More Action for the Third Wheel Pt. 02

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Stacy and Dave were still gone when I got back to the condo. I imagined it would take a little longer for Stacy to get fucked by the three of them than it would take for me to finish with Sara so it made sense for me to get back first. I tried to stay up so I could talk to Stacy about the plan tomorrow but unfortunately ended up passing out.

In the morning I woke up and wanted to chat with Stacy right away. I wanted to make sure she was game before Sara showed up and started the fun. Luckily Dave was in the shower when I came out of my bedroom so I went into their room to talk to Stacy. She was in bed reading a magazine and I quickly told her about what Sara wanted to do. Stacy’s reaction was better than I hoped as she declared that to be one of the hottest and nastiest ideas she’s ever heard. She was more than willing to help out and said she could not wait to see Sara pummeled by Hank’s huge dick.

I had gotten pretty horny from all this talk so I got between Stacy’s legs and started fucking her. I told her all about my night with Sara as I slammed my cock into her snatch. I could tell Stacy was getting really turned on as her cunt juiced all over my dick. Eventually Dave came out of the shower and came in the room for a quick blowjob while I fucked her pussy. He quickly dumped a load down Stacy’s throat and left to pick up his family. I quickly dumped my own load into Stacy’s snatch and we both headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

When Dave got back with the others, Sara was definitely dressed for the plan. She had on a short, frilly skirt and a tight halter top that showed a ridiculous amount of cleavage. She had a sexy pair of knee-high leather boots to complete the package. When we had a second alone she showed me how she could roll the skirt at the waist to increase the shortness as much as she wanted. She also showed me that she had no panties on as well to make things even better. Apparently she had already caught Todd checking her out a few times and even caught her dad taking a look at her ass at one point.

The plan for the day was to go to Universal Studios and Citywalk. Ron was going with us too and as soon as he showed up we piled into two cars and headed out. Janice, Stacy, and Todd went in Ron’s car. I imagined that Todd was wishing his mom wasn’t around so he could get some action on the way down. I rode down with Sara and Hank in Dave’s car.

Sara was sitting in the back right seat behind Hank. In this position she was right in Dave’s view every time he checked his rearview mirror. I watched as Sara slowly spread her legs until I was sure that if Dave looked he would be able to see right up her skirt and get a view of her exposed snatch. I quickly noticed Dave start to check his mirror more and more frequently as we drove along. I looked over at Sara and winked to let her know Dave was checking her out.

“Hey Jeff, do you think we could switch seats? I’m getting a little carsick looking at the city flying by outside my window,” Sara said after a few minutes.

I agreed and Sara leaned forward so I could move behind her and switch seats. As she did this she was forced to lean over the center console and give Hank and Dave a good view of her cleavage. I could see both of them glancing down at her ample rack as I scooted behind her. Sara made sure to sit back real quick and press her ass into my dick as I squeezed by.

Now she was sitting behind Dave so that if Hank looked in the mirror he would get the view of her. She slowly spread her legs again and I watched as Hank did eventually glance at the mirror and I could tell he definitely noticed. I watched as he didn’t just glance, but stare at the reflection of his daughter’s snatch. Sara was starting out strong with her teasing and they were totally going for it.

We arrived at the park and headed in to check out the attractions. Standing in line for the rides and shows turned out to be the most interesting. Both of the girls did the best to tease the shit out of us guys. Stacy was dressed for the occasion as well, with a skimpy pair of denim shorts and a tight tube top. The girls were bending and leaning over at every possible chance to expose themselves to us in one way or another. I could not even count the amount of times that Sara dropped her water bottle in front of one of us, just so she could bend over and show us her bare ass and snatch. I wondered if any of the guys even wondered why she wasn’t wearing panties or even cared for that matter. The day was ridiculous and I could not believe how oblivious Janice was to everything that was going on.

Sara was all over her family. Whenever she had the chance she would be leaning or rubbing up against her dad, brothers, or cousin. To most people it would seem like normal affection but I could see the sexual undertones happening. There would be the occasional press of one of her tits or her ass into one of the guys. I saw quite a few “accidental” crotch grabs by Sara throughout the day. At one point, when we were on the tram ride, Sara got “scared” and jumped back, “accidentally” putting esenyurt anal yapan escort her hand on her dads crotch. For it second it looked like she actually took a grip of his member as she braced herself. Hank looked a little surprised for a second but after Sara went back to watching the attractions he spent most of the time lewdly staring at her.

