Just a Day at the Office Ch. 02

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Mr. Kane leaned back in his chair as he thought about what had just happened with Lauren. Recalling the events he found himself becoming aroused again, but decided to get some work done. Just then there was a knock at his door “Please come in,” he chirped. The door opened and in stepped his 19 year old secretary Sarah Lark. Sarah was an attractive tiny girl standing at 5’4” and no more then 120 pounds with only a 34A chest. Her long dark curly hair flowed as she stepped inside. Sarah removed her glasses to wipe them clean as she spoke.

“How did the interview go?”

Placing her glasses back on, she walked toward Mr. Kane, her small shapely ass swaying with each step.

“It was pretty good,” he responded not knowing that Sarah had heard them.

“Sounded like she got the job,” Sarah said grinning at him.

Chris stuttered, “Uh… I um… Yes I decided to hire her.”

She sat on the edge of his desk leering at him. Chris looked back at her questioningly.

“Did she know what had happened?”

Sarah knew how to make Chris sweat. She quietly spoke again, “Sounded like you gave her an early bonus.”

Chris knew he had been caught, but what could he do now? He anxiously shifted in his chair not knowing how to reply to her.

“Um… no I simply hired Lauren,” he lied.

“Oh alright Mr. Kane,” Sarah said as she walked back out the door of his office.

Chris watched intently as her ass swayed back and forth. She wore tight black dress pants and he could clearly see the outline of a thong. Sarah glanced back as she closed the door behind her and gave Chris a wink. Chris sat back in his chair wondering what to do next, had Sarah been flirting with him? Her shirt did seem to be open further then he had remembered it earlier in the day. Chris czech couples porno stood up he was going to take the risk knowing he was probably caught already.

Sarah sat at her desk outside Chris Kane’s office hoping he would come out to find her. She heard his door open and smiled to herself. Sarah smiled to herself, she loved being in control. She quickly unbuttoned another button on her shirt so that the very top edge of her bra was visible.

“What did you hear exactly,” Chris inquired as he stood by her desk. He couldn’t help but glance down her top as she responded.

She turned to face Chris and spoke. “I heard everything!”

“Did … you uh … like what you heard?” he said nervously.

Sarah stood slowly and gazed into his eyes. She bit her bottom lip and nodded slowly. She slowly walked toward Chris still starring into his eyes. Sarah didn’t say a word she only pushed Chris backwards into his office. The door slammed behind them as Sarah grabbed his tie and pulled toward her.

“Kiss me,” Sarah mouthed softly.

“I …,” he was cut off as she kissed him hard on the lips. Chris kissed her back and softly ran his tongue over her lips. He pushed Sarah up against the door and continued to kiss her hard, his tongue exploring inside her mouth.

Sarah sank down to her knees and made quick work of his pants, yanking them down to his ankles. He stepped out of his pants as she rubbed his stiff member through his boxers. Sarah continued to expertly tease Chris and his legs began to feel weak, he sat back into his chair. Seeing her chance Sarah eased his boxers down and off. She was taken back by the size of his throbbing 8 inch cock as it sprung up into view. Sarah licked her lips as she stroked his cock slowly.

Chris czech estrogenolit porno could not believe his luck; two beautiful women in one day had him harder then ever. He groaned and leaned back into his chair feeling her soft hands move up and down his cock. Sarah couldn’t wait any longer she had to taste him. Leaning forward she let her lips brush against his cock while she continued to stroke him. Chris’s eyes snapped open feeling her wet lips replacing her hand on him.

Chris reached out and ripped her shirt open causing the remaining few buttons on her shirt to fly about the room. Just as he unhooked her bra in the front she slipped the tip of his cock into her waiting mouth. Her small breasts sprang free as she continued her assault on his cock. Slowly, she took all of his hard 8 inches into her warm mouth. Chris looked down not believing such a petite girl could take all of his hard cock.

Sarah began to breathe out her nose so that she could suck his entire length. She began to move her mouth up and down him, rubbing her tongue along his shaft. He reached out and pinched her nipples lightly at first, then rolling them between his fingertips. Her tongue swirled around his cock brining him waves of pleasure as he played with her small tits. Not wanting him to cum just yet Sarah stood slowly and removed her shirt and bra fully. Chris groaned in displeasure as she stopped sucking on him. She gave him a wink and then turned her back to him.

He was not disappointed for long as she had unbuttoned and unzipped her black dress pants and began to slide them down slowly. Her pants slowly traveled down revealing her small firm ass covered by the smallest red thong he had ever seen. She bent forward giving him a good czech experiment porno view as she removed her pants the rest of the way. Smiling at Chris, Sarah turned to face him once again. Now dressed in only a red thong and her black high heels she kneeled up on his chair, her legs straddling him.

They kissed again and Sarah began to rock back and forth, causing the silky material of her thong to rub against his cock. Sarah could feel her thong becoming even wetter. Sarah could not wait any longer she needed his cock in her pussy now.

She stood again and bent over his desk. Chris stood up and walked behind her, letting his cock rub up against her ass. He pulled her thong to the side and she gasped feeling the cool air hit her pussy.

Chris grabbed her hips and pushed his cock into her waiting pussy. Chris was in heaven her pussy was so tight and wet.

“Oh God Yessss!” Sarah moaned.

Chris was going to give it to her good for all her teasing. He slapped her ass and began to fuck Sarah hard from behind. Sarah pushed back against the desk so she could feel him deep inside her pussy. He slammed harder in and out of her pushing her into the desk and causing papers and other items to fall off his desk from the force.

Chris slapped her ass again. “Is this what you wanted you little cock tease?”

All Sarah could do was moan for more. “Harder!!!” she screamed.

Chris pounded his cock in and out of her, his balls slapping up against her. He felt her pussy tighten around his cock and he couldn’t wait any longer. They came together and her pussy was flooded with their juices.

“Ah yes Chris!” she moaned as he continued to slide his cock in and out of her. Chris slowed his thrusts as she collapsed onto his desk. His spent cock now slipped from her pussy. He dropped into his chair and eyed her legs. She looked incredible lying there with just her heels on and her thong in disarray.

Sarah finally spoke. “Do you think Lauren would enjoy me as much as you did?”

Chris couldn’t believe his ears, Sarah was bisexual? After a short pause he said, “Probably… if I could watch that is.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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