Leafy Suburbs Ch. 03: Play Doctor

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Nikhil may have been intensely aroused by his mom’s houseguests but he wasn’t sleepy yet.

When he heard the lights getting switched off downstairs he leapt up silently to completely shut his bedroom door. He shut it, but he heard his mom coming up the stairs. Within seconds here she was.


She knocked a couple of times with a fingernail, and spoke softly, even though they were the only ones home.



“Still up? I thought you were asleep by now.”

“I’m going to bed now.”

“Are you all right?”

“Yeah I’m fine.” He took a couple of seconds too long to answer.

“Are you sure?”


Now she felt vaguely curious. “May I come in?”

“Not sure.”

“Not sure?!”

Now she was afraid he was sick or something. She tried the knob, turned it, just cracked the door open slowly.

There stood Nick behind the door, shyly hiding, so that she saw less than one half of him. It seemed to her in the tipsy dark that he was wearing a tee shirt, a bashful expression and nothing else.

“Changing for bed?”

“Yeah. Eventually.”

Now she was vaguely amused. “Eventually?”

“Need to take care of some business first.”

Her face showed curiosity and she gently pressed his bedroom door open a little more. She gasped softly to see his hardness.

“Oh! I’m so sorry, it looks like…”

He only shrugged a little, still bashful. “Kind of.”

“Aww. I’m so sorry…” She crossed her arms and smiled hard trying not to stare.

He shrugged. She noticed that his balls had pulled up tighter under him and the hood was starting to pull back over the swollen head.

“Well that’s okay. I’m sorry to intrude.”

He stood there with his own arms crossed too. “It’s okay. You’ve seen me before,” he said. He meant she’s seen him naked before. She had.

“I have,” she said. “It’s looking very good there.”

As she uncrossed one arm and with her nails and fingertips slowly caressed the outside of his hip at the height of his arousal, she said, “I’m going to bed. You can do it and finish and get to bed yourself,” she instructed. Then she smiled. “What brought this on? Any lady in particular? Hannah?”

Hannah was a neighborhood girl who also now attended the community college. She had a sweet personality and a plain face and a curvy body beneath the jeans and hoodie and ponytail.

“Mmm, nah. I like her, but…”

Still caressing him: “Ohh. Were you thinking of Kayla?”

A scholarly black girl, Kayla also attended the community college. Like his mom, Kayla looked good in leggings. His mom must have noticed this too.

“Nah, not her…”

“Mmmm,” she said softly. Then asked in a breathy voice, “Just need some release then? That’s all right.” She smiled sympathetically.

She caught herself thinking of Madan, and the last time she had aroused him. The young guy’s erection wasn’t as great as his dad’s, she felt but did not say, but it did please her that it looked healthy and eager.

“Melessee,” he said plainly.

Even after a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, Priya’s eyes widened with surprise, and for a while after she wished they hadn’t.

“Professor Mulunesh?” she asked.

“Yeah. She said I should call her Melessee.”

Priya’s eyebrows knit as she tried to recall Nikhil coming downstairs even once during the party. “She said that? When did she say that?”

“Earlier,” he said, his hard slowly going soft.

“But you were up here the whole time, right?”

“Yes. Studying,” he added, in case this was a trap to see if he was watching TV.

“Oh, she must have come up here when the powder room was taken,” Priya said to herself.

Nick nodded.

“Well that’s fine. I hope you gave her some privacy and didn’t try to hang out with her.”

Nick laughed once at the idea and it made Priya smile. “I mean,” Priya said, “it’s one thing to hang out with me when I’m in there, but…” Nick returned her smiled at this.

“Melessee,” Priya said to nobody, like the English Department professor’s name was a statement. She smiled a little. “That’s sweet,” she said. “She is beautiful, isn’t she.”

“Yeah,” said Nick, smiling, and having returned to complete softness. “She is.”

“Well I’m off to bed,” she said, standing up straight again, “but you enjoy, sweetheart,” as she hugged him around his shoulders and kissed him twice, first on the lips then on one cheek, then gave his face a little squeeze.

“Seeing you like that is kind of making me miss your dad,” she said, half to herself and halfway out his door.

“Geez, Mom,” he cringed. She laughed as she shut his door completely.

Nick was just stretching out in bed when she knocked again.

“Hang on a sec,” he yelled, getting up.

Since there was nothing to hide he opened the door again. She stood there with a strange, knowing smile as she presented him with a large gently-wadded ball of bathroom tissue.

