Meeting the Mistress

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Author’s note: All written communications (texts, e-mails, etc.) are in italics. There is a long narrative before the threeway, so if you’re just looking for just sex this isn’t the story for you.

Joe had returned home from his business trip two weeks ago upset with himself at the pain he had caused his close friend Roxanne. He had met Roxanne on an Erotic Literature website and struck up a great friendship with her. Even though it was a sexually oriented website due to the erotic nature, they had a platonic friendship filled with lots of flirting. laughter, and friendly conversation.

During the trip, they met in-person for the first time, had two nights of dates, followed by three nights of sex, including an overnight the second night. On the third night, she said she was falling in love with him and he told her he didn’t love her. She got upset, kicking him out of bed, out of her house, and hasn’t communicated with him since.

This particular evening Joe was the on message board of the Erotic Literature website late at night, after he thought his wife Karen had gone to sleep. He saw a private message from Rox:

I’m still hurt and angry at you. Please do not try to contact me again for now. I need time to figure out if our friendship can survive the hurt you’ve caused me.

He saw Roxanne’s message and a tear formed in his eye. He was happy to see she was okay, but hurting that she didn’t want to talk to him. Instead of playing and flirting on the board like he normally would, he logged off, shut down the computer and headed to bed.

He was shocked to his wife awake, holding his phone.

“Who’s Roxanne?” she asked.

“A friend,” he said. “A new friend I made on an Erotic Literature Message Board.”

“So that’s why all the messages between you are flirty,” Karen said. “But why does the location history show you being at her house the last three nights of your trip, including an overnight on Thursday? Are you having an affair?”

“No,” Joe replied. “We’re close friends and wanted to meet in-person to see if we connected as well in-person as we do online and we did. We enjoyed each other’s company – talking, laughing, and yes, flirting.”

“But why would you go behind my back like that?” Karen asked.

“You’ve said it yourself, I have a one-track mind,” Joe replied. “You’re not interested in sex or doing some of the things I’d like you to do. I found the board and use it as an escape to play out some fantasies. I didn’t think you’d approve of my doing it.

“I’ve had cybersex with several women on there, but that’s all it was, fantasy sex. I’d never meet any of them in-person, have no intention to, and there was no personal connection it was simple fantasy fucking. However, Roxanne is different, we never had cybersex. We connected on common interests, so simply talking about life lead to our making an unbelievably close connection and friendship where we make each other laugh. Sex with her would likely ruin that friendship.”

“I don’t know If I believe you,” Karen said, sobbing. “Go sleep on the couch tonight.”

Joe, fighting back tears, grabbed his pillow and headed downstairs to the couch, where he had trouble sleeping.

A few days later Karen told Joe she wants him to move out while they go to therapy and try to work things out.

Joe sent Roxanne a text.

Please write back. Karen found out I spent several nights with you and wants me to move out. I need my friend to talk to.

A few days later Roxanne e-mailed Joe:


I’m so sorry to hear Karen found out and she’s kicking you out. I’m also sorry for letting my feelings for you get out of control. Maybe we shouldn’t have had sex as that may have been the trigger. I’m working on getting past the hurt and am here for you. When do you want to talk?


Joe saw the e-mail and smiled, but also teared up a little as he thought about his own feelings as he wrote her back.


So glad to hear from you. I’ll have to get back to you on the best time for us to talk. The sex between us wasn’t a mistake or something we shouldn’t have had. We were letting our feelings and passion for each other out in the short time we knew we had together in-person. I also have a confession. If I was single, I could use the word Love, with a capital L, with you without thinking twice. But because I’m married, I’m very happy with how wonderful our friendship is and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love you, lowercase l, as a friend. I’ve rarely felt as closely connected with a woman as I do with you and I guess that causes my feelings to be jumbled. Having sex with you was wonderful, but made me feel guilty that I’m a cheater. So the guilt of the physical combined with how to reconcile my emotions caused me to say the things I did. I can’t emphasize enough how much I cherish our friendship and don’t want to screw that up.


Over the next two weeks Joe and Rox talked a lot on the phone, rebuilt their friendship and Joe finally admitted the sex ankara ucuz escortlar was a mistake. They agreed that in their friendship one of the things that mattered most was making the other laugh, smile, and feel cared about. Flirting was a fun part and a good source of laughter. The tease more than the actual act made things fun. They agreed that although the sex was great, it added a lot of confused feelings to their friendship.

