Special Weekend

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I’ve been going steady with Mike for yonks. We started dating in school and we both just seemed to click and stay with each other. I took it for granted that we’d get married sometime in the not too distant future.

When I say we’ve been going steady, I only mean dating. We’d never actually got around to doing more than kissing and a bit of light petting. First I was reluctant because I was underage and Mike accepted that. Reluctantly, but he accepted it.

After I turned eighteen he pushed a bit harder for a stronger commitment, shall we say. He almost pulled it off a couple of times, because I was starting to feel that way inclined myself. A couple of times I’m quite sure we would have reached the point of no return if it hadn’t been for Brian, Mike’s father. That man seemed to have a knack of knowing what was going on in our minds and circumventing it. Fine when we were younger, but now – a trifle annoying.

So when Mike mentioned a special weekend, free of parents, I knew just what he was getting at. I sorted of gulped and said I’m sure it will be a terrific weekend, or words to that effect, while inside I screamed and ran around in small circles.

It’s one thing to get carried away in the heat of the moment, and find it’s too late to back out, even if you want to. It just seemed a lot worse to be cold-bloodedly planning for a special weekend when his father’s away.

After that I tended to tune out whatever he was saying about the special weekend coming up. He referred to it several times over the next few weeks, coming on even stronger when we were dating, as though he couldn’t wait that long. The special weekend was scheduled to be the first weekend after the football finished. I assumed his father had a business trip lined up.

I was getting more and more nervous as the date approached but I think I hid it well. I didn’t want to spoil Mike’s anticipation of the coming event. Still, it seemed to me that time was galloping past. Then it was the Thursday leading up to the weekend. Mike was practically doing handstands and I was sweating blood, nervous as a kitten at a Rottweiler convention.

I’d gathered that his father was going by bus with a group. Mike asked me to come around to his place at five and go with him to the bus. Unsaid was the fact that he would want me to come back to the house afterwards to start the weekend.

Dutifully I fronted up to his place at five the next afternoon. I had a suitcase in the boot of my car and I’d told my parents I’d be visiting a friend for the weekend. When I got to Mike’s I saw that his father’s car had a suitcase already stowed in the back. That surprised me, that Brian would let Mike drive his pride and joy to the bus depot.

Brian drove to the depot while I sat in the back with Mike. That figured. I suppose Mike driving it home from the depot was all that Brian’s nerves would handle, and that because he wouldn’t actually see it. Mike mentioned a couple of times about how much fun the weekend was going to be. I could have hidden under the seat when his father glanced over his shoulder and said not to do anything he wouldn’t do.

The next thing I knew we were driving into the school grounds and I was thinking what the hell? Brian pulled over and Mike piled out, grabbed the suitcase, and headed over to the bus, and the rest of the football team that was gathered there. He turned to wave to me and then the team was piling onto the bus, leaving me there thinking, “What? What? What?”

It was slowly sinking in that when Mike said ‘we’ as in what a great time we will have he hadn’t been referring to him and me. He’d been referring to him and the football team. Parentless, as in their parents were staying home, even if the Coach, who was on the bus with them, was going with them as a sort of chaperon.

At no stage had Mike actually said that he and I would be enjoying the weekend. Neither had he said his father was the one going. There again, he hadn’t said that he and the football team were going, either. He assumed I knew that, damn his eyes. I felt a complete and utter fool. All that angst about finally yielding to him and he was going elsewhere. As far as I was concerned they’d be holding Disney on Ice in Hades before he saw even a glimpse of my panties, let alone got a chance to remove them.

I was rather quiet as Brian drove me back to his place. I saw him give me a sympathetic look and he kept the small talk to a minimum, which saved me bursting into tears.

When we arrived back at Brian’s place I was all for jumping in my car and breaking the speed limit all the way home. Speed limit, nothing. I’d have been quite happy breaking the sound barrier. Brian would have none of it.

“You’re not driving while you’re upset,” he said flatly. “Come in and have some coffee and give yourself a chance to calm down.”

As soon as we got in the house Brian sat me on the couch and started on me.

“What’s the problem?” he asked. “You did know that Mike was going away this weekend, didn’t you?”

“Of course,” I said airily. “He’s been talking about his bahçelievler escort special weekend for weeks. Free of parental restrictions and able to do as he likes.”

“I doubt if he’ll do more than have a few beers too many,” Brian told me. “They won’t have any girls there, you know.”

“I know that. I didn’t think there would be.”

He leaned back a little, looking at me and I tried my best to seem carefree. That man had a very sharp mind.

“Did Mike actually tell you that he was going away for the weekend? That question can be answered with a simple yes or no and no waffling.”

I glared at him. How did I answer that? I’m not sure if Mike actually told me that or not, but I suspected not. When I didn’t answer fast enough Brian started nodding.

“Apparently not. So who did you think was going? Ah, silly question. Me, obviously. Mike is not the best communicator is he.”

“Yes, well about that coffee,” I muttered, wanting a change of subject.

“Now I can understand you being surprised at Mike going instead of me but it shouldn’t upset you quite so much. Why has it, I wonder?”

“I’m not upset,” I put in quickly. “It was just that it was rather a shock, ah, surprise.”

“No. You were right the first time. It was a shock.”

Brian was watching me and I could practically see his brain turning over.

“I get it,” he said nodding slowly. “You’ve been think that I’ve been away and that the fun time Mike was planning was with you, here. You’ve probably been living on your nerves for the last few weeks, thinking about it, wondering whether to go ahead with it. No wonder it came as such a shock when Mike got on the bus and headed off.”

“I don’t have the faintest idea of what you’re talking about,” I snapped. “If we’re not going to have coffee then I’m going home.”

I jumped to my feet and Brian promptly pulled me down onto his lap.

“No need to go home just yet. You’re feeling pretty hard done by right now and I don’t blame you. I feel it would be wrong to let you go home without at least a taste of what you expected.”

OK, so I’d been expecting a bit of passion from Mike and had dressed accordingly. I was wearing yoga pants on the assumption that Mike struggling to pull off tight jeans would be a real passion killer. Likewise I had a t-shirt and sports-bra, two items that would peel off without the necessity for undoing fiddly little clips and things.

Ideal clothes for pashing with my honey. Not so ideal when someone else wanted to remove them. Brian just peeled me as though he was peeling a banana. Top and sports bra came off as one, straight up and over my head, leaving my breasts on display. I naturally clapped my hands to my breasts to cover them. What I should have done was grab for my pants to hold onto them. Brian just hooked his fingers under the waistband, and yoga pants and panties came of just like that, leaving me sitting shocked and naked on his lap.

Brian swung me to my feet, pushing my hands behind my back and holding them there, while he looked me over, nodding in appreciation.

“You have grown into a fine woman,” he said softly. “I can understand you wanting to explore your feminine side.”

I’m going, “Wait. Stop. What?” and he was smiling at me. His hand came up and brushed against first one breast and then the other, nodding in approval as my nipples seemed to spring to life. After that his hand drifted down and brushed lightly against my mons, not really doing anything, but just holding his hand against me. It was all he had to do to start fires burning inside me.

“Don’t worry,” he assured me. “I’m not going to rush you into having sex with me.”

“I didn’t think you would,” I lied, having been half expecting to be thrown to the floor and ravished on the spot.

“Of course you didn’t,” he agreed. “Do you know what we are going to do right now?”

I gulped and shook my head.

“We’re going to adjourn to the kitchen while you make us some coffee,” I was told.

I breathed a small sigh of relief (Relief! Not disappointment.), and looked around for where my clothes had ended up. You can imagine my surprise when Brian just turned me around and started walking me towards the kitchen, naked.

“You won’t need your clothes just yet,” he said. “I want you to get used to walking around without them.”

“Why?” I demanded.

“It will let you become less self-conscious about being undressed in front of a man. It will also help you relax, which will make it easier later. Besides, you’re a lovely young woman and I enjoy looking at you.”

Alarm bells sounded. What did he mean, make it easier later?

“What do you mean about easier later?”

“After the coffee I’m going to kiss you,” he said calmly.

That wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t moved his eyes from my mouth to my breasts. Did he mean that he was going to kiss my breasts? This, I decided, was where a smart girl ran screaming to her clothes and got out of there. I was obviously not a smart girl as I turned on the balgat escort kettle, instead.

I made the coffee and the entire time I was doing it I was becoming more and more aware that I was a woman and that I was naked and that a man was watching me. With evil intent, I was positive. My nipples were erect and didn’t seem like they were going down any time soon. That wasn’t my problem. My problem was that I could feel a burning deep inside me and I could feel moisture down there. I’d had wet panties before this but this time I didn’t have any panties. If I started leaking I’d be so embarrassed.

The big question was whether he was going to try to have sex with me or was he just going to touch me up a bit. I can tell you this; I wasn’t going to take any bets on him just wanting to touch me up. I was going to have to have all my wits around me if I wanted to get out with my virginity intact. There was the crux of the problem. IF I wanted to.

I’d sort of made up my mind that this weekend was going to be the weekend to do it. Now my partner to be wasn’t there, but Brian was. I’ve always liked and respected Brian and I know he’s experienced and would know what to do. I decided to just wait and see what happens. A girl can always say no.

We sat and had our coffee, just talking about things generally, damned if I can remember what about. I was at least sitting down but that still left my breasts on display and I knew he was looking at them. Brian wasn’t blatantly ogling them but I just knew he could see them and liked them. That knowledge did nothing to help my nipples go back down, I assure you.

It was all so, so, . . I don’t know what it was like, but it was very intense I can tell you. The swine knew just what he was doing leaving me to walk around naked, even if I was only sitting. I could sit for only so long, after all, and then I’d be on full display again.

I picked up the empty cups and turned to put them on the sink. I couldn’t help wondering. If I spun around real fast, would I catch Brian checking out my bottom? I was quite sure I would, but I’d look a fool if he wasn’t. Which meant I couldn’t turn around, and he knew it, and he’d be checking out my bottom, damn it. So maybe I swished it a bit when I crossed to the sink. Sue me.

I turned away from the sink and Brian was standing there. He took my arm and tugged me towards him while he moved back towards the table. He sat down, pulling me down onto his lap, and he kissed me. It was not the first time that Brian had kissed me. He’d kissed me hullo and kissed me farewell (kissed me goodbye doesn’t sound right) but he’d only ever kissed my forehead or cheek. This time he kissed me properly and there was quite a difference.

I kissed him back, quite enthusiastically. I mean, I didn’t really think he’d try to take me to bed, so a little bit of kissing and maybe some petting wouldn’t go amiss. Relieve my frustrations a little, at least.

So he was kissing me and I was kissing him and he was running his hands up and down my back, stroking me, and we were kissing, and he was running his hands over my breasts and, oh, my, god! I broke the kiss looking down at his hands. They neatly covered my breasts and he was rubbing them and teasing the nipples.

Apparently I should have gone on kissing him. With his mouth now free he promptly put it to use, bending down and kissing my breasts. Kissing? He was biting, and sucking, and kissing, and nibbling on my nipples, and biting some more, and sucking on my nipples, and generally driving me crazy. I’d had my breasts touched before, but never more than a hand stroking them and an occasional kiss on the upper slopes of them, while retaining my bra.

I was already feeling a little aroused and excited and this brazen assault on my breasts just amplified what I was feeling. If I’d had access to a fan I’d be waving it in front of my face to cool me down. I always thought fans were an affectation, used by Elizabethan style ladies as being modish. Now I realised that those demure young ladies were really aroused and horny and trying to cool down.

I tried to protest and tell him to stop but it’s pretty hard to raise a coherent argument when your breasts are saying, “Hey. We like this. Don’t stop.” Any rational argument I might have mustered came out something like, “Ah, oh, you shouldn’t,” and that was about it. Just push him away, you say? Why would I do that? He might have stopped.

I was so concentrating on what he was doing that I was taken by surprise when he suddenly stood up and carried me out of the kitchen. He returned to the front room and I could see my clothes on the floor by the couch. I suspected that he was now going to let me get dressed and I’m not sure if I was relieved or disappointed. Not that it matters. That wasn’t his intention. He sat me on the couch.

Alright, maybe he didn’t exactly sit me on the couch, but that was where I now was, lying on my back, with Brian kneeling beside me. The reason I was lying on the couch immediately became obvious. Accessibility. He started kissing batıkent escort me again while his hands went exploring. Suddenly I found a hand on my bare skin where no-one had actually touched me before. Well, I guess I should say that no-one had touched my bare skin there. I’d been fending off Mike (and the occasional other) for a while now, and I’d been groped through my panties before this. I’d just never been groped while the panties were elsewhere.

I squirmed and wriggled under his touch but I didn’t try to stop him. This was a first for me and I was savouring it. It was delicious, his fingers stroking me and raising the oddest feelings within me. I won’t say I hadn’t had similar feelings in the past, but never so intense, with the knowledge that I was naked helping to build on that arousal.

I was wondering if he was going to keep petting me until I had an orgasm. I was really, really, hoping he would. That would be fantastic, to be petted by a man until I came.

When he stood up and started taking off his clothes I wasn’t really surprised. I mean, it was obvious that he was going to want me to touch him a bit. I had a fair idea of what he would want. I just lay there watching him. He was big and solid. Not fat at all, just large. Very large, I thought, looking at his groin, and wincing slightly.

He settled back down on the couch next to me, kissing me and touching me some more. I’d naturally started touching him, hands on his hairy chest, and then trailing downwards. I was feeling very adult and feminine when my hand closed over his erection. It was hot and hard, and I could swear I could feel his heart beating through it.

I stroked him and he was continuing to stroke me. Stroke me, hell. He was touching me up in all sorts of ways, driving me mental. I was feeling really hot and just knew I’d climax if he kept this up. I didn’t even notice that he was moving my legs further apart and if I had I wouldn’t have cared.

He pulled his cock out of my grasp and moved onto the couch between my legs. Just like that he was looming over me and his cock was pointing at me. All I had to do was say no, remember? Well, please tell me how you say no when no-one is asking? If I just said no right out of thin air and he said he wasn’t going to, I’d look a fool. If I didn’t say no and he was going to I’d be an ex-virgin before I could get around to saying no.

I dithered and by the time I was ready to say a definite no he was pushing past my lips and into me. Or maybe I just wasn’t ready to say a definite no. I don’t know. I do know that I just watched as he moved my lips apart, inserted the head of his cock there and pushed.

I gave a little squeak when he first started in. There was this sudden pang of pain inside me and I knew what that meant. He simply ignored it, just steadily pushing into me. What I was worried about was not the fact that Brian was screwing me (without asking) but whether that thing would fit inside me. He seemed to have no qualms. He just kept pushing, and I could feel myself being stretched and made to take him. Just how far was he going to stretch me?

Just far enough to fit himself into me it turned out. I found myself lying on the couch with his cock all the way inside me, feeling most strange, while he lay on top of me, looking pleased.

“Um, you didn’t ask,” I said, knowing just how lame that must sound.

“Oh, didn’t I?” he asked, sounding all sympathetic. “May I?”

I glared at him. As if I was in a position to say no, with his cock already stuck inside me. Any more inside me and his testicles would be there as well. More to the point, what happens now? It was fine for him. He knew what he was doing. I just knew the theory and theory was already falling flat as far as I was concerned.

He knew what to do alright. He pulled back out of me and I could feel his cock sliding against me, and it was the most incredible feeling. Then he came back in, a damn sight faster than when he first entered me. I guess his cock now knew the way and didn’t have to stop and ask for direction. It came sliding straight back home and I just squeaked with shock.

He laughed, the brute, and did it again, with me biting my tongue so as not to squeak. He was into his third stroke before I caught on and realised that I was supposed to move with him, pushing up to meet him, according to theory. So I pushed up to meet him as he came in and, wow, everything was as before, but much more intense.

He smiled at me, nodding his satisfaction and I was practically glowing with pride. He also got down to taking me in earnest. Oh, wow, how do you describe something like that? His cock would come rushing in, lifting my excitement, stirring up my arousal. Even his slow retreat felt good, continuing to build on what had gone before. Then he would be charging back, and I was making these funny little sounds as I bucked under him, and bucked with great enthusiasm.

His hands were back on my breasts, teasing them, adding to my excitement, and things just kept building up inside me. I wanted to scream my approval of what was happening but I didn’t have the breath to spare. I just did my best to stay with him, silently cheering him on. God, I hope it was silently. It didn’t bear believing that I really shouted, “Yes, yes, yes. Fuck me harder, you great brute.” Thinking it was one thing. Actually saying it. . .

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Kelsey’s World Ch. 39

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A few days after the long holiday weekend, Bill Mitchell stopped by the farm to visit his daughter Margie. It was a lovely, sunny, early summer day. When he arrived, Ryan was inside one of the ramshackle barns working on some equipment, and Margie was out in the field on a tractor. Her t-shirt was off, draped over the steering column for easy access. She pulled it on over her bare, nicely tanned breasts when she saw her father’s car, wiped her sweaty hands on her faded jeans, and steered the tractor toward him.

“Hi Dad,” she said. She switched off the ignition and climbed down off the big machine, it’s yellow iron ticking from the hot engine’s sudden cool-down. “What brings you out our way?”

“Oh, I just thought I’d say hello.”

Margie read his face and called him out. “You’re snooping on your tenants again, aren’t you. I told, you, they’re the nicest girls…”

“Landlords don’t snoop. It’s my house after all, isn’t it?”

“Dad, when you sign a lease it’s not one-hundred percent yours anymore. You know that. Tenants have the right to use it.”

“The lease is for three people. You can’t tell me…”

“Let’s have a cup of coffee, Dad.”

Sunlight filtered in through Margie’s kitchen windows, softened by all the green houseplants she nurtured. She shooed her purring cat off the counter and poured two cups of coffee.

“I told you I’d keep an eye on things over there, and I have,” she said. “You’re right, they’ve got two friends living with them. Two boys. Now, before you get all wound up about it, Ryan and I have gotten to know them all and they’re really nice kids. You know how nice and polite the girls are. The boys are the same way. One’s a college student and the other works full time teaching kids sports. The girls are all responsible young women, with their own jobs. You know that.”

“So there’s five in there? The lease is for three…”

“Dad, it’s a four bedroom house! It’s no different than a mother and father and three kids. It’s better, really. You know how little kids can damage things. And I know for a fact the septic field is sized for a large family. You told me so yourself.”

“You’ve been inside?”

“Yes. Quite often. We’ve all become friends.”

“Well, all right then. You’ll let me know if anything looks wrong? I still have a funny feeling about it all.”

