Letters to Nicole 01

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Dear Nicole,

My best friend Felecia and I had been having sex together for three months (how that all started is another story in itself.) I should pause here to tell you that Felecia and I were quite pretty back then. Felecia was, and still is gorgeous; 5’7 – 120 lbs, raven black hair, high cheekbones on a very cute face, trim figure. Her breasts are a small “C” but the nipples are large and fiery red and so lickable. She was very talented at gymnastics (works out all the time) so her ass and legs are fantastic. I have auburn hair, not nearly as cute as Felecia but not bad either. People tell me that ten years have been good to me, but back then I probably carried ten pounds too many on my 5’5″ frame. My boobs are large (a “D”) and my nipples are oh-so sensitive. Boys flocked around us and we dated some but that changed a lot when we fell in love (another story).

Lately we had taken to watching some of the other girls in the locker room after P.E. Quite a few of the other girls in our class were as uninhibited as we were and it was becoming increasingly more difficult to keep our eyes off their bodies as they paraded around in the shower. We were dying to try a threesome and after close observation for a couple of weeks we settled on Kelly Conway. After watching her we realized that she seemed as affected as we did by all the nudity. Her eyes would dart around the room whenever we changed and her head would drop quickly if she thought someone would notice. And Kelly was awesome; about the same height as me with a great tan and long, blonde hair. Her pussy was trimmed beautifully. Her boobs were a little on the small side but her nipples stuck out about half an inch when erect (one of our favorite things to notice in the shower!) We both wanted to get our hands on her in the worst way.

So during P.E. we always stretched out in pairs and one day, a week before Christmas vacation, I was helping Felecia stretch and she said, “I think we should ask her today.”

“Me too, but how? When?”

“Right after class,” Felecia replied. “You keep her occupied; like ask her about that English paper or something until the locker room clears out, then follow my lead.”

Excited? I was shaking with anticipation. And Felecia was such a sneak, the little mynx! She spent the whole shower time exposing her curves to Kelly’s curious eyes. Once, when Felecia knew that no one was looking except me and Kelly, she threw her head back and fondled her tits so sensuously that Kelly’s eyes widened and I heard her let out a little gasp.

The three of us returned to our bench and I waited until Kelly put her panties back on. Just as she picked up her bra I said, “Kelly, are you finished with that English paper yet?”

“Yeah, last night,” she replied, “I wanted to get it done early.”

“Well, I’m having problems explaining the imagery in my book.” Out of the corner of my eye I watched a still nude Felecia for an all-clear sign. She spun her hand in a circle meaning I should keep going.

“What book are you reading?” Kelly asked.

“Pride and Prejudice, I can see a couple of good…”

Before I could say another word Felecia stepped between us and gently laid her hand on Kelly’s shoulder. “Forget that book stuff right now, girls, I’ve got to ask Kelly an important question.”

Kelly’s mouth dropped open as this gorgeous girl stood directly in front of her, totally exposed. “Wha…what is… it?” she stuttered.

“Kelly, were you watching me in the shower?” I marveled at Felecia’s boldness. I loved it.

“Huh…..was I…..what?” She couldn’t answer and Felecia didn’t wait for her to.

“Kelly, Nancy and I think you’re sexy as hell and we would like to have sex with you.”

Kelly made two faces during casino siteleri this conversation that I still cherish, even ten years later, this was the first. “Felecia, I…I…,” Kelly didn’t stutter, she sputtered.

“Nancy and me have been fucking for a few months now and we thought it would be fun to invite you. Wouldn’t you like to? We know you would because we’ve seen you watching us and the rest of the girls.”

“Felecia, I don’t like girls…I”

Kelly then made face number two (and I giggled out loud) because as she was saying she didn’t like girls, Felecia took the blonde’s right hand, drew it to her, and placed it on her left breast. Kelly turned ashen but she didn’t pull it back.

I crept up next to them and put my arms around both guiding them closer together. Felecia was breathing heavily, “C’mon, Kelly, I whispered, “it’ll be a lot of fun!”

“I can’t, I…”

Felecia put her hand around Kelly’s neck and leaned in to kiss her. I slipped my hand between them and began fondling Kelly’s left tit, pinching and tugging on the sexy nipple. She sighed and allowed their lips to touch; but when they did it was like an electric shock. Kelly jumped back from us.

“No! I’m not like that….Leave me alone.” She hurriedly put on the rest of her clothes.

“Kelly, I…,” I began, but Felecia touched my arm.

