Love, Mrs. Ayres

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Teddy Jonas was eighteen and always had a rough time in life. He was overweight and tried to play the role of the jolly fat kid, but was by nature the gentle giant, who found himself picked on and pushed around by smaller mean kids.

Aware of his own size and strength, he was afraid of hurting someone and so rarely fought back physically. As a result, when he defended himself verbally, he was often singled out as the bully by teachers, coaches, and even the cops when, in fact, he was the victim.

Home was no safe haven for him. His mother, Gilda, was a loud-mouthed, chain-smoking shrew and his step father, Clyde, was a spineless drudge. Ted’s “first father,” as he called him, was long out of the picture. Gilda had a habit of swearing and punching Clyde as well as Ted to let off steam after work. The Jonas home was a horror show of people yelling and things breaking. Unlike Gilda, Clyde hadn’t raised a hand to the young man since “I got too big.” That was an understatement.

Teddy’s refuge was his friend Jimmy’s house, where he spent most weekends, practically moving in on Friday afternoon and not leaving till Sunday night. Jim and Ted became best friends in middle school, pretty much because Jimmy was the only “popular” kid that took the time to get to know the lonely boy.

Most importantly, Jimmy’s mother, Carol Ayres, treated Teddy with kindness and welcomed him into her home.

Mrs. Ayres was tall, broad shouldered, full breasted, and in her mid forties, with big brown eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair. From the wedding photo in the living room, Ted knew Carol was a good deal thinner when she was younger, but certainly wasn’t chubby or fat.

Teddy heard that Marilyn Monroe was a hundred fifty pounds and would be considered “heavy” today. Carol was about the same size and, in Ted’s eyes, as beautiful as Marilyn. Teddy’s maturing hormones raged in infatuation with his best friend’s mother.

The only girl his age in which Teddy had any interest was a classmate named Kirsten, whom Mrs. Ayres described as a “sad-faced suicide girl.” She had no filters talking about her daily affairs with Jimmy and Teddy, telling them when she menstruated, masturbated, defecated, or felt like cutting herself.

One day she let Ted watch her pee and showed him where the urine came from, but before their relationship, such as it was, could progress further, Kirsten started meeting Jimmy for mutual masturbation and thus was off limits for his friend.

For all intents and purposes, Teddy moved into the Ayres’s household for the weekend, having three meals a day, helping with whatever chores Jimmy and his siblings had to do, and even stayed home watching movies or playing video games if Jimmy had other plans and went out.

The only uncomfortable circumstance was finding himself alone with Tom Ayres, the father. Mr. Ayres was nice enough, but quiet and reserved, not inclined to try to be a pal to Ted. Young Ted feared Tom suspected he lusted after the man’s wife.

Ted Jonas realized there was absolutely no chance of ever having the woman he loved, and knew if he acted on his desire, she would rebuff him and he could be cast out of their home forever.

The closest he came to giving himself away was last summer, just after his eighteenth birthday. He and Jimmy were playing three-on-three soccer with a bunch of kids in the Ayres’s backyard when Teddy took a bad spill and actually ripped a three-inch gash in his right leg.

Bleeding and in some pain, Teddy fled to the house and his angel jumped into action. Carol took him into the bathroom and gathered up gauze, medical tape, antiseptic, and an armful of first-aid sundries. Carol handed Ted a wet washcloth and told him to clean the dirt out of the wound just above his right knee and sat spread legged on the toilet seat ready to go to work.

Teddy felt guilty because he found her posture provocative and couldn’t avert his eyes from the plump folds of her vagina in full bloom at the seams of her khaki shorts.

Carol discretely coaxed him to drop his denims so that she could tend to his bleeding cut.

“I’m a mom. I’ve seen young fellows in their underwear before.”

Ted sported tighty whiteys. He watched her mop up the blood, apply antiseptic, and pat the area dry, closing his eyes and savoring casino siteleri the thrill of her touch. Carol cut a length of athletic tape and a patch of gauze with her scissors and pressed both to the big boy’s leg.

A full blown erection snaked its way through the opening in his jockeys and pointed directly at Carol. When she noticed it, she reacted instinctively and gave the head of his penis a little slap, exclaiming, “Oh, you naughty boy, you!”

She laughed in embarrassment and Ted struggled to hold back tears. His young manhood deflated and Carol affectionately patted his bum, assuring him, “It’s perfectly natural…normal. Don’t worry about it.”

Come Friday and Saturday nights, Teddy slept on a twin bed in Jimmy’s room, next to the bathroom and across the hall from the Ayres’s master bedroom. One night Ted went from the bathroom to the hall closet in search of a towel and found himself outside the married couple’s door.

At first, he didn’t recognize the squeaking of the bedsprings and banging of the wooden headboard and he was alarmed. He went to the door and paused to listen. He heard a guttural grunting and a high pitched moaning … grunt, groan, grunt, groan, uh-uh-uh, ahh!

