Librarian on the Road

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She looked like the most uptight frigid bitch you could ever hope to not meet.

Her jet black hair was pulled tightly back into a bun, a pair of narrow black reading glasses perched on her nose, and she wore a frilly white blouse, buttoned up to her throat like a schoolmarm. Her nose was pointed directly into a book that she held in her hands, and she was completely oblivious to her surroundings. She looked like the prissiest prude in the world, the type that probably kept a burglar alarm between her knees.

But I knew better.

She was sitting alone at the hotel bar. I slid onto the stool next to her. She had not noticed me, as she was completely absorbed in her book. I leaned toward her. “Hey lady, wanna fuck?” I asked in a casual voice.

She looked up, startled for a moment. Then her eyes got wide, and she threw her arms around my neck. “Jack!” she squealed. “I’m so glad you’re here.” Then she leaned in close to my ear and said, “I’m so horny. I can’t wait to get you alone and naked.”

As we chatted at the bar, she took off her reading glasses, and before long unbuttoned the top of her blouse. Eventually she let her raven hair fall down from the bun. With her high cheekbones, porcelain skin, flowing tresses, and ample breasts shifting gently beneath the blouse, she was truly beautiful. Animated in conversation, and smiling and laughing, she was now overtly what I already knew her to be: a vital, sensual woman with a voracious zest for life.

When buttoned up, however, she did look like a librarian. And, in fact, she was a librarian. The American Library Association annual conference in Washington D.C. coincides with a network security conference that I attend every year, and uses the same hotel. For the last three years, we have been fuck-buddies for the duration of the conferences. I don’t know what her relationship status is back home, and I don’t care to know. For three days each year, we belong to each other. We each get our own hotel rooms, for appearance sake, but we spend every non-working hour together, mostly naked and screwing in whichever of our rooms happens to be more luxurious.

An hour later, we were cuddling naked in the king-size bed in her room. We were lying on our sides, and I gently stroked the tender skin of her hip and leg. I kissed the back of her neck. We were doing a good job of getting reacquainted after our long separation.

“Would you like to play a game?” she asked, looking up at me.

“Sure. As long as it doesn’t involve leaving this bed,” I told her.

“No, it doesn’t,” she assured me. “I call it The Alphabet Game.”

“You librarians have to alphabetize everything don’t you?”

“We like to be organized,” she told me. “But I think you’ll like this one. We take turns. First you have to kiss a body part on me that starts with an A. Then I kiss a part on you that starts with a B. Then you do a C. And so on.”

“Sounds fun,” I said. “I would kiss your body anywhere. But you said it’s a game. How do you keep score? And how do you know who wins?”

“Hmm. You could say that everyone wins. But we can keep score. Some letters are tougher than others. If you can’t think of a body part with your next letter, you get a point. Points are bad. When we’ve finished the entire alphabet, whoever has the fewest points wins.”

“What do they win?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, that’s negotiable. How about the winner gets their choice of orgasm from the loser?”

“Works for me,” I said. “Who starts?”

“Odds or evens?” she said, holding out her fist.

“Odds,” I said. We shook our fists, one, two, three times, and stuck out our fingers on the count of three. I held out one finger. She held out two.

“You start. Kiss me on an A.”

I looked at her beautiful naked body stretched out on the bed; her smooth supple skin, her long limbs. Her trace of well-trimmed pubic patch. So many tasty A parts to choose from! I considered starting with an obvious ones and going for her luscious ass, but then decided to start with a little more subtlety for a change. I knelt between her legs and lifted a slender ankle to my mouth. “Ankle,” I announced, and proceeded to apply my lips to her dainty limb. I gave it a thorough smooching, enjoying the taste of her smooth creamy skin. Then I gently replaced it on the sheet, and provided the same treatment to her other ankle. When I was finished with that one, I replaced it on the bed, and gave her a smile.

“Excellent!” she said. “You play the game well. Now it’s my turn.” I relaxed on my back, legs spread, hoping for a kiss on the balls. No such luck. “Belly,” she said, leaning forward between my legs, but bypassing my waiting package. She planted a big wet slobber on my belly button, sliding her moist tongue around my not-as-flat-as-it-might-be tummy, and leaving traces of saliva to gather in my navel.