Meanwhile, although Joe tried numerous times to talk to Karen, she spoke very little during the two weeks leading up to their first therapy appointment.

In that first therapy session Joe spoke about his disappointment with Karen’s loss of interest in sex and his using erotic literature and message boards as a fantasy escape since he didn’t think he’d ever cheat in-person. She talked about how she viewed him as having a one-track mind, wanting to turn any tender moment into a sexual encounter, thinking sex makes everything better when something’s wrong and not respecting her feelings regarding the matter. That first session simply rehashed the bitter truth they knew existed; that despite their love for each other differing sex drives is an issue.

The following week, in the next session Joe confessed his feelings about Rox. That she’s one of only a few women in his life that he felt this connected to, she is a dear friend, that they flirted but never cybered. But upon meeting in-person their passions got the best of them and he confessed he lied and they did have sex, multiple times. He told about the sex and her reaction that final night. He explained their conversations since then and their understanding the sex was a mistake and their friendship matters more. Karen went from tears to stunned silence, not sure of what to say or how to react.

In their third session, Karen admitted to not being sure if she was ready to forgive, but missed the intimacy with Joe of just being able to lay next to him and hug him. Joe said he missed the intimacy with Karen of just laying together cuddling. Karen agreed to let Joe move back in. That night they laid in bed cuddling and talked.

“I’m sorry for cheating on you,” Joe said. “Let me make it up to you.”

With that he leaned in and kissed his wife tenderly on the lips.

“I’m sorry for throwing you out and denying you sex,” Karen said. “I’m sorry for all the times I accused you of just wanting to have sex to make things better. Let me make it up to you.”

With that she started to run her fingers along his cock.

“No,” Joe said. “You have nothing to be sorry for. I’m the cheating asshole. I owe you a special night.”

With that he moved his hand between her thighs and started to rub his fingers along her outer lips.

She moaned softly as Joe continued to rub her pussy. He inserted a finger and started to pump. She tightened her grip on his cock and began to stroke harder.

They continued to push each other closer and closer to climax until Karen climaxed on Joe’s fingers with a long moan which set Joe off, firing streams of cum all over Karen’s hand and his belly.

“I’ve missed that,” Karen said. “But let me grab a towel to clean up.”

“I’ve missed that too,” Joe said as Karen ran off.

She returned a minute later with a damp towel to clean up with mess with and a dry towel to pat the wetness dress.

They smiled and hugged before looking lovingly into each other’s eyes, putting a hand on the other’s face and exchanging a passionate kiss.

They eventually laid down next to each other with Karen’s head on Joe’s shoulder and his arm wrapped around her. They cuddled rekindling their love for each other.

“I have an unusual request,” Karen said after 15 minutes of silence. “Is there any chance I can met this woman that captured a piece of your heart in-person?”

“I don’t know,” Joe replied. “I’ll talk to her and see what she says.”

When Joe asked Roxanne to help him out and grant his wife’s request, she refused.

“No way,” she said. “I can’t do that for you. I’m afraid of what she’ll say to me. I don’t want to be the other woman meeting the wife.”

“Please,” Joe said in a pleading voice. “My friend, I really need your help here. She and I are working through things and are back together. She wants to meet you. I want you to meet her. I need for you to tell her about our friendship and what happened during the visit and everything since. Hopefully hearing it from you will make her believe me.”

“But why would she want to meet me?” Rox asked. “I’m the other woman, what would she want to do to me when we meet? I don’t know if I could handle the verbal or physical abuse.”

“I think she’s past the hurt and anger,” Joe replied. “I think it’s more of a curiosity factor. To see what it is about you that attracted me and lead me to cheating. I won’t let her abuse you in any way. I promise you that.”

“If I came, where would I stay?” Rox asked.

“With us, we have a guest bedroom,” Joe said. “Please come. Pretty please. I really need elvankent üniversiteli escortlar this favor my friend. Keep in mind that if you came, it would also give us face-to-face time to talk and laugh.”

“Okay,” Rox sighed. “You’ve sold me. I can’t stand listening to you beg like that. I’ll come for a weekend.”