To his horror, Teddy realized he was listening to Tom fucking Carol and he retreated to Jimmy’s room, not understanding why he was short of breath, sobbing, and yet sprouting a hard-on. Ted jerked off into the towel he had grabbed and tried to put the image of sex out of his mind when he saw Jimmy’s mom the next morning.

The most dramatic event occurred on a Saturday evening when Jimmy was out with Kirsten and Ted went to bed early. Around midnight, he heard Carol enter the bathroom next door. Through the thin wall, he listened in fascination as she peed tantalizingly in the toilet and spent the next several minutes intermittently sighing. An occasional tiny drop in the water confirmed his love queen was taking a dump.

Ted started to stroke himself when he discerned the sound of the lady wiping her privates. Still more tantalizing was the heavy torrent of water from the shower and the soundtrack of her rinsing, soaping, shampooing, and rinsing again. He imagined her faultless brownish orange skin slick and shimmering in the hot steam of the shower stall.

Ted tried to picture her pubic hair, vaginal lips, buttocks, and big nippled globes. The water stopped and he heard her grab a towel from the rack. While Carol lovingly caressed her own clean body, Teddy latched onto his youthful cock and plastered a motherlode of hot, sticky semen all over his bed sheets.

Now Ted didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t face the humiliation of discovery and so he reverted to covering up jerking off by pissing the bed.

Mrs. Ayres, like his mother, would take pity on the poor bed-wetter. The teenager tried to smooth things over the next day by offering to do the whole family’s laundry and Carol was happy to hear it. She led him to two baskets full of dirty clothing to add to his soiled bed linens.

In the basement, he stuffed his soaked sheets into the front-loader and hunted through the baskets for compatible white things. At least, he knew that much about laundering. What he found was so much more than what he thought he would find.

The first item was a lacy white bra with enormous cups. He caressed the fabric with his fingers, raised the item to his nose and sniffed, smelling just a hint of Carol’s essence. Next he found a pair of pink full-cut panties. He turned them over in his hand and gazed at the white padding at the center, slightly stained. He raised it to his face and breathed in the aroma from Carol’s sex. He touched his tongue to the stain and it tasted salty.

Teddy was shaking by the time he reached for a second pair of undies, red ones, which were damp. He brought the fabric to his lips and began to sift the wetness from Carol’s golden nectar between his teeth. The garment was ripe from his goddess’s cunt, pee, and ass. He rubbed it all over his face.

Teddy found one more panty, clean, but delightfully stinky with her sweat. The young virgin male quickly topped off the machine, poured liquid detergent into the receptacle, spun the dial, and pushed the start button.

Unable to repress or delay the surge he felt welling within his loins, Ted rushed slot oyna into the basement bathroom, dropped his pants, and squirted a load of jizz in the toilet, whispering the name of his true love, “Oh, Carol,” until his penis went limp and shrank.

In the coming weeks, Teddy boy began to wonder how he could cross the line between fantasy and reality. His highest aspiration in life was to fuck Carol Ayres, his best friend’s mother. He entertained the idea that maybe she would be turned on by listening to him showering in the bathroom just as imagining Carol traipsing under the spigot aroused him.

As he lay awake on the opposite side of the wall, he listened to Carol using the toilet, washing her hands, dancing under the rivulets of hot water, and toweling her glorious flesh dry. When she trotted off to her bedroom, Teddy rushed into the bathroom, made a noisy show of washing his face, peed head on into the bowl rather than going around the rim, and turned on the shower water.

All the while he dreamed Carol pictured his stout young cock pissing a river. The only downside for Ted was the sight of a six-inch brown streak on the inside of the toilet bowl just above the water line. Youthful naiveté denied the simple fact that everybody shits, even his angel.

Under the water he washed himself from head to toe and shampooed without realizing he was in the perfect location to ejaculate and wash away the gooey evidence instantaneously. Hence, he toweled off and rumbled back to Timmy’s bedroom.

As soon as he pulled the sheet over his nude flesh, he yanked the shaft of his cock with a hard, rapid motion, splattering the sheets, top and bottom. He also moaned and bit his tongue to keep from shouting Carol’s name.

Lying still until his bladder was ready to explode, he let go and soaked the bed with warm pee that turned cold a moment later. The heavy whirring of a window fan covered the noise so that Jimmy never heard, not that he would have cared.

The morning after, Teddy again volunteered to do the household’s laundry, of course, to cover his own spillage. This batch produced a pristine pair of silkies, pink panties with dried pee stains, and a pair of plain white undies with a pad still in them.

The pad was damp, stained yellow and brownish red, and a single strand of wiry hair stuck to it. He sucked on the pad, deliberately swallowing the piece of hair, and shot a few spurts of semen in his own underwear. After feeling up the cups of her bra, he topped off a load of whites and started the washer.

Teddy went through the separated colored things and found a tank-top, which carried a trace of her scent. Then he sniffed a cotton blouse and went into a rapture breathing in her perspiration. He sampled her musk from a pair of her socks and finished up by wrapping his dick inside her slacks and squeezing till his ejaculate oozed through the material. He truly enjoyed doing the laundry.

