Love , Prostitution Ch. 20

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As part of her plan for all of Emily’s hotels, the Delhi Mughal Hotel has been upgraded to become the Best Erotic Marigold Hotel of Delhi. A new General Manager has been appointed, Mrs Karima Chettri. She is an experienced manager with excellent references in the luxury hotel business having an outgoing and caring personality and a love of the Kama Sutra images around the hotel. She was most enthusiastic about developing an up-market centre for seminars and courses, with the first two being: (1) how to please your partner and (2) how to refresh your marriage. Both were a great success that enhanced Public Relations and positively advertised The Best Erotic Marigold Hotel of Delhi.

A fourth black Mercedes V Class car has been purchased for Sushila. Sanwar has been appointed as her PSO, an assistant PSO has also been appointed so that, like the others she has 2 PSOs that can share the driving on longer trips. Like the other PSOs, they are each armed with a pistol and an automatic assault weapon. They are experts with both weapons. As with the other cars, it carries a rocket-propelled grenade launcher in the trunk.

The 4 ladies embark on a tour to visit each of the 29 state capital cities and 6 of the union territory capital cities. Delhi, the National capital city, is her 36th hotel, which they have made their permanent home. In each city Emily and her complete retinue make the penthouse of her 5 star hotel their base for their stay of approximately a week, Emily and Sushila, the company lawyer, hold meetings with the General Manager and Departmental Heads to promote active interest and a smooth transition into becoming the Best Erotic Marigold Hotel of [city name].

Sushila makes a presentation detailing the change of name and the urgent requirement for a whole floor of the hotel to be dedicated to become an up-market centre for seminars and courses. The stated aim being to turn the hotel into one of the State’s leading adult development centres in the ancient and modern arts of intimate personal relationships. She distributes financial analyses showing the impressive bottom line contribution to the accounts of The Best Erotic Marigold Hotel of Delhi.

Emily such as Bangkok Girl being an excellent medium for the recruitment, training and development in the brothel of new girls and the opportunity for committee members to enjoy a cruise with ‘registered ladies’ on the upper decks. A bonus is that the readiness and suitability of recruits in the brothel can be sampled and chosen to join their own branch at a suitable price to cover their recruitment, training, etc. It is carefully stressed that in no way are the ladies for sale or under any compulsion or influence other than the attraction of the remuneration package being offered to them by the club branch concerned.

Every single executive committee is enthused by the project and gives permission for the ladies to attend an extraordinary meeting of the branch. The meeting to start with a presentation to their ‘registered ladies’ to create interest. On arrival for the extraordinary meeting, they are led inside to a changing room where they undress to be completely naked ready to be prepared for the evening ahead. The doctor’s examination follows and becomes an almost pleasant prelude to the meeting as the doctor enjoys the perks of his job while testing their arousal and sexual responses.

It bahis firmaları is always a good for the ladies to hear that they are not pregnant, are in good health even though they know it is all about ensuring they present no threat to the health of club members. The final part of preparation being in the beauty salon, where they are waxed, manicured, and made-up. They emerge, as always, looking very much like each other. Finally, they put on a pair of black strappy shoes with 4 inch stiletto heels and a black satin choker with a velcro closure.

They are always shown into a room to join with all the club members and ‘registered ladies’ of the branch. Emily makes her introduction and then Amy shows the film of their 4 day cruise out of Bangkok. As the film progresses Amy highlights points for both the males and females of the audience. Just as with the executive committee all are taken with the idea of high class company being provided by ‘registered ladies’ from any branch in the lounges and bedrooms of the upper deck.

Suitably on a lower deck, was the brothel, where the club members can enjoy a different experience provided by highly skilled ladies. Everyone loves the idea of the Bangkok Girl brothel acting as both a training centre for high class prostitutes and a place where potential ‘registered ladies’ for branches may be sampled and selected. Sushila ends the presentation by outlining the $25,000 cost per night of the sex cruise for club members and the $5,000 payment per night to be made to ‘registered ladies’ for their services.

As with the members of the executive committee, everyone present, male and female, is enthused by the project and by the prospect of a luxury sex cruise. While the ‘registered ladies’ of the branch are engaged in the activities of a normal monthly meeting, Emily, Amy, Sushila and Sansa are engaged by club members wanting to ask a myriad of questions. All questions from the club members are answered honestly and almost all say that they look forward to enjoying cruises on Bangkok Girl. The ‘registered ladies’ are then permitted to visit the ladies and have their questions answered as well.

None of the men say the nightly fee of $25,000 per night is too high for them. A few of the ‘registered ladies’ ask about the possibility of working their passage, i.e. mixing work on board with the pleasure of taking a luxury cruise. They are informed that they would have mornings to enjoy the cruise but afternoons and nights would have to be worked if the enterprise is to succeed. As the trip around the major cities progresses, it becames very clear that the Bangkok Girl project would be a success.

The follow-up meetings with each Hotel’s Management Team in each city goes very well. What none of them knew was that Mrs Karima Chettri, the General Manager at The Best Erotic Marigold Hotel of Delhi had previous insights of the trip and all of the calls from the managers in the 35 hotels in the major cities of India were not only expected, but the answers were prepared. She ‘accidentally leaked’ the information that the hotel group’s owner, Ms Emily Berkshire had summarily dismissed the previous General Manager. Mrs Chettri’s answers plus Emily’s closing statement stressing the importance of the major project and how each manager’s career and curriculum vitae would be enhanced by their successful participation, with the unspoken kaçak iddaa threat should the project fail, had the desired effect of removing all negativity towards the project for every hotel.