Bill didn’t tell his daughter that the ‘funny feeling’ came from seeing Kelsey outside the house naked. He’d also found out about her porn career, thanks to his best buddy’s google skills, but he didn’t want to tell Margie about that either. It would’ve been too awkward.

Bill left after his cup of coffee, feeling better about things but still with that nagging feeling that something was a little off. Kelsey had just arrived home from work and was the only car in the driveway when Bill drove by. He still felt the need to see for himself, so he turned onto the long gravel driveway and parked by the side door.

“Afternoon, Miss Jonston. I was wondering if you’d mind if I look around a little. Margie’ll be mad at me for doing it, but…well, this house means a lot to me and as landlord I’ve got the right to…

“Sure, Billy! Come on in! How have you been?”

Kelsey’s bright, warm smile made him feel foolish for not trusting her. Bill stepped inside, immediately noticing men’s sneakers by the door, left there by Austin and Richie. He wondered about all the bathrobes hanging by the door, two short ones like the one Kelsey had on, and two longer, more manly ones. It seemed an odd place to keep them.

“There’s often five cars here,” he said, getting right to the point, “so I asked Margie about it. She told me about the two boys you’ve taken in. She thought it might be temporary?”

“Oh. It might be, yeah. Is it a problem? The house is so big…”

“Well, technically the lease is for three,” he said, looking around observantly, “but the place looks good. More picked up than I thought it might be.”

“Yeah, Charity keeps after everybody. She likes things neat and tidy.”

Bill wandered into the kitchen and was impressed by the lack of dirty dishes. His inspection continued out on the long screened porch, where his eyes landed on the new addition to the furnishings — two queen-sized beds, pushed together to make one big soft surface, with rumpled fitted sheets, a few pillows and no blankets.

“You know, sleeping porches used to be popular in Victorian times,” he said.

“Oh! Yeah! It’s super nice out here. We love it,” Kelsey said. She didn’t tell him his daughter had dubbed the new play area “the fuck lounge,” or that the fresh, crusty stain the rumples were concealing was from a Margie/Austin creampie, mixed with burning intensity just the night before.

From the moment Bill had walked in the door he was distracted by Kelsey’s little robe, or rather, the way she wore it. The sash was loosely tied and barely holding it together, and if she was wearing anything underneath it could only have been panties. bahçelievler escort bayan Her big breasts were quite obviously unencumbered by a bra; they were noticeably loose, jiggly and nippley under the robe’s thin, drapey fabric. Bill had seen them bare, at a distance from his moving car, and more recently on his computer monitor, watching Kelsey’s porn, with his pants down around his thighs and his hard cock in his hand. She didn’t know it, but she’d singlehandedly brought his sex life back from the dead, even if it was only his own single hand that did the deed.

Kelsey caught him looking at her little robe, so he quickly said something to her. “I can wait out here if you’d like to get dressed. I really should have called ahead I guess.”

“Oh, No, Billy. It’s fine. It always feels good to get out of my work clothes when I get home. Wanna see the rest, Honey?”

Bill blushed for the first time in a decade. “The rest?” he said.

“Yeah. The rest of the house,” Kelsey said, smiling coquettishly at the look on Bill’s face. Her smile faded when she remembered Richie’s and Erin’s photographs upstairs, some hanging in frames on the walls and some on dresser tops and bedside tables, all of them sexy and some of them very, very naughty. “We did some weeding the other day,” she said, hoping he’d go out through the porch’s screen door to the backyard. “Under the bushes and around the trees and the mailbox. Margie keeps the lawn looking real nice.”

Bill did as she’d hoped, walking out onto the back steps for a look around. “She tells me she and Ryan have gotten to know all you folks,” he said. “That’s what I like about country living. Everybody takes care of everybody. It’s comforting.”

“I love that, too,” Kelsey said.

“Maybe I could just take a look at the basement. I always worry about that sump pump. You haven’t had any water down there, have you?”

“No, it’s nice and dry,” Kelsey said, suddenly remembering Richie’s photo studio, with the bed-like mattress surrounded by lights on tripods. Kelsey wondered if there was any lingerie strewn about, from the last photo shoot. “The pump runs after it rains,” she said, “but it’s supposed too, right?”

“Yeah, that’s normal. Do you store anything down there?” he asked, walking back into the kitchen, heading for the basement door.

“Richie’s a photography student at the community college,” Kelsey said, trying to get ahead of the situation. “He does some work down there, for school projects.”

Bill switched on the light and walked down the steps. Kelsey followed nervously. Her worst fears were confirmed — not only was there lingerie strewn about the little photo studio area, there were big enlargements spread out on the mattress, of Barb in all her sexy glory, including one Richie must have separated out as a favorite, propped up against the wedge-shaped fuck cushion where it could be easily studied — a stunningly captured, close-up action shot of Barb’s intensely lusty face, with her hungry, saliva-dripping mouth devouring Austin’s huge, glistening cock.

“Some of the projects aren’t for school,” Kelsey said nervously, as Bill walked slowly toward the display.

He was at a loss for words. He knew Barbara. She cleaned his teeth every six months at the dentist’s office.

He paused and took everything in, trying to gather his thoughts. “Are you doing anything…illegal? Are your friends of legal age?”

“Oh, sure,” Kelsey said. “Yeah, we’d never mess with that.” Her heart was pounding as she gathered the big photos and placed them face down on the table that held the printer and paper supplies. She started picking up the sexy lingerie. “I guess Charity hasn’t been down here. She’d hate this mess.”

“I’m not as shocked as you might think,” Bill said, sensing Kelsey’s nervousness. “I know about…your former career.”

“Do you? Billy, I’m sorry. It must seem like we’re keeping all kinds of secrets from you, and I’m not like that at all. So you’ve seen my porn?”

Bill nodded. It seemed the nervousness had melted away from Kelsey and infected him.

“I’m proud of it, Billy. I’ll talk about it all day if you want; watch it with you, give you all the inside scoop. We’re all proud of the photos we do here, too, but these are private. We’re careful about that, because the other girls and our friends, most of them shouldn’t have this kinda stuff too known, you know?”

“Oh, yeah. I can understand that,” Bill said. “I’m glad you’re careful about it. I’m the one who should be sorry, I shouldn’t be snooping around in your private things.”

“So you didn’t see what you saw, then? I mean, that woman, she’s a good friend of ours but she’d be really mad at me…”

“Pictures? What pictures? I didn’t see any pictures.”

Kelsey smiled. “You’re super nice just like Margie, Billy. I totally love her. She’s got this earth-mother aura that’s just perfect. Was her mom like that?”

Kelsey switched on one of the photo balgat escort lights to brighten up the space and climbed onto the blanket-covered mattress, sitting casually with her legs crossed, either aware or unaware that her smooth pussy was visible. She didn’t seem to care. She patted the empty spot next to her with her hand. “Sit with me.”

Bill didn’t know why he did it, but he did it, crossing his legs like Kelsey. It was the first time he’d sat ‘Indian style’ since his youth, and on a normal day he would have marveled that he could still do it, but sitting there with Kelsey wasn’t normal at all. He was talking about his dear departed wife to a porn star whose pussy was showing, and it felt as normal as going to church on Sunday.

“Yeah, I had a feeling Margie was chip off the old block,” Kelsey said, after Bill had told her that Margie was very much like her mother. “Tell me more about your wife. Was she sexy?”

Bill was at a loss to know why he was answering such a question, but the words just seemed to flow out of him. “Mona was the sexiest woman I’ve ever known,” he said. “It was all so effortless for her. You remind me of her, sitting there like that.”

Kelsey glanced down at the way her short robe draped over the crease at her hips, letting her slightly spread-open pussy be seen. “Can you keep a secret, Billy? Your Margie’s sorta the same way.”

Bill’s eyes twinkled as he put two and two together. That explained seeing her topless on the tractor, and the time he watched her pull her pants down and let Ryan fuck her right out in the middle of the farm field. “I used to wonder if Mona would enjoy making porn,” he said. “Of course this was back in the sixties, when the good stuff was coming out of Europe, and even the good stuff was pretty tacky. By the time we’d see something it was a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy, but the poor quality added to the mystery of it.”

“Wow,” Kelsey said. “That’s so cool. But you never did it, huh? Film her, or take pictures of her?”

“There’s a few pictures. You had to be brave in those days, because the processing labs got to see everything.”

“Do you still have ’em? You should show them to Margie. I’ve seen sexy pictures of my mom from the old days and they’re so awesome. It changed my life seeing them.”

“Really? You think I should?”

“Absolutely! Especially since Mona’s gone now. It’ll make Margie feel closer to her.”

Bill nodded. “You’re right. I never thought about it, but you’re right.”

“So, since we’re talkin’ about nudity and stuff, and we’re tellin’ each other secrets, do you know what naturist is? Some people call it nudism.”

“Ahh, don’t tell me, I’m finally going to learn why I saw you sweeping the side steps without a stitch of clothes on when I drove by one day. I thought maybe I was dreaming.”

“Would you dream someone like me, Billy?” Kelsey asked, letting her already loose robe open completely and slip down her arms.

“Good Lord,” Bill said under his breath, taking in the enormity of Kelsey’s womanly beauty.

“The girls and me, we don’t wear clothes when we’re home. I hope that’s not against your rules.”

“No, that’s…okay,” Bill nodded, stupefied by what was happening.

“I grew up naturist, but my girls have only been at it for a while.”

“Well, you’re…very good at it,” Bill said, struggling, and failing, to find words that sounded intelligent.

“How often were you and Mona naked together? Just in the bedroom?”

“After Margie was born, yeah, mostly the bedroom. We enjoyed skinny dipping together, whenever we could. We did that right through Margie’s toddler years.”

“Nice,” Kelsey said.

“Before we got married we spent a summer out West living at a commune. Mona’s parents were furious, but it was magical. I’m embarrassed to say there was more than just nudity. It’s funny, but I don’t think I’ve ever admitted that to anyone but you.”

“Oh my God, free sex, you mean? That’s so awesome! My mom and dad wanted to do that, but it never worked out. Well it sorta did after that, but they missed out on the commune thing they wanted to try. Oh my God, Billy, I wanna hear all about it.”

Bill didn’t know why, but in that dark basement that day, under the soft, diffuse glow of a single photo light, in the presence of Kelsey’s stunning but unpretentious nakedness, he wanted to tell all about it.

“It was the spring of ’68,” he said. “The country was just in a mess. Johnson was president, the Vietnam War was just as awful as can be. Mona and me, we were pretty active, joining in protests and marches all around New York State and down in the city. When Martin Luther King was assassinated it was just the worst. We were young and had never experienced grief like that. That was in April, early on. The weather was getting nice and we just wanted to run. Get away from everything. I had a rusty old Volkswagen that always started and got pretty good gas mileage, so I stole my father’s batıkent escort bayan World War Two duffel bag, we filled it with a few thing and headed West. We called our parents from the road to let them know our plans, so they wouldn’t be able to stop us.

“Mona was so amazing all during that trip. We stole a book from the Cleveland Library that told all about foraging for food. I swear to God we lived for a week on wild leeks, fiddlehead ferns, wild mushrooms and all types of berries. She got to be a real expert. As we got further south we raided farm fields and had beans and sweetcorn and even some tomatoes one lucky day. Best tomatoes I’ve ever had, sun-warmed, right off the vine. We didn’t bathe much, but when we found clean water we splashed around like little kids.” Bill’s lip started to quiver and his voice broke. “She was so beautiful…”

“Oh, Honey!” Kelsey said, tearing up a little herself. She put the wedge-shaped fuck cushion against the wall. “Sit back. Relax.”

Bill sniffled and got his bearings again, settling in against the cushion. Kelsey sprawled out on her back, resting her head on his lap. “Keep goin’ Honey. I’m lovin’ this.”

Bill’s cock responded to the new positioning — the feel of Kelsey’s head against his crotch, and the magnificent way her breasts oozed off her sides with a freckly fleshiness that just begged to be touched. He was shocked that he’d gotten hard so easily. It wasn’t something that happened often to him at his age, and he was worried Kelsey would feel it.

“We sort of zigzagged across the county, finding kindred spirits here and there, but mostly we were on our own, sleeping on a blanket under the stars, or curled up as best we could in the car when it rained. In New Mexico we met another couple. We hit it off and stuck together, angling up toward San Fransisco to meet some friends of theirs who supposedly knew about a commune that would take us in. They were traveling in a ’58 Chevy station wagon, turquoise blue with rusty white down on the bottom half. It was pretty worn out; cars didn’t last as long back in those days. There were blankets on the seats to cover the torn-up upholstery, and the whole car smelled musty. Xander said it was from water coming up through the rusty floorboards, so we ripped all the moldy carpet out one day and left in a gas station trashcan. We taped up all the rust holes to keep the dust out. It doesn’t rain much around there.”

“Who’s Xander?”

“Oh, sorry. Xander and Jewel. Xander was a real wirey guy, always looked like he hadn’t eaten in a month. Mona took to him right away, which made me a little jealous at first, but she was just that way, liked everybody, as long as they were mellow.”

“What was Jewel like?”

“Jewel. Her name fit her, so perfect. She was one of a kind. A little bit of a thing, a real feather-weight, with long, strawberry blonde hair. She nurtured everybody, in a quiet, sweet way. I’m getting ahead of things but later on, one of our friends did too big of a dose of mushrooms, the psychedelic kind, you know? He was havin’ a real bad trip. She got him comfortable on the floor and spent the whole night sitting next to him, holding his hand, stroking his hair, singing to him real quiet and pretty. She was like a gift to us.”

“Did you fall in love with her?”

“Every man that ever met her fell in love with her. But yeah, I did. Mona knew. She understood.”

“So, you’re in New Mexico,” Kelsey said. “Four young hippies headin’ North.”

Bill smiled. “You really want the whole story, don’t you.”

“Yup,” Kelsey smiled. “I wanted to write a paper for high school English about free-love hippies, but my mom wouldn’t let me. I’ve always been fascinated.”

“Well,” Bill said, looking down at her gently heaving bosom, “you’re not a girl a guy can say no to, so, let’s see. Xander wanted to go through Colorado to try and find a friend we never found, so we headed North all the way to Wyoming before we turned West. We had to re-tape the Chevy’s floor a bunch of times because it started raining a lot up there. The nice thing was Mona and I didn’t have to scrunch up in the Volkswagen anymore on rainy nights. That old Chevy wagon was big, with plenty of room for the four of us to be comfortable, so we bunked with them when we didn’t want to sleep outside.”

“Nice,” Kelsey said, lying still with her eyes closed and her hands together on her belly. “I think we’re gettin’ to the good parts.”

Bill smiled. “You would be right. Xander and Jewel were freer with their nudity than anybody we’d ever met up to that point. We’d seen them bathe in a stream one time before that, but there was some distance between us. When things started happening in the close confines of the car it sort of surprised us.”


“They had sex, totally naked. They were in the back with the back seat folded down, and we were on the front seat. The look on Mona’s face — surprised and excited and…happy — I can still see it clear as day. We’d positioned ourselves for the night with the duffel bag propping us up, because there wasn’t quite enough room to lay down flat, so we had a clear view of everything. It would have been awkward to cower down where we couldn’t see, so we just stayed like we were and watched.”

“Nice. I love watchin’ people fuck.”

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Spin the Bottle Blowjob

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I’d heard rumors that Daniela had a thing for me, but I had no way of actually knowing if they were true or not. I was certainly hoping it was the truth. Not only was she beautiful, but she was one of the few girls I knew of that actually put out. Daniela can fairly be described as a cholla type. Her skin was light for a Mexican girl, she had long black hair, penciled in her eyebrows, and wore large hoop earrings. She must’ve been only a hair above five feet, and thin. Her boobs were average size, and she had a phenomenal ass that was the envy of most every other girl at school.

One day while I was eating my lunch, her friends all came up to me giggling, and asking what I was doing that night. I didn’t really have any plans, but not wanting to sound like a loser I said, “I haven’t quite made up my mind yet. Have you ladies heard of anything?”

One of the girl’s named Trinity, told me she was having a kick back at her house, and that I should come. She made a point of letting me know that Daniela was going to be there, and that she wanted to make sure I was coming. The funny thing was, I’d hardly ever talked to Daniela. We’d had a couple of classes together and what not, but we hung with much different crowds. She gravitated towards the folks that would ditch school to smoke cigarettes in the McDonald’s parking lot, and I hung out with the surfer crowd. Sometimes I’d wished I’d spent some time hanging out with her at that McDonald’s. I had heard that she’d gone down on several guys right there in the alleyway behind the restaurant.

Considering I was an eighteen year old senior, I was pretty accustomed to going to parties and kick backs, but I’d never had any luck with the ladies. I’d fooled around with a few girls, but had never gotten any further than sucking on a girl’s tits. Realistically, I didn’t think I’d get any further than that at the gathering Trinity was having. Still, I wanted to be prepared for anything. By my standards I dressed up nice for the party, putting on a button down shirt and jeans, as opposed to my normal t-shirt and boardshorts. I shaved the little stubble that was on my face because I’d remembered an ex-girlfriend complaining that it felt like sandpaper when we kissed. My hair was the only thing I didn’t bother touching. It was short and uncombed, but I felt it looked messy in a good way after I’d been in the ocean earlier.

The last thing I did before going to the party was take some swigs from a tequila bottle in my parents’ liquor cabinet. I made sure to get a buzz going, but not to get drunk. There was no need to be sloppy. Trinity had said to come by at 8:00, so naturally I showed up at 8:30. Of course, there were still very few people there, and Daniela was not one of them. Trinity offered me a drink, and we sat around shooting the shit while people slowly arrived. As fate would have it, Daniela and her friend Toni were actually the last ones to show up around 9:15. Total there were just nine of us there, five girls and four guys. I was feeling pretty shy because I didn’t know anyone there too well. I mostly latched on to this one dude Cole, that I knew from math class. He was very excited about the night. I asked him why he was so excited about the night, and he said he was hoping to get a blowjob. I told him that’s what every guy hopes every time they go out, but he responded that the odds were going to be really good. No one had told me, but the plan was to have a make-out party.

I had never been invited to a make-out party before. I’d remembered kids having them in middle school, but I was never popular enough to get invited. It seemed like an odd thing for a bunch of eighteen year old high school seniors to do, but I certainly wasn’t opposed to the idea. The girls outnumbered the guys, and they were all pretty hot, so I was downright stoked.