She took a Friday off from work and Joe picked her up at the airport and greeted her with a friendly hug and kiss on the cheek. They chatted on the hour ride back about how great it is to see each other again. Rox asked again if he knew what Karen had in mind and he said he didn’t.

Upon arriving home, Karen called out she was in the kitchen. Joe brought Rox to the kitchen and introduced her to Karen.

“Get out,” Karen said to Joe firmly. “We need some girls’ time alone to get to know each other.”

Joe went out to the living room where he was out of earshot.

After 20 minutes, he assumed no yelling, shouting, crying or loud noises was a good sign.

A few minutes later he heard uncontrollable laughter from both of them and smiled that they found something to hit it off on.

The conversation continued, but Joe was unable to hear what they were saying.

“I can see why Joe fell for you,” Karen said. “You’re funny, good-hearted, and a good person.”

“I can say the same about you,” Rox said. “Joe’s a lucky guy to have you.”

“Thank you,” Karen said, blushing a little.

“I have a very unusual favor to ask,” Karen continued. “For years Joe’s been half-asking, half-joking for a three-way, suggesting my sister as the third. There’s no way in hell I want my sister involved. There’s also no way I want any of our friends or a stranger involved. However, you would fit the bill perfectly. I know he has the hots for you and now I can tell you’re a good person.”

“I don’t know,” Rox said. “As great as the sex was with him it almost ruined our friendship.”

“Please,” Karen said. “He wouldn’t be having sex with just you. I would be involved too, very much distracting him from you. You’d be granting him his fantasy of a threesome and I bet he never considered one featuring the two loves of his life. He cheated on me because I was denying him sex. I want to surprise him with this. I’m also hoping that one final wild fling like this will cure him of his sexual desires for you and reduce it to just friendship.

“Okay, you sold me,” Rox said with a soft laugh. “When and how do we do this?”

“Tomorrow night,” Karen said. “Let tonight and tomorrow be about talking, laughing, flirting friendship, as well as teasing the hell out of him. Then we can shock him with it tomorrow night.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Rox replied with a laugh.

“Joe! You can come to the kitchen!” Karen called.

Joe went into the kitchen not knowing what to expect.

The ladies explained their new-found mutual admiration for each other, seeing the qualities that made him fall for each of them. They went on to explain that tonight would simply be dinner and a few Mel Brooks movies afterwards to keep things light.

Joe breathed a sigh of relief at seeing them getting along and gave each a hug and a kiss.

“Do you to lovely ladies need any help with dinner?” Joe asked.

“No, I’ve got the cooking ready to go, but could you set the table?” Karen said. “Rox, why don’t you go unpack?”

After Rox left the room Karen spoke to her husband.

“I’m not sure I’ve totally forgiven you for cheating,” she said. “But in a strange way I feel better about it. Now I know you didn’t go out fuck some slut who sweet-talked you. Rox seems like a genuinely sweet, caring person and I can see why you like her so much.”

“Didn’t I tell you that from the start?” Joe asked.

“Yes,” Karen replied. “But I didn’t want to believe you because of the hurt you caused me. Now I know your love for me also caused you to hurt her.”

“I said all of that in our counseling sessions,” Joe said.

“I know,” Karen replied. “But I didn’t know if you were telling the truth or lying to make me feel better. Now I know you were telling the truth.”

With that they shared a tender hug and kiss before Joe set the table.

During dinner they discussed the Saturday plan of doing a day out to show Rox some local sights and a historical railroad ride.

After that the conversation took a turn Joe wasn’t expecting.

“Tell me Karen,” Rox said. “Has Joe ever taken you on the table right here after clearing the dinner dishes?”

“Before we were married he did, but not since,” Karen replied.

“Did he used whipped cream?” Rox asked.

“No, he used chocolate syrup,” Karen replied with a grin.

“Really?” Rox said. “Did he let you use any on him?”

“Of course,” Karen replied.

“I guess nothing’s happening tonight as neither one of us wants to perform for an audience,” Rox said.

During this whole conversation, Joe squirmed uncomfortably. Not just from the topic, but because the ladies took turns massaging etimesgut vip escortlar his cock through his pants with their bare feet. By the end of dinner Joe had a raging hard-on and excused himself, covering his groin so he could get away and not have it be seen.

“Oh my god,” Karen said as soon as he left the room. “How did you know to go there?”

“Like you, I know him and what turns him on,” Rox said. “I knew if I hinted at the tease, he’d get turned on.”