“Okay,” I told her, looking her in the eye. “C….” My mind cycled through the myriad options available. Crotch, cunt, clitoris… they ataşehir escort all seemed too obvious again. Suddenly I knew where to go. “Clavicle!” I declared, and bent my head to her delicate shoulder, planting a wet rubbery kiss on the soft skin just left of her neck. “And the other clavicle!” I applied my lips to her right shoulder as well, slobbering fully and completely. I even inched up her neck a bit, nuzzling it softly. She wriggled with delight and giggled a bit.

“My turn,” she said, “D.” She looked at my semi-erect dick and gave me a wink, but I knew she would not go for so obvious a target. “Roll over,” she commanded. I complied, and rolled onto my belly, crushing my cock beneath me. She pressed her lips to my buttocks, one at a time. “Derriere,” she announced between my cheeks, lipping and tonguing my upturned buns for several long, sensual moments, her moist tongue feeling like a warm sponge as it glided across my skin. I would much rather have felt her lips around my cock, but I must admit that I enjoyed the teasing, and her hot mouth did feel wonderful on my naked ass.

My turn again, now to kiss an E part. I stared at her, lying there on the bed, looking so beautiful. Her eyes were lovely, watching me. Her elbows were fetching, up above her head as she casually gripped the headboard. But I remembered how she had enjoyed the neck nuzzling, and wanted to get back to that neighborhood. I wanted to make sure she was fully revved up by the time the game ended. I held her by the shoulders, bent her head to my face, and gently sucked her left earlobe into my mouth, lightly nibbling it with my teeth. “Earlobe,” I whispered, my breath hot in her ear, and then turned her head and proceeded to grace her right earlobe with the same loving attention. I slid my tongue into her ear canal and along the graceful curves and folds. She squirmed with pleasure.

I sat up in the bed, and watch her lean back on her elbows. The earlobe trick had given her a minor swoon. She looked me up and down. “F…,” she said, leaving the decision hanging for a pregnant moment. What would she kiss? My face? My fingers? “Feet!” she announced at last. She turned and plopped herself down on my lap, facing my feet, and brought her lovely mouth down to my left foot. She wrapped her lips around my big toe. She lovingly fellated my toe, sucking it deep into her mouth, working it with her lips and tongue. The moistness and suction sent shivers through me. If it had been my cock, it would have squirted a gallon of jism down her throat! She then moved on to the next toe, and the next. She took her time, loving each and every toe in its turn, sawing her tongue in between them, and sending shivers and shudders into my loins. I was going to be plenty revved up, too! Eventually all ten of my toes had been lovingly sucked. They felt slightly chilled as the saliva evaporated into the air.

“Hey, no fair! You should have saved that for T!” I protested.

“Shut up. Toes are part of the feet,” she declared. “Besides, that was a good five minutes of toe-sucking and you didn’t complain until it was over.” I had to admit that I had nothing to bitch about. It had felt wonderful.

“Okay, my turn.” I looked her up and down again. “We’re on the letter G.” Clearly, the rules of this game were pretty flexible. What should I pick? Gams? Gonads? Then I knew. “Roll over,” I told her, as she had told me only three letters ago. She complied. “Gluteus Maximus!” I exclaimed, and proceeded to bath her luscious butt cheeks with my lips and tongue, much as she had done mine. I swirled my mouth around both her milky white cheeks, in slow loving circles. Then I nastily licked her buttcrack, from just above her anus to where it spread out, in a beautiful delta, into her lower back. This made her squirm more than ever. I suddenly remembered, from our past times together, just how sensitive the top of her crack was. I attacked it with even more enthusiasm. She thrashed on the bed, nearly losing control.

“You bastard!” she screamed, finally yanking her posterior away from my tickling tongue. “You’ll pay for that!” She was panting. Her lower back is a major erogenous zone. “You aren’t supposed to get me off until the game is over!” Clearly this game, as well as being fun, is good for rediscovering what your partner enjoys most. I filed the information away for future use. Meanwhile, she was ready for some revenge. “Now it’s my turn,” she said, with a mischievous look in her eyes. “H is for hard-on!”

Pay for that? This is the kind of payment I can live with, I thought. She applied her talented mouth to my rigid cock, first kissing up and down the sides, working it with her lips, and sliding her wet tongue the length of my shaft. She swirled her tongue around the head, and probed it into my slit. Finally she opened her mouth and took in my length, gulping the head back into her throat, and sending shivers down my spine. She twirled and twisted and sucked and slurped. She spent so much time on my straining cock that kadıköy escort I pretty much assumed the game was being abandoned, and I was going to be coming in her loving mouth in a matter of moments. But when I was close to bursting, she decided that it was time to stop, and straightened up from my crotch. “H,” she said. “Kissing done. Your turn.” She looked smugly satisfied with her revenge.

