Let’s Make It Squirt!

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I had recently changed sales jobs and now had a territory that included the Houston area where my sister-in-law, Jean, along with her husband and daughter lived.

On my first trip down, Jean insisted that I stay at their house to be able to visit and save my company the cost of a hotel room. Besides, she said, her husband, who also is in sales, was out of town for several days.

Their teenage daughter worked after school and was also involved in a local theatre group, so Jean said I’d do her a favor by providing her with some companionship.

The first night I was there, we were sitting out on the patio by the pool in our swimsuits enjoying more wine after finishing a bottle with dinner, chatting about lots of things. After a while, it got around to our relationships with our spouses.

The frank person that she is, Jean was saying she enjoyed good sex with her husband, Danny, when he’s around.
Then she asked about her sister and me. We’d had a lot of wine by then and without thinking, I replied that Helen and I hadn’t made love in several years.

Jean’s eyes got wide and she said, “You mean nothing? Not even a blowjob or a handjob?”

Jean’s like that. Very direct and too the point. A very assertive personality.

My face reddening, I shook my head and admitted, “No nothing.”

“That cold bitch!” Jean said almost to herself, quietly.

I never heard ataşehir escort her say anything like that about her older sister so I was surprised.

“I bet you’re getting tired of whacking your own wiener, huh?” she asked finally. There was that directness again.

“Ah… yeah, but I don’t know if this is something we really should be discussing,” I said, embarrassed that I’d even let this bit of very personal information out.

“You poor baby! Well, you let Jean take care of things while you’re here. Now come over here and let’s make it squirt!” she said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me over by a huge clay pot with scraggly looking flowering plants in it.

Before I knew it, she’d pulled my swim trunks down to my knees and grasped my cock.

“Umm, it’s a nice one too!” she smiled as it stiffened from her soft hand stroking it.

“Jean, I don’t think…” I started to protest.

“Shush! You let me take care of this. This is a woman’s job. We know how to do this better than any man can do himself!”

With that, she spit on my cock to add to the slipperiness that my oozing pre-cum had already provided. Then she gripped my shaft firmly and began stroking in earnest, all the while murmuring, almost crooning softly too.
“Relax and let Jean take care of you.”

It was such a crazy, erotic situation, and her soft, warm hand felt so good that it didn’t take kadıköy escort very long before I could feel my balls begin to tingle. By then, I was lost in lust, thrusting my cock forcefully through her slippery hand, instinctively trying to achieve climax.

Jean was now almost cheering me on, encouraging me by quietly saying, “Go ahead and squirt for me now. Come on, be a good boy and squirt for me.”

I was almost delirious with pleasure. It was the first time in ages that a woman, or anyone other than myself, had touched my cock, and it was such a wonderful feeling!

“Cum for me, baby,” crooned Jean. “Come on and cum for me, now. Go ahead, fuck my hand!” she said as she tightened her fist a little and, sensing I was close, began pumping my cock faster and faster.

I couldn’t hold out any longer and dropped my head down to watch her hand moving quickly up and down my cock. I felt my balls tighten, quickly followed by the most pleasurable feeling I’d had in ages as my first load of cum rocketed up my shaft and spurted through the air into the flower pot.

“Ohh, yeah!” Jean moaned, almost sounding as though she was cumming too. “Squirt for me, baby! Come on and squirt for me!”

And squirt I did! Another long spurt of thick, creamy cum was coaxed from my throbbing cock by Jean’s deft hand and arched through the air, landing on the flowers in the pot. That bostancı escort bayan was followed by another as my knees started to weaken and I almost staggered.

“Come on, give me a couple more,” Jean wheedled. Her hand had slowed and was now gripping my stiff cock hard as she took long strokes from the base up, milking it for all it was worth.

With a soft grunt, I was able to give her one more long spurt and then the remaining cum oozed and dripped down onto the patio.

“That was good, sweetheart! Aren’t you happy you came down to see old Jeannie now?” she asked quietly as she let go of my cock and brought her hand up to her mouth. “Umm! Tasty, too!”

I was so wiped out that all I could do was stagger back a couple steps and plop back down in my chair, breathing as heavy as if I’d just run a mile.

After a couple minutes my breathing returned to normal and like a babbling fool all I could say to her was, “Thank-you, thank-you! That was so good! You didn’t need to do that, but God it felt good! Thank-you!”

Jean just smiled and said, “Glad I could be of assistance. At least you now know that both of us Kelly girls aren’t frigid. Any time you need that, I’m here for you.”

The next night, her daughter was home, so we didn’t repeat the deed. We just sat around and caught up on family talk.
I flew out the day after, but when she called our house a week or so later to talk with her sister she asked to talk with me a moment and said, “You know that plant in the pot on the patio? Well, it’s doing really well. Thanks for fertilizing it!” and laughed.

I’m looking forward to visiting Houston again… soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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