When he left the table he went to the bathroom and jacked off to the thought of taking each of them on the table.

When he returned the brazen flirting continued.

“Your pants are a little less tented I see,” Rox said. “Did you think you could go away to rub one out without our noticing?”

“You better have been thinking of me while you were doing that,” Karen said.

“Sorry to disappoint you Karen,” Rox said. “But he was probably thinking of me and the time he took me on my table last month.”

“You’re wrong Rox,” Karen said. “He was thinking back to the days when we were engaged and I was a little wilder.”

“Well,” Rox said licking her lips. “Which was it?”

“B-b-b-b-both,” Joe stammered.

“C’mon honey,” Karen said. “Which thought finished you off?”

“Yeah Joe,” Rox added. “Which of us were you thinking of when you shot your load?”

“Sorry Rox,” Joe said. “Thoughts of you got me off to a great start, but remembering how great things were with my wife and her body against mine sent me over the edge.”

Karen grinned broadly at the comment.

“That’s the way it should be,” Rox said. “She’s your wife and thoughts of her better get you off more than thoughts of me do.”

“To change the topic, how about we go watch some movies?” Joe said.

Both women laughed before Karen went off to the kitchen to make popcorn and Joe moved to the couch with Rox.

“Sorry,” Joe whispered to her.

“You have nothing to be sorry for,” Rox whispered back and gave Joe a quick kiss on the lips.

They started watching History of the World Part I and the ladies took turns whispering suggestive, flirty comments into his ear.

By the time Madeline Kahn’s scene as Empress Nymho came on Joe was already semi-hard. In the scene she’s picking partners for the royal orgy, going through the line saying “no, no, no, yes, no, no, yes” and so on, through three or four more yeses, raising her voice with each yes. Karen and Rox were singing along. On the first yes, Rox put her hand on Joe’s leg and Karen rubbed his cock. On the second one, Karen put her hand on his leg and Rox rubbed his cock. On the third one their hands met on his cock.

“Hands off, this isn’t an orgy and I’m not sharing him,” Karen said softly.

“I understand no orgy sharing, but can I borrow him for an hour or two of alone time?” Rox asked.

“No,” Karen said.

“Ladies, no more fighting about me,” Joe said. “Let’s get our focus back on the movie.”

“You’re right,” they said and resumed watching the movie.

Joe had shifted his focus to the screen and didn’t see the sly wink they had given each other.

After History of the World, they watched Young Frankenstein before calling it a night.

Rox when to the guest room while Joe and Karen moved to their room.

Joe and Karen fooled around a little but stopped before having any kind of sex out of fear Rox would hear.

After breakfast the next day, they showed Rox a bunch of local historical sites and went on a 2-hour scenic, steam railroad ride.

Joe sat between them in the rail car.

“Joe do you want to grant a fantasy of mine and make love to me right now, during the train ride?” Rox said while rubbing her body against his. “Let me straddle your lap and ride you.”

“You’re just flirting with me, trying to get a reaction out of me,” Joe said. “The answer’s no, I can’t do that in front of my wife or an audience.”

“Your loss,” Rox said and slid away from him.

“What about for me?” Karen asked as she slid up against him and kissed his neck. “I’ve fantasized about making love to you in a crazy place. How about we move to the back of the car and lay down across the seat and you can take me missionary. The seat will hide us from view.”

“No,” Joe said. “I don’t want to risk performance anxiety or getting caught in public.”

Karen slid away from him to her side of the bench.

“I’m sorry ladies, but can we at least sit a little closer?” Joe asked as he stretched his arms out, imploring them to move closer.

They did and he wrapped an arm around each of their waists and they each put a hand across his chest and a head on his shoulder.

They spent the final 20 minutes of the train ride in quiet bliss in this position.

Karen offered to drive home from the station and Joe gladly accepted. He was shocked when she pulled into the parking lot of the local “adult shop”.

“What are we doing here?” Joe asked nervously.

“I want to get a few things to enhance our sex life and I figure who better to ask for advice than your mistress?” Karen said.

Joe gulped.

“I’m not his mistress,” Rox said. “I’m his dear friend with benefits, his long-distance lover.”

While Joe had his head buried in his hands Rox and Karen smiled at each other and winked as their plan to torture him was working.

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