Sara’s skirt slowly hiked itself up throughout the day as well. By the time we were walking back to the parking lot her skirt was barely a few inches in length and every time she moved it would flash a bit of ass and the occasional shot of twat. Hank and Janice were walking hand in hand in front of us while Stacy and Sara walked together behind them. The rest of us guys were walking behind the girls openly staring at their luscious asses. I could tell Todd was super horny because he could not stop from occasionally rubbing his dick through his pants as he walked. The lewdest part about it was that he was staring at Sara’s ass most of the time. Ron was doing the same as he kept sneaking glances at the flashing ass of his cousin. Even Dave was dividing his time between looking at Stacy and Sara’s asses.

At the wish of Janice we switched up the seating for the car ride back. Janice, Hank, and Stacy were going to ride back with Dave and Todd, Sara, and myself would ride back with Ron. I sat in the front with Ron and Todd and Sara sat in the back seat. Sara was sitting behind me and I looked back to see that she already had her legs slightly spread to give Ron a view if he looked in his rearview mirror.

We were on the freeway for a few minutes when I saw Ron finally notice the view in the mirror. He looked over at me and gave me a wink and a nod in the direction of the back seat. I watched as he continuously glanced at his mirror as he started to rub himself through his pants.

We were half way home when Todd noticed what Sara was doing. I saw him do a bit of a double take and then a look of understanding flooded over his face. I wasn’t completely sure, but I think he just figured out what his sister had been up to all day. Todd didn’t do anything crazy but instead just sat there and acted as if nothing was going on. That was until he did something significant by unzipping his fly and pulled out his hard cock.

Todd just sat there and stroked his dick as he looked over at his sister. It took a minute before Sara looked over and saw what her brother was doing. Her eyes went wide as she watched him stroke his fat member right next to her. Without saying a word, Sara leaned over and took her brothers cock into her mouth. Todd threw his head back and let out a sigh as Sara started to bob her head up and down on his prick. I saw Ron glance in his mirror and see what was going on in his back seat.

“Holy shit! What the fuck! I fuckin knew it!” he exclaimed as he did his best to concentrate on driving. “I knew you were a fuckin slut Sara, teasin us all God damn day!”

Sara didn’t reply as she gagged and forced her brothers cock down her throat. Todd groaned as he grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth. At this point Ron had pulled out his dick and was stroking it as he drove. Sara reached forward, while still keeping Todd’s dick in her mouth, and grabbed a hold of Ron’s prick. He let out a groan as his cousin started to jerk his cock.

“How’s it feel to have your dick down your sister’s throat Todd?” I asked.

“Oh man, it’s fucking amazing man,” Todd answered as he groaned with his dick buried in his sister’s throat. “I knew she was a slut and now I’m finally getting to sample her myself.”

It had been a long day and Todd was very horny as he let out a grunt and started cumming in his sisters mouth without any warning. Sara choked for a second and then got a hold of herself and swallowed down her brothers semen. Once Todd was done Sara pulled his cock from her mouth and, without saying anything, leaned over the center console, got her head onto Ron’s lap, and took his throbbing dick into her mouth. I had to put my hand on the wheel and help Ron steer as Sara gulped his prick down her throat. It appeared as if she had grown very accustomed to deepthroating a big cock after last night with me.

Ron only lasted a couple of minutes himself before he groaned and pumped a load of jizz down his cousins throat. Sara eagerly gulped it down without missing a drop. She pulled his shrinking cock from her mouth, leaned back in her seat, and licked her lips with a grin.

“Mmmm, now that was a tasty snack.”

“Holy shit sis, if I knew you were this much of a slut I would have been feeding you my sperm for years now,” Todd exclaimed as he started to grab at Sara.

Sara giggled as her brother manhandled her. Todd went to town as he groped at her tits, ass and cunt for the rest of the ride back. By the time we got back to the condo I could tell he was in a frenzy to fuck his own sister.


Everyone was back at the condo for an hour when Janice announced that she was not feeling well from the long day esenyurt escort we had and would like to go back to the hotel for the night. She insisted that we don’t let her be a downer and that the rest of us should have a fun time together. Dave left to give her a ride back to the hotel while the rest stayed behind to start the BBQ and drinking.