“Thank you,” he said flatly, as he accepted the tissue before closing the door again.

On her walk through the dark upstairs illegal bahis corridor to her bedroom, Priya made a mental note to buy a few items from the drugstore.

* * * * *

A couple of weeks later it was just after the lunch hour, and Priya, working from home, was on her way out to the office for a business-casual meeting. Nikhil was in his room, mostly getting a reading assignment done for class the next day. His TV was on in the background. His door was wide open. She knocked anyway. He looked to her.

“How’s it going? Studying?”


“I’m on my way to the office for our monthly meeting, but if you’re not too busy I’d like to take a quick look.”

“A quick look?”

She smiled. “Yes?”


She smiled hard.

“Oh, you want to examine me?” He noticed she was carrying both her purse and a plastic bag from a chain brand drugstore.

She only nodded, still smiling hard. He put the book down and got up from his desk.

She came all the way into his room, then shut his door, though they both knew nobody else was home. She took him by the hand and led him to his bed where she kept him standing while she sat on the edge and crossed her legs toward him, placing both her handbag and the plastic shopping bag next to her.

He played along. He was dressed in jogging pants and an unzipped hoodie over a white tee shirt. She wore a blouse and a scarf over black leggings, a good outfit for an afternoon meeting, her hair pinned up in a professional-looking bob.

Though she had somewhere to be this afternoon she was unhurried in unfastening his pants. With one smooth gentle motion she pulled down both his pants and the store brand briefs she bought him.

Though he was doing nothing more exciting than tomorrow’s required reading, his sex was semi-erect. This surprised the guy but not the woman. “Here,” she said, “step out of them.” He stepped out of his bunched-up underwear and pants and swept the bunch aside with one foot.

With her left hand on his right hip and her right fingertips and nails gently caressing his right hip, her own hair pinned up neatly and professionally, she looked up into his face and asked permission to touch him.

“I’m going to touch you, is that all right?”

He shrugged. “Sure, I guess?”

She asked for clear affirmation: “Yes?”

He shrugged again but said, “Okay. Yes.”

Priya kept her left hand steady on his right hip and with the fingers of her right hand gently but deliberately first gently raked thru his sparse thatch of hair a few times.

“Should I shave that?” he said.

“No need,” she said flatly, almost expecting the question.

One by one she examined each of his balls, giving each a gentle squeeze followed by a gentle tug.

“Does that hurt?” she asked.

“Not really,” he said. “Not if you’re doing it.”

Using just the tips of her fingers and thumb reached up, deep around the base of his shaft, and milked him slowly and thoroughly from base to crown.

He groaned a little and softly said, “Careful, you’re making me pee a little.”

She didn’t respond to this. Then slowly and gently she pulled the skin back, revealing the head was glossy and wet. Whether from comfort or arousal, he began to grow hard.

“Ugh, sorry,” he said.

“It’s just fine, sweetheart,” his mom assured him. “It’s a good thing.”

“Did you masturbate lately?” she asked nicely.

He shrugged. “A couple of days ago, I guess?” he said.

Not only did her gentle caresses easily coax an arousal out of him but she thought she could smell the semen he was aching to express. At eye level she could watch his erection throb with his heartbeat.

“Looks like you’re just about due, poor guy.” They both smiled.

“Sit down here,” she said softly, patting a space next to her on the bed. Now dressed only in a white tee shirt and his hoodie he sat down, his sex now aroused and needing relief.

“I bought you some things,” she said, reaching for the plastic bag from a chain drug store.

She pulled out a small bottle of unscented plain white Serin brand lotion. The bottle had on its label a picture of a yellow finch. While he looked it over she pulled out an expensive looking bottle of coconut oil. It looked like a bottle of clear hand sanitizing liquid. He looked this over too.

“So, these are two different things you can use,” she taught.

He nodded.

“They’re all yours,” she continued. “I don’t need them back. If one of them isn’t feeling good to use, then just toss it in the trash. But they shouldn’t. Let me know sometime which on you like better.”

Next she pulled from the bag a box of store brand white tissues. “You should always try to wash your hands first, before you start doing it,” she said. “And of course afterwards too.”

She picked up the box of tissues and shook them as she said, “Have tissues nearby to clean up as you finish. You can flush them in the toilet, or, you know, conserve a lot of water and just leave the used tissues in the wastebasket. I’m the only one who collects the trash from illegal bahis siteleri your bathroom, so don’t worry.”

