Jack Earns a Treat after Work

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Author’s note: The characters in these stories are the same and you can read them in order to get up to speed with their relationships. However, each story will also make sense if read as a stand alone text. Please enjoy and feel free to make any comments or suggestions for the next instalments. Thanks.



It had been an unexpected long first week for Jack in his new job. He assumed he would be expected to ease into his new role and new office at a steady pace but the directors had very different expectations.

He slumped onto his sofa and stared out at the empty TV screen in front of him. His lounge was quiet and the low light started to relax him.

He had to put some hours in at the office today. He hated working on a Saturday and he had told Anna (his girlfriend) he would be back by 11am this morning. It was now 6:30pm and he had just got home. Anna was out. She had sent him a message earlier in the day explaining that she was going out as she was tired of waiting in for him.

He thought carefully about how he would spend the rest of the evening. He was thinking that a take away meal and an earlier night would improve his mood. Maybe a movie too. Yes, that would do it.

Suddenly, his phone beeped.

A message.

From Anna.

Hi Jack, get something nice on and join us at the Chez Lounge. ASAP…please.xxx

Jack read the message a second time and wondered where on earth was this lounge. He was aware of most of the bars around the town but he’d not heard of it.

He sighed, stood up and shuffled his way to the bedroom to change. He kept his grey suit trousers on and changed his shirt into something that resembled a ‘nice’ look. Jack grabbed the car keys from the kitchen counter and – whilst finding the postcode for Chez Lounge on his phone – made his way out the door to his car. He quickly inputted the postcode into the in-car SatNav and set off.

Jack arrived at his destination exactly 22 minutes later. He had been wondering what the place was and was left feeling none the wiser when he arrived.

There was a small neon sign above a door with a large, burly doorman standing to attention. There were other cars in the car park so Jack had to search hard to find a space. He stepped out of the car and headed to the door.

The doorman looked him up and down, critically assessing him as he walked towards the door.

“Evening,” Jack brightly said.

“£20 tonight, sir,” the big man explained whilst looking down at Jack.

Jack nodded and smiled. The doorman opened the thick wooden door, stood aside and ushered Jack inside.

The door shut solidly behind Jack and he was face to face with a small, neon lit booth where and a pretty middle aged woman smiled at him. “£20 tonight sir. Did Bruce explain?” She smiled. Jack thought she had pretty eyes but it was hard to look away from her breasts. She had a low cut v-neck vest on that plunged where her cleavage formed. The swell of her breasts could be seen through the thin material of her vest.

Jack fished his wallet out of his tight trousers, “busy tonight, I hear,” he said whilst handing over the cash and glancing once again at her breasts.

“Yes,” she explained, “it regularly is here at the weekend. Enjoy your night,” She motioned towards the door leading inside the building and handed Jack a ticket stub.

He thanked the beauty in the booth and pushed open the door.

The first thing that Jack noticed was the low hum of music. A heavy continuous bass was pounding with simple melodic electric keyboards sounds played over the top. The place was dark with the odd neon light flashing around. There was a low red light too which made it easy for Jack to find his way to the bar.

Once there, he ordered a whiskey and lemonade (because he was driving) and turned to look at the rest of the building.

He saw a stage darkly lit with a pole in the middle. Jack looked across and saw a petite, young woman wearing just a matching red bra a panty set. She was chatting to a small group of three men who were sat transfixed whilst she spoke.

Jack knew where he was.

He continued his search of the dancing strip club and found another seven or eight women doing the same thing with different groups around the room. All the men were staring at the beautiful women who were strutting around.

Suddenly Jack’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He reached in and opened the message.

Where are you? Are you here yet? I want you to cum!??

Jack looked quickly around the big room once more and failed to see any women other than the few that clearly worked for the establishment. Then he noticed a small neon sign above a purple velvet curtain. There was another big burly doorman standing to attention by the curtain.

Jack looked down at his phone and replied to the text: I’m at the bar x

He popped the phone away and took a swig of his drink. It perked him up a little and started to lifted the tired feeling.

She had spelt ‘come’ wrong, he thought. bursa escort Normally her spelling and grammar was very good, why had she got that wrong? Unless…


He turned around after he had heard his name called.

Anna was standing just outside the curtain, beckoning him over.

Jack grabbed his drink and wandered over to the purple curtain where Anna stood.

She looked stunning. Her brown hair was down around her shoulders and framed her pretty face. She wore a tight white t-shirt that accentuated her perfectly, pert breasts. The v-neck drop on the collar showed the beginning of her cleavage. Jack could just make out the outline of her bra underneath the thin white cotton. The t-shirt was tucked into a pair of tight, black denim jeans. They hugged her toned, shapely legs which were parted as she stood. She wore tall black stiletto heels and had placed one hand on her hip. Her big brown eyes flashed when she saw him.

“You came,” she exclaimed, “thank you.”

She embraced him and kissed him hard, slipping her tongue into his mouth, playfully.

She broke away and looked directly into his eyes. “I bet you’ve had another hard day,” she said above the music.

Jack nodded and smiled, “Sorry about today. I just couldn’t