It looked as if Todd was going to drag his sister off into a dark corner to fuck her when Hank came up and took Sara outside for a “talk”. I was in the kitchen doing some prep work for dinner so I had a great view of their conversation. I watched as they seemed to have a very intimate chat with each other. I was wondering if they were talking about the days teasing when I got my confirmation as Hank leaned down and began to passionately kiss his tiny daughter.

Sara responded by thrusting her body into his. Hank grinded his crotch into her belly as he reached back and kneaded her tight ass cheeks while still kissing her. I was getting pretty hard watching this as Sara jumped up and wrapped her legs around her dads waist while still keeping her tongue in his mouth. Her incredibly short skirt rode all the way up to completely expose her ass and dripping snatch. Hank reached down and felt her exposed privates. It was such an obscene sight as he inserted a few fingers into his daughter’s asshole and pussy. The kitchen window was open and I could hear Sara groaning into her father’s mouth as he fingerfucked her.

Just as I was pulling out my dick to start stroking it, I watched as Hank reached down with his other hand and released his huge cock from his shorts. He aimed his massive prick at his tiny daughter’s tight little snatch and began to push. Sara threw her head back and moaned as Hank’s dick slowly began to force its way into her cunt. It was a ridiculous sight as his incredibly fat cock seemed to be splitting her open down below. Sara’s juices ran out of her snatch and down her dad’s cock, lubricating it for easier insertion. Father and daughter embraced each other as he slowly started to pump his cock in and out of her twat. With each thrust he was able to force a bit more of his member into her sucking pussy.

Stacy came in to the kitchen to see what I was doing and stopped short when she saw what I was looking at outside.

“Now that is fucking sexy,” she said as she reached down and took over stroking my throbbing cock for me.

I was so horny from watching Hank and Sara that I grabbed Stacy and yanked her shorts down. I pulled her in front of me, spread her ass cheeks to expose her cunt, and shoved my hard dick balls-deep into her wet pussy in one thrust. Stacy looked back at me and grunted as I started to fuck her pretty hard.

“Someone… horny….umph…from watching…oomph….some father….ow…..daughter action,” Stacy grunted as I slammed my hard cock into her pussy.

We stood in the kitchen and fucked while we watched the action outside. Hank was really fucking Sara now as he was somehow able to get just about the full length of his member inside of her with each thrust. Sara was moaning and groaning as her dad fucked her in the middle of the patio. It was such a lewd, obscene sight to watch the father’s huge prick spreading his daughters tiny cunt.

After a couple of minutes Ron and Todd must have finally heard something because they came into the kitchen to see what was going on.

“Hey what the? Holy shit!” Todd exclaimed as he saw me fucking Stacy and then saw his dad fucking his sister outside.

“Fuck yea, looks like we’re in for a fun one tonight,” Ron said as he started to strip off his clothes. He made to go outside when Stacy stopped him.

“Wait! Let them finish before you guys go crazy. That’s something special.”

Ron nodded and made do by coming over to us so Stacy could jerk on his dick. Todd stripped off his own clothes and started stroking his hard cock as he watched the action outside. I could tell he was entranced by the sight of his dad and sister going at it. I could also tell that he wanted in on that sister action too as he completely ignored Stacy for the time being.

I continued to fuck Stacy for a few more minutes as we watched the nastiness outside. Hank was really slamming his huge cock into Stacy’s pussy when he let out a loud groan and buried his shaft to the hilt in her snatch. Stacy moaned along with him as he held it there and was obviously blowing his load into her. It was a huge amount of cum as it began to spill out of her tight, tiny cunt and run down her father’s balls. When Hank was finally finished even more jizz spilled out and down his shaft as he lowered his daughter down and pulled his cock from her sucking pussy.

Sara amazed us by immediately going to her knees so she could lick and clean her father’s cock. We watched as she licked all of his cum and her juices off of his slowly deflating member. Todd was done watching and headed out to the patio. He gave his dad a high five as he lifted his sister off the ground. He yanked her skirt down and bent her over esenyurt eve gelen escort the back of a patio chair. He inserted his cock into her freshly fucked pussy once so he could lube it up with scum and then aimed it at her tight asshole.

I continued to fuck Sara as I watched Todd shove his hard cock into his sisters tight butthole. Hank sat back on another chair and watched as his son anally fucked his daughter. All this nastiness was too much for me and I grunted as I let loose a torrent of jizz into Stacy’s cunt. As I finished flooding her snatch with man goo Dave got back to see all of the action going on.

