Mama Mia’s Potion of Love

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A hotel room in the Midwest

Matthew Roderick pulled his pants up while looking at his latest prize, a six-foot blond of maybe 120 pounds and a figure which looked at best like a stretched hourglass, very stretched. She looked undernourished, especially up close and naked. Up until eight hours ago, when they finally hopped into the sack together in his hotel room, two travelers looking to end their latest business trips with a bang, she’d looked rather exotic, though a bit scantier than Matt’s usual prey. But once the clothes came off, and especially when he’d wrapped his arms around her only to find himself touching his own flesh with the extra reach, he’d realized just how much she resembled a pencil. She’d worn a bra, but Matt could not for the life of him think of why. It had pumped her loose silk blouse only slightly when she moved just so, but Matt had already written of any chance of any appreciable sized breasts. With her bra off, her hair cut short obviously for the “business” look, and her six foot – one inch frame, he felt strange as hell the whole time they were going at it. He shivered, thinking of how he’d worried he might poke right through her and come out her backside. He’d always fantasized about being with a petite woman, but he was having second thoughts about extremes, now that he’d been with an ultra thin, ultra tall woman.

She actually snored, a low guttural grown from deep within, and much too loud even for all 105 pounds of her. He wanted to put his ear planes in as he tucked in his shirttails and buttoned the cuffs on his trademark yellow Ralph Lauren button down. After throwing the last of his kit into the overnight bag, he left the room, dropped the keys off at the front desk, and left the Marriott in northern Cincinnati to begin his trek back to New York.

Home to the wife, he thought as he squeezed into the Nissan rental car. Home to the day-after-day monotony of a marriage twenty years old, a marriage that had lost all but a deep fondness between husband and wife. At least she didn’t snore, he consoled himself as he started the engine and turned to look out the rear window of the car. They were happy, financially secure, and increasingly free of the parental obligations with their two children off to college and doing well. Gone were the days of rushing to the school bus, the football games, and the cheerleading practices. Gone were the obligatory vacations to places only the kids would want to go, to the PTA meetings and the neighborhood watch patrols. Gone were all the things that he’d loved and dreaded at the same time. They were all part of the side of the fence he’d jumped to for family life, at the expense of the many freedoms of bachelorhood. And gone now too it seemed, were the few things that that they both relished in all that chaos. Things like a lunchtime quickie with his wife on the desk at his office because they saw no privacy at home, were no more. The “silence games” they played at night to fuck and suck without waking the kids. They had all the time they wanted at night now, the entire house to themselves, and yet now they never used it.

It was as if someone had drawn a line through that part of their lives on the day the last of the two kids left for college. Even summers now, when the two were home, were not like before. There was no need to go to Disneyland, or Seven Flags. The kids wanted to do their own things, in their own cars, and with their own friends. And yet, despite the release of responsibilities, Matthew and Vanessa Roderick were married, still young and vibrant, and basically dead to each other.

They could have lain naked before the fireplace, every night if they’d so desired, and yet they’d not done so but once to acknowledge the last of the birds leaving the nest. Somehow, someway, it was all or nothing now. Either they had both the desire, AND the challenge, or they had nothing. And with the challenge gone, the result was nothing. He wondered once again if his wife was feeling the same, and attempting remedy the same was as he, taking his desire to new challenges every chance he got. As he drove to the airport grounds, looking for the rental car return signs, Matt wrote the conundrum off to a fact of life. It must be the same in just about any marriage. He sure heard this enough from his contemporaries, and he’d sure enjoyed the wives of a lot of other guys accused by those same wives as being just like him. What a fucked up world, especially without a fucking answer.

49 Bayside Circle, Port Washington, on the north shore of Long Island, New York

Vanessa slipped the slender dildo, designed for anal use, into her vagina. It was step three in the normal drill. Step one was to dial into the net and read something hot and steamy on Step two was to change into something slinky and sexually arousing to herself. Third was the initial insertion she’d just accomplished, followed by a few pumps to slicken its surface entirely. She did not bursa escort like to use artificial lubricants as long as her body supplied them so eagerly. Step four was to remove the anal dildo from its preparatory position, and insert it slowly, and exquisitely up her ass.