The game of choice was spin the bottle. Trinity explained that you had to kiss whoever the bottle landed on, even if it was a person of the same sex, and after sharing three kisses with a person, the couple would go into the hallway closet for seven minutes in heaven. The first person to spin was this busty Mexican girl named Isabella. The bottle landed right on Daniela, and the two of them shared a quick peck. A couple more people went before I got my first turn. As luck would have it, I also got Isabella with my first spin. Before I could get up, she seductively started crawling across the circle towards me. She looked damn sexy that night. She was wearing a blue spaghetti strap top, and judging by her hard nipples, she had nothing on underneath. Her tits weren’t that large, but she still had ample cleavage. Her pants were really something else, though. They were skin-tight yoga pants that had circles of fabric cut out all the way down the sides, exposing her milky brown skin. But more than anything else it was her eyes and lips that turned me on as she slowly crawled over towards me. Her pretty brown eyes were heavily accented with eye-liner, and her lips were painted a deep red color. Seeing her crawl across the room, I bahçelievler escort bayan couldn’t help but think about those lips planted firmly around my penis, with those salacious eyes looking up at me.

As it were, as she sauntered over, her eyes were directed right at my crotch. When she got over to me, she place her hands on both my thighs, and let her long black hair fall down right in my lap. While staying down on all fours, she then moved her head and went for my neck, playfully biting and sucking on it. I kissed the top of her head as she did this. A few seconds later, she moved to my month and we frenched. She knew exactly what she was doing, and would have kept going but Trinity told her that was enough. The whole time I was mortified that her hand would move off my thigh, and accidentally graze my hardening penis, but in never happened.

A few other people went without the bottle landing on me or Daniela, and then it was her turn. Her spin landed on this kid named Kenny that I didn’t really know. This time she motioned for Kenny to come to her, and he took the orders. He leaned in for the kiss, but she denied him. Instead she took his hand, and put it up to her mouth. She began to suck on his finger, and then said, “Just wanted to give you a little preview. Now it’s time for your kiss.”

She made-out with Kenny even longer than she’d made out with me. It made me nervous that maybe I wasn’t the only guy there she desired. I kept my fingers crossed that Kenny or any other dude wouldn’t get her in a spin.

Before I got to go again, Trinity had a spin that landed on me. She was a very hot pale brunette girl, with enormous cans. She walked over to me, sat in my lap, and pressed her impressive melons up against my chest. She put her hand on the back of my head, pulled me in, and started passionately kissing me. Just when I thought she was going to pull away, she’d bite my lip, and gently tug on it before sliding her tongue back in her mouth. When she was done, she backed away, but not without casually letting the back of her hand graze my crotch.

My spin came up again, and I totally blew it. I had to kiss Cole, which wasn’t pleasant at all. Daniela also had a same-sex spin, with her spin landing on Trinity. When she saw where the bottle had landed, Daniela said, “I want to kiss those big old boobies.”

Trinity lifted up her shirt to reveal a pink lace bra. I could just barely make out her large, hard nipples through the sheer material. Daniela planted her face right in the middle of them, giving each one some love before planting a trail of kisses up Trinity’s neck until both girls’ lips were locked. I got aroused just watching, and wished I wasn’t wearing such tight jeans. Not that I want to complain about having a large penis, but one of the drawbacks is the difficulty of hiding a boner. Anyone that was looking at my crotch could very see the outline of my semi-hard cock running down my pant leg. However, if anyone noticed, no one said a thing.

Then came Kenny’s spin. The tip of the bottle was panted right at Daniela’s hoochie. The lucky bastard! She crawled over to him just like she’d done to me. The worst part was Kenny was sitting right next to me, so I had to endure the whole thing. Once again she took a seat on his lap, and they started to make-out. Kenny was running his hands up and down Daniela’s back, and she began to lick and nibble his ears. Then I heard her whisper, “Move your hands lower.”

Kenny’s hands moved to her waist. “Don’t be so shy,” I heard her whisper again. “Put them where you really want them.”

Taking the cue, Kenny started rubbing his hands over her voluptuous ass. “That’s it baby,” she said as she kissed his ear. “Smack it a little bit.”

Kenny obliged, smacking that fat ass, and grabbing her fleshy handles while everyone else watched in awe. Every single guy at the party was hoping she was the one they’d get to spend seven minutes in heaven with. Once again it was Trinity that had to break it up.

On my spin I somehow managed to land on Cole again. I was getting dangerously close to spending seven minutes with a fucking dude. Thankfully, Daniela’s spin found me. This time she stood up and walked over. “I’m glad I got you again, sexy,” she said.

She turned around and put her sensuous ass within inches of my face, and hypnotically slid it from side to side before picking up the pace and really shaking it. Her fleshy cheeks were bouncing up and down, making it impossible for me not to think about them bouncing up and down on my cock. While she was shaking what her mama gave her she said, “Take off your shirt.”

I was more than happy to do so. Back in those days I kept pretty fit by surfing and swimming all the time, and I can honestly say that was the only time in my life I actually had a six pack. I noticed the other girls checking out my body, which only turned me on more. When Daniela was done moving her spicy ass, she reached blindly behind her body to grab my head, and thrust it balgat escort bayan right into her butt crack. Then she shook her money maker for a quick second before turning around laughing. She then lowered herself onto my lap, letting her hard nipples graze my chest as she sat down. The only thing separating them from my bare body was her thin shirt. She kissed each of my nipples as she rubbed up on my penis. Getting in the spirit of things, I dry humped her in rhythm. When my nipples were thoroughly wet with her saliva, she moved her lips up to mine. Our tongues danced together for a minute, while she continued grinding that provocative ass on my rock hard dick. I could feel her pussy lips rubbing up against it through her skin tight yoga pants. They were already starting to feel damp. I didn’t need any prompting to put my mittens on her bottom, and it clearly turned her on, as she moaned ever so slightly. If this had gone on for much longer, there’s a very real possibility I would’ve cum in my pants, but Daniela knew when to stop. She kissed my abdomen right above my stiff johnson before returning to her spot.

When she walked away, there was absolutely no hiding my wood. I turned beat red, and some of the girls giggled. A few of the guys were even looking, too, with Kenny looking particularly envious. Trinity joked with me saying, “You’re welcome to take a cold shower, if you’d like.”

That caused me to turn a color of red that wasn’t far off from a tomato. “It’s okay,” I said very sheepishly. “I’ll be okay.”

Trinity wound up making out with Daniela again. While they were trading kisses, I made eye-contact with Daniela, and she winked at me. Just one more spin was all it would take, and I was coming up. Since Trinity and Kenny had both had two turns with Daniela also, it was imperative that I get the job done. I said a prayer, spun the bottle, and my prayers were answered because it landed right on her. She jumped to her feet. “Come on Papi,” she said as she walked towards the closet.

I stood up, thankful that my wood had subsided. Then Daniela said, “I won’t be needing this,” as she took off her shirt and threw it over a chair.

Instantly my boner came back. Daniela’s back was to everybody, but I could still she the sides of her boobs as she walked. She let herself into the walk-in closet, and covered her body with the door, motioning me with her finger to join her. I went on in, and Trinity yelled, “Seven minutes! The timer starts now!”

I shut the door and went to work, immediately lowering my head to Daniela’s tits. I planted numerous kisses on the flesh as I zeroed in on the nipples themselves. I began by licking them around the outside. They were dark, small, and very sensitive to the touch. Liking the reaction I was getting as Daniela squirmed around, I took her nipples between my teeth, and lightly bit them. Daniela’s legs damn near gave out beneath her. “Slow down, Papi. Relax. Let me take care of you.”

She returned the favor, sucking on my nipples. She preceded to plant kisses down my torso until her mouth was right above my waist. She put both hands on my belt and began to undo it. “This is it,” I thought. “After all these years of waiting, I’m finally going to get my dick sucked.”

While I was lost in my fantasy she also undid my zipper. “I looks like you’re hiding something big in there,” she said with her cute cholla accent as she looked at my bulge.

She put her hand on top of it, but unfortunately started making her way back up instead of further down, licking my muscular body as she went. She got to my neck and sucked on it while I played with her ass. Her hand remained on my crouch, underneath my jeans, but still over my briefs. She wasn’t quite stroking my cock, but she was moving her hand up and down to create a wonderful sensation. Pressing my luck, I put my hands underneath her pants and onto her bare ass. To my surprise, she didn’t object at all, and even greeted my sensual rubbing with deep breathing and light moans. Sensing things were heating up, she put her hand underneath my briefs, and began to stroke me. It was the first time a girl had ever put her hand on my dick, and it felt so good in her cupped, warm palm. She whispered in my ear, “I want you.”

“I want you, too,” I said.

With her left hand, she grabbed my right and guided it to the front of her pants, right on top of her panties. She then pressed her mouth up against mine as we french kissed. I pushed her panties to the side to discover a warm, wet pussy. I man my fingers up and down it. This caused her to moan louder, and stroke me faster. Feeling bold, I inserted my middle finger. “I like that, baby,” she said. “You touch me so well.”

In her passion she tried to take down my pants and underwear but was struggling. She whispered, “Take them off for me baby. It’ll make it easier for me to touch you.”

We stopped what we were doing for a brief second, and I stripped down naked. She peeled off her pants as well, to reveal a skimpy black thong. batıkent escort bayan She laughed and gave me a hug, saying, “I’m so glad I get to touch you. I’ve wanted you for a long time. Give me your hand.”

I held my hand out in front of my body, and she grabbed it and put it up to her desirable lips. She took two of my fingers and sucked them for a second before taking them out of her mouth, and lowering them down inside her panties. Taking the cue, I played with her snatch some more. Her hand immediately shot to my cock, and we began to passionately make-out some more. She stroked me as we kissed. She was a very playful kisser, biting my lip and tongue, and never leaving her tongue in my mouth for very long. I would’ve been fine with spending all my time in the closet just making out and getting stroked off, but Daniela had different plans. As our time was winding down, she whispered, “I want to suck you. Can I give you a blowjob?”

I nervously replied, “Right now? In here?”

She kissed me on the lips. “I don’t see why not. I want you in my mouth, baby.”

“I…um…,” I began.

She put her finger on my mouth in a shush sign. “Just relax, baby. I’ll take good care of you.”

She dropped to her knees and put her hands on my thighs. My hard cock stood at full attention, just waiting for her devoted mouth. She began with a kiss on the head, and then licked my pee slit. Already there was pre-cum in it. “Umm…I like how you taste,” she said.

She wrapped her lips back around my cock, and started sucking, taking in just the first couple inches. Having never had a blowjob, I couldn’t believe how good it felt, but even more exciting than the feel was the visual. Seeing my dick getting swallowed between Daniela’s nice, full lips while her flirtatious eyes made contact with mine was just so exciting. Her red lipstick was getting smeared all over my cock. I kept watching as she gobbled up more and more of my cock, but she wasn’t able to go more than a little over halfway down. My cock is eight inches long, and very girthy, and I’ve met very few women that could take it further down their throat than Daniela could. She felt guilty about it. “Sorry I can’t deepthroat,” she said. “But does it feel good?”

“Amazing,” was all I could mutter.

She then lifted my cock up, pressing it against my belly. Started from my scrotum, she took out her tongue and licked a trail all the way to my mushroom tip, before serenading with kisses. “Are you getting close, baby?” she asked.

“Getting there,” I responded.

“Do you like your balls licked?” she asked.

I’d never had that done either, but I wanted to try it out, so I told her I did. She licked and kissed them a bit while juggling them with her hand. She giggled. “I just can’t believe how big this thing is,” she exclaimed as she put it back in her mouth.

I truly was in heaven as she treated my dick like a popsicle on a hot summer’s day, tenderly kissing and lustfully sucking it, while fondling my balls with her slender fingers. She even let me play with her tits as she wolfed down my meat stick. I was so caught up in the pleasure, that I was completely oblivious to my surroundings. I’d barely registered all the giggles that had come from outside the closest at what I had assumed was the others’ hearing the slurping sounds of Daniela fervently sucking my big dick, and I’d completely lost track of how much time we’d been in there. Neither one of us heard the footsteps as Trinity made her way to the closet. “Time’s up,” she said as she put her hand on the doorknob.

Before either of us could react, the door came swinging open, treating the whole party to a view of Daniela on her knees with my dick between her lips. Ignoring the hooting and hollering, Daniela sucked me for a few seconds longer while all eyes were on us. “Holy shit,” I heard some dude say. “I didn’t actually think she was giving him head!”

Even Trinity was shocked. “What the fuck Daniela! Don’t be such a fucking slut!,” she said before addressing me. “Take that fucking dick of yours out of her mouth.”

I did as I was told. When the other girls at the party saw my fully erect penis, they giggled and whispered to each other. I grinned sheepishly. “You need to get the fuck out of here!” Trinity yelled at me.

Choosing not to argue, Daniela and I grabbed all our clothes out of the closet. “We’re just gonna get dressed real quick and then we’ll be gone,” Daniela said.

“You don’t have to leave. I just don’t want to see him,” she said pointing at me.

“Relax, girl. It was my idea. But I don’t want to upset you. We’ll get going.”

“Whatever,” Trinity said, and she returned to the game of spin the bottle.

Daniela and I slipped into a bathroom in the front hallway. My dick was still hard, shooting up towards the ceiling. I was about to put my briefs back on, but Daniela stopped me. “Don’t worry,” she said. “Everything’s fine. Take a seat.”

I sat on the toilet, and Daniela dropped to her knees. It was like she way praying to my cock, even worshipping the thing. Earlier she’d blown me tenderly, but in the bathroom it was like she was fucking me with her mouth. It was loud, sloppy, and wet. Her saliva was dripping all over my thick member. She stroked the bottom of my shaft as she lowered her lips up and down the top half. “Umm,” she kept moaning.

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Rahab Bk. 02 Ch. 01: Damascus Road

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That was our last night at the Topkapi Palace. At the time, I thought it would be a few months, and then we should be back to normal; I could not have been more wrong. The morning following our night of passion, the Sultan marched south — on the Damascus road.

We said a tearful farewell to the ladies of the Seraglio. Calliope, the mother of the Sultan and my lover and protector, wept, and pulled me to her generous bosom. For a moment, I just wanted to climb in there and stay. But my Master was the Sultan, and he wanted me with him as he marched to sort out a rebellion in Mount Lebanon, and so there was no choice.

I was allowed to take my slave, the English girl called Jess, with me, but that was it. I kissed my beloved Svetlana goodbye, and hugged my other friends, even Alexandra, the Circassian. An exception was her friend, Irene, who was heavy with child by the Sultan, and she was as glad to be rid of me, as I was of her.

Calliope and I had discussed the situation over our breaking of the fast.

It was a symptom of what she feared was happening to the Ottoman Empire that the local authorities had been unable to contain a rebellion. Mehmet had dispatched a messenger to Damascus, ordering the death of the Governor, and he was travelling south to enforce his will. But in the great days of Suleiman, who took Constantinople from the Romans, such a revolt would either not have happened, or have been slapped down at once. But the Sultans who had succeeded him preferred luxury and pleasures of the Seraglio, to the hardships and rigours of a military campaign. Mehmet seemed determined to change that.

We went to the galleys at the Golden Horn, and, on a sunlit June morning, the armies of the Sultan boarded ship and sailed to the Straits; and thence south to Beirut.

I cannot say that I made a natural sailor. Land, except when the earth shakes, is stable, but ships are not. I spent much of the time feeling, and sometimes being, ill. The Sultan was amused, and as long as I could tell him a story every evening, he was not much bothered. Jess was wonderful, and mopped my fevered brow, and other things. The galley allowed no privacy, escort bahçelievler and so we refrained from our Sapphic activity; that I was on my menses helped soften that blow.

Beirut came as a relief in all sorts of ways. Finally, there was firm, solid earth beneath my feet; I had never before realised how important that was. There would also be a chance, at the Palace, for Jess and myself to resume the physical side of our love. There was also the chance to see places about which I had only read in the Torah. Being so close to the land of my Jewish ancestors held a thrill for me.

After the glories and splendours of the Topkapi, I had thought that its Beirut equivalent would be small beer, but the Grand Serail was a magnificent building, which much resembled its Istanbul counterpart.

Of the joys of the bathhouse after a long sea-voyage, what words could suffice? I lounged in the pool a whole hour, letting the Sudanese girls bathe me in warm, scented water, washing away the dirt of the past week. Jess assumed the post of mistress of my tiny household, and was able, as such, to sleep in my quarters. But first, there was the formal reception.

Beirut had turned out to see its Sultan. Mehmet, who loved to be loved, had been delighted, and was received by the acting governor. While I bathed away my afternoon, the Sultan and his generals talked of power and force.

That evening, the leaders of the local tribes came to present themselves to the Sultan, minus the Druze, who were in rebellion. It was puzzling, and seemed as though every tribe was a religious denomination. I was delighted to see the chief Rabbi, and hoped I would have a chance to talk with him at some point.

I did, however, wonder whether a pleasant period of relaxation was going to be ruined when I received a summons to the Sultan’s chamber? Jess wished me well, and hugged me.

I had been sure that the Sultan had wanted me with him for the amusement value of my story-telling, but as one of the few wives he had brought with him, I began to fear that, at last, he intended to take my virginity. Well, nothing for it, my girl, I escort balgat thought, but to prepare for battle myself.

I was relieved to find that he had two Arab maidens in his chamber. Whatever it portended, it seemed unlikely that he intended to deflower me.

‘Rahab, you have done me a certain service, and I should like you to do the same with Yasmin and Fatima.’

The two Arab women were extremely comely. They both looked at me with some surprise, wondering what manner of girl this was that the Sultan had introduced into their play? But theirs was not to reason why.

They both sat on the divan, and the Sultan watched as I approached them, falling to my knees in front of their open legs. I urged them to rise a moment so I could ease their harem pants over their peach-like bottoms. They complied. The scent of their vaginas was strong.

Kneeling first in front of Yasmin, I lapped her sex from bottom to top with my tongue at its broadest. She gasped, her hands gripping my head. I used my tongue to part her petals, and push through to her opening. Sliding my tongue in, I licked her gooey juices. She moaned. She was not the only one.

Judging her ready. I moved on to Fatima.

My tongue began in that soft spot between her anus and her wetness, and I drew my tongue along each lip, sucking it, nibbling at her long labia. My fingers worked on her anus, while my tongue pushed in on her bud.

‘Present!’ It was the Sultan who spoke.

As one, Yasmin and Fatima knelt upon the divan, presenting their backsides to the Sultan. It was, I thought, time for me to make myself scarce. Who knows what ideas he might get if I stayed?

