Little Lies Ch. 05

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Please take a moment to go back and read the first four parts. It will bring you up to speed. Thanks, MV

“Time to finish what you started earlier stud . . . ” Christy cooed as she paused from licking Amanda and looked back at him over her shoulder.

Christy had said to him as he had walked back into the room from the master bathroom. She was on her knees above Amanda’s face and getting her ass finger fucked by Amanda as the girls locked into another battle of the tongues. Their pussy’s were each glistening in juices and saliva as he neared the edge of the bed. Finding the KY that Amanda had used to lube her fingers he quickly squeezed some out into his hand and then began to stroke his cock with it. He watched them for a moment as his cock regained full hardness much to his surprise, it had seen a lot of use tonight. Stepping up behind Christy he ran his cock up and down the crack of her ass as Amanda held the cheeks apart and slowly withdrew her fingers.

“Do it Chad, fuck her in the ass, I’ve always wanted to see this up close,” Amanda said in a seductive voice.

She grabbed his cock and aimed it at Christy’s tight little ass and pulled him closer, letting the tip of his prick settle against the girl’s asshole. She began illegal bahis to alternate licking his balls and sucking Christy’s clit as she watched him slowly work the head of his large tool inside the girl.

“Damn that’s hot,” she whispered.

“Oh god that hurts Chad, will it get better?” Christy asked.

“Yes, baby it will just give it a few seconds to adjust.”

Chad slowly nudged more of his cock into her backdoor and then paused letting her feel it and adjusted just as he had said. Quickly she felt the sensation turn from pain into pleasure, a strange pleasure, it felt as if she would be needed to go to the bathroom but at the same time the nerves inside her tiny anal opening were alive and tingling. The sensation of pain finally left completely as Amanda rubbed her fingers over the girl’s clit and then slid them inside her as she began to tongue where her fingers had just departed.

Suddenly to Chad’s surprise Christy pushed her ass back toward him and forced more of his cock inside her. He swatted her cute ass and then began to hold her hips and push steadily deeper.

“Oh fuck that feels good Chad,” Christy yelped.

“Feels good from here to baby ready to have me begin to really fuck this tight ass illegal bahis siteleri of yours?” he asked.

She gave no reply just thrust her hips all the way back at him and drew the remainder of his cock inside her tight asshole. She knew this was the ultimate taboo for her and she had crested many tonight. Her orgasm began immediately from the oral pleasure that Amanda was giving her as well as the naughty realization that she was fucking an employee and giving him her anal virginity as well as cheating on her boyfriend and his wife. It was too much for her mind to wrap itself around and she began to cum wildly as he pounded her ass now.

Holding Christy’s hips he lunged forward and gave her all he had burying his cock in her ass. Just as quickly he began to saw in and out of her tightest hole and new that she was loving it. He reached up and tugged her hair a bit roughly and slapped her ass as he leaned over her and fucked her ass hard. He thought of the one time she and he had shared an argument at work and this motivated him to fuck her ass even harder. He wanted to hear her scream in pleasure and pain.

Christy felt her tight ass being stretched by Chad’s cock and she felt more wicked than ever before as she took canlı bahis siteleri all he had to give and kept pushing her ass back at him. This wicked threesome was more alive than she had felt in a long time and she was going to have a tough time looking at him in the office now without think of this moment and night they were sharing.

Chad held her hips one final time and rammed his cock in until his balls were resting on her ass and he began to cum. His see spurting forth into her bowels as she moaned and ground her tight pussy down onto Amanda’s mouth. She screamed and moaned as she came and her own tongue slid all the way up into Amanda.

Amanda felt the urgency of the moment and she let herself go and climaxed with them amongst the groans and sweaty bodies sliding against one another.

As Chad withdrew from Christy’s ass he laid down beside the slowly separating girls. “Ladies thank you for tonight,” he said.

“Oh thank you to sir,” Christy whispered back as she kissed him, “but I do think that I’ll be leaving much later tomorrow than I expected if that’s all right with you.”

Amanda leaned over and shared in the kiss, “I think I might be staying a bit longer than expected as well if no one objects, I still have some ideas for fun in the morning.”

Chad offered one last bit of words before drifting off to sleep, “I think I might need Monday off boss, it was an exhausting weekend.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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