Learning to Improvise

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Stacey sat back reclined in the uncomfortable chair outside his office, looking at partial reflection in the trophy case across from her. She made a few last minute adjustments: She hiked up her plaid skirt another inch and a half so that when her legs weren’t closed tightly he’d see her black lacy panties. Next she undid the middle button over her chest so that every time she inhaled deeply he would see her perfect breasts floating in her black push-up bra. She adjusted the hot pink hair binders tighter so that both her pigtails were as long as they could be. She pulled up her knee high stockings that had spilt down to her ankles and lastly she reapplied the blood red lipstick, puckering up her perfect lips and then firmly pressing them together.

“Men.”, she thought to herself as the final adjustments were made and she knew she was ready. They were all so predictable, it was really sad actually. In her opinion a man only wants three things: 1. Tits 2. Ass (and if that wasn’t available, pussy will do) 3. He wants them on a 14-16 year old girl. She herself was only 17, but without a little prep work the whole illusion was lost and that made her job that much harder. Luckily for her, her mother had enrolled her in a small town Catholic school and the whole 14 year old girl fantasy was even easier to pull off.

Stacey was a very pretty girl…not movie star gorgeous mind you, but she knew that didn’t matter much. It was all about the look and the attitude, and she had both. Lots of girls in the school had the look. They had nice tits and great bodies. But they almost never had the attitude. The attitude wasn’t, “Oh, I want you so bad…please come fuck me!” It was, “Yeah I know you want me…why should I let you?” Its not that a man wouldn’t take sex from a slutty girl, it was that the girl in charge was sexier.

The janitor was a few feet away from her taking way too long to sweep up the hallway, so Stacey decided to see if she had nailed the look. She turned her body slightly toward him and put on an innocent, young smile. He started to check her out. Years ago it had surprised her, but now she knew how it worked when a man was checking her out. It started out at the top and worked its way down. She would have thought it the other way, but experience had taught her otherwise. The janitor looked with glassy eyes at her brown pigtails and followed them down her face to her ruby red lips. She saw the bulge begin to form in his pants.

He continued to follow the natural line down to her loose button and lingered for a moment as he watched her breasts heave up and down with a breath or two. Then his eyes slid down her body to the edge of her skirt, now barely half an inch over the point of her crotch. She slightly opened her legs and he peered at her lacey black panties and she saw the bulge practically rip through his pants. She quickly returned to her original position, satisfied that she had accomplished her goal…as the janitor picked up his wet floor sign and went hastily into the men’s room.

The door to his office opened and out stepped Sarah “the toad” Grundlemen, her tutoring session finally over. Sarah looked out raged at the sex appeal that Stacey had brought to the school uniform, but was too afraid to say anything and instead scuttled off to do whatever ugly fat girls did. Stacey stood up and walked into his office, pulling the door shut tightly behind her.


Despite her young age, Stacey had seduced men many times. She knew what she wanted and knew exactly how to get it. It was a process really. The first step was to find that look of desire, that look of lust in his eyes. Once you had that, the grunt work began. If you didn’t want to end up tied up, bent over a desk with some dirty old man’s dick 4 inches deep in your ass you had to learn what kind of pervert you were dealing with.

Once Stacey had gotten “the look” from him, she started the “research” phase. She showed the overnight janitor her tits and he let her into his office. She had checked his computer and there was no crazy porn or sick-o stuff on it…just your standard dirty old man porn. Getting into his house wasn’t hard either. He wasn’t married and liked to stop for a drink or two (or ten) most nights, so she just beat him home and went in the back door. One of the few benefits of living in a small town was that everybody trusts everybody, so nobody locks their doors. In his house, it was basically the same. No sick-o stuff or anything violent. Just your run of the mill Playboy mags and a few porno DVD’s hidden in the standard “man” collection of action flicks.

Once she knew she wasn’t dealing with a real freak she moved into the motivation phase. What did she want? This time that was easy. Her mother had told her a few months ago that if she got held back, she was out of the house. To Stacey’s credit, she thought, she’d actually managed not to fail any classes—except his. Who cares about U.S. history anyway? Its simple, get in there, give him a hand job or MAYBE illegal bahis a blowjob and then get out with written proof of a passing grade.