Looking around before leaving, I saw him ploughing into Fatima, and then Yasmin, moving from one to the other at will. They seemed to be enjoying it. For my own part, I just wanted out, so left to the sound of much moaning.

The corridor was quiet, except for some noise from the kitchens. My exercises had left me with a need for a drink. Rather than go back to my quarters and order one, I thought I’d save some poor soul a job by getting it myself. I stopped just short escort batıkent of the room; some instinct counselled caution. I heard voices.

‘When the heretic has finished with those whores of Zhaitan, he will want a drink. Slip this into his wine, and he will sin no more. How can the Caliph consume wine? It is wrong, he is the servant of the Lord of this World, and it would be better if he died. We can give out that it was his exertions in the chamber which caused his heart to cease.’

My blood ran cold. I ran back, pushing aside the curtain, and slid myself onto the couch just in time to see both women taken fully.

The Sultan was a man of some vigour, but even he took a moment to recover. He rang for food and wine.

‘Little one, it is not like you to still be here, do you perhaps long to try me?’

There was only one possible answer, and it would not have been the truth, but before I could give it, the servant arrived with the wine and sweetbreads.

‘Highness,’ I said, ‘you do not have your official taster here.’

‘Little one,’ he said, ‘would you do even that for me?’

‘Highness,’ I gushed, ‘I would do whatever it took to please you and keep you safe, but as you know, I do not consume wine. Perhaps this fellow can try some first?’

The man looked at me with eyes narrowed by hatred.

‘Drink it, fellow.’

‘Highness, as a good Muslim I cannot.’

‘As Caliph, I give you a dispensation.’

The man looked at me, and then at the Sultan. He drank.

Within moments he began to shudder, and his body began to shut down.

‘Treason!’ The Sultan cried, and his guard ran in.

‘Highness, there is another fellow in the scullery, and if the men go quickly they may yet catch him.’ They did.

‘Little Rahab, you have saved my life. Ask for it and it will be yours.’

‘Highness, I ask only to be yours, but to be spared from the sword you possess.’

‘Child, you have your wish, and I shall give you more besides. How did you know?’

I explained the circumstances. He embraced me and called me his precious one.

When I reached my own quarters, the Palace was in disarray, and Jess looked anxious. I told her what had happened.

‘But Pixie, imagine if you had not stumbled on the conspiracy like that?’

‘I do not care to my darling. It does not bear contemplating.’

Exhausted, in mind and body, my spirit sought refuge in her arms, and we slept.

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Kip and Salina Ch. 03

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Reading the first chapters will help understand this one better. Strong sexual content.


Kip picked Salina up from work and they went to the place Kip bought his vans. They talked with his salesman and worked out what he wanted on the van, color, that he did not want to change the type of lift he had and so on. They agreed on a price and Kip ordered the van. The salesman was going to check and see if he could find one like it at a dealer in the local area and if not get it ordered from the factory. Once it got there it would take 3-5 days to get it converted for his wheelchair. He told the guy about Cricket needing to drive his current van and found that they now sold wheelchairs. He got some brochures and prices and they left and stopped and got something to eat on the way home.

He helped Salina get undressed and rid of her prosthetic arms after they got home. She did not want to put both of them back on, just the left one, and Kip got rid of his braces. They spent some time getting Cricket’s room and bathroom ready as she would be there on Saturday. Salina was also getting very good at using her feet as hands now. She got the bathroom and roll in shower ready while Kip did some things in the bedroom. He made sure all the drawers and closet were empty and opened the window to let the room air out. It did not take long and they sat in the kitchen looking at the wheelchair literature.

After they got in bed Salina chuckled and said she wondered if having Cricket there would be like having the child they never had. Kip said he did not think so as you were not supposed to take your children to bed. They both laughed and kissed good night.

Saturday came and Cricket got there about 4 in the afternoon. Kip had her pull in the garage to unload her car as it was easier. He carried the stuff from her car on his lap in his wheelchair and Salina and Cricket put it away in her room. She did not have much so it did not take long. They were all glad to be together again and Salina had a good dinner started and got it ready when they finished unpacking. They were all sitting in the kitchen and Cricket asked about the computer and printer in her room. Kip told her it was an old one from his work that he had put together for her. He said he would show her the special program on it that let her talk into a headset and the computer would translate it into words that could be printed out on paper.

Cricket thought that sounded marvelous as it took her so long to type out anything with just her hook. Kip then asked her if she was on Medicaid and she said she was. He told her about wanting to help her get a power chair and she could have his used van so she could get to school. Cricket said she could not believe all of the things they were doing for her. She and Salina hugged, then laughed saying they would have to be careful not to get their arms tangled up and starve to death. Cricket was in her wheelchair as she had taken her hip prosthetic off before dinner. Kip asked her which she thought would be easiest for her; to use her hook arm on the joy stick to guide her chair or to put it down by her good foot.

Cricket was not sure and asked if they could find a way to try both. She was thinking foot but not sure she said. Kip said he would call the salesman and inquire. Cricket said she was tired from her long drive and was going to bed. Kip asked if she needed help at night or in the morning and she said yes sometimes she did. He asked if she would prefer Salina or his help. She said it would vary at times but she had no problems with him helping, her after all they had all been sexual partners. Kip said he appreciated her being open minded. He would do his best to respect her privacy. She laughed and said no problem; they knew she liked to show her sexy body off. She did ask if he would help her with her arm tonight.

They all went into her bedroom, Cricket used the bathroom and then Salina got her top and shorts off and Kip took her arm off and helped her into bed. They all had a good night kiss and Cricket said she would be rested and ready for some fun tomorrow. Kip and Salina decided to head for bed also and they went to the shower then got in bed. After they got settled Salina said seeing Cricket naked sure made her Horney. Kip said he was glad as he was also, she was such a beautiful woman with her three missing limbs. They turned towards each other and Kip started kissing her breasts and fingering her. Salina moaned saying that felt so good. Shortly she pulled herself away from Kip and headed for his cock which was standing tall.

She knelt on one knee and using the other foot, she stroked him with her toes spreading the pre cum that was flowing from his tip. She then straddled him and lowered on to his hard on. It slipped right in as she was as wet as he was. When she was all the way down he used his thumb to rub her clit which caused her to yelp out loud. A couple of minutes later Kip came then Salina followed with several very strong clinches of his cock. He grabbed escort bahçelievler hold of her sexy breasts as she came and added her nipples as she wound down. Still holding them he lowered her down to his chest and they decided that was as good a way as any to go to sleep.

The next morning Kip and Salina awoke to the smell of coffee and bacon. They could hear noises from the kitchen so they decided to go see what Cricket was up to. They both only put on t-shirts and Kip transferred to his wheelchair and they headed to the kitchen. Cricket was in her wheelchair with just her arm on, working on frying bacon. She had eggs out and ready after she got the bacon done. Orange juice was already on the table. Kip remarked at what a great job she had done and Salina said great, help for me with cooking! Cricket had a t-shirt on also, but it was short and showed her missing hip very nicely. She had her prosthetic arm over the shirt. The right side of the shirt printed the missing shoulder nicely also.

Kip was hard as a rock immediately and Salina’s nipples were trying to poke a hole in her tight shirt. Cricked turned from the stove and saw them staring. She grinned at them and said I see you are not going to object to how I dress at home. They all laughed and Kip said none from him. Salina said she thought she was over dressed for breakfast and went over and gave her a big kiss. Leaning over she was still in a good position to use her short right arm stump to rub Cricket’s big nipple. After the kiss she asked if she needed to go put an arm on to help and Cricket said no she was ok so far, have a seat and drink you juice if you want.

Kip watched her finish the bacon and put the egg mix in for the omelet. He was amazed at how skilled she was but also knew she had lots of years to prefect her skills. It was soon ready and she put the bacon and eggs in her lap and using her foot, got over to the table. Kip took the stuff from her lap and on to the table. They ate her great meal and sat talking about coming events that needed to be taken care of. She had to register tomorrow and Kip asked if she had enough money for her classes and books. She said she should have, she did good over the summer and with not having to pay for room and board that should do it. She thanked them again for all they were doing for her.

Kip asked if she would like them to go with her to help get her registered and her books. They could put a belt from his chair to hers and he could pull her and help carry things. He told her he had a spare, ultra light chair and it might be easier for her to use. They should go to the wheelchair place right after she registered to see about a power chair. The campus is spread out, but very easy for a wheelchair user to get around on. Cricket said that would be great.

Cricket said she would like to ask them something and that was would they mind if she did not wear her leg much. She would just as soon use her wheelchair all the time. Salina said you do what you need to do for you, we have no problems with what you do. Cricket said thanks, she could not walk well with it and it made her slow going anywhere and if she did walk much, it hurt her hip area. Kip told her they could go and have it checked sometime if she wanted, the gal that made Salina’s arms and his braces was an expert.

They finished getting Cricket’s things in order and put away. Kip spent some time with her and the computer showing her how the voice program worked. She had tears in her eyes when they were done saying how much easier it was going to be for her to get her school work done. Kip and Salina both said to call on them if she needed help. Kip and Cricket also talked about her learning to drive the van. She wanted to try but also had doubts. Kip had arranged for a certified instructor to teach her and it was in a wide open area with no obstructions. The instructor was also an amputee he told her. He would work with her on the weekend when she did not have classes. In the mean time Kip would take her to school and pick her up.

After getting everything done Kip suggested a group shower. They all headed to the master bathroom and got into the shower. Kip got down on the floor and shaved the girls first. He then sampled the goods to be sure they were nice and smooth. Their orgasms said they were fine and Kip got back up on the bench. The girls watched while he shaved his cock and balls and then Cricket asked for help down so she could test the results on both of them also. She started with Kip and soon had him down her throat and Cumming good. They both double teamed Salina with Kip working her breasts and arm stumps while Cricket ate her out. Salina had the biggest cum of all.

She and Cricket got on the shower floor and Salina did her. Kip watched and was still amazed at Crickets beauty. Her missing hip and shoulder on the right side and her very short arm stump on the left were a huge turn on to him. By the time the girls were done he was very hard again. The girls escort balgat noticed right away but Salina said she would take care of him later. Both Kip and Salina watched as Cricket stood up just using her one leg and then balance herself on it. She hopped a few steps and sat down. Kip washed all of them and dried them off and they got out of the shower. While Cricket was riding on his lap to her wheelchair she gave him a big kiss on the mouth. Kip put t-shirts on the three of them and helped each of the girls into bed.

The next morning they were up early, Cricket wanted to get to school early so she would be sure and get all of the classes she wanted and needed. Kip pulling her chair worked great and she got everything she wanted. They went to the book store and she got her books. A nice student showed Kip where to pull his van up to a loading dock, and then loaded the two boxes of books in for them. The girls got in and they headed to the wheelchair place.

Kip introduced Cricket to Mac and he started by asking about her Medicaid. She gave him her card and from the numbers said he did not think there would be any problem with them paying for it. Kip had already talked to him and told him to say that no matter what. If Medicaid did not pay all, or only part of it, he would. He started showing her the choices in powered chairs but the biggest thing that needed to be decided was where to put the control joy stick. Mac had put a chair together with two of them, one for her foot and one for her hook arm. He helped her into the chair and instructed her on what to do. He had a cord with a safety switch that would kill the power if she had a problem.

With the power off the first thing Cricket did was just move the stick around so she got used to the feel of it and the range of motion it had. When she was ready Mac told her he had the speed setting set for a crawl so don’t be afraid. They were out in the vehicle maintenance bay so she had lots of room with nothing around her. Using her hook arm first she started out. She was jerky at first but soon caught on to what it took to use the joy stick. She then used her foot control and that went much better. It did not take long to decide that was the way to go. Cricket liked the demo chair; it was small and fit her good and had lots of spare battery power. She also asked if Mac could leave both controls on it and she could really try them out. He said no problem.

If she was going to take that chair, Kip said he should pull the van in and she could learn how to get in and out of it while they were there to help her. He did and after a couple of tries, she made it and was able to repeat it several times with no trouble, even using her hook arm one time. She signed some paperwork and they loaded up and headed for home. After they got home, Cricket ran her chair around the sidewalks and garage and then into the house. She seemed to be getting the hang of it ok.

When she and Kip talked later, she explained why she wanted to try both controls. Around the house she did not have her arm on all the time. She would have it on at school and for the longer spaces between buildings she could use her arm, and if it was cold outside, not get her foot icy cold. Kip thought that made great sense.

They brought her books in and got them organized for her where she could reach them. A couple were on the large size and she might need help getting them on her desk. Kip said ask any time, don’t hurt yourself. Cricket and Salina fixed dinner and they ate and Cricket went into her room to get ready for tomorrow. She got her schedule organized and made copies for Kip and Salina. Salina told both Kip and Cricket she was going to driving class with her to watch and was thinking about doing it herself. She had seen pictures on the internet of people with no arms driving even learning to fly. Kip said great he was all for it.

They all decided it was bed time and Kip helped Cricket get her arm off and into bed. She kissed him good night and thanked him again for what he was doing for her. When he got to his bedroom Salina was getting undressed and used the bathroom. When she was done she came to him to get help getting her arm off. He did and she got into bed. Kip finished in the bathroom and transferred to bed. He said what a day. Pulling Cricket around had not been easy. Salina pulled him to her with a stump and they kissed. He moved down and sucked her breasts. She had brought her foot up and was using her toes to stimulate him and had him nice and hard.

She told him to roll on his back and mounted his hard cock. She just sat for a while liking how well he filled her up. Kip reached up and played with her breasts and she started fucking him nice and slow lifting herself almost all the way off of him. Her very strong legs let her do amazing things as she rode him. Kip loved to watch his cock disappear into her shaved pussy. He was able to reach one of her arm stumps with his hand, and he played with it, and had her breast in escort batıkent the other. She got a big grin on her face telling him that felt so good. He asked which felt better of the three and she said it was too hard to decide, she loved all of it.

Her speed had picked up and she was now also using her Kegel muscles to squeeze his cock. He told her about three more of those and he was going to cum and Salina said to use his thumb on her clit so she could catch up. He did and just as she started to cum so did Kip and she felt his cum hit her cervix good and hard. She continued squeezing him during his cum and prolonged it for both of them. He took one of the towels they kept at bedside and put it between her legs as she got off his wilting cock. She lay alongside of him and he grabbed her in his arms telling her thanks for taking such good care of him.

Kip was up early the next morning with Cricket. He helped her get her arm on and she did the rest. He buckled her safety belt around her and they got in the van and he took her to school and agreed on the time and place to pick her up. She said wish me luck with this chair today and Kip laughed saying she would do fine, just take it slow and easy. He headed back home and Salina had breakfast ready for them. Kip worked at home while Salina did some house work and wash. Kip fixed them a sandwich for lunch and they ate on the patio. Salina had both arms on today to do the house work and to fold the stuff after the dryer. Kip loved to watch her do it. She must have loved to do it also, as her nipples were very hard sticking out from her t-shirt.

Mid afternoon Kip left to pick up Cricket. His timing was good and she arrived just a couple of minutes after he got there. She got in and he said looks like you and the chair are in one piece and she said yes, no problems, but it was fantastic to have the power chair to get around. It was so much easier for her she said. There was a female para in one of her classes and they got to know each other. Cricket said she lived out near us and if I can’t learn to drive she might be someone to ride with and I share the gas with her. Kip said good idea. He told her Mac had called and they had a van and it would be ready the first of the week. He also told her that Medicaid had paid in full for her chair.

They got home and Cricket said she was going to go study and went to her room. Salina was done with the folding and Kip carried the stuff on his lap and helped her put it away. They got dinner started and soon they were having dinner. Cricket said she would have her schedule worked out in a week and know how much work each class would take and then she could help with things that needed to be done around the house. Salina said the help would be nice but not to worry about it, school came first, and she was home all day and could get things done. Salina laughed and said she would find something for her to contribute for sure. Cricket got her meaning and said we should start with that one tonight. Salina shook her hook at her and said your homework must be done first young lady! They all had a good laugh at that.

Later, Salina went in to check on Cricket and see what she was studying. Salina still had both of her arms on and after a while she noticed that Cricket was looking at her a lot. She finally turned her power char to face her and told her how sexy she looked with both arms on and she wished she could wear two sometimes. Salina said but then I would not be able to see YOUR sexy body where your arm and shoulder are gone. Kip and I can’t get over the effect it has on us. They looked at each other for a while then Cricket asked if Salina could join her in bed. She said sure and got up and closed the door. They both had their arms on over their t-shirts so Cricket undid Salina’s straps first and helped her out of her prosthetics and got her shirt and shorts off.

Propped up in bed with pillows, Salina used her feet to undo Crickets Velcro straps on her arm and get it off. She then got her shirt and shorts off. That was the first time Cricket had seen her use her feet as hands and was very impressed. Cricket was able to get herself on the bed and close to Salina and Salina moved down some and they started kissing. Soon they were using their short stubby arm stumps to rub each other’s breasts. Cricket worked her way down to Salina’s pussy and was able to get into position to eat her good. She had a long, agile tongue and got it into Salina’s vagina and then worked her clit over good. She was able to get three good orgasms out of her and then lapped up a very tasty reward.

They then got close again and Salina started sucking Cricket’s large nipples. They were all that stood up from her chest as flat as she was, but were very sensitive. Salina moved down and instead of her mouth, she started with her toes stimulating Cricket’s clit. With all of her right hip missing, it was very easy to get to her pussy. Salina also managed to get her big toe into Cricket’s vagina and this gave her the first orgasm. Salina then swiveled around on her hips and started using her mouth and soon had Cricket having one long, continuous orgasm. She finally wiggled out of reach to get Salina to stop. Salina caught back up with her but concentrated on kissing and using her mouth on Cricket’s missing hip area.

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Kiki Brings Edith Home

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After the first month that Kiki moved into my home, she decided to rent her house and, after some haggling with the association president, did so. Needless to say, it was quickly snapped up, the market in our development was that good.

Every Sunday, Kiki had phoned her sister-in-law, Edith, who lived in Pennsylvania. I couldn’t help but overhear some of the conversations from time to time, conversations that boosted my ego through the roof at times. I had always prided myself with my ability to satisfy her, sexually, and she sometimes recounted our lovemaking in vivid detail. Of course, I heard only her side of the conversation so I never knew what Edith’s responses were.

