Korean Affair Ch. 02

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Booty Shake

Just after dawn, Ji Yong quietly crept back into his apartment, careful to not wake his wife and children. He silently undressed and slipped into bed beside his sleeping wife. His heart was beating so loudly he was sure it could be heard in the silent apartment. His wife shifted slightly as the bed took his weight, but she didn’t wake.

Ji Yong lay staring at the ceiling. He should be exhausted, he hadn’t slept in almost a day, but his body was filled with nervous energy. For the first time since his wedding 20 years ago, he had been unfaithful to his wife.

He replayed the night over in his mind again and again, even now convinced it hadn’t just been a fantasy. Meeting Kate, a 25 year old blond british woman seemed too good to be true, but it was real. She had left her marks on him, her fingernails scratching his back as he had brought her to orgasm in their hotel room just hours ago. They had separated after a long night and a quick shower. He wondered if she would keep their date to meet up near his office at lunch.

His energy finally drained, he fell asleep for an hour before his wife’s alarm clock woke him up.

“You’re here.” She asked. “What time did you get home?”

Ji Yong tried to act normally “A few hours ago. You and the girls were already in bed.”

“Your boss has been giving you too much work lately. We hardly see you.”

“There have been cutbacks. We all have to cover more work or we could lose our jobs too.” He got out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. An hour of sleep was not enough, but at least it was something. He stretched in front of the mirror. Rarely used muscles were protesting his abuse of them last night. His night with Kate showed without a doubt that he was out of practice with sex.

Standing naked in front of the mirror, he tried to see himself through Kate’s eyes. He was 42, but still youthful looking, no wrinkles or lines on his face. Though his belly had gotten a little bigger as he had aged, it wasn’t large, just lacking definition you see on K-pop idols everywhere. He had always been in shape, he enjoyed running regularly, but with little motivation from his wife, he had become indifferent to his physique. He had a feeling that would change if Kate stayed around.

He lathered up soap and washed from head to toe, erasing any trace of scent Kate may have left on his body, but also making sure he was ready for their noon meeting. He paid extra attention to his groin, washing his pubic hair thoroughly. His penis was still sensitive from all of the attention it had received last night. His balls felt a little deflated, which wasn’t surprising considering how many times Kate had milked them of his cum. He felt a tingle as he remembered that he would be meeting her in just a few hours…if she showed up.

Putting aside his hopes for later, he hurried through his morning routine. Rushing to send their two daughters off to school, his wife Mi Ra paid no attention to him. As usual, he only existed in the periphery of her world, one of the lower items on her list of priorities. He didn’t even need to worry that she might catch him hiding his guilty conscience.

With a kiss on the cheek, his wife sent him off to work none the wiser that her husband had been unfaithful to her.

The monotony of his desk job ate up the hours quickly. He kept checking his watch and his heart jumped each time he noticed the hands closer and closer to noon. He had conflicting emotions. Coupled with the excitement that he might soon be having another romp with Kate, he was fighting a guilty conscience that it would no longer be a one night mistake.

The increasing güvenilir bahis chatter of his coworkers readying for lunch increased his anxiety levels. He managed to evade their invitations to eat together by vaguely mentioning ‘plans he had forgotten.’ Kate should be waiting for him outside his office building…if she decided to keep their appointment.

As he rode down the elevator, surrounded by his coworkers, he couldn’t help but feel a tingle of excitement. Would she show up? Was she regretting sleeping with a married man now that she’d had time to think about it?

The doors to the elevator swished open and he tried to see around his exiting coworkers, looking for Kate’s blond hair amongst the sea of black. As he felt the doors of the elevator swish closed behind him, he saw Kate’s tall form near the entrance, casually framed in the sunlit windows. Her hair glowing like a halo around her, many of his coworkers stopped to stare in shock.

A playful smile tugged at Kate’s lips as she caught sight of him. She tilted her head to the side in a silent question of ‘Do you want to get out of here?’ The locked eyes with her and nodded. She pushed away from the window, his eyes as well as at least 20 of his male coworkers followed her curvy figure slip out of the doors and onto the sunny street.

