the other woman’s lips, seeking the hard nub of her clitoris. At the same time, she plunged two fingers of her right hand into Julia’s vagina, bottoming out against the base of her fingers, feeling for the smooth and slippery nub that would mark the other woman’s G-Spot along the front wall. She lashed at Julia’s clitoris with her tongue.

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