Right after her house was rented, Kiki decided that she would visit Edith for a few days. “You’ll just have to make do with your right hand while I’m gone. Just don’t get too wrapped up with it though, ” she laughed. “It’s only for a long weekend. “

I delivered Kiki to the airport early on Thursday morning; she would be returning the following Monday afternoon. With all these new restrictions on air travel, we had to part as she went through the screening. Her last words to me were, “Now you be good and be ready for me when I get back. ” To emphasize her meaning, she gave my crotch a soft pat as she left me.

I stopped on the way home at a Dunkin Donuts for a cup of coffee and a donut, then did a little shopping. At home I caught up on some paperwork I had sadly neglected during all the enjoyable time with Kiki. Dammit, I already missed her. I must admit though, that I got a full nights sleep that night.

Somehow the weekend passed and I had only jacked-off once. Monday morning Kiki called and we talked briefly before she got ready to leave for the airport for her return. I told her that I would not be at the airport when she got in, but, for her to call me as soon as she landed and I’d drive right in, it was only a twenty minute trip. I’d pick her up curbside. “Good, it’ll probably take me that long to get my bag, ” she replied. “By the way, I’ve got a nice surprise for you. “

Shortly after three that afternoon she called and I immediately got in the car to go pick her up. With little traffic I made it in just under the twenty minutes and as I pulled into the arrival pick-up area, I saw her standing there, waiting for me. She seemed to be in a deep conversation with another arrival, a thin, dirty blonde, dressed, like Kiki, in shorts that showed off a pair of slender legs. I pulled to the curb next to them, killed the motor and got out to open the car trunk for Kiki’s bag.

When I turned to her she smiled and said, “Hi lover man, kiss me and meet Edy, my surprise for you. ” I gawked for an instant, then smiled and foolishly, held out my hand to Edy.

“Hi, Edith, I didn’t know you were coming. This is a surprise. ” Edy laughed, ignoring my hand and, instead, held out her face for a kiss. I took the gesture and planted a kiss on her cheek, then kissed Kiki. “Welcome home, dear, and welcome to Florida, Edy. “

I quickly stowed their bags in the car trunk and we all got in the car for the trip home. Knowing that I-95 would be bumper to bumper this time of the day and dodging the other cars exiting the airport, took the Congress Avenue exit ramp. As soon as I stopped at a red light, Kiki leaned over for a proper kiss. “Did you miss me, Honey? I missed you. “

“Darned right I missed you, ” and patted her bare leg right below her shorts. She laughed.

“I know what you missed and we’ll have to make up for lost beşevler escort time. ” In the back seat, Edy was laughing right along with Kiki.

When the light turned green, Kiki said, “Let’s stop for dinner on the way, I’m famished. We haven’t had anything since breakfast and they don’t serve any meals on the planes now. “

“Yeah, ” Edy concurred from the back seat. “I’m starving too. ”

“No problem, we’ll just join all the Early Birds. That’ll be something new for us. How about ‘Snappers?” Edy began giggling and I quickly explained to her that it was the name of the restaurant.

“Yeah, Edy, get your mind off sex for a few minutes, ” Kiki said laughingly. “And, don’t order desert or we’ll have to wait an hour after eating for ‘you know what’. ” She turned to me and said, loudly, “You’re in for a big treat, big boy. Think you can handle two horny old broads?”

That was my first inkling of what lay in store for me and abruptly my cock began to respond. “If you mean what I think you mean, I’d gladly die trying. And, I don’t see any old broads. “

Luckily, the restaurant wasn’t crowded when we got there and we were seated immediately. True to their words, the two women ate ravenishly, while I settled for a light meal. I had eaten a late lunch. Besides, I thought that I performed better on an unfilled belly.

It was almost six by the time we got home, their bags out of the car and into the house. I was somewhat surprised as I watched Kiki lead the way for the two of them right into our bedroom. For my part, I got out some booze and mixers, made myself a drink and then sat in the livingroom to wait for them to join me.

>From time to time I heard giggling coming from the bedroom and they seemed to be taking a long time in there. “What are you two up to in there, ” I called out.

I heard a laugh, then Kiki answered. “We’re just getting out of our travel clothes and into something comfortable. Be there in a minute. “

I nearly choked on my drink when a few minutes later they emerged from the bedroom. They were both ‘dressed’ in oversize tee shirts that hung to just below their hips. They were very obviously naked underneath. “Don’t we look better now, Jon? I know I feel much better without all that constricting stuff on, ” Kiki laughed. “Why don’t you get comfortable too?”

While Kiki mixed drinks for she and Edy, I stood up and shucked off all but my boxers, not even trying to hide the bulge that had developed in them. Kiki took one look at it and then, nudging Edy, said, “See, I told you he’d be happy to see us. ”

“To tell the truth, Kiki, I’m kind of glad to see him. I’m anxious to see just how talented Jon is and I don’t mean with that thing that’s making a tent out of those boxers. “

“Oh he’s talented with more than that nice cock he’s hiding. Stick out your tongue, lover, and show her your other good feature. ” It was plain that Kiki had confided to Edy much more than I thought about our activities.

I turned to Edy and stuck my tongue out as far as I could, then made lapping motions as though I was licking an ice-cream cone with it. Edy got a glazed look in her eyes as she watched. “To hell with the drinks, Kiki, I need to test that out. I’ve gotten so hot, I need to cum. “

“Don’t be in such a rush, babe, ” Kiki said softly. “Just diddle yourself for a few minutes. Show Jon how hot it’s making you. He gets really hard watching you taking care of business. ”

Edy drew her feet up onto the chair seat, revealing balgat escort her bare pussy, already glinting with moisture. I put my drink down and, raising my butt off the chair, pushed my boxers down and off. My cock was standing straight up. Kiki got up and came to straddle me, facing away from me, and quickly lowered herself, guiding my cock into her also wet cunt. “Fuck me, Jon then give Edy a good licking. ” I reached around her and up under her tee shirt to cup her tits as she commenced bouncing up and down. “Oh fuck yes, lover, give it to me, ” as her movement became more vigorous. “God, but I missed this. ”

Although the sight of Edy ‘taking care of business’ was somewhat obscured, I could still see her self ministrations. She had disposed of her tee shirt and I got the first view of her tits, tiny tits that seemed to be all nipple. She was pulling on first one then the other with her left hand while her right hand was attacking her clit in a feverish rubbing motion. Her head was thrown back against the back of the chair and she seemed to be on the verge of cumming.

Apparently Kiki was watching Edy too and getting just as excited watching her sister-in-law masturbate. “Oh god, Edy, do it, make yourself cum. Come on, baby, do it now. Oh jeez, I’m gonna cum! Fuck me, Jon, fuck me hard. ” I grabbed her hips and drove into her as hard and deep as I could. My cock jerked as I unloaded my jism into her. Kiki fell back onto me, her head resting on my shoulder as she shuddered through her orgasm.

At that very instant, as though programmed, Edy let out a low growl as she brought herself off. The room reeked of sexual release. I was thankful at that moment for the Scotch-gard treatment I had given the furniture for I felt the mixture of Kiki and my juices running down my thighs and onto the chair cushion. I was sure that Edy was dripping too.

But as I watched, she continued pleasuring herself, with two fingers buried in her cunt, trying to maintain her sexual high. Amazingly, my cock, which had started to shrink, regained life and within seconds was again stiff and hard.

“My god, Jon, ” Kiki muttered, “is Edy keeping you up?”

“Yeah, that woman is really turning me on. “

“Why don’t we go to bed and you can give her pussy a good licking now, get her off good. Then fuck her hard. Show her I haven’t been stretching the truth when I told her what a stud you are. ”

Kiki got off my lap, freeing my cock, and walked over to the chair Edy was now sitting up in. “Come on girl, it’s time for your ‘treatment’ Let’s get on the bed so we can all be more comfortable. ”

Once in the bedroom, the two of them stretched out, side by side over two large bath towels, apparently placed there when the two of them had been ‘getting comfortable’. As I crawled over the foot of the bed to between Edy’s open legs, I got my first good look at her cunt, her swollen lips covered with her milky white cum juice. “Ummm, ” I said to them, “looks like my dessert is ready for me. ” Her legs went straight up in the air as I plunged my face towards my target. I licked up as much of her juices as I could before concentrating on her joy spot. As my tongue touched her engorged clit, she brought both legs down, to rest on my shoulders, giving me the chance to reach up with both hands to fondle her nipples.

My lips circled her clit and I began to lovingly tease it with the tip of my tongue. “Oh yes, yesss, ” she sobbed. I felt one of my hands pulled from her tit and I looked up over batıkent escort Edy’s slightly rounded tummy to see Kiki lower her mouth onto that nipple and suck it into her mouth. At that very instant, Edy let out a low moan and came.

I kept her at her peak for a minute or two, then let up on her clit to let her come down from her high. When her body had relaxed, I returned to sucking and licking the now swollen nub. Her heals were dug into my back as she strove to force her pussy harder to my mouth. Over and over, she began muttering, “Ohmygod, ohmygod, oh god, oh god, ohmygod, ” then, “Oh god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, ” as her heals began a drum beat on my back. I felt her body tense as she screamed at me, “DON’T STOP, oh god, DON’T STOP”. Of course, I had no intention of stopping. Her cunt was gushing more of her cum juices onto my chin as her cum seemed to go on and on, until obviously, exhausted, she collapsed.

Although both Edy and I were still, I felt the bed moving and as I rose up onto my knees I found the reason why. Kiki was on her belly, one hand under her, at her pussy, humping like crazy. The sight of my licking Edy’s pussy apparently had been too much for her and she was determined to not be left out of all the pleasuring.

My cock, already at full staff, became even stiffer and I took hold of it and slowly stroked it. “Hey! No fair, ” I heard Edy exclaim. “That’s supposed to be for me. “.

There she was, knees up, legs spread, her cunt still glistening with the mixture of my saliva and her cum. I moved forward, aiming my cock at her juicey hole and lowered myself. She grabbed my prick and guided it into her hot hole. “Come on, Jon, fuck me, fuck me fast and hard. “

There was no resistance as I buried my prick deep and began thrusting. “Jeez, Edy, I really need to cum and it’s not going to take me long. “

“Just shut up and fuck me. “

With the moans of Kiki beside me, bringing herself to orgasm and the ‘unh…. unh… unh” from Edy each time I drove my prick into her, I was at fevers pitch to get myself off. It seemed I was just on the edge but couldn’t get over. I began to sweat, my perspiration dripping on Edy’s small tits.

Suddenly she screamed out, “FOR GODS SAKE DON’T STOP! OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD, YESSSS!”, as her whole body tensed up and she clung to me, trying to keep me prick deep in her cunt. “Oooohhh, ” she moaned as she came, her cunt convulsing on my cock. Her cum seemed to just go on and on for several minutes until, finally she completely relaxed, letting go of me and throwing her arms outstretched to either side. As I tried to resume pumping, she cried out, “Oh Jon, no more, please, no more., ” pushing me away

When I was back up on my knees, my prick was still stiff as a board and beginning to ache. My god, I thought, I’m priaptic. I’ve got a perpetual hard-on. I grasped it and began jacking off, I had to relieve the pressure. I kept pumping until my arm began to get tired and I was about to stop when that familiar feeling started in my groin and after a few more desperate strokes, a long rope of thick white cum squirted out to land on Edy’s belly, followed by two more, less forceful squirts. I milked a last few drops as my prick finally began to soften until it was hang limp, the pain gone from it.

As I sat back on my heels, Edy began twirling her fingers in the deposit I had made, then, with her fingers coated with my cum, she brought her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers clean. “Uumm, Jon, you taste as good as you fuck. Next time I’m going straight to the well. “

Kiki, having satisfied herself, watched as Edy cleaned up all the cum she could. “Edy, ” she said laughingly, “you’re a pig. You could have offered me a little of that. ”

I was exhausted. “Your both going to have to wait quite a while before there’s anymore. “

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KDS Construction Pt. 03

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This is a work of fiction. All characters involved in adult activities are adults, you should be too. These stories were written for free so you can read them for free. Any similarity between this and other stories is just because dirty minds think alike. Protected by copyright laws.

This part runs a little long. There is one extra sex scene that could have been moved to Part 4, but it helped move the story. I hope you don’t mind a little extra sex.

This is a rewrite of a story I wrote long ago but lost in a computer crash. Many things are changed, for the better. It starts out slow and then heats up. “Part 4” is in the works. It will be the conclusion. Enjoy, rate, comment. Helpful, constructive comments have helped shape the course of this story line for the better. Thank you.


KDS Construction Part 3 Theory Proposed/Experimentation/Lab work.

I couldn’t speak. It was so totally absurd, yet it made all the sense in the world. I put my coffee cup on the counter beside the sink. I walked out onto the patio. I remembered the kids laughing and playing. I remembered motherly and erotic Gina with her firm, round belly and boobs, swollen with milk. I slipped out of my robe and stood at the edge of the pool, nude. I stood there for a minute. I felt Karen and David watching me. I crouched low and launched into a shallow dive. I glided under water until my hands touched the other end of the small pool.

I surfaced into a world where I wanted Dennis to be the father of my child.

I hung by my elbows on the edge of the pool. I was trying to arrange my thoughts after having my mind blown by our house guests. I heard a splash behind me.

“Ouch! Shit!” Karen’s voice behind me. I turned around to find Karen standing and holding her boobs. She walked and then swam to me. “I tried to do a pretty little dive like you did and my tits slapped the water.” She got to me and the tops of her large breasts were pink. “Instead of a belly buster, I did a booby buster.” She said and pouted.

The dark humor of it sank in and I started laughing. “Thank you, babe. I needed a chuckle.” I hugged her and we gravitated to a kiss. “Where is David?”

“He went to intercept Freddie. I had just shucked off my clothes to join you and that bing-bong thing went off.” Karen said and looked around.

“So, you are out here without clothes too. At least I’ve got a robe where I dove in.”

“I don’t give a shit. If Fred makes it out here, I’m marching right up to him, buck naked and give him a piece of my mind.” Karen said with a growl in her voice. Then she laughed. Not as mad as I thought.

“We are rapidly approaching the day when Freddie starts having to call before he comes over. He’s checking who stayed over. Good thing Dennis left early.” I said. We held each other loosely with our heads on each other’s shoulders.

“What did you think of our ideas?” Karen asked with a giggle in her voice.

“Somewhere between genius and insanity.”

“Are you referring to the triple relationship thing?” Karen asked.

“No. That’s just crazy.” I said. “We are a long way from that.”

“Are we? Are we, Sandra?” Karen said looking into my eyes with a hand on my shoulder. Then she laughed loudly.

“You are silly. Dennis put you in a good mood. I didn’t think it would go that way.” I said.

“I didn’t either. I felt so safe with him all day. Finally, a gay man who’s not going to try a jump my bones. Then by nightfall, I was ready to rape his pretty ass.” Karen said. “He’s a wonderful lover.”

“Dennis is a nice man. I think you and he needed each other last night. Sorry we passed out.” I said.

Karen kissed me and smiled. “I have you and ‘what’s his name’ signed up for a full threesome, ASAP.”

“I know. David said that he needed a little time first. He talked about regrets about how you guys fought in the past.” I said.

“Back in our days, neither of us would apologize for anything.” Karen said. “We’ve grown so much.”

David came out and sat on the side of the pool and dangled his feet in the water. I swam to him. “Hey, baby. Where’s your dad?”

“He left. He came to bitch and see if K slept with our ‘queer friend’. I told him you two were sunbathing. He went home.” David said looking down.

“What was he bitching about?” Karen asked.

“Mostly about me giving bonuses to the Mexicans. He said he never did. I told him we were making three times more money than he ever did, and those guys work hard. I reminded him to check his bank account tomorrow. He gets his cut. I read him a riot act about his crush on Karen, too.”

“Baby forget about it. Slip in the water with us. We’re both naked.” I said. That put a smile on his face.

David stood and took off his shorts and shirt and hopped in. “Can I ask for a kiss from each of you?”

We splashed around and teased each other in the pool for a while. Karen and I tried to get David’s dick hard, but we were all too silly and laughing. It was nice to see David openly bahçelievler escort kiss and pet his ex-wife. He was showing affection for her and me both. It was turning me on like crazy.

Noon was fast approaching. We went in to dry off and think about going to lunch.

David got quiet. “Sandy, will you give me a little time with Karen? I want to try to put some things behind us for good.”

“Guys, it’s almost noon and we are going to lunch soon. You don’t have time to get anything started.” I said.

Karen giggled and hugged he. “Baby, we want to just talk some things out. Maybe some playtime later.” She and David both chuckled.

I blushed. “Well, put a shirt on. If you keep your boobs out any longer, we’re all jumping in the sack.” I kissed them both and went to the shower. David and Karen pulled on some clothes and sat on the couch holding each other close. I heard some of it. There were some gut-wrenching apologies and lots of hugging and crying. I heard more than I wanted to, and I don’t think you need to hear about it.

Karen went to her place to dress for lunch. She had run out of clothes out at our house. We went in my Grand Cherokee. It’s very comfortable but I have to drive because I don’t want David fucking up my seat position.

Karen came out to the car made up nice. She had her hair tied back with a scarf 1960’s style. David got out and opened the back door for her. It looked like he gave her a little kiss. “Hey, Baby,” She said to me as she climbed in the back. She squeezed my shoulder. “You are right about the pool and hair. I have the frizzies.”

“You still look great, beautiful.” I said. “Don’t mention the baby thing today. We are going to talk about it again tonight. Then we’ll decide if we want to talk to Dennis about it.”

“Can I ask what your initial thoughts are?” Karen asked.

“On first look, it seems like a good idea. I like Dennis and Sandy has known him a long time. I think we can trust him.” David said.

“My first impulse is to be in favor of it. Then comes all the scary shit about pregnancy in general.” I said.

“Think about the support you would have with David and Dennis both in your corner. I’d like to be there too if you’d let me.” Karen said and looked down meekly.

I didn’t know what to say. I reached back between the seats and rubbed her calf. “We decided that we wanted children before we went to see the fertility doctor. I think that was the first step.” I said.

“You have been trying for your own. David, can you see yourself raising someone else’s child?” Karen asked.

David was quiet for a few seconds. “Kids all over the world are being raised by people who aren’t their biological parents. I have faith that most of them are doing well and are happy.” David said. He stared out the window.

“Geez! You two lighten up. I’m too hungry to get this serious right now.” I said. They both laughed.

“Oh my God! You haven’t eaten today, have you, Baby?” David asked. “We all got into the fruit and potato salad before you got up. Let’s feed this girl.”