The planning phase was easy. She was, believe it or not, honest. She emailed him and made an appointment to talk to him about her grade and was now at the final stage of the seduction: The sex act.


Stacey couldn’t help but have a devilish little smile on her face as she stood in front of his office door, as the light shining through the frosted glass gave off a soft white glow around her body. She looked HOT. And she knew it. What’s more is she knew this was exactly what he was into. She had seen his computer porn stash and his DVD’s and he was into young girls and especially school girls. That’s probably why the dirty old man came to work at the school in the first place.

Mr. Harken didn’t even look up as she entered the room and stood before him. “Miss Radcliff, welcome, please come in…” he sighed as he read some stupid history book on his desk. “I was surprised when I got your email about your grade, I didn’t realize you paid attention enough to my class to know you weren’t passing.”

What an asshole, Stacey thought to herself as she took a seat in front of him. This was not going to plan already, but she would recover soon. She leaned forward and put her elbows closely together on the desk and folded her arms, pressing her breasts together and forcing her cleavage to push out the unbuttoned space in her pressed white shirt.

“Yeah, about that grade. Eric, I cant fail your class.”

“Perhaps if you had come to me before the last half of the forth quarter, I could have helped you. And Miss Radcliff, as I have told you before, call me Mr. Harken”

Stacey leaned back in her chair for a moment. What the hell was this crap? Normally by this point, her mark was staring at her tits with his tongue hanging out. He wasn’t gay…so what gives? She felt a tinge of desperation, and stood up and walked around the desk. She was now standing next to him very close, she could feel the warmth of his body. She placed a hand on his shoulder, and bent at the knees slightly so she could place the other on his thigh.

“There must be something we can do.”

She widened her eyes, and stared softly into his. For a moment, she was certain she saw comprehension slip onto his face.

“There’s really nothing…”

He paused and turned to look her in the eyes but became stuck at the two heaving breasts bursting out of the lacey black bra an inch and half from his face.

Stacey walked over to the door and locked it. She turned toward him and was confronted with the unexpected.


Eric Harken’s face wore a smug smile. What was that about? Usually this was the point in the seduction where the guy got all soft spoken and tried to deny that he wanted her. She always believed it was how these dirty old perverts rationalized that they were about to engage in a sex act with an underage girl. They must have thought to themselves, “I tried to tell her I wasn’t interested…but she threw herself at me!!” Stacey Ann Raddcliff had never thrown herself at any man. She simply manipulated the situation so that with a little work a compromise could be reached.

But now the man who was looking at her was not some scared little man too afraid to admit he wanted to fuck young girls; here was a man whose face said, “Oh my God, you pathetic child.”

“Stacey, you are wasting my time and yours. Get out of my office.”

Stacey stared at him for a moment, unable to control her rage. “What the fuck? I know this is what you are into you sick bastard!”

Now some annoyance crept across Mr. Harken’s face. “Miss Radcliff…”, in fact his whole tone had changed to one of annoyance. “That is quite enough. Please leave my office.” With that he stood up, took her by the arm and led her out the door and abruptly closed the door in her face.


Stacey stood staring at the office door. She felt angry with herself as her eyes began to swell ever so slightly with tears. “NO! This asshole is not worth crying over.”, she said to herself and wiped both her eyes with her sleeve.

Almost without thinking it through, she sat down at the chair outside his office door. Where the hell had she gone wrong? Countless times she had done this before, and not once had she left with anything less than exactly what she wanted. In most cases what she thought would carry a heavy price—like actually having sex with some dirty old pervert—was achieved for far less because she was good at what she did. Hell, one time she had gotten some loser to buy her a $2000 purse with his wife’s credit card…and all she had to do was unbutton her blouse and let him jerk off while he looked at her tits.