I was the one gasping and panting now, but I had to admit that she was playing by the rules. Nobody gets to orgasm until a winner is declared. My balls were turning a pale shade of blue, but I figured I had little choice but to tough it out. I also decided it was time to slow things down a little. We weren’t even half way through the alphabet yet and here I was, aching to come.

“The letter is I,” I told her. “Lie on your back.” She did so. I positioned myself between her legs, as I had when kissing her ankles. I lifted her right leg, bringing her foot to my mouth. “Instep,” I announced, and pressed my lips to the delicate arch of her dainty foot. After a first gentle, dainty smooch, I opened my mouth further, allowing my tongue and lips to swirl on the soft flesh, kissing and nibbling, and making her squirm. She was ticklish! She tried to yank her foot from my grasp, but I held on tightly. When I figured she had had enough, I stopped. Briefly. Then I brought up her right foot, and gave her other instep the same treatment. I sucked a few of her toes, too, just as she had done mine; fellating them slowly and lovingly, as if they were tiny penises or large clits. She squirmed and yelped, but I held her tightly by the ankle and administered my puckered loving torture until I was finished.

“Damn you! You’re getting me all hot and bothered!” she yelled, pulling her foot back from me, her knees to her chest.

“Am I playing the game badly?” I asked.

“No, you aren’t,” she admitted, with a grin. “You’re playing it very well. The whole point is to get excited, after all.”

I looked at her with admiration. She definitely knew how to have fun in bed. Maybe we should get together more than one half-week a year?

“The letter is J,” she said, looking in my eyes. “Lie on your back.” I did. She climbed on top of me, her naked breasts pressed onto my chest, her crotch grinding into mine. Her body was warm and smooth. She applied her open mouth to my throat. “Jaw,” she whispered into my ear, and proceeded to lick and nuzzle my jawline, from my ear down to my chin, and then back around the other side to my far ear. She pushed my face up with her hand, and slathered her talented tongue all over my adam’s apple, my neck, and my earlobes. She slathered every inch of my jawline with her wet, pink, slobbering, loving tongue. My eyes rolled back in their sockets as I enjoyed the erotic attention.

She sat up, straddling my crotch. Oh, how I wanted to grab her hips, lift her momentarily, and plunge her back down onto my straining tool! But I wanted to see the game through, so I valiantly delayed my gratification, and put off the tempting thought of taking her, just yet.

“Letter K,” I said. I pushed her down onto her back, and tenderly kissed her knees. Both of them, left and right. I had intended to keep this round light and not too provocative, but something got the better of me. I lovingly kissed both kneecaps, smooching them loudly with my lips and tongue, all the while tenderly stroking the backs of her thighs with my the palms of my hands. Then I grabbed her knees tightly and twisted, rolling her onto her belly, and proceeded to kiss the backs of her knees with equal intensity. This made her squirm again; like many women, the backs of her knees were highly erogenous. But I held her tightly by the hips while administering my kisses, and she had little choice but to take it. Not that she didn’t enjoy it, of course!

When I let her go, she struggled to her knees. We were facing each other, both of us kneeling on the bed. Her eyes were flashing and her face showed conflict. She was as horny as I was, but she was also determined not to abandon the game just yet. Then her mouth twisted into a sly smile, and she launched herself at me. “Lips!” she yelled, and tackled me over onto my back.

We locked in a tighter embrace than I can remember feeling for a long time, arms wrapped in death grips around each other’s torsos, lips locked so tightly that I could feel her teeth cutting into me. Our tongues jousted with each other, we slobbered and grunted, we breathed in ragged gasps. We rolled back and forth, first her on top, then me, then her again. Our hands roved all over each other, but our mouths never broke contact. Spittle flew.

Finally, we lay still, panting. We still held each other tightly, but we pressed our cheeks together instead of our mouths. We held each other as our racing hearts and labored breathing slowed down a bit. We finally disentangled.

“Lips,” I said, quietly. “Good one.” She smiled. When we finally get down to some actual screwing, I bostancı escort bayan thought, it’s going to be intense.

I had to think for a moment. What letter were we on? What comes after L? Oh, of course. I was tempted to choose “mouth” and repeat the passionate episode that we’d just finished, but I wasn’t sure if I could survive it again. I made a safer choice. “M,” I said. “Lie on your back, please.” She complied, but kept her knees together. She, too, didn’t want to rush things any worse than we already were.