We arrived at Claude’s Bistro about two o’clock. It’s Dennis’ dad’s place near the main business area and the main highway. They do good business and it was half filled in the midafternoon. A girl that I know was hosting. “Hi, Nikki. Will you let Dennis know that we are here? He’s halfway expecting us.” I asked grinning.

“Sure. Hi, guys. Give me a minute.” She came back grinning and made air quotes. “Dennis wants you at the ‘Chef’s Table’.” Nikki seemed to roll her eyes and giggle. She led us back to the kitchen.

Dennis greeted us with kisses for the ladies and one of those ‘handshake chest bump’ things that guys do these days for David. He was wearing a white chef’s jacket and a bandana. “Hi, folks. I’m so glad you came out.” He led us to an old booth off in a back corner of the kitchen.

“I didn’t know that you had a ‘chef’s table’, Denny” I said with a smile.

“Well, it makes it sound cool. It’s just this old booth. Dad uses it as a desk or a place to nap. The staff will grab a quick meal here. The health department lady hates it, but we are getting by with it.” Dennis explained.

“Where’s Claude, Dennis.” David asked.

“He got tired. We did a big brunch for a group of veterans and their families, then the lunch crowd hit. I told him to go home and rest. I’m running the kitchen until he feels like coming back in.” Dennis said with a hint of pride in his voice. “Having you back here lets me spend more time with you.” He said with a smile aimed at Karen.

Karen smiled. “This is cool back here. It’s like one of those cooking shows.” She said.

A cute girl brought us water glasses with a thin slice of lemon in each. She gave us the lunch menu, then turned and gave a ticket to Dennis from a table.

“One shrimp salad, grilled. One strip medium rare, baked potato, one house salad no tomato.” Dennis barked to the line cooks.

“Yes, chef.” One of balgat escort the cooks called back, grinning over his shoulder.

“Cool it! Just call it back.” Dennis said smiling. The young man repeated the order back. Dennis came and sat beside Karen in the booth. “They will put on a show for these pretty ladies. He picked up that ‘Yes chef’ shit watching Ramsey on TV”

“That’s a spiffy chef coat, buddy. That looks like some TV shit there too.” David said to raise a laugh.

Dennis laughed. “I guess so. They are practical and Dad uses a uniform service. You can have whatever you want, folks. We are pushing the lunch specials this time of day. Whatever you guys want, it’s on me.” Dennis said.

“Bullshit! We’ll pay our way. You don’t need to do that.” David said with a slight blush of embarrassment.

“Come on, Dave. Let me do this. I had a great time yesterday.” Dennis stood and looked over the cooking line. “I tell you what, pay for your drinks and tip Stephanie and we’ll have a deal. I think I’ll eat with you, if it’s OK.”

“Well, duh! Of course, it’s OK, Silly.” I said. David ordered for the table, like a gentleman. We had told him our preferences. To counter Dennis’ generosity, he ordered a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon to go with he and Denny’s steaks and a bottle of Riesling to pair with our seafood salads. Dennis got to sit more than I thought he would. Conversation was light. David talked about fixing up the ‘chef’s table’ area and making it a place where business people could have a fancy lunch with clients. Some rails or a partial barrier might satisfy the health code. Then David worked in that he needed Dennis to come over the next night for a design job he had for him.

Karen and Dennis flirted, but less than you might think. Maybe they both knew that it was more recreational than romantic. Still, they dropped “encore” confirmations. Good for them, even if I wanted her in our bed too. I’m not sure how much the wine cost, but David gave Stephanie a hundred and she was pleased to “Keep the change.”

We went in Karen’s apartment when we got back there. She and I didn’t use the restroom at the restaurant. The wine had us buzzing and bursting to piss. I went in her bathroom first. I came out to see her and David standing and kissing. When she heard me, she tried to dance away from David. He held her laughing, stopping her from going.

“Let me go, Davey. I’m about to wet my pants.” Karen said giggling. He let her go.

I gladly took over the duties of kissing David. “You invited Dennis over. Have you decided something?”

“Not totally. We’ve got until then to talk about it. Even then, we would need to discuss it with him.” David said and kissed me very passionately.

The wine had me a little buzzed. David’s hot kiss made me think that he might have some ideas. He and I hadn’t had a roll in the hay since our quickie the day before. Kissing both of us must have been inspiring. Karen came back from the bathroom without her slacks or shoes, just panties and blouse. She looked so sexy. “Well, make yourself at home, K.” I said.

“Since I am, I think I will.” She said with a grin. Karen joined our hug. “I think you two should do the same and get comfortable.” She kissed us each in turn and gave my ass a firm rub and squeeze.

“It’s a nice afternoon. Would you two like to cap off this weekend with a nice…” I tried to ask the obvious, but Karen shut me up with big kiss and her tongue in my mouth. She rubbed my crotch and made me tingle all over. I released David and ran my fingers along the crotch of her panties. Her pussy was swollen, and I could feel wetness. Karen and I embraced and kissed more passionately.

David sat in an overstuffed chair, facing the sofa. “I’ll let you ladies warm things up. I’ll watch from here for a few minutes.”

Karen and I went to the sofa. She covered it with a blanket. “I’ve seen how wet you get.” She said giggling and blushing.

I patted her ass and said, “Really? You are wet already.”

Karen blushed red. She sat on the sofa and pulled my shirt up. She kissed my belly and started sliding my slacks down and off. I pulled off my shirt and unhooked my bra. When I looked back at David, he had a bulge in his pants. And he smiled at me. I wiggled my butt at him. Karen pulled me to her and nibbled at my tits. “It’s hard to believe that you like my little tits. You are so busty and beautiful.” I leaned down and kissed her.

“Sandy, you are a beautiful young woman. I love your hot little body. Forget David and run away with me, please.” Karen said laughed.

I chuckled and went to my knees between Karen’s legs. The crotch of her blue panties was wet with a dark spot. I leaned in and smelled her. For an instant, I was shocked. Along with the sweet mellow musk of her pussy, I smelled a little bit of fresh pee. For a second, I was repulsed. Then it was captivating. I kissed her crotch through her panties. I slipped them down and off of her long legs. The crotch of the batıkent escort panties was wet with goo. I couldn’t help myself from sniffing the panties. Karen was laying back, watching me and smiling. I dropped the garment and began exploring her labial folds with my fingers. In the light of day, I could see her beautiful pink pussy so much better. Spreading her lips revealed a brighter pink color and wet goo flowing out. It pulled me in. I took a soft lick just under her clit. She flinched, so I pressed my tongue into her cleft with more force. I tasted her cream with a faint salinity from urine. It was the hottest thing I ever did. It was hard to believe. I tasted pussy for the first time the week before. Now I loved it.

I felt David move alongside me for a better view. He helped me lift Karen’s legs and open her pussy up wide. “Her pussy is very pretty, isn’t it baby? Spread her open. Look at her tiny inner lips.” He watched me lick and suck. David moved behind me and began working his stiff cock into my wet pussy.

I was on my knees licking Karen. David was slipping his cock up my hole from behind me. It was bliss. All of my apprehensions about taboos and labels faded into memory. It seemed silly to worry about straight, lesbian or bisexual terms. I was loving what I was doing and the people I was doing it with.

I wanted another thing to happen. I raised myself off of Karen’s pussy and sat beside her on the couch. I guided her to sit up. “Dave baby, come here for us.” He got on his feet and stepped so that his big cock was presented to us. It was slick and wet with my juices and fully hard. I cradled it in my hand and spoke to Karen. “Here, baby. I want to see you to take this in your pretty mouth.”

Karen grinned. She came close to taking it in her mouth, but instead, kissed it quickly. “Hello, old friend. It’s been a long time. I hope Sandy has been taking good care of you.” She said to David’s dick. We all got a good laugh from it, but it emphasized the line we were about to cross.

“It’s alright K. You can if you want to.” I held the cock up to her mouth and watched as she opened up and took the pointed head in. She and David both moaned. I held my breath. The sight of her sucking his cock just inches from my face was mind blowing. Lust overpowered any other feelings in me. I was rubbing my clit with my free hand. Karen was able to get about half of it in her mouth, which is more than I can.

She let it pop out of her mouth and held it over for me. I took a turn sucking David’s cock. Karen took it back for a few seconds, then stood up. She took off her blouse and bra and rubbed her boobs. “I need the two of you to come to my bedroom.” She said and walked in there.

I stood and kissed David. “Is all of this OK, sir knight?” I asked.

“Of course, my princess. Do you think that you are the only one that has been wanting this? I’m about to fuck the hell out of both of you.” David said and smiled confidently.

Karen was already on her back in bed. David turned and kissed me. He slipped onto the bed and kissed Karen and stroked her big boobs. I stood near the bed. My pussy was practically dripping but I wanted to see it happen. David gave me a quick look as I started rubbing myself. He directed all of his attention back to Karen. They locked eyes, but mine were locked on his cock. He rolled his hips forward. His big pointed cock head paused for a second at the mouth of her pussy and then it slipped in. I moaned for this fantasy to be fulfilled. David took a long time to push all the way in. Karen moaned loudly and seemed to quiver all over. I leaned over and kissed her and gripped one of her boobs. She reached up to my pussy and slipped two fingers all the way up to my cervix. She poked me in time with David’s fucking action. I watched his cock stabbing her cunt. He was pounding her hard and she was whimpering with every thrust.

Karen dropped her hand away from my pussy and David pulled out of her. Karen rolled to the side and David took my hand. He guided me to lie in her place. As soon as my back hit the bed, he was in me. Karen rolled up to me and kissed and petted me as David began assaulting my pussy with his oversized dick. I was afraid for him to pound me like he did Karen. I relaxed and let it happen for a few minutes. It got really good. Karen’s attentions were helping.

“I have an idea.” Karen said. “Hop off, Davey. You can use a stretch. OK, Sandy. Turn your cute little butt toward the side.” She lay beside me. We were side by side on the bed with our butts right on the edge. “Ok, big boy. You can do us both. Take turns on us, Davey.”

David chuckled and walked his cock back into me. Even with him just pulling out, it was a rush to feel him stretch me open. He fucked me gently for a couple of minutes then moved over to Karen. He went in fast and Karen gasped. David settled into a sweet gentle pace with her. We all smiled at each other. David came back to me. “I love you Sandy.” He said as he pumped it in me. He moved back to Karen. When he got back going, “I’m so happy that you are part of our lives.” He said before moving back to me. He winked at me. He pushed my legs up and jammed his cock into my G-spot. He fucked me into a quivering orgasm. David pulled out and moved back to Karen. David gave me a wink and nodded at Karen.

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Lake Climax

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It was warm inside the tent, and judging by the brightness, I had been sleeping all morning. It had been an exhausting night full of deep and meaningful talk, so I wasn’t surprised that we had slept in. Or at least, I slept in. There was no sign of Cindy. Normally I wouldn’t worry so much, but being in the middle of the forest, she could’ve gotten lost. I crawled out of my sleeping bag, and realised that I was stark naked. I was definitely sure I had my clothes on last night. The packs weren’t in the tent. Cindy must’ve moved them. I sighed.

“Cindy!” I yelled out. “Are you out there?”

There was no response, but I heard a faint giggle. She never got very far when pulling off these pranks. I opened the tent and poked my head outside. Cindy was sitting on a log with the packs by her feet, chewing on a granola bar.

“Morning Emma!” she replied cheerfully. “Or afternoon? It’s hard to tell. It’s so lovely out here. You should join me!”

“Very funny, Cindy,” I replied unenthusiastically. “Do you mind giving me my clothes back?”

“Come out here and get them.”

I didn’t entertain her with a response. I glared at her. It took about a minute this time before she gave in. Her eyes dropped to the ground. “Sorry.” She handed the bags to me and I retreated back into the tent to get dressed.

It’s hard to be angry at Cindy. It wasn’t because we were best friends. I often get frustrated at her childish pranks too. But I was the only one who knew about her condition. I was close to her family. At least, her mother trusted me with everything. She had run away from Cindy’s father, who was an abusive man. The story becomes fairly typical – Cindy’s mother worked two jobs to make ends meet and to pay for Cindy’s education, leaving Cindy to grow up mostly by herself. She was a hard worker, kept her head in the books as much as she could to do her mother proud. Cindy had the bookworm look – neat shoulder-length hair; liked to wear sweaters and had thick-rimmed glasses that made her look cute, though not “sexy” enough to draw the wrong kind of attention.

That…was kind of the problem. After her abuse at the hands of her father, Cindy developed serious mental health issues. I had suspected something wasn’t quite right for a long time based on Cindy’s erratic behaviour patterns, and when her mother told me that Cindy had been identified as having borderline personality disorder, I felt the weight as much as she did. Her mother felt guilty over Cindy’s upbringing and asked me, as a personal favour, to look after Cindy and do what she couldn’t do as a mother.

It was rough at first for everyone. Cindy was naturally a quiet, gentle girl who just wanted to finish school and go to college. However, she became more wildly emotional as she went through her school years, which had serious repercussions on her results. At first I assumed that these outbursts were due to her BPD, but after several counselling sessions, it was clear that after years of neglect and loneliness, combined with her unstable mental health, she had developed hypersexuality. It was an on-and-off thing. Most of the time she was plain normal Cindy, but every now and then she would become obsessed with sex. She dressed provocatively, flirted with guys and girls, and become fixated on anything that turned her on.

My role changed once I learned of this. Rather than just being her best friend, I was also her guardian. I kept her out of trouble – the fact that she never had a sexual relationship in school was a testament to my hard work at keeping her focused on her studies. I also made an effort to hide her hypersexuality from her mother. Cindy’s behaviour wasn’t her fault, but I knew that her mother would think she was a slut, and for Cindy’s sake I kept it quiet. Through counselling and therapy sessions, Cindy and I worked out a plan to manage her symptoms. I became her confidante, allowing her to talk through her obsessions and fantasies. When we went to college, we shared a house together, where I could keep an eye on her and made sure she was taking her medication. As much as I’m loathe to admit this, at times I became her “fuck buddy”. I’m not a lesbian, and I’m not sexually attracted to my best friend, but there were times when her hypersexuality was so intense that she needed relief. It felt strange at first, but I wanted to do the best for Cindy rather than have her regret doing something with a stranger. It was fun too – uniquely, Cindy was the perfect person to experiment with sexual fantasies, and we played it off as a fun, best-friend gag than a sexual relationship, and we both understood that there were no strings attached. I knew Cindy appreciated everything deep down.

One thing we did every year that helped her condition was to go camping. Her symptoms – and her beşevler escort bayan hypersexuality – flared up when she became stressed, which was a common occurrence when we were juggling college and work. In summer we’d drive to a remote national park and spend a few days away from everything. I enjoyed de-stressing as much as Cindy did, and Cindy was able to let loose without anyone judging her. Cindy stripping me in my sleep and stealing my clothes was actually an improvement over previous years. Last year she flashed every truck for a mile, and masturbated in the car while talking about lesbian fantasies with her teachers. It was a positive sign that she had made it this far, and we were convinced that she was on the way to recovery.

After lunch, we decided to go for a hike. One of the trails led to the park’s centrepiece, Lake Climax. We packed some water and snacks into our packs and trekked off. It was the perfect day for a walk in the woods. The temperature was comfortable, the wind was cool, and we had plenty of alone-time to talk about the things on our minds. Given Cindy’s condition, it didn’t take long for the conversation to become tainted with sex.

“Wouldn’t it be fun if we did the whole hike topless?”

I groaned. I bet that once we reached the lake, she would have an urge to go skinny dipping. Not that she needed to take much off. All she had on were her shoes, a short skirt and a sleeveless top tied below her breasts. She was in her “sexy” persona when she packed and didn’t really think about the consequences. Granted, I was also sans underwear – I had been so stressed with planning the trip and making sure Cindy was okay that I had just plain forgotten.

Honestly though, this time it didn’t feel so bad. I had been so occupied with work, and having broken up with my boyfriend months ago, I was feeling more than a little tense. Being able to go commando with Cindy was actually quite liberating for me, and while I wasn’t going to admit it to Cindy, it was a bit of a turn-on. What if something happened to us? If I sprained my ankle, I bet Cindy wouldn’t hesitate to rip her shirt into bandages, or start taking advantage of me. I shivered at the thought. It was a guilty pleasure, and I was surprised that it even crossed my mind.

I snapped out my daydream. Something felt strange. I couldn’t see Cindy anywhere. I wasn’t even sure where I was. It was like I had been on autopilot and walked in straight line. It appeared that I had been attempting to cross a dry streambed and stepped into a wet patch. I had crossed more than halfway and was close to the far bank when my feet became stuck in this yellowish, sandy mud. And “stuck” wasn’t an overstatement. I was up to my knees and there was an unnatural suction around my calves. A few experimental tugs caused the sand to ooze around my legs. I noticed the sand moved gently, as if it was pulsing. Cracks began to appear in the surface, which was starting to turn into a wet-cement consistency. Then, without warning, I no longer felt anything solid under my feet. I plunged down to my thighs. The sand absorbed my sudden drop, rebounding and sending ripple across the formerly dry creek bed. It was only now that I realised that it wasn’t as dry as it looked, and several small puddles were forming.

I didn’t have time to dwell on that. With the sand liquefying beneath me, I was continuing to sink. I shifted my weight onto my left side to work my right leg out, but that only made my left leg sink deeper. I shifted to the right, which also sank my leg deeper. I repeated this several times. I’m not sure why. It felt natural to struggle, as if moving back and forward would stop me from sinking, like it was climbing onto something that felt slightly more solid. All I was doing was loosening up the sand further and making the trap that much more inescapable. I slurped hungrily as it crept up my thighs. The sensation sent a shiver through my body. It was cool and inviting, and didn’t feel all that bad. Playful, even. It gave way whenever I wanted it to stay still, and it resisted when I thought I would plunge down. I felt trapped and helpless, watching the sand swallow me, its victim.

Somewhere, I could hear Cindy’s voice, but it felt like a distant dream. I felt no urge to call out to her. Just looking at the sand getting closer to my crotch, seeping through my shorts. I felt giddy. Excited.

“Hey, Emma, I saw a sign back there saying that there’s quicksand – OH MY GOD, EMMA!”

I turned my head back to see Cindy standing on the bank. She was shouting something at me, standing back tentatively from the edge. It took me a while to register what was coming out of her mouth. Quicksand? I looked back down. The quicksand undulated around my hips. I balgat escort bayan kept on going down. My struggling had turned the creek bed into a deadly trap that extended further than my arms could reach. Everything felt slow. Even my thoughts were dulled. Finally, I summoned the energy to call out for help.