This time she had followed her proven method, and not only did she not get what the wanted, but the bastard made her feel like some stupid little girl. It was like he got off just by making her look stupid…

Suddenly illegal bahis siteleri realization swept over her mind. That was it! Yeah she had seen him give her a look. But it wasn’t the look. When she had seen the look the first time form Harken, it was different. At the time she just dismissed it, but now it made sense. The look she usually got from men was, “Oh please let me have you!! I’ll do anything!!” But this look from Harken was much different. She pictured his eyes and the message they sent, “You’re nothing special girl…you give me what I want or you wont get shit.”

This was going to require a completely different approach—and she was afraid that for the first time she was not going to be the one in charge of the price to be paid.


Stacey got up with a start and moved quickly for the bathroom door. She opened the door to the handy-cap stall and locked the bolt behind her. This was going to take a little room. Her look right now was hot, that much was for sure, but the look she needed was desperate. She pulled out the hair binders that held her pigtails aloft and then frantically ran both her hands through her hair. It took a little work, but her normally perfect hair was wild and frazzled. She took out a plain white hair binder from her purse and pulled her hair into one loose, sloppy pony tail.

Next she washed the makeup from her face and smudged her mascara. She unbuttoned her shirt, took it off, and crinkled it up over and over in her hands. Satisfied it was wrinkled up enough she put it back on. She pulled her skirt off and her panties. She rummaged through her backpack and pulled out the plain white pair she wore for Gym class. She pulled the panties on and then her skirt, this time making no effort to hike it up any higher then it naturally set. She pulled off the knee highs and her sexy shoes, deciding instead to wear her old pink Gym shoes without any socks.

Stacey had walked into the stall a teenage vixen and stepped out a teenage girl with a broken spirit. Well, at least that was the way she looked anyway. In fact, her spirit was renewed and she was sharp and ready for the game again. She only needed on last touch. She wet her hands under a faucet and gently splashed the dirty water onto her clean, although wrinkled, white shirt. Now she looked like a girl who had run home and cried her eyes out for an hour. This was what the bastard wanted—a sad, scared little girl who would let him have his way. What exactly his “way” was still concerned her, but now was not a time for cold feet. She glanced at her watch and it was only 3:15pm. Harken would be here until at least 5pm, so she just had to wait a little while and then she could try again. She was certain that for this pervert, the look wasn’t enough. He had to believe that she really had ran home and cried—and was only back out of desperation.


At 4:45 a totally transformed Stacey walked up to the door of his office and timidly wrapped on the door. She heard a sigh of frustration form within and then, “Come in, please.” Stacey walked in silently and softly shut the door. As her face was away from his she widened her eyes to appear younger and forced out some tears to solidify the desperation she was attempting to convey. She turned to Harken and softly as a whisper she begged, “Please Mr. Harken…I cant fail your class. My mom will throw me out!”

Desire flooded into his facial expression as he took in this new appearance. She was a young, frightened girl and he wanted her—BAD! Stacey had to force the desire to smile deep down inside her mind so she wouldn’t loose the ground she had gained. “Mr. Harken, I know there isn’t enough time for you to tutor me and help me get a better grade. But I’ll do anything…you’ve got to help me.”

Stacey walked across the room as he stared silently at her body. He was soaking in every inch of her, form head to toe. She saw that the bulge had begun to form in the crotch of his pants and she knew she was succeeding. “I don’t have a lot of experience…” she lied expertly, “but I’ll do what ever you want.” Stacey forced out more tears, made an audible gulp and then thrust her hand down his pants and took hold of his cock.

She couldn’t see it yet, but she could tell it was large. She softly stroked the shaft as she loosened his belt with her other hand. As soon as she loosed the buckle his pants dropped to the floor, leaving his half hard cock poking out of his black boxers exposed. Stacey expertly slid her hand up his shaft and began to work the head of his cock with the palm of her hand. Almost instantly he went from half hard to a rod of steel. She could feel his pre-cum lubricating her hand as she worked at the head of his cock and the upper shaft. Stacey looked up at him with her widened, moist eyes and said with her best naughty girl voice, “Tell what you want, Eric.”