Ji Yong quickly pushed through his frozen co-workers and followed after Kate. He didn’t want to lose her, but he couldn’t stay too close behind her either. After a couple of blocks, he felt it was safe enough for them to walk together.

“I wasn’t sure you would come.” He said quietly.

“There was never a question in my mind. I was worried your conscience would eat away at you.”

He took a deep breath. “I do feel guilty. I’ve never been unfaithful. I love my wife, but I can’t keep being her roommate. I’ve suppressed my desires for too long.”

They had reached one of the many brightly lit hotels near the subway station. He timidly motioned for her to go up the stairs ahead of him, but she grabbed his hand and pulled him with her. A room key passed by an anonymous person through the slot and they were on their way upstairs for the second time in 12 hours.

This time, Ji Yong didn’t need Kate’s persuasive seduction methods to convince him onto the bed, he was more than a willing victim. Today she was wearing a fluttery mini skirt and a tight top that accentuated her breasts yet hid them from view. His traced her leg feeling from her knee to her thigh, caressing her smooth skin. His fingers disappeared under the hem of her skirt and his hand cupped her generous backside.

For a moment he thought she wasn’t wearing underwear again today, something quite risky given her thin skirt and the gusty winds, but then his finger encountered a thin strip of fabric. She was wearing a thong. He had never seen a woman in a thong, his wife refused to wear anything so impractical. He groaned into her mouth and kissed her deeper, his tongue massaging hers.

With a powerful nudge, he flipped her onto her back and straddled her legs. He could see her nipples clearly beneath her tight top, she definitely wasn’t wearing a bra today. Over her clothes he kissed his way down. He pulled at her nipples with his teeth, creating wet spots on her shirt that cooled and caused her nipples to harden even more. Pulling her top from her skirt, he exposed a sliver of her toned stomach to his kisses.

He pulled up her skirt, bunching it around her hips and exposed the delicate black lace thong she was wearing. It cupped her hairless mound, her pale skin peeking through its pattern. As his mouth moved down over the lace, he could türkçe bahis feel her heat through the fabric. He pulled the strip between her legs aside and she was exposed to him. His mouth quickly found her clit and a few lick with his tongue soon made it swell and harden. He sucked it into his mouth and delicately rubbed it between his teeth. Kate began to moan and her hips moved up to meet his mouth.

Ji Yong’s tongue lapped at her delicate folds, drawing her honey out of their depths. Her fingers locked in his hair, manoeuvring his head where she wanted his touch most. He felt a gush of her juice escape her and her body tighten as he brought her to climax.

He started to remove his own clothing as he kissed her still quivering thighs. He slipped her skirt and panties off her hips, leaving her naked from the waist down. Kneeling between her splayed thighs, he positioned himself to enter her. His cock had been hard since he saw her waiting for him in the lobby.

A few strokes of his cock released a bead of precum and he rubbed it onto her clit, claiming it as his. Running the head of his cock up and down her slit coated it in her abundant juice, he’d never seen a woman become so wet.

He rested the tip of his cock against her pussy, letting it soak in her cream, teasing her with it. She moaned and moved her hips, trying to slide him inside her. He grabbed her hips and kept her still, taking control of her. He started pushing.

He watched as his engorged head pushed at her pussy lips, separating the delicate pink fold to make way for him. He saw his cock disappear inside her excruciatingly slowly, both of their fluids lubricating his way.

Once the head was nestled inside her folds, he stopped, feeling her warmth surrounding him. He used one thumb to slowly rub her clit, increasing the pressure as she bucked beneath him and threatened his self control. He slowly pressed more of his shaft into her, feeling her tight body stretching around him.

With three inches already buried in her pussy, he couldn’t wait longer, he forced the rest of his length into her young pussy with a single thrust. Kate let out a loud gasp as her body opened to accept him, his thumb still massaging her clit. Thrusting into her steadily, he felt his cock become coated in her cream, it spread down her slit and he could feel its stickiness when his balls slapped against her round ass.

From his position above her, he watched her breasts bouncing under her tight shirt, their nipples rasping against the delicate fabric with each of his thrusts. The sight was incredibly erotic, her breasts being hidden seemed even more of a turn on.