“Yuh know what?” she said as the red-faced girl was putting on her shoes, “tonight’s basketball games are away and the locker room will be deserted by 4:30. Nancy and me are gonna be here waiting for you. We’re gonna fuck right here in the back on the tumbling mats in the storage room. Why don’t you meet us?”

Almost imperceptibly, Kelly hesitated, “I…I can’t…sorry!” And she left.

Felecia turned to me smiling, “Are yuh ready, Nance? 4:30 right here.”

“You think she’ll come?”

Now Felecia was hurrying, “Yup, it’s a lock…see you after school.”

The rest of the day dragged by and my mind was going a million miles an hour with the possibilities. My body was on fire from what had gone on so far and it was all I could do to keep from going to the bathroom to get myself off. Felecia kept winking at me in class, I would give her a wondering look, and she would shrug and nod. More than a few times I would see her touch herself; she must have been feeling like me.

Finally, school ended and we walked down to the 7-11 for a coke. Felecia kept assuring me that Kelly would show, that she was positive and that it was gonna be great. I wasn’t as sure but knew that at the very least we could have some fun ourselves. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Felecia anyway.

At 4:15 we walked hand-in-hand down the deserted hallways, which echoed our footsteps, and entered the locker room, moving past the rows until we got to the back. It was quiet there in the storage room and we left the door to it ajar. As soon as we sat down on the mats Felecia’s tongue was in my mouth and we kissed desperately for about five minutes. Our hands were all over each other and as she pushed up my skirt and reached inside the panties for my pussy, we heard a sound.

Someone was coming. My heart started beating so fast it felt audible; who would it be? If it was the janitor I knew I would die on the spot. But the door pushed open and it was her. She closed the door behind her and turned to us.

“Hi”, was all she could say. She was smiling a very shy, cute smile and I was moaning inside.

“Hey,” said Felecia, “we are so happy you came.”

“You look great!” I said, and it was true. She must have gone home to shower and change because her hair, clothes and make-up were different and she looked stunning.

“Yeah, I realized that you were right, I want to try this. You took slot oyna me by surprise today, Felecia. I’ve never made it with a girl before but I want to.” Felecia reached out and took her hand, helping her down to the mat between us.

Kelly was trembling but her eyes were absolutely filled with lust. My pussy was twitching with anticipation as Felecia put her arm around her and drew her into a first kiss. Their mouths were wide open and their tongues entwined in passion. I was stirred unbearably again as another shot of lust raced through me and I reached for the smooth skin on Kelly’s upper thighs. She was already moaning and when I touched her; I realized I was too.

Still kissing, Felecia’s right hand grasped the bottom of Kelly’s shirt and she pulled it up above her bra. I lifted the bra exposing her tits. Her nipples were fully erect and I immediately went at the left one licking and sucking like mad. Kelly’s moans turned to groans. Her nipples must have been as sensitive as mine because every time I sucked she groaned a little louder. Felecia’s hand was busy with Kelly’s right breast and I could hear their breathing getting more and more labored.

I could feel Kelly’s left hand trying to slip inside my skirt but after a few seconds of that she got frustrated so I quickly stood up and said, “Girls, we’ve got to get out of these clothes.” Everyone sprang to their feet and the clothes went flying.

Then I pulled Kelly to me and we kissed. Wow! She was a great kisser, just as good as Felecia. Her tongue was so delicious and it played with my own lips and tongue just the way that I like. Her nipples brushed up against mine and I moaned, it felt so great. We rubbed our tits together during the kiss and my pussy was doing flip-flops. Felecia stepped up behind Kelly and we sandwiched her with our boobs.

By Kelly’s reaction, I knew Felecia had probably slipped her hand between the blonde’s ass-cheeks and started fingering her from behind. I was already close to cumming from the nipple contact.

Almost as if on cue, all three of us fell to the mat again. Felecia laid Kelly on her back and got down between her legs. Kelly knew what was coming. I heard her say, “Oh, no…,” and when Felecia’s lips touched her pussy, she almost shrieked. I got down over the top of her head on my knees and began kissing her upside down. She held my face with both hands and almost devoured my mouth. It was awesome, Nicole.

I grabbed both of her tits again and she was grunting and moaning as if dying. I opened my eyes and glanced at Felecia and she was licking Kelly’s whole girl-slit from anus to clit. Kelly’s hips were gyrating and I was surprised that Felecia could stay with it but she did. Her orgasm approached fast because I felt her stiffen. I stopped kissing her so I could watch, but I kept tugging on her nipples.

