Memoirs of a Married Womanizer

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Bouncing Tits

It was never my intent to become a married womanizer, in fact, I never had any respect for a man who would cheat on his wife. They always seemed to be looking for something, something that is unattainable.

My marriage was going to be different. My wife and I were going to have a very close, intimate relationship. I would tell her all of my secrets and desires and she would tell me all of hers but that was not to be.

After a year and a half into our marriage, my wife fell into a sexual relationship with her manager, a single, handsome, college educated, man, just two years older than myself. From the very first day that she cuckold me, it was like she had put up a wall between us. There would never be any intimate exchange ataşehir escort of emotions or feelings from her. She knew, that I knew it was going on and she felt that she could get away with it because I would have to prove it. I wasn’t going to sneak around trying to get proof. If she would do that to me, then she wasn’t worth my time. Her feelings for me were gone, if she ever had any.

Yes, I should have gotten a divorce but at the time, divorces were very expensive so I decided to stay married and make a life of my own. My wife on the other hand, would have preferred a divorce, this way she could marry her boss. Because of her family, she wanted me to be the bad guy and file for a divorce. This way she could play kadıköy escort the wounded victim, saying,”Oh, he left me.”

And so, in trying to get me to divorce her, she began denying me sex. I didn’t know what was going on at first. I just knew that she had disconnected herself from me. I felt so left out, so alone but water has a way of seeking it’s own level. We humans adjust and I did.

I started going to school at night, working in the day and doing homework in between. My days were full but my sex life was non-existent. I was always in a state of sexual arousal and I channeled those feelings into my work, becoming very creative, so they say.

It was five and a half years into my marriage when I had my bostancı escort bayan first affair. One of my colleagues had accepted a job with another company and we were taking him out to lunch on a Wednesday afternoon. There were seven or eight of us and the hostess seated us in the restaurant, saying that our waitress would be with us shortly.

Sitting there talking with my coworkers, I felt the eyes of someone upon me. It’s funny how you can feel someone looking at you. Looking up, I saw the waitress standing at the entrance of the dinning area starring at me. Our eyes met and I felt that I could see deep into her soul. Her eyes had a sensual look of need, a look that I would come to know very well.

She was about thirty five and she looked like one of the girls in the center fold of Playboy Magazine. She was beautiful with long blond hair and large breasts that were about to burst out of her uniform.

When the other men saw her, they fell silent with their mouths open.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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