She couldn’t help but think of her husband’s dick replacing the dildo, if only he’d show the slightest interest in doing so himself. Only once had they tried anal sex, before they were married, hoping it would present a natural way for them to avoid pregnancy. That first penetration of her sphincter muscle had frightened her with the amount of pain, downright scared her with the awkwardness of the sensations, and ended the plan before it gotten started. They’d never tried it again.

The dildo pushed at her reluctant muscle so pleasingly now however, threatening no more than a savor-able sensation of anticipatory pain, and finding itself suddenly welcomed lovingly along the length of her rubbery tunnel. Over the last couple years, since her first retry at anal penetration, she’d grown to love it almost more than she wanted. The feeling somehow stayed just as exotic each time, and she made sure to use larger tools only occasionally, allowing her sphincter to relax and close completely and not loosen significantly over the many enjoyable times. This was one such occasion where she would use a narrower device to not stretch her hole. Yet, the skinny dildo-shaped toy still induced the desired effect and gave Vanessa the exceptional sensations she was striving for. She groaned low and softly as she worked the mini-dildo around in circles as it spiraled into her ass.

Step five varied. Today, in honor of her husband coming home, and in the desperate but hopless wish that he might do something new in life, and attack her in the bedroom, she applied a very special strap-on that she had found on an obscure web site. It had surfaced on about the twelfth page of search results for the words, “double penetration.” She had been looking for something that would service her ass and hungry pussy at the same time, but found this strap-on instead. It had a dildo shaped penis of course, about seven inches in length, “Realistic,” Vanessa had thought, and with a harness that circled her waist. Its position was ensured with a containment strap that wrapped back between her legs and buttoned to the back of the waist belt. What attracted her to this device, even though she wasn’t looking for it, were two additional characteristics. The first was an offset, second cock, shorter than the first, and fatter. It was obvious from the picture that it would be much better positioned to reside in her pussy while the larger dildo was properly positioned to fuck someone else as if she were a man. The second attraction was the seatbelt styled buckle on a wider than usual elastic belt. This would enable her to adjust the tension in the belt to suit her liking, and give her more control over the accuracy of the plunging of its spear. As a further justification for purchase, she noted that the crotch strap could also be adjusted to her precise comfort, and to serve the second purpose of holding whatever plug she desired to put in her ass anyway.

She’d bought the item and used it many times since, very gratifyingly. Today, she rose from the bed with one hand holding the longer thin dildo up her ass, and carried the strap-on over to the large, overstuffed chair in the bedroom. Sitting gently on the forward edge of one of its arms, she was able compress the anal device into her butt, while leaving her pussy hanging over the forward edge. This gave her room and free hands to slip the offset, jellied dong between her lips and work it in and out a few times. Penetrating deeper on each thrust, she finally bottomed the triangular rubber base against her clit and pulled the waist straps tight around her. One last chore remained, and that was to slip the crotch strap along the side of the chair’s arm, pull it from behind, and snug it up her crack to fasten it to the waist band in back.

She looked across the room at herself and instantly had an orgasm. The vibrations of her body served to enhance the sensations coming into her from the dildo’s, as well as the contact with the arm of the chair. She watched as her red-brown hair, cascading down over her breasts and in back, waved in the jerky movements of her torso. Her mouth hung down, gasps of, “OH!” emerging on each jerk of her hips, and her 38DD tits jiggling like flags signaling her orgasm. She grasped them in ecstasy, rolling her nipples between her fingers and pulling on them, stretching the skin out toward the mirror as if in offering. She let the orgasm continue, helping it with her movements, and reveling in its warmth.

When it finally subsided, she knew right away on this day, it would not be enough. She would keep her toys in place for awhile, play some games with herself, and enjoy the privacy of her bedroom. If she couldn’t have sex with her bursa escort bayan man, she could sure have sex with her toys in his absence. She reached down, grabbed the seven-inch dildo jutting forever hard from her loins, and used it as if to pull herself up from the chair. The ever hot Vanessa stepped close to the full-length mirror.