“Oh…my god! OH…My God!” she cried. “OH…MY GODDDDD!”

When she went off, it really was like an explosion. Her hips lifted as high off the mat as they possibly could. Felecia had two fingers in her and her tongue was still going at the clit. With every contraction, Kelly just kept saying, “Oh…Oh…Oh…!” It had to have been fourteen or fifteen times. Her eyes were streaming with tears as Felecia lowered her gently to the floor. “Oh…god, Oh…god,” she just kept repeating over and over.

Felecia and I were so pleased but we were by no means finished. While Kelly recovered, Felecia and I began kissing. I pushed her head down to my tits and Felecia grabbed the left one and yanked on the nipple while she sucked hard on the right one. This is what I loved. I reached between her legs and couldn’t believe how wet she was. I stuck one finger into her vagina and strummed her clit with my thumb and Felecia gasped sharply. canlı casino siteleri It didn’t take too long and she came for the first time all over my hand, squealing with delight.

By this time Kelly was all over us again and I guess they both felt it was my turn. Kelly whispered in my ear, “I want to try licking your pussy!”

“Oh, Kelly”, I replied, “be my guest.”

“I have an idea,” added Felecia. “Lay down, Nancy. Get on top of her, Kel, sixty-nine her.” They both flipped me over and Kelly got on top and her tongue touched another girl’s clit for the first time. She was pretty good at it, or maybe it was because I had never been so turned on in my life (whatever); I was on the verge of an orgasm almost immediately. I tried to hold off by concentrating on her clit, but Felecia crawled up behind Kelly and started rimming her asshole and the sight of it was just too much for me and I exploded.

Kelly rolled off of me looking very pleased with herself but Felecia leaned over the top of my head even before the contractions ended and began sucking my right nipple and pinching the left one. She knew that this would either prolong the orgasm or make me go off again and she was right. I don’t know which it was but my pussy just convulsed over and over and over. I couldn’t get enough; but finally, it stopped.

“Oh, wow! I don’t think I ever…”, but my voice trailed away.

“Kelly, we’re not through yet, are we? I want to try one more thing,” said Felecia anxiously.

“Yes, I mean, I’m not through if you’re not,” the blonde replied. “What is it?”

“I wanna kiss pussies.” I knew Felecia so well by now and this was her favorite thing to do. She loved to get in the scissors position and rub clits together. She was multi-orgasmic in this position and I could hear it in her voice that she was still on fire; she was trembling with emotion and eagerness.

“Kiss pussies? What’s that?” Little did Kelly know.

“I’ll show you; lay back and prop yourself up on your elbows.” Kelly seemed just as eager and in no time Felecia had positioned herself.

I got up to watch and knelt down over their crotches to get a good view. When Kelly realized what was going to happen her eyes got really wide and as Felecia slowly slid her pussy into hers Kelly began again.

“Oh…my..goddd!” Felecia’s pussy ground into her, “Oooo…Oooo… Oo..hhh, my gawdddd!”

“Oh, yeah, this is it, isn’t it, Kel? I’m gonna fuck you good,” said Felecia, thrusting into her again. Soon they were both beside themselves, so wild. Felecia would bang their pussies together once or twice and then grind into her.

“Yes, Ooo…hhh, yes! Fuck me, FUCK ME, Oh, yeah,” Kelly repeated over and over between moans. I helped them along by grabbing Kelly’s tit with my right hand and Felecia’s with my left, pulling and tugging on their nipples. “Oh yeah! This is it,” shouted Kelly. “I’m gonna cum… I can’t hold it anymore! I’m cumming…I can’t stop it!”

“Go off, baby, go ahead…I’m almost there, too.” I knew she was because Felecia’s eyes were rolling into the back of her head. Yet she had the presence to grab Kelly’s thighs and push into her even more.

Kelly went off then; she shrieked one time and then pitched violently to the side releasing a torrent of built up lesbian tension. It was all too much for Felecia. Kelly’s voice must have pulled some trigger in her because she stiffened for several seconds and then a wave of massive contractions slammed into her too.

We made love in there for about 45 minutes and afterward I just sat there with my two lovers in awe. I rubbed their tummies and thighs while they calmed down and smiled. Are you like me, Nicole? Some people look at an episode like that and they think that nothing like it could ever happen again. I sat there thinking of the endless possibilities. Anyway, that’s my locker room story. I’ve never had sex in a locker room again but this was pretty memorable.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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