But when I turned around, Cindy’s hands weren’t reaching out for me. One was under her shirt, caressing her boob. The other was between her legs, ferociously stroking her pussy. I nearly choked at the sight. Maybe it was the way I was positioned with my wide butt wiggling at her, or my breasts swaying deliciously over the sand, or the wet spot that her developed in my shorts, or maybe it was my subconscious moaning. Whatever it was, it hit Cindy’s trigger.

“Cindy! Cindy!” I called out. “Snap out of it! Help me!”

She didn’t hear me. She couldn’t see me either. Her eyes were closed as she pleasured herself, succumbing to her sexual drive. I had seen it many times before. It wasn’t wholly abnormal. For a normal person, it might just be that slight twang of arousal from seeing something provocative, but for Cindy, it created an unstoppable reaction. There were times when it would hit her when we were going out clubbing, and she’d be in the back seat fingering herself while I drove. There were times, in the middle of the night, when I would submit myself to being her plaything to calm her down. I put up with these incidents because Cindy couldn’t control herself, and it wasn’t her fault. Now, however, I needed her to keep a level head, and she couldn’t do that.

I jolted as the sand made contact with my crotch. Reminded of my predicament, I resumed struggling, but my movements became slow, even sensual. The sand felt alive, licking my wet pussy. Even I couldn’t hold back the urges, not with Cindy moaning loudly in the background. It was like we fed off each other. She was turned on seeing me trapped and struggling in quicksand, and the same helplessness that we were both suffering was turning me on. I don’t know who orgasmed first, but by the time we recovered, I was nearly up to my tits. Cindy was gasping for air. And she kept on going. This was unusual even for Cindy. Perhaps it was the fact that my shirt had wicked up so much sweat and moisture that I was literally doing a wet t-shirt gig. It was too much for Cindy. Her fingers went in and out of her swollen pussy, pushing herself onto the brink of another orgasm as I sank deeper into the quicksand.

I managed a glance at her eyes, and my heart nearly stopped. It wasn’t that I was afraid of my situation. Her eyes told another story. I wasn’t the only one who was struggling. Beneath her flushed face and soft moans, her eyes betrayed a feeling of panic. I realised that Cindy was fighting as much as I was. She knew I could die, yet she couldn’t control her body. She could only watch me sink. The sand shifted and swallowed my breasts in one gulp. I cried out. Then, I felt myself begin to float. Precariously – I was bobbing between my chest and my shoulders. If I held still, I could let the quicksand solidify, holding my weight a bit better. It was a very delicate balance, and I felt that I would go under at any moment.


Cindy looked like she had run a marathon. She was covered in sweat and barely able to breathe. How many orgasms did she have? Two? Three? Her drive seemed to have stopped, for now. Seeing how deep I was, Cindy moved towards me, but I shouted at her to stay back.

“I’ll…I’ll find help,” she stammered.

“No, Cindy, I need you. I can’t float much longer.” I wasn’t lying. The quicksand was up to my shoulders now, and I wasn’t bobbing back up anymore.

Cindy took off her pack and tossed it aside next to where I had thrown mine earlier. She carefully edged towards the bank. Despite her care, the bank crumbled and her feet slipped into the mud.

“Cindy! No!”

She stopped herself, but her eyes had a familiar glaze. “Oooh…that feels quite good.” She wriggled her toes and made swirls in the liquefying sand with her finger, watching her patterns disappear. “I wonder what it would be like…”


I was getting desperate. Somehow, I got through to her this time. She blinked and pulled herself back out. Keeping well back, she was too far to reach me. She looked at me with tears in her eyes. She didn’t know what to do.

“Listen,” I said. “I need you to be strong. You can get me out, but you need to listen to what I say, all right?” She nodded. “Okay. You need to get a little closer. It’s not as deep where you are.”

“Step into the quicksand?” Cindy looked shaky. “But, even if it’s not deep, I still can’t reach you.”

“You need to make a rope. Use…use your shirt. batıkent escort bayan Take it off and throw it to me.”

I hadn’t really thought through what I was asking. Normally this would have been off-limits – asking Cindy to take her clothes off was an invitation for another hypersexual fit. But I was running out of time. I needed Cindy to do it. I could barely keep my hands above the quicksand and I could feel it destabilising despite my best efforts to remain still. “Cindy, please…”

What she did next was perhaps the strongest thing she had ever done. Slowly, she untied her shirt and took it off. Her breasts, swollen from her uncontrolled arousal and with the hardest nipples I had ever seen, swung free. Even the slightest hint that someone could be looking at her tits was a trigger. But she put on a brave face. With her shirt in her hand, she edged towards the quivering sand. I could only offer a couple of words of encouragement, as the sand was up to my neck and even talking felt like it made me sink deeper. She only managed three steps before the sand no longer held her weight. She sank into the soft sand, settling to her upper thighs as the ripple caused me to sink to my chin.


My eyes widened. It was not the sound I wanted to hear. That was Cindy’s unique sign that she had triggered a sexual thought, and I suddenly saw why. Already sensitive and stimulated, she was being overloaded by the gritty feel of the semi-liquid sand. Her breathing became heavier and her movements slowed down and she began to grasp that she was sinking in quicksand. The sand reached under her skirt. I then remembered that she was going commando, and her over-stimulated pussy was inches from the shimmering sand.

“Cindy, no!”

Too late. She screamed uncontrollably when the sand made contact. I became worried. Not just for me. Cindy was exhausted from her sexual struggles, and going over the edge one more time may bring her to the point of no return. If she lost control now, in the middle of the quicksand, she would be pulled under as well. No, I couldn’t allow her to do that.

“Cindy, go back!” I cried out. “It’s no good! Get yourself out! Listen to me!”

If she said something in return, I couldn’t hear it. The sand closed over my mouth and ears. This was it. I reached out to Cindy one last time before my head went under. Those moments felt like forever. I could only hope that Cindy was crawling out of the quicksand. I apologised in my mind for not being strong enough to look after her, to take care of her illness, to help her overcome it. And I forgave her for being unable to save me. It wasn’t her fault.

Something brushed against my fingers. With the reflexes of a viper, I snapped at it. It was a lifeline. My other hand grabbed onto it without a thought. My body clawed at this one last chance, even if I had given up. I must’ve only moved a few inches, but every gain was a mile to me. Cindy’s hands grabbed my wrists, and my head emerged. My lungs filled with fresh air. I leaned over Cindy’s shoulders. Topless and chest-deep in the quicksand, Cindy bore my weight without saying anything. Though we were standing on solid ground, it was a slow crawl out of the quicksand. It may have taken half an hour. We move patiently and with a purpose. No words were exchanged.

When we go out, we lay on the solid bank, covered in mud and sand. Cindy had lost her shirt and my shorts had been pulled under, rendering both of us half-naked. We must’ve laid there for another half an hour before either of us spoke. Still shaken by the submergence, I could only mutter a “Thank you.”

I had a burning question to ask, but Cindy cut me off. “I just…stopped thinking about it,” she said. “The whole sex thing. I don’t know what happened. It was like…for the past five years, it felt like I was living this massive sexual fantasy, where I could do whatever I want and there would be no consequences; that I could live the next day without worrying what happened the previous. It was when you reached out to me, that’s when I realised…I needed to take control. Your life depended on it.”

Cindy stopped for a few minutes, struggling to find words. “It felt…I feel fine. I mean, the sand was nice and all, but like, I don’t feel like it was a huge turn-on. Not even being topless and getting groped by you…”

“Hey, I didn’t meant that,” I snapped. “We were climbing out of quicksand!”

Cindy whistled. “Sure, I could believe some of that.” Her tone changed. “But seriously, I should thank you too. For everything you’ve done for me.”

“So…you’re better now?”

Cindy shrugged. “We’ll have to see. How about we go back to our tent now? I promise I won’t strip you this time.”

We picked up our bags. We were a sorry sight. Half-naked, caked in wet sand. Was Cindy really better? Suddenly, I had an idea. I tapped her on the shoulder. “Say, why don’t we go on without original plan and skinny dip at the lake? We could definitely wash ourselves off.”

Cindy looked at me, not with glazed eyes, but with a naughty glimmer and a cheeky grin. “Sure, why not?”

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Kissing My Friend’s Girl Feet Ch. 00

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When Brad and Emily took me out to see some of Seattle we probably looked like any three friends touring the sights. I tried to control my urges and be ‘normal’, but there was clearly a hold that Emily had over me. When we walked down the street I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She wore a simple white sundress but she looked amazing in it. Her hair was back in a ponytail, and her tight young body was captivated me. Her breasts were small but so firm and inviting. Her ass swayed back and forth under the dress and I often followed a step behind just to watch it. At times Brad would help himself to a handful of an ass cheek and just watching that made me hard.

Emily wore ordinary flip flops with the dress, but her feet looked amazing in them. The sun glared off her pedicure and made her toes look like little jewels. I remembered having them in my mouth just an hour earlier and blushed a little at the thought of how easily she had controlled me.

Emily generally seemed unaware of my constant fantasies of her, but on two occasions she made it clear she knew I was her toy.

The first was a simple moment. Brad and Emily were arm in arm and I was walking behind the two of them. Instead of looking up at the space needle as we approached, my eyes were fixed on Emily’s ass. I was pulled away from my fantasies when I noticed Emily turn her head. She smirked back at me, then coyly motioned with her finger for me to come closer. I quickly caught up to her and she took my arm, so she now had her boyfriend on one arm, her desperate toy on the other.

The second time Emily established her ownership of me was more intense. We were taking the streetcar to Chinatown. I sat across for Emily who sat close to Brad, cuddling him. The car wasn’t full but the people near us all clearly heard Emily tell me in a little girl whine that she had got dirt on her foot. She lifted her leg up a little and thrust one foot in the air expectantly.

“Could you clean it for me?” she implored, looking right at me.

My heart started to beat fast as I saw her big eyes stare me down and felt the eyes of the others on the bus on me. I couldn’t even bring myself to glance at Brad. Thoughts raced through my mind… could I really bring myself to do this?… would i be thrown off the bus?… is it possible she wanted me to lick the dirt off?… is there even any dirt on her foot?

The one thought that I couldn’t shake was the idea that if I did not do this, Emily may not ever let me enjoy her feet again. My heart sunk at the thought, and I blinked with the realization that I had to do as I was told.

I got up a little slowly and shakily, knelt on the floor in front of her foot then started to carefully brush off any dirt or dust that may be on it. Despite the humiliation, and I was truly feeling humiliated, I was excited to be touching her little foot, and I felt myself harden in my shorts. I took off her flip flop and was stroking invisible dirt off her sole when Emily pulled her foot away, pushed her foot brusquely against my shoulder and told me I was a ‘good boy’.

I looked longingly at her foot which was now out of reach, and saw it now beside Brad’s boat shoe. I placed the flip flop beside her, and realized I was still on my knees as I saw a couple looking down at me giggling. I scrambled up and back to my seat. Emily was now whispering something to Brad, paying me no mind, and I felt very alone as I sat back in my chair. When we got to our stop the three of us got out with no further mention of the incident.

We walked around Chinatown and we were about to head to the water for lunch when Brad got a text telling him he was needed in the office. He told us he’d have to skip lunch and see us in the evening. Emily whined that Brad worked too much then she asked me to carry her purse for a moment. I took her yellow purse and stood beside her while she gave Brad a long, passionate kiss goodbye.

Brad gave Emily’s ass a squeeze promising not to be back late. He slapped bahçelievler escort bayan me on the shoulder in a patronizing manner and left me with his girlfriend. As Emily and I walked to the restaurant she seemed in a sour mood so I kept quiet and tried to just enjoy taking in her beauty. Suddenly I saw a spark in her eye. She turned to me and said it would be great if I could take her sister out as well. I was thrilled she was happy and of course agreed, even while I wondered how much the bill would be for the three of us.

Emily texted her sister and lit up when she quickly got confirmation that she would join us. Emily explained that her sister was young and inexperienced, and I could help her learn. I joked with a leer that I was sure I’d enjoy teaching her and suddenly felt Emily’s hand hit me hard across the cheek. Emily told me sternly that it was important that I make her proud at lunch. Her sister was just 18 and Emily felt she needed to see how to handle the weak men around her who would gratefully do as they were told by a hot girl.

“I can count on you to show her can’t I?” she taunted.

I started to look down but she put her hand on my chin and pulled my face up so I was staring directly into her big eyes. I felt a buzz of electricity go through my body and hardened just from her look.

“Yes… you can” I spoke quietly.

“That’s my good boy” Emily said while looking into my eyes with a clear air of superiority.

I waited dumbly while Emily texted back and forth with her sister, then Emily took my hand and led the way with a skip in her step. Her energy gave me energy and I was grateful to have pleased her. I didn’t even notice the time pass as we walked, then I heard Emily tell me that we were almost there. She pointed out a a fancy restaurant by the water and waved at her sister who was waiting on the street in front. Madison was a bit taller than her older sister, and cute as a button. She certainly looked 18, wearing denim shorts with the front pockets hanging out and a cut off Seahawks t shirt and Converse shoes with no socks. It occurred to me that they might not let us in the restaurant with Madison dressed like that.

Madison had long brown hair, big brown eyes and long tanned legs. She was smiling at her sister as we approached. I felt Emily release my hand, then watched as she gave her sister a hug. Emily then spoke to me in a calm voice as if I were a child.

“You should be grateful that Madison came out to see us and is allowing you to treat her to lunch”.

I nodded and was about to agree when Emily continued, “Why don’t you get on your knees, kiss her shoes and thank her?”

It was completely unexpected but I never really questioned doing as she told me. I looked at Madison, who seemed rather surprised and wide-eyed about the idea herself, then at Emily, who hard her arms crossed expectantly. I noted the people walking close by. The street wasn’t crowded, but clearly I would be seen, kneeling and kissing the sneakers of a teenaged girl. I slowly brought myself to the ground, then had to bend forward to press my lips against her canvas sneaker.

I looked up and saw Madison looking down at me laughing quietly telling her sister she couldn’t believe I really did it. I admired her perfect young legs when Emily reminded me to thank her and kiss her other foot.

“Thank you Madison for letting me take you out. You’re very beautiful.” I sputtered, then craned my head to kiss her other sneaker, allowing myself to also kiss her ankle twice before looking up again.

Madison simply stared down smiling so I looked over to Emily who nodded and said simply, “Well done, now let’s go.”

I stumbled to my feet as Madison giggled. I stood up, conscious of the erection poking in my pants and awkwardly held my hand out for the teenager. She shook it, laughing as she did so.

I saw Emily had already started walking to the restaurant and moved to follow behind her. balgat escort I held the door for the two girls. It was indeed a very nice restaurant and Emily asked that we be seated outside. I followed the waitress and the girls to our seat, enjoying Madison’s swaying ass as she walked. I felt very lucky to be with two hot girls, but also very aware of my visible erection as we walked through the restaurant.

The patio was half full despite the beautiful water view. Emily ordered an expensive bottle of wine. I was nervous the waitress would ask for id, but she simply thanked Emily. The waitress didn’t even look at me, as she set off to fetch a bottle.

“I texted Madison how much you love feet” Emily said out of the blue.

“I… it’s not like a fetish I just… ”

I stopped talking when I looked up and saw the waitress waiting for Emily to look at the wine bottle. Emily smirked and nodded and the waitress went to pour her a taste.

“Are you saying you’re not into all feet, just mine?” Emily taunted. The waitress’ eyes grew bigger as she poured.

I blushed brightly and talked quietly, as if that would help with the waitress right there, “No, I mean… yes I mean I do like… “

Emily swished the glass, tasted the wine and told the waitress it was good.

“Yes, you do like my feet?” Emily teased.

“Yes… I do.” I said, feeling defeated and knowing the waitress now knew I was Emily’s bitch.

“Of course you do.” Emily laughed as the waitress poured the last glass for the table and left the bottle.

Now that it was just the three of us Emily spoke quietly, “So… what do you think of Madison’s toe ring?”

I stammered that I hadn’t seen it, that she was wearing sneakers.

“Oh, that’s right! Why don’t you get under the table and remove her left shoe for a look?”

Madison giggled and looked at me as if wondering just how pathetic I was.

I paused and felt my throat dry. I looked at Emily and saw that she was going to show no mercy. I knew I had to do as I was told.

My seat made a loud noise as I pushed it out which made me even more sure that everyone would be watching as I did this. I fell to my knees and immediately saw Emily’s pretty toes flexing. I felt myself hardening and reminded myself why I was down there.

I turned and saw Madison’s sneakers near my face. I tried hard to confirm which was her left then bent forward and started to untie her shoelaces. My hands were shaking and I heard the girls giggling while I removed her shoe. I could feel Madison’s foot was a bit sweaty, but it only served to emphasize how smooth they were. Her feet actually glistened softly under the table. I was now completely hard as I remembered to look at her toe ring. It was a thin gold band, nothing remarkable about it. Somehow, however, I became transfixed looking at it, and the pretty little toe it was on, and the little foot that I held in my hand.

Suddenly I felt Emily’s sole push into my face and heard her tell me to get up. I moved quickly from under the table, jumped to my feet and back to my seat as Emily chastised me for embarrassing them. Emily then made me admit how lovely Madison’s foot was. Not content with that Emily insisted I tell Madison to her face and thank her. As I started to do so, sure enough the waitress approached our table.

“Madison, errr… your foot and toe ring are very pretty. Thank you for letting me see it.”

At that moment I could see Madison, Emily and the waitress all grinning, all amazed at just how desperate a man can be.

“Good boy”, Emily said simply.

The waitress, who was clearly enjoying the spectacle, took our orders and left. Emily took on the air of a professor, explaining to Madison how there were men who were good lovers and protectors, and then there were men who were desperate to please. It was important to enjoy both, she said, and with the desperate men it was important to take full advantage.

Emily asked batıkent escort bayan me to put my wallet on the table and with some trepidation I did as I was told. She looked through my wallet and pulled out all the cash, $200, that was in there.

Emily looked at me with the cash in her hand taunted me, asking if I thought Madison was sexy, whether it would be exciting to kiss her, be alone with her. I blushed but of course admitted I would love that. Emily handed Madison the cash and whispered in her ear. Just watching the two of them conspiring was erotic, and I remained rock hard. Madison protested softly but Emily asserted her wishes and Madison giggled. Emily looked me in the eye and told me I should feel lucky to get this treat and reminded me not to disappoint her.

Madison stood and motioned for me to follow her. I walked eagerly behind, having no idea where she was taking me. Perhaps there was a quiet spot near the restaurant where we were going to make out?