He ran his hand down the back of her head and around to the front of her shirt. His finger tips lingered at the water marks that appeared canlı bahis siteleri to be tears but eventually they made their way to the buttons. With one brisk downward ripping motion he tore open her shirt, exposing her perfect perky breasts and soft black push-up bra. For a moment Stacey worried that she had forgotten to change it, but Harken simply moved for the front clasp of the bra and popped it open.

His hands rubbed over both her breasts, cupping their fullness as he teased her nipples with his thumbs. With one quick motion both his hands slid the bra of her shoulders and then released it to fall to the floor—it no longer did him any good. Next his hands ran down the small of her back and then around to the front of her waist where they found the zipper of the skirt buried in a clump of fabric. Again with one brisk movement his hands pulled the zipper straight down, the skirt now loosed fell to the floor around Stacey’s feet.

Stacey’s hand was still expertly working the head of his cock, every so often switching to slow and long strokes up and down the entire shaft. She was beginning to get wet herself—although not because she was horny, more because her body was excepting an unavoidable biological fact: sex when your pussy is dry hurts! She was amazed at his self control though, most of her other marks would already have came in her hand already. She was about to finish the job with some fast and furious stroking when his hand pulled her face up to look at his, “Suck my cock you little whore…now!”


Stacey got down to her knees and was about to put his manhood into her mouth when she paused for a moment. She had to keep up the game or he would loose interest and she would never get what she wanted. Stacey looked up his body into his eyes and then switching to her frightened little girl voice she whispered, “I’ve never done this before…please…I’m scared.” She held the shaft of his cock in her hands and felt it get even harder—her ploy had worked. His hands ran around to the back of her head and he firmly forced her mouth around his cock. She could feel his firmness increase with each inch he forced himself into her mouth. Once his head was at the back of her throat he stopped pushing her head and relaxed. He lowered himself into his chair and seemed content to watch the show for a moment.

Stacey was an expert cock sucker, there was no doubt about it. And frankly she was getting board of this anyway so she figured it was about time to get the job over with before things went any further. When sucking cock, it was, like most everything else with cocks, all about the head. She slid the shaft out of her throat and was almost all the way off, but then she began to work the head of his cock with her tongue. She swirled her tongue all around the head, spending most of her time on the bottom half of his head but mixing in the top half a little as well. She could feel his muscles tense and knew it was almost over.

Stacey had prepared herself to take in his load but he quickly pulled her off. She looked up into his eyes and had to quickly hide her annoyance with the fact that he clearly intended to drag the process out. Harken reached down with his hands and put one at each side of her hips. Then with surprising strength he lifted Stacey up and set her lying on his desk, spread eagle. Stacey fully expected to feel his rock hard cock penetrate into her pussy, but instead he calmly stated, “Now its your turn you whore!”

Harken buried his face deep into her crotch. First he made broad licking motions up and down her soft, smoothly shaven pussy to wet the outer lips. Once that was done he thrust his tongue deep into her pussy and began a short search for her clit. Once he had found it he began working at it gently but vigorously with his tongue. He slid his hands up her abdomen and around her breasts, massaging them firmly and pulling at her nipples intermittently. Stacey began to feel the warm fuzzy waves of orgasm start to make their way out from her crotch and up to the rest of her body. It took all she had to master the feeling and continue to play the game.

“Please Mr. Harken…Please Eric, stop! I cant! Please stop!” she moaned as his tongue furiously worked at her clit.

Stacey felt only mere seconds away from blissful orgasm when he pulled his face away from her crotch and stood up, his eyes quickly jutting up and down her body. He was clearly pleased how close to the edge he had brought her, and Stacey was certain that he had mistaken shakes of near ecstasy for those of fear. He was pleased. Stacey forced her mind to take control of her body and quickly drummed up some crocodile tears.

“Please Mr. Harken, no more! Please! I’ve never done this before…I wasn’t ready! Please stop!” she lied with a soft whisper. In reality she had almost came harder then she ever had before, but that couldn’t shine through now. She had to keep playing the game.


Harken had an evil smile of his face and he lifted both her legs into the air with his hands, holding them in a v shape with her ankles 12 inches from either side of his face. He rested her ankles on his shoulders and reached down with this hands, grasping both sides of her hips and pulling her crotch to the edge of the desk.

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