I reclined on the bed to her right, and raised myself up on one elbow. I reached across her chest and gently fondled her left breast. “Mammaries,” I whispered tenderly, and bent my mouth down to her fleshy globe. I pursed my lips and placed the tiniest, gentlest smooch on her nipple. Then I extended my tongue and flicked it over the rosy bud. I let my tongue wander farther from the nipple, over the entire surface of her breast, my hand still holding it from below. She moaned slightly in the back of her throat. Then, keeping my hand on her right breast, I transferred my mouth to her left, and repeated my motions. My thumb flicked her right nipple while my tongue loved her left one. I didn’t keep it up too long, as we were trying to calm things down to a manageable level, until the game was finished. I sat up and smiled at her.

“That was nice,” she said. “I think I’ll return the favor. Now you get on your back.” We switched positions, and she brought her full lips to my chest. “Nipples,” she whispered to me, and quickly sucked one into her mouth. She tugged at it with her lips, and gently chewed it with her teeth. My nipples aren’t particularly sensitive, most of the time. But I was so turned on by the game at this point that they were almost like tiny cocks on my chest. Each nip and tug of her sexy mouth sent shivers through my chest, and down to my balls. She could sense my pleasure, and kept up the treatment for quite awhile. Her hands roamed over my chest and abdomen as she sucked on my tiny buds. One of her hands even strayed, involuntarily, down to my raging cock for a quick stroke, which made me shudder. She quickly yanked it away, and sat up.

“Sorry about that,” she giggled, a hand over her mouth. “At least we’re on the second half of the alphabet now.” She sat on the bed, cross-legged, with a huge smile on her face. Her pussy lips were open, too, and gleaming with dampness.

“You’re having fun, aren’t you?” I asked.

“Oh, absolutely! You are too, aren’t you?”

“Yes, darling, lots of fun. This is a great game.” But my own smile turned suddenly to a scowl.

“What’s wrong?”

“I… I can’t think of a body part for O!” I told her, annoyed with myself. “There’s got to be one. At least one! It’s an O for chrissakes. A very popular letter!” She leaned back on stiff arms and wiggled her foot a bit, watching me and waiting. She was enjoying my frustration.

“Is someone getting ready to earn their first point?” She asked me, in a sing-song voice.

“Not yet; I’m still thinking,” I said quickly. But nothing was coming. She raised her eyebrows and tapped an imaginary watch on her wrist. I didn’t want to take a point. I figured I’d better go for a desperate move. “Okay, on your back again,” I told her.

I approached her abdomen, and began planting little kisses just above her wisp of pubic hair, on either side of her navel. “Ovaries,” I told her, and continued my kissing.

“Oh, no you don’t!” she said, laughing, as she sat up and gave my head a shake. “You can’t kiss an ovary; it’s on the inside! No fair. You’re getting a point!”

I grimaced. “Okay, I’ll take the point. But let me kiss you, anyway!” Laughing, I pushed her back down on the bed, and continued kissing her abdomen, about where I guessed her ovaries would be located. We both giggled. Finally I pressed my lips tight against her tummy and blew a loud raspberry. We both giggled some more.

She got up on her knees again. “Okay, point-boy,” she told me. “On your back again.” I complied. She spread my legs apart, and kneeled between them. I raised my eyebrows. She leaned forward, toward my crotch, her puckered mouth aiming right for my purple-shafted penis. But just before arriving at it, she veered off to the right and planted her lips on my hip. “Pelvis!!” she shouted between kisses, as she slobbered all over my hip-bones. She worked back and forth, wetting both hips, and as much of my pelvic area as she could cover.

“Wait a minute! The pelvis is on the inside, too!” I protested.

“It’s just under the skin! Not at all the same thing,” she laughed, as she continued to slobber all over my hips and other abdominal regions that were within reach of her luscious mouth. I was enjoying the warm, wet smooches too much to make a federal case out of it, so I let my protest drop.

Then she sat up, and looked at me. “Actually, I believe you are right. If ovaries don’t count, I guess pelvis shouldn’t either. I’ll take a point. So we’re tied.” She looked at me slyly. “Your turn again.”

Her easy agreement gave me the feeling that I was being swindled somehow. Then I realized that I was face to face with a Q! My mind raced. At least she didn’t have an egg-timer set out. I was drawing a blank again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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