“What the fuck is going on?” he said as he watched his brother ass fuck his sister while his dad watched. “Damn, I had a feeling she was teasing us but I did not see this coming.”

Dave completely ignored Stacy bent over the sink as he stripped his clothes off and headed out to the patio. Ron was right there though as he took my spot behind Stacy and shoved his dick into her asshole. Stacy moaned as Ron assfucked her while we watched Dave go up to Stacy and feed her his cock while Todd fucked her ass from behind.

It was such an incredibly nasty, taboo sight to see Hank sitting there stroking his dick while he watched his two sons plow their cocks into his daughter from both ends. Sara was moaning and groaning around Dave’s cock in her mouth as she was obviously loving all of the attention she was getting. I left Ron and Stacy fucking in the kitchen and went outside and sat down on a chair next to Hank.

“It’s been a pretty crazy California vacation, hasn’t it?” I asked Hank.

Hank looked over at me and grinned. “Yea you could say it has been pretty crazy. How did I end up with such horny, perverted kids?”

“Cause they have a horny, perverted dad. That’s why.”

“Yea, that could be it,” Hank laughed. “Wow, Sara is incredible. What a slut she turned out to be. It’s gonna be interesting keeping shit from Janice when we get back home. I feel sorry for the woman but she just let herself go into her own world and doesn’t want to come back pretty much.”

We sat there for a few minutes as we watched Dave and Todd grunting and high-fiving each other as they got a good rhythm going with Sara. They were alternating between Todd slamming his cock all the way into her ass and Dave shoving his prick all the way down her throat. It was a ridiculously nasty sight as Hank and I sat there stroking our dicks.

“Damn, my daughter is a nasty slut, but I tell you what, I’m gonna miss Stacy when we head home,” Hank said as he gestured to the kitchen window where you could see her leaned over the kitchen counter with Ron holding one of her legs up while he assfucked her.

“I could see why. You know when you guys head back home and Dave comes with you, I’m gonna have her all to my self for a few days.”

“Ha! You lucky dog. That should be a fun time.”

“I think it will be,” I said.

Right about then Dave and Todd both let out loud groans as they both exploded inside Sara in unison. She moaned and gurgled as Todd unloaded his jizz deep in her ass and Dave blasted his cum down her gulping throat.

“Now that is a fucking sight!” Hank yelled as he watched his two sons filling his daughter with their seed.

Todd and Dave both collapsed back, exhausted, as they pulled their slimy cocks out of their sister. Sara stood up on wobbly legs after the fucking she had just received from her family.

“Mmm, that was great guys,” Sara said as she licked a bit of Dave’s cum off her lips. “I think I’m gonna take a quick shower and freshen up before we play some more.”

Sara still had her top on and she stripped it off as she walked, revealing her perky little tits. We all grabbed our dicks and watched her as she headed back into the condo. She wagged her ass at us for a couple of seconds before she went inside. It looked like Ron had unloaded his jizz into Stacy’s ass as they were finishing up in the kitchen. Sara grabbed Stacy by the hand and the two of them headed into the bathroom to shower together.

“Now that has gotta be hot sight,” I said. “The two of them showering together, squeezing out and washing all that cum from their cunts and assholes.”

Hank looked at me and then stood up and walked into the condo, going into the bathroom. I jumped up and followed him, Dave and Todd coming in behind me. We all walked into the bathroom to see a lovely sight. The girls were in the shower, with Sara pressed up against the wall and Stacy crouched down behind her with her face buried in Sara’s ass. Stacy was literally sucking Todd’s cum out of her asshole. Sara turned around and Stacy started going down on her snatch as she licked what was left of Hank’s jizz from her pussy. We stroked our cocks and watched as Stacy stood up and Sara returned the favor on her.

It was such a nasty, sexy sight that we could not help it as we all pushed into the shower and joined them. It was a big shower but still a tight fit for all of us as we crowded around the two girls. Dave pushed Stacy to the ground where she crouched with Sara as we waved our big dicks in their faces. No one said a word as Hank grabbed Stacy’s head and started shoving his huge cock down her throat. I grabbed Sara and knew she was ready this time as I shoved my prick down her gullet. She gagged as my balls slapped against her chin but still took my cock down like a pro.

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