An extra benefit of their trip was that the General Manager of all the other luxury hotels owned by Emily contacted Mrs Karima Chettri, for details of the Project, expressing great interest and a hope that they might be permitted to undertake the same project. Mrs Chettri took the details of each enquiry and promised to discuss the matter with the owner. Emily was always delighted to receive the news and even more so when informed of a week when the Centre for Seminars and Courses (CSC) would be available for booking and coincidentally, there would be sufficient bedroom suites suitable for each General Manager.

Both women are very pleased and Mrs Chettri says she will get to work and organise a proposed conference programme for Emily’s perusal. Emily smiles and suggests that her Management Team meet with Amy, Sushila, Sansa and herself, thus bringing together all the available experience and expertise on the project. Mrs Chettri says that she will be very pleased to arrange the meeting. They compare diaries and agree on a working lunch the day after next.

Sansa helps Emily to undress and caresses her lovely smooth mons which has been waxed every week of their trip. They kiss and get into bed covered by only a sheet. Emily loves how she takes the lead in their relationship, she is so beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. They only need a lingering kiss to become aroused with passion for each other. As she lies on her back she feels Sansa’s hand gently exploring her body as if they had only just met. Emily turns her head and kisses Sansa’s breast softly, as she kisses around her areola her lips brushing across her nipple as if by accident, but they both know better!

Emily gently sucks Sansa’s nipple which has responded to the touch of her lips. Sansa slips her finger between Emily’s moist lips and whispers that she is a naughty girl and must pay the price. They both giggle for a moment and Sansa slides her finger slowly up and down between her lips while Emily sucks on her nipple in gentle pulses. When her finger reaches the top of her lips, this time she gently touches her button and very soon they both emit a soft moans of pleasure. Emily caresses Sansa’s mons, its sensitivity enhanced by the weekly waxings and returns the compliment between her moist lips up to her button. Their heartbeat and breathing rate increase as their arousal rises further. Sansa moves them into their favourite 69 position.

Both just lie there for a moment enjoying each other’s fragrance, but is only a moment before they succumb to the urge to add the sense of taste to the experience and lick each other. Emily licks along her perineum and gently circles her anus before licking her way back again. There’s something that feels so forbidden and yet so exciting about such intimacy. Having licked every available drop from between Sansa’s lips she probes her entrance like a hummingbird seeking the nectar from a flower. Inhaling her fragrant pheromones excites her and she wraps her lips around her sensitive button and suckles on it in pulses like a baby at her mother’s breast. All this while Sansa is doing the same to Emily and the heat is definitely rising.

Wanting kaçak bahis to give her lover more than just a clitoral orgasm, while still suckling on her nipple, Emily inserts two fingers and curves them to search for her holy grail to give Sansa the pleasure of a whole body orgasm. Needless to say Sansa is doing the same to Emily. Their moans of pleasure increase in volume and in frequency only excites them further and spurs them to increase the pace and intensity of their attentions. Their most sensitive parts send waves of pleasure tingling through them until they each reach the body shaking, mind blowing peaks of a whole body orgasm. They position their mouths just right to receive and enjoy their partners nectar and hold their mouths against each other’s vulva until the orgasm subsides. They lick each other and then lie face to face French kissing to mix their juices in a cocktail of love and devotion. They lie together, smiling and kissing, wondering how the world outside thinks lesbian love is so wrong when it feels so right. They fall asleep with Emily snuggled into Sansa’s spooning embrace.

In the morning they wake up slowly, smiling to find themselves in the same embrace as before they fell asleep. They get up and shower together, always a recipe for intimacy, and then pat each other dry with warm fluffy towels. As they prepare to dress, they do each other’s hair and make-up. They dress each other in a bra and g-string. Emily asks her to wait a moment and returns with two large boxes tied up with satin ribbons, one box is labelled Sansa and the other Emily. Inside the boxes are identical designs of a Gagra Choli ensemble.

Sansa’s is based on an emerald green silk Lehenga skirt and Emily’s is the same in royal blue. Rising from the hemline positioned on each fold of the skirt is an embroidered floral design in gold with thin branches and leaves that get progressively smaller as they rise to a peak undulating alternately between just above and and just below the hips. They put on the skirts which fit along the line of the belly button curving out to the hips and then down toward the hem in a slim A line. The hemlines are on the floor but just high enough with shoes to avoid becoming soiled by dragging on the ground outside. The skirts are lined to avoid the need for a petticoat and to help stiffen the fabric so the waves of the skirt keep their shape.

The next part of the ensemble is the matching colour silk Lehenga blouse with boat neckline. The short sleeves, neckline and hemline feature the same gold embroidered pattern of the skirt. They help each other into the blouses and can’t resist admiring themselves in the long mirror. They love how much skin from just below the bust to the belly button will be exposed to the cooling affect of the air. They giggle when they realise they are getting all hot and bothered by just looking at themselves in the mirror … All cooling will be welcomed!

The next part of the emsemble is the Dupatta, an embroidered net shawl that can be worn over the shoulders as a shawl, over the hair or arranged in a loop over the chest and thrown back over the shoulders. Both ladies have the same style of silk net dupatta with the embroidered flowers from the skirt around the borders. The base colour of net in Sansa’s is a light sea green and in Emily’s is a light sky blue. The final part of the emsemble are the shoes, the same for both, gold strappy sandals with 3 inch heels. They put on the shoes and try the dupatta in different ways. They love the whole emsemble which looks traditional, like a sari, but has a stylish and distinctive look.

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