Kate started to whisper to him “Harder. Fuck me harder.” over and over. He pulled out of her and flipped her over, pulling her hips up while her shoulders still rested on the mattress. He lined his member back up with her dripping hole and slammed it home. Grabbing onto her hips, he took her from behind. Each time he drew out until he left her pussy open and empty, then slammed back in until he felt her pussy lips slide down to his base. His balls slapped against her hard clit and almost made her scream from pleasure.

Pumping into her, he felt his bare cock filling her pussy with precum. He leaned down and reached under her shirt, cupping her breasts. He held onto their exquisite flesh as they shook from the power of his fucking. His balls swelled as they prepared a load of cum for her.

Her pussy contracted around him, he felt it close in on his cock over and over. She was so tight when she clamped down on his head, he wasn’t sure he could move it.

Ji Yong’s balls began to tighten güvenilir bahis siteleri as he neared his peak. His thrusts grew wilder and faster. The sound of the bed creaking and slamming against the wall filled the room. His hands abandoned her breasts and gripped her hips, pulling her back onto his cock just when he pistoned into her. He could feel his cock hitting her cervix and he experienced an overwhelming urge to coat it in his cum,

With a final push he buried himself fully inside her, his head reaching and touching her cervix. The first blast of his cum released a flood of semen into her young, healthy body. He shot rope after rope inside of her warm pussy. As each spasm rocked his body, his fingers dug into her hips to hold her against him, he was sure she would have bruises later on.

He collapsed on top of her, the last of his strength leaving him as he filled her with his sperm. He let his cock soak in their cum until it softened enough to slip out on its own. Rolling onto his side, he couldn’t believe what he had just done.

At 42 years old he had experienced his first ever lunchtime quickie in a love hotel. What more is that is wasn’t with his wife. He looked at his cum slick cock. How was is possible that until a moment ago it had been inside the pussy of a blonde woman 20 years younger than him. It was a situation so far out of the realm of possibility he had never even entertained the fantasy of it.

Kate began to stir beside him, coming to her knees and looking at him in the eyes. “Mmmm. That felt lovely. I’ve never had that for lunch before.”

“Me neither.” He cleared his throat and watched her as she moved lower on the bed, travelling down his body. When she drew level with his groin she stopped.

Taking his now semi soft cock in her hand, she brought it to her mouth. He could see a bead of white cum that had collected in the hole, and she licked it out with the tip of her tongue. She drew the sensitive head inside her mouth and began to suck on it, cleaning it of their cum. His body shook as she cleaned his shaft with her mouth, even sucking each of his balls. If he hadn’t exhausted himself fucking so much in the past day, he would have cum again inside her mouth.

As she knelt over him, sucking on his sensitive cock, he could see his cum sliding out of her pussy. A long white trail of thick semen was slowly making its way down her leg and staining the sheet. It was an amazingly erotic sight.

“Don’t you…have to…get back…to work?” her sentence interrupted as she sucked his now limp cock. He managed to tear his gaze away from her blonde head that descending on his groin and looked at the beside clock. He had 20 minutes to get back to the office.

“I’ve got a bit of time.” He looked at her cum stained thighs, “We should probably grab a shower.”

The warm water washed over his back as Ji Yong cleaned Kate up. He used his finger to pull out as much of his cum from her pussy as possible, but even after a few minutes it still leaked a bit of his semen. For the first time, he thanked the owners of these types of hotels for providing everything you need after a quickie, including unscented soap to make sure you wouldn’t get caught by a nosey spouse.

Dressed again, they took the elevator down to the main floor. They dropped the key in a dish so they never had to see anyone, their affair was completely secret. Exiting into the cold December day, they prepared to part.

“So, tomorrow then?” He asked hopefully.

“Absolutely, but lets go somewhere more adventurous.” She winked and walked away from him, her heels clicking on the sidewalk and her pussy filled with his fresh sperm.


I hope you enjoyed Part 2. If you have an idea of what Ji Yong and Kate should get up to next, feel free to message me. If the response is good, I’ll work on Part 3. Thanks for reading! XOX

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