At forty-three, she was still pretty, damnit. Her lips were full and always attracted looks. Her body was not the skinny, svelte model type, and never was. She was a full-bodied woman, though still with all the right curves. Where her thighs were a bit larger than perhaps some would like, her broad and inviting hips and relatively narrower waist made up for any possible shortfall in the looks of her legs. And there were always her lovely breasts. They were still firm, with medium to large areole and nipples that really reacted to desire. They were now nearly three quarters of an inch long, and hard as nails. She tweaked them once again and felt the electricity shoot all the way down to her pussy and ass. She smiled at herself, her body, her hair, and her lovely breasts. She also stirred again at the site of herself in the mirror with the strap-on assembly in place.

On a lark, she turned away from the mirror, spread her legs, and reached down to the floor. Looking back through her legs she admired and warmed to the scene of her flushed ass, and the strap down her crotch. She could see the sides of the anal dildo’s base poking out from under the sides of the narrow strap. The sight of her pussy lips bulging, swollen, and pushed aside to allow entry of the fat little dildo up her cunt simply iced the cake of physical sensations.

She wiggled her ass to see what that would do, and was pleased with the ripple of her flesh, and the sensation in her loins. She reached up with one hand while shifting her balance slightly to the remaining hand on the floor. With the free hand’s fingers wrapped much harder around the jutting dildo than any woman would ever grasp a real cock, she gritted her teeth as if punishing it and twisted it and pulled and pushed on it vigorously, as if getting even with her non-attendant husband.

This new position and motion served to greatly enhance the sensations from the devices in and around her body. Her hips started to buck with the growing heat in her crotch and her hand stirred the pot enthusiastically with the dildo as a handle. She looked up for a second, just over the surface of the bed, and saw what she wanted within reach. Her dildo hand let go, reached onto the bed and into the toy-box there. It quickly found what she was looking for and immediately stuffed yet another dildo into her mouth. It wouldn’t have her pussy juices on it this time, as she usually liked when she sucked one of her toys, but her body could not wait. She was about to cum in a big way, and didn’t want to interrupt the delicious feelings building in her loins.

With her free hand back on the jutting dildo, she resumed her twisting and jerking motions with her hand clasped tighter than ever. Her mouth was gagged on the dildo and her voice began to emit grunts and groans as she began to bite down on the gelled dong, hard. It was retribution, revenge, sweet revenge for the lack of attention from her man. She knew all along that if this lack of sex from him continued, she’d be out on the prowl for someone else, just as she was sure he was already doing.

She bit the dong nearly in half as her body bucked and jerked under one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had. Her ass was bouncing nearly a foot up and down while her hand worked her pussy dong and the rubber triangle on her clit. The proxy dong jutting forward served as a further whipping post for her frustrations and she suddenly began to scream inside her tightly biting mouth and fuck every orifice in her body to complete and utter satisfaction.

When the gyrations subsided, the teeth relaxed, and her hand slackened on the jutting, still satisfyingly hard cock. She let the dildo fall from her mouth and the spent woman dropped to her knees. Her head went down on the floor in exhaustion and her body was supported on her knees and elbows for sometime. She tried not to reflect on the absence of her husband, but on the grace and wonderment of feelings that had just passed through her body. She couldn’t help however, lingering thoughts that it could be even better with her man, if only they could find and build on that magic they once had.

She sighed, worked her way back to her feet, checked the clock, and began to put things away. Matt would be home in a couple hours and she had a few things to do before he arrived.

Anthony’s Gourmet Grocery

Vanessa carried the small basket of items to the counter. “Mama Mia” as all were instructed to call her, the store’s sole proprietor after her loving husband had passed away years ago, smiled as Vanessa approached.

“Vanessa!” Mama Mia exclaimed, “Where is that man of escort bursa yours? I haven’t seen him in weeks!” She took the basket in her old and wrinkled hands and began to unload it at the register.

Vanessa sighed and answered, “Oh, on business as usual.” She looked at the magazine rack as if totally disinterested in the subject. “He’s coming home today.” Her sighing voice spoke volumes to the wise old Italian.