Nonetheless, the most endearing moments with Carol Ayres came during a backyard barbecue, where Teddy Jonas found himself sitting next to the woman he loved on the tree hammock and she happily chatted, sang off key, and flirted with the moonstruck teenager.

She wore a sundress and he dared not look or touch, even though she had playfully hugged, kissed, and even tickled him as they shared the hammock. Only for a brief instant did he glance at her tawny thighs beneath her flowing summer dress. He quickly averted his gaze, but thought for a second she had caught him looking under her dress. That couldn’t be, however, because she smiled.

Like so many other weekends, Timmy took off with loopy Lauren, sexing and drugging somewhere, and Teddy stayed at the Ayres’s house alone—with Carol sleeping in the room across the hall.

After midnight, the boy dreamed the bedroom door opened and closed quickly, saw a shadow move across the room, and felt the bed dip to one side as someone put her knees on the edge of the mattress.

A moment later a figure seemed to envelope him in the darkness. Teddy smelled the familiar aroma and felt hot breath on his face. The most voluptuous lips in the universe touched his and delivered a moist kiss. Her mouth opened and her tongue began to lick his face like a cat would do, only soft, not scratchy.

Then she spoke, “I know what you canlı casino siteleri want. I can tell the way you look at me. I know you’re in love with me. I know you don’t know what to do about it. So, I’m going to help you.”

The boy just let out a mournful sigh as Carol threw aside the bed sheet and climbed on top of the teenager’s stout frame. Her nude body was softer and heavier than he imagined, but her luxurious full breasts smashed against his chest. She was already damp with sweat and her breath was hot as fire against his skin.

With her knees pressed against his hips, she had him pinned as she lifted her left tit and told him to suckle her large bumpy nipple. She called him her “sweet baby” and her hips moved over his groin. When she switched the right titty to his lips, she also reached down below his rotunda and latched onto his stiff young rod. He wiggled and squirmed, but Carol pressed her palm on the head of his cock to prevent blowing his wad too soon.

Crawling in slow motion like a crocodile, Carol repositioned her wonderland directly over Teddy’s head and he felt drunk on her powerful feminine aura. She instructed him to lick her pussy and use his tongue to explore the delightful membranes of her labia before introducing him to her “little girl in a boat.”

Her clitoris was as fat as his pinky and she told him to suck it like a straw. He did everything he was told. In the darkness Teddy couldn’t see the color of her pussy hair, but it was thicker and heavier than he imagined. Her sweat and musk was a heady intoxicant for the unschooled boy in her midst.

With steady deliberation, Carol directed her attention to the youngster’s cock. The feel of her tongue, lips, and mouth sent the boy into a frenzy, as did the even more erotic gesture of holding the shaft of his penis in one hand, messaging his balls with the other, and planting a gentle kiss on the mushroom tip.

“You can’t come until we’re both ready,” she warned him in a husky whisper. “That’s how you make love instead of just having sex.”

Teddy meekly muttered, “Yes, ma’am.”

When Carol started a long, passionate, breathtaking kiss, that caused such passion and emotion to well up in the boy’s chest, he thought he might cry. Then she instructed him to simulate fucking her by using his fingers in her cunt while she reversed her position and performed fellatio on his young tool that seemed to him much bigger, fatter, and longer than ever before.

With her sweat and saliva all over his body, Ted Jonas’s goddess rolled onto her back, beckoned, and opened the gates of Eros to him. Teddy was afraid he would crush her and so held back from lowering himself onto her, but she clamped her hands on his full buttocks and pushed him inside her.

Carol’s cunt was warm, wet, and powerful, squeezing his cock in a rhythmic motion as he tried to move in and out like he had seen people do in movies. The inexperienced young man was distraught about not shooting his load right away, but Carol, his mature lady love, was grinding and dancing madly, coming in one multiple-O after another.

When the kid finally came inside her vagina, he whimpered and cried. The lady kissed away his tears and held him in her arms. She said sweetly, “Now go to sleep.”

The next morning, Carol whipped up scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon for Teddy and her younger kids. Eventually, Jimmy came home, hung over, and Mr. Ayres joined them at the breakfast table. Ted was mortified to realize old Tom was asleep, snoring away while he was screwing his gorgeous wife.

After clearing the table, Carol sat down to enjoy her coffee and offered Ted a cup. He agreed and stayed with her while Jimmy took a shower; they were going to a heavy metal concert that day.

“Did you sleep well, honey?” she said, smiling.

Teddy said yes, slightly embarrassed, as he looked at her bouncing breasts and remembered their texture and taste.

“Did you have any nice dreams?” she asked, still smiling.

Ted shook his head. “No, I don’t dream much.”

“Sure you do,” Carol said.

She gazed into Teddy’s eyes, cuffing her chin in her hand and propping on her elbow.

“You had an awesome dream. I even heard you crying in your sleep last night.”

Ted Jonas had no idea what to say. She was talking about the fuck of a lifetime in some kind of code.

“Remember,” she said, no longer smiling. “It was a dream.”

Then she kissed him on the lips and patted the back of his hand.

Teddy the boy had become a man and he understood.

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