“How do I look?” the guy asked his mom, catching her by surprise with his vulnerability.

“What do you mean, babe?”

“I mean, does everything look okay there?”

“Well I know I’m not a doctor, or a nurse, but everything looks fine.”

“Good,” he said, relieved. “That’s all I wanted to know.”

“Aww,” she said, and putting both arms around his neck, pulled him close and kissed his cheek.

“Beautiful shapes there. Like your dad’s.”

This was meant as a compliment but made him cringe. “Mom. Please.”

“Well it’s true. Your penis and your testes. Healthy and good.”

“Okay thank you, but, seriously, stop.”

She benignly ignored his pleas, and now sounded like she was talking to herself. “I may have had some differences with your dad, she said, but I looked forward to going to bed together at night.”

“Can I see how you touch?” she asked.

“Sure, I guess, if you don’t mind?”

“I don’t mind,” she assured him. “Lean back comfortably,” she said softly, this time patting an area on the bed behind him.

He leaned back on the elbow of the hand he wasn’t using. “Just do it like normal?” he asked. She nodded.

He gripped himself and began stroking. “Kinda lost the erection,” he said.

“That’s okay, she assured him,”it will come back.

He gripped his shaft loosely between his thumb and first two fingers and stroked slowly. “It’s weird with you watching,” he smiled to admit.

His sweetness made her smile too. She grasped and slowly moved his bangs out of his eyes.

“It’s okay darling,” she said very softly. “You’re safe with me. Right?”

He didn’t look up but he nodded.

“You’re safest with me.” Still talking very softly, almost whispering. “And this is your private bedroom. I want everything good for you. I know you get strong feelings there, and those are healthy and good, and Mama wants you to enjoy them.”

He met her glance and held it for a couple of seconds and stayed silent. He closed his eyes and smiled shyly.

She smiled too, and gave him another kiss, this time on the forehead she just swept of his bangs.

“What are you thinking of?” she asked.

“Nothing,” he said. She thought that may have been unlikely but was sweetly polite.

“It’s okay to think about different people,” she assured him. “You don’t have to tell them. It’s okay to think about… say, a romantic date with Kayla, or with Hannah…”

He wondered what she meant by a romantic date. What he did say was: “I’m going to think about Professor Melessee.”

He was still touching himself slowly, but at the mention of her name, both of them noticed that his erection began to return.

“Oh wow,” Priya said, “that’s great. You’re feeling her. She’s a beautiful woman all right. Did you know her husband is from India?” she asked.

“He is?” he asked in return. “Didn’t know that.”

Following her guidance, he stroked normally, not slow but not fast.

“Mmmm,” she said in a soft low voice, “now how does that feel?”

“Good,” he said, his own voice now tense.

“Good,” she affirmed. “Mmm, there, now you’re getting hard again, that’s nice. Thinking of Melessee? Hmm?”


“Thinking of kissing her?”


“Thinking of being her husband and taking her to bed at night?”


She was enjoying sweetly tormenting him. There was a reason she wanted him as erect as possible.

She said nothing about it but noticed he was gripping his penis harder and stroking a little faster.

“Thinking of Sweet Melessee? Hm?”

“Yeah I am… Thinking of her pretty dress.”

“Aww, that’s nice… Thinking of of her sitting on your toilet?” she teased.

“Yeah,” he managed, “thinking of Ani on my toilet too.”


“And you too.”

“Ooh, on your toilet you mean?”


“You like to see me there?”

Suddenly he stopped, pulled his hand away, used both elbows to prop himself up, and winced as though in pain. His penis throbbed as though it was angry. She watched this and thought, this is it, he’s gonna finish. But he didn’t.

“Doing okay?”

“Yes,” he said breathily. “You said to try and stop when I felt I was about to finish.”

“Oh! Is that what just happened?”


“Good for you,” she said in a low voice. “Good for you… It’s okay if you need to finish…”

He let his heartbeat and breathing calm down again. “Do you tell Dad to do all this too?” he asked, then as soon as he said that, he added: “Never mind, I don’t want to know.”

There was a lot of sweet smiling going on this afternoon, and here was more. For a few seconds she thought about how to answer.

“Well, your dad and I keep our marriage to ourselves. There’s no need to bother you and your sister with it, right?”

He shrugged, but his face said please go on.

“But he’s a considerate dad to you, right?”