Instead Madison walked into a unisex bathroom stall. I looked around quickly and tentatively followed her in. Was it possible I going to get to fuck this lovely teen?

I shut the door and noted what a small space we were in as I looked to Madison. I thought perhaps I should embrace her, but Madison took control and pointed to the ground. A little unsure I stood paralyzed for a moment and Madison snapped her finger and pointed again. I knelt on all fours quickly, noting the floor was rather dirty as I did so. I was now looking up at this luscious teen, wanting her more than anything as she looked down at me slowly shaking her head.

“You don’t really think anything is going to happen do you?”

I looked down at the floor and she laughed and reminded me that I was almost twice her age.

“Besides,” she taunted, “Emily already told me you are not a real man.”

I was a little hurt, but I nodded, careful not to displease her. Madison lifted her foot ever so slightly and I instinctively bent forward and kissed her sneaker. She laughed again, noting how well trained I was, then sat on the toilet and took off both her shoes. I watched, transfixed and unsure, still on my hands and knees before her. Madison lifted one foot but as I was preparing to kiss it she casually wiped her sole all over my face. I felt the sweet dew of her sweat on my cheeks and nose and tried to kiss her foot as she rubbed it into me. She the repeated it with her other foot as I kissed with more urgency.

“Mmm… you’re really more of a plaything aren’t you? Imagine you gave me $200 just to have me wipe my feet all over you?” She giggled with genuine pleasure and derision.

“OK, well… play with your thing then.”

Madison looked down and I realized she was referring to my cock. I picked my hands off of the sticky floor and slowly unbuttoned my shorts, ensuring I was doing as she wished. I pulled out my hard cock and tentatively started to stroke it.

“Play with it like a man! Well… a man who jacks off in bathrooms to a girl’s feet.”

Madison went into another fit of giggles and I wondered for a moment if anyone could was listening. I started to stroke my cock faster and she teased me with her toes in my face, telling me to suck on them like my life depended on it. She started to slap me with her feet, on one side then the other. Looking up at her I saw this innocent girl, but she was clearly enjoying making me her bitch.

Madison stared right into my eyes and whispered “Cum for me Mike.”

My whole world was about her at that moment. Madison twirled her toes in a naive way in front of my face as I stroked fast. I quickly felt that I was going to cum. As I started to do so Madison pushed her sole into my face, smothering me with her sweet scent. I spurted on to the floor, feeling some land on my arm as I did so. As I finished I saw Madison calmly putting her shoes back on, then get up to squeeze past me.

“That really was pathetic. It’s funny enough that you are all into feet, but to pay me $200 for mine?”

She bent down and kissed my cheek before opening the door.

“Never mind little one. Now, don’t be long, and do bring your credit card. You’re never going to want to leave Seattle.”

I heard her giggling as she left me there, leaving the door a little ajar.

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Daddy’s Fetish Ch. 03

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Thank you everybody for the wonderful feedback I’ve received for the first two chapters of Daddy’s Fetish. Watch out for Chapter 4 as he has yet another surprise in store for Steph.

My cunt was throbbing from the intense pleasure of the last two days as I returned to my bedroom. Daddy had gone for a drink with Mike, the guy he’d brought around for me to fuck today. Yesterday I’d fucked Dave and both times daddy had watched us get on with it. I’d sucked off daddy both times.

True to his word, daddy had left me a gift. It was a crotch-less and cup-less white lace teddy. There was a note with it. It said for me to put it on now and sleep in my parents’ bed tonight. I would be woken up with a final surprise tomorrow morning. I couldn’t help wondering who was going to fuck me tomorrow. The last two days had been magical. These older guys had bigger cocks and so much more stamina than the ones I’d been with before. And they were experts at making me cum before they did. I knew that I was going to miss this when I went away to college.

I soon fell asleep. I woke up briefly when daddy came home and I felt him get into the bed next to me. He made himself comfortable with his hand cupping one of my tits and then I drifted off to sleep again.

The feeling of metal clasping around my wrist woke me up. My arm was being pulled to a bedpost and cuffed to it. Then daddy moved around the bed and repeated the process with my other hand.

“What are you doing, daddy?” I asked him worriedly.

“I’m setting the scene for your next visitor,” he smiled back and kissed me.

“Who is my next visitor?” I asked as my foot was secured to a bedpost.

“You’ll see,” daddy smiled and secured my second foot to the bedpost. I was now spread-eagled across the bed and I could feel the juices slowly escaping my cunt.

Daddy left the room and came back with his recliner. It was obvious that today’s fucking was going to take place in mom and dad’s bedroom and he was intending to enjoy every moment of it.

When he was done preparing daddy lay down next to me on the bed and started sucking on one of my nipples while he rolled my other nipple between his thumb and finger. I moaned with pleasure.

“You like that, don’t you baby?” he smiled against my tit.

“Oh yes, daddy,” I moaned.

“What did you think about yesterday?” he asked me.

“Mike was so good. I loved to feel his cock inside me. It was almost as big as yours, daddy,” I smiled.

“What part did you like the best, princess?”

“When Mike fucked me in the shower and I was in your arms.”

“You liked being fucked while I played with your tits, baby?”

“Oh yes. It was wonderful.”

There was no time to say anything else. We were interrupted by the doorbell. I looked over at the alarm clock and it was still only 7. But I knew that mom was due back today and daddy wanted this fuck session out of the way before she got home. The last two nights we’d fucked for hours and I didn’t think today was going to be any different. I could feel my wetness running down my crack. I was so ready for a cock.

I could hear muffled voices from down the hall, but I couldn’t make out who they belonged to. I was sure I recognized them, but I didn’t know where from. Soon daddy showed up in the doorway and spoke back to his guest.

“Leave your clothes in the living room. We’ll be waiting for you in the master bedroom.”

He smiled at me as he walked in and sat down in his recliner.

“Showtime, Stephie,” he whispered to me. “Are you ready to be fucked?”

I nodded at him and stared expectantly at the doorway. I gasped with surprise as I recognized the man who walked in, jerking his semi-erect meat.

“Uncle Fred!”

My uncle walked up to the bedside and smiled at me. “Yes, Steph,” he said. “When I heard that your dad was having you fucked I insisted on having a piece of you. Fortunately my friend who’d booked you for today didn’t mind sharing.”

“Your friend?” I asked incredulously. Daddy had brought around two men to fuck me?

“Yes, his neighbour and best friend.” The voice came from the doorway, but I didn’t need to look over there. I knew exactly who it was. My first glance at the naked man with an incredibly fat cock in his hand confirmed my suspicion.

“Mr Lehman!” I gasped as I looked into the eyes of the man who’d been my principal throughout high school.

“The one and only.” He smiled at escort beşevler me. “You’ve teased me for years with those bouncing big tits and that tiny little cheerleader uniform. It’s about time I got to taste what you’ve been promising.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was such a surreal feeling. These men, whom I’d known my entire life, were here to fuck me. I felt a bit uneasy about the prospect of my uncle and principal fucking me, but I’d been restrained to the bed, I couldn’t get away even if I wanted to. And I realised that I didn’t want to.

“Hey Tom,” Uncle Fred was speaking to Mr Lehman. “She’s all wet and ready for us.”

Mr Lehman stood next to Uncle Fred and they looked at my soaking cunt. They exchanged a glance and Uncle Fred climbed up between my legs and placed his tongue across my slit. He slowly licked all my juices before he parted my pussy lips with his tongue. I couldn’t help letting a moan escape my lips as his tongue made contact with my clit.

“You’re such a hungry little slut, aren’t you?” Mr Lehman said and climbed up on the bed. “I better give you some nourishment.”

It was such a sleazy line but it set me on fire. Mr Lehman straddled across my face, forcing his thick cock into my mouth. He groaned as I took him across my lips and sucked him down my throat. He wasn’t very long, but that was just as well as he had the thickest cock ever shoved down my throat. I could hardly breathe, but he seemed to enjoy that, fucking deeper and deeper down my throat. It tasted so good to have him in my mouth. I tried to move my tongue across his veins, but there wasn’t much space to move around in my mouth.

Uncle Fred was feasting on my pussy. I could hear him slurping and sucking on me. I felt his tongue sliding inside my cunt and I moved my hips higher to feel more of him inside. I knew that I was dripping around his tongue. How much longer could I stay like this? How much longer could I let him eat my cunt without cumming. I didn’t want this to end. Then I felt Uncle Fred’s fingers sliding into my cunt. I moaned around Mr Lehman’s cock. I wasn’t going to last much longer.

Mr Lehman was pumping my mouth big time now. He kept gagging me with his meat and my gagging reflexes set him off even more. Uncle Fred had three fingers inside my cunt and his lips were parked around my clit, which he kept flicking with his tongue. My body started shaking, I couldn’t hold back. All I wanted was to knead my tits and wrap my legs around Uncle Fred, but my restraints held me back. Finally I felt myself showering Uncle Fred’s face and screaming out around Mr Lehman’s cock.

Uncle Fred moved up and Mr Lehman pulled out of my mouth. He placed himself between my legs and shoved his hard meat deep inside my throbbing cunt. I was so wet from cumming that he didn’t need to apply much pressure. I nearly screamed out when I felt his size stretching my cunt. He slowed down to let me adjust and then he started thrusting, with one hand on either side of my body.

I got to lick my juices off Uncle Fred’s fingers and he leaned forward and started sucking on my tits that were by now bouncing freely in response to Mr Lehman’s hard fucking.

“Suck my cock, Steph,” Uncle Fred asked me and kneeled next to my head, resting his cock across my lips.

I opened my mouth and tasted Uncle Fred’s shaft. I longed to play with his balls and feel his smooth meat in my hand, but I was still tied up. I could only please these men with my mouth and my cunt. Mr Lehman was sliding deeper and deeper into my cunt and going faster and faster. I opened my mouth to suck Uncle Fred inside. His pre-cum covered cock felt so good in my mouth. It wasn’t as thick as either my dad’s or Mr Lehman’s but it tasted wonderful. I let my tongue feel his veins and taste every inch of him.

With every thrust Mr Lehman sent shockwaves through my body. He slammed into my clit and his balls were squished against my pussy juice wet ass. I started moaning around Uncle Fred’s cock. I was tugging at my restraints. This only seemed to turn Mr Lehman on even more and as he fucked me harder I moaned for mercy, but there was none. Once again I started shaking, my cunt convulsing hard around the thick shaft that was filling it up. This seemed to be what Mr Lehman had been waiting for. He finally shoved himself deep inside me and let my quivering cunt milk him dry. He shot several squirts deep inside me before he escort balgat pulled out.

Uncle Fred was still fucking my mouth when I heard Mr Lehman and daddy exchanging a couple of words. Mr Lehman sat down in daddy’s recliner and I felt a body between my legs. Suddenly a mouth was drinking my cum mixed juices from my cunt. It must be daddy’s tongue that was slurping them up. I’d just cum twice but the feeling of my daddy’s lips on my pussy lips had me dripping again.

“She tastes great, doesn’t she?” Uncle Fred asked daddy who agreed. “How about I get to feel her cunt around my cock now?”

“Let’s get her out of these restraints so that my baby can suck off her daddy’s hard cock,” daddy suggested. The men quickly set my arms and legs free and turned me over. I was on my hands and knees. Uncle Fred pressed his cock against my wet opening and slid inside. Daddy held his hard cock in front of my mouth. For the third time in as many days I was going to taste my daddy’s meat.

Daddy and Uncle Fred were both moaning as they pumped in and out of me. Daddy’s hands were cupping my swinging tits and Uncle Fred’s finger was on my clit. How long could we possibly last like this?

“We should have done this years ago,” Uncle Fred panted. “Family reunions would have been so much more fun.”

The men all laughed. I looked to the side where Mr Lehman was watching the goings on. He was stroking his fat cock and it was fully erect again. I knew that he was the one who’d booked me today and I was hoping to feel more of his cock.

Uncle Fred was sliding in and out of me with long deliberate strokes. Each time his balls slammed into me and splashed my free flowing juices around. Daddy was fucking my mouth harder and harder. I sucked him hard and tasted the wonderful pre-cum and I couldn’t wait for him to cum inside my throat again. I swallowed over and over and then I sucked again. Daddy was moaning out loud. Uncle Fred was moaning out loud. My moans were muffled by daddy’s big cock. This was it. I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to cum again.

The moment my cunt contracted around Uncle Fred’s cock he released his spunk into my throbbing cunt. He pulled my hips tight and shot his load as deep inside of me as he could get. Daddy grabbed hold of my hair and shoved his meat all the way down my throat. There he finally shot his lot, leaving me no choice but to swallow every drop.

I collapsed on the bed with daddy and Uncle Fred pulled out of me. I had Uncle Fred’s cum sipping out of my cunt and I reached down to scoop it up. I slowly sucked it off my fingers.

“She’s mad for cum,” Uncle Fred laughed. “You’re still hungry for more, Steph, aren’t you?”

“Yes please,” I begged him and all the men laughed.

“Take off the teddy, sweetie,” daddy asked me and I stood up and pulled the garment off myself.

“Clean up all the spunk between your legs,” Mr Lehman asked and I stuck my fingers down there and scooped up as much as I could. There was nowhere to wipe it off so I licked it off my fingers again.

“Who gets which hole now?” Uncle Fred asked. “I’d like to get my cock cleaned by her wonderful mouth.

“I want her to ride me,” Mr Lehman stated and lay down on the bed.

I straddled my former principal and he guided his cock into my hungry cunt. Uncle Fred didn’t kneel next to me, but he lay down next to Mr Lehman so that I had to lean across to suck his cock. It tasted of my pussy and I felt my tits betting squished against Mr Lehman’s chest as I started sucking Uncle Fred hard inside my hungry mouth.

Then Uncle Fred and Mr Lehman grabbed a tight hold of me. I could hardly move my hips to ride Mr Lehman and just about move my head up and down across Uncle Fred’s juicy shaft. That’s when I felt it. It was cold and pressed against my asshole. Then I felt my ass getting smeared in something. It was a lubricant and it was squirted into my ass and around my back entrance.

Daddy was behind me. I could feel him jerking his cock hard again. It didn’t take him long. Soon I felt him pressing against my asshole and I nearly screamed in pain. Uncle Fred held my head in place over his cock so that my screams couldn’t be heard. The most immediate pain soon subsided after daddy’s cock head had penetrated my tight ass. But it was soon replaced by more as he slowly penetrated me. Mr Lehman had momentarily stopped fucking me as he gave daddy time to enter my virgin escort batıkent ass.

“Keep sucking, Steph,” Uncle Fred commanded me.

I was glad for his cock in my mouth. I concentrated on sucking it hard and pleasing him with my tongue so that I could forget the incredible pain in my ass. I even reached for his balls and caressed them with my hand, making him pant with pleasure. Soon I could feel daddy stop. He was buried deep inside my ass. My cunt was throbbing around Mr Lehman’s cock and my ass was burning around daddy’s cock.

Then daddy started pulling out. A strange feeling of loss came over me. I couldn’t believe it. I’d expected to feel relief. But daddy soon slammed back inside my ass. Next Mr Lehman pulled out and slammed inside. They started working me together. When Mr Lehman pulled out of my cunt daddy slammed into my ass and vice versa. Gone was the pain in my ass and all I felt was the enormous pleasure of having every single hole in my body filled by wonderfully hard and juicy cocks.

The room was quiet except for the wet fuck sounds and my muffled moans. I could hear heavy male breathing. Uncle Fred was the first to give in. He shot his spunk down my throat and I hungrily swallowed it. After he’d pulled out of my mouth he moved down and started kissing me. I was moaning out loud between his deep kisses.

“You’re wonderful, Stephie,” he said against my lips. “I hope you’ll let me fuck you again.”

I nodded at him and he disappeared. I heard the shower running and concentrated on the two cocks in my cunt and my ass. The burning pleasure was getting more intense. Daddy and Mr Lehman were fucking me faster. I moaned out and panted. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Fortunately I wasn’t the only one who felt like that.

“Cum for me, Stephie,” daddy panted in my ear.

“Yes, cum now,” Mr Lehman moaned.

I was relieved to be able to let go. I shook between Daddy and Mr Lehman and my cunt contracted hard around Mr Lehman’s cock. Mr Lehman groaned out loud and shot his load up my cunt and finally my daddy let a roar escape his lips as he shot his spunk deep into my bowels.

We rested a couple of minutes, catching our breaths. As Uncle Fred stepped back in, fully clothed, daddy slowly slid out of my ass. I felt the cool air on my gaping hole. Daddy grabbed my hips and helped me off Mr Lehman. I could feel their cum running out of my cunt and asshole.

“Come and have a shower with me, baby,” Mr Lehman took my hand and walked towards the family bathroom. Daddy stayed behind with Uncle Fred, showering in the en-suite.

As we stepped into the shower cubicle Mr Lehman pressed me against the cold tiles and kissed me deeply.

“I really enjoyed fucking you, Steph,” he whispered. “You were even better than I thought you’d be.”

“I loved the feel of your cock inside me too,” I replied.

“Do you want it a final time?”

I nodded. I got on my knees and sucked his limp cock into my mouth. With my tongue I got him to grow hard in record time. He pulled me up and soaped my tits. He spent ages on each tit, soaping it, sucking it and soaping it up again. Then he grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist. He pushed me against the tiles and started fucking me fast and furiously. I held him tight, pressing my tits against his chest. The water was pouring down our bodies. We were fucking deep and hard. I moved my hips in unison with his, taking him deeper and deeper every time.

With a loud moan I eventually let go and felt my cunt convulsing around Mr Lehman’s shaft. He replied by shooting his load inside me a final time. I sank to the floor when he finally pulled out of me. I had no more strength in my body. Mr Lehman finished showering and stepped out, leaving me in a heap, with the water still running out of me. I felt like the whore I’d become.

Minutes later I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a soft towel around my bruised body. There was no sign of daddy, Uncle Fred or Mr Lehman. Mom and dad’s bed had new fresh sheets and the bedroom had been aired of all fuck smells. I could hardly believe what had been going on in there earlier. I heard someone at the door.

“Daddy?” I called out.

“No, it’s me!” mom replied. “Have you only just showered? It’s the middle of the afternoon. You can’t keep habits like this at college or you won’t get a degree.”

I mumbled something to her and fled into my bedroom. There was a box on my bed. It contained a black bra with holes for my nipples, crotch-less panties, a garter belt, stockings and high heel shoes. There was a note as well.

“Thank you for today. Wear these under your clothes tomorrow night. We’re going out for some more fun.



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