Mama Mia was in fact feeling a bit feisty today, having received a very uncommon letter from her son on the west coast. He’d found a girl finally! And he wanted to bring her home for the introductions to Mama and friends. Vanessa saw the gleam in her eyes when she looked up and asked, “Why, Mama Mia, what has gotten into you? You look like you just won the Lotto.”

“I have, my sweet girl, I have. Little Anthony is bringing a girl home next week! This could be the one! Eh? The little ones are next? Finally!”

Vanessa smiled at her glee and wondered how she would remind her that her “little Anthony” was older than Vanessa, and unless he was marrying a younger woman, the idea of children was pretty remote.

As if she could read her mind, Mama Mia said, “Aha! I know what you are thinking!” She laughed her most happy laugh. “She is only thirty!” She broke into a laugh again and was happier and more animated than ever before. “My men know better than that!” She laughed some more. Her dead husband had indeed been a full ten years older than she.

Vanessa smiled at first, and then laughed too, more at Mama Mia’s infectious laugh than anything else. Suddenly however, she went very still, and then to a look of total sadness. Her head bowed and her eyes drifted lower. She fiddled with a magazine in attempt to keep from cascading further into a fit of tears.

“What is the matter child?” Mama Mia came around the counter and put her hands on Vanessa’s shoulders. “What is it? Did I say something? Is everything not all right?”

Vanaessa managed to hold back the cry, but not a couple of tears. She turned and said, “Everything is NOT all right, damnit. I’m really happy for you Mama. I truly am. It’s just that, well, Matt and I….”

Mama Mia backed up and smiled. Vanessa said, “I’m serious, we haven’t…”

“Made love in a long time?” Mama Mia asked.

Vanessa’s face changed to one of shock and embarrassment. “How…? How could you .. you are laughing at….”

Mama Mia took Vanessa’s hands in hers and said softly, “I’m not laughing at you Vanessa, or your troubles. I am laughing at how easy it is to fix them!” She really began to let go now.

While Vanessa tried to understand, Mama Mia added in between bouts of gleeful, joyous laughter, “Did you think I didn’t know? Did you think you are the only couple to ever have the marital blues? I could see that in both of you as soon as the boys were off to college! I see it in many of my customers, poor Vanessa. You are not different, just unknowing. That is all.” She simmered down and smiled warmly, still holding Vanessa’s hands.

“But…” Vanessa was unable to form the first of several questions she wanted to ask.

“How?” Mama Mia helped, “Come back here.” She looked around the store to see no one else was around, and led Vanessa around the end of the aisles and back through a curtain to the back of the store. There were a lot more shelves back here, and a lot of goods, mostly non-perishable stuff upon them. She went over to the corner were there was a stairway and asked Vanessa to wait at the bottom.

“I have just what you need, Vanessa, but I must have your promise first.” Mama Mia said as she stepped back down the stairs.

Vanessa looked up at her and followed her down, all the while with a confused look on her face. The old woman seemed to be carrying something small in one hand, held up as if it were precious, and which turned out to be a tiny vial with a cork in one end, and a liquid, slightly yellow, inside. She motioned as if to hand it to the younger woman, but held it back at the last instant. “First, promise. You will never give this to anyone else, and you will never tell anyone about it except Matt. I leave his promise to agree up to you.”

Vanessa was curious as ever she had been, and wanted to reach out and take the vial. “Of course, Mama Mia. You have my word. I’ll tell no one, or give it to anyone. And I can assure you Matthew will abide by the rules. He’s lacking in bed, but not in the head or heart.” She chuckled at her pun then raised a hand toward the vial.

Mama Mia smiled, but didn’t give it to her yet. “This liquid,” She held it up closer to Vanessa’s face, “Is magic. It is a special formula that has been handed down in my family for generations. We have used it to help others through the years, but never given the formula to anyone else.” She thought with her eyes wandering and added, “And now I will be able to pass the formula along to my son!” She smiled and giggled and waited for Vanessa to speak.

Vanessa was still totally puzzled. “That’s, very interesting, Mama, but, what does it do?”

Mama Mia inhaled deeply asking, “What does it do?” She laughed again but finally added, “Nothing!” And she laughed some more.

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