“So when we’re together, he’s a considerate partner canlı bahis siteleri to me. Make sense?”

“I guess so,” he said, and left it there, though he wanted to ask her why they were separated, if all this was true.

For now that’s all she told him, as vague as possible, but a part of her really wanted to use this teachable moment and nurture this growing future husband by also telling Nikhil that as she and his dad grew together in the marriage, he became as patient and practiced at controlling his release, all through their lovemaking sessions, so that when he did finally need to finish, it was after a few stops and then only with her awareness, so they both enjoyed both the intensified pleasure of his release and the resulting volume of his fluid, whether he provided her his fluid deep inside her, or on her breasts. But now was not the time for that talk. Not least of all because she had a meeting to get to before traffic became difficult on 695.

She sensed he was getting farther along in his masturbation session, and there was one other lesson she wanted to fit in to this teachable moment. As he watched, she reached behind him for the drugstore’s plastic shopping bag and removed its last item, a small box.

“Condoms,” he said.

“Let’s make sure you’re doing it right. This is the best time to practice. If these run out then I keep some in a glass jar on my nightstand, and I think there’s a box on my toilet. I’ll understand if some are missing. I won’t ask.”

He wouldn’t think to ask her until much later why she would need condoms if she and his dad were separated.

She pulled one of the foil squares out of the box. “These are new. I just bought them. But always first check the date. See?”

She showed him the date stamp. He nodded.

“Then squeeze it gently to one side of the packet, like this.”

He nodded.

“Then carefully open it, like this. Don’t use your teeth, and watch that you don’t cut it with your fingernails.”

He watched her do this all as she narrated it.

With the tips of her thumb and index finger she carefully slid the neutral colored condom out of its wrapper. He didn’t comment about it but he did notice the expertise with which she did all this, like she had done many times before.

His mom looked at him. “Would you like to try? Or would you like me to show you?”

“You show me, please,” he said.

Still sitting upright with her legs crossed toward him, she leaned over him and took on a look of concentration on a task. “Just hold the penis still, and pull the skin back over the head… There, good. Just like that.”

With the same finger and thumb she pinched the air out of the tip and placed it gently like a crown, then held it there. With the fingers of her other hand she unrolled it, smoothly, all the way down to the thatch of young hair she told him not to bother removing. Then she sat up straight, looking pleased, her hands clasped together. He gazed in wonder at this.

“So after I leave,” she said, “go ahead and experiment with the lotions I got you.” She went on: “And sweetheart, after you finish, hold the base of the penis with one hand and pull it off slowly, from the base.” As she said this she mimed the action and speed. “And wrap it in toilet paper and put it in the plastic trash liner. Same deal: I empty your trash and I won’t mind.” And after a second she added one important thing: “And also never flush it. Or you’ll have to mow lawns this summer to pay for the plumbing bill.”

She looked at him and smiled. He smiled shyly back, in spite of his excited condition.

“Never worn a condom before,” he said. “I mean, why would I.” It was a statement, not a question. “How does it look?” he asked her.

“You look just fine. How do you think you look?” He looked down at himself for a few seconds.

“It looks a little silly,” he replied honestly.

“Silly, huh?” she said. “Maybe at first, but you will be glad you have it when you learn about the heartache you’ll avoid. To say nothing about the respect she will give you.” And now she leaned over and caressed his far hip with her fingertips. “You look like a considerate husband or partner,” she decided.

“Cool,” he said.

“The condom protects you and her, but it also helps keep you hard. It also helps you keep from finishing too soon,” she added. “Well that’s good,” he said, his voice a little tense, almost fearful. “I think I’m gonna need to finish soon…”

She leaned over him, closed her eyes and gave him a chaste lingering kiss on the lips. “Mmmm, good, just let it happen, sweet boy,” she said in the softer voice, her face hovering over his. “Practice taking it slow.” She checked her watch. “Okay, I need to get going.”

It was an afternoon of sweet smiles and smooth motions and in one of those smooth motions she gathered up all the trash, put it in the plastic shopping bag and took it with her. She walked into the main bathroom and he heard the water run as she washed her hands. She emerged, gave him one of those sweet smiles and reminded him to finish his studying before it got late.

She kept talking as she strode down the stairs. “Don’t spoil your appetite,” she called. “I’ll bring dinner on my way home. Your dad is back in town, you know. Maybe if you’re lucky he’ll introduce you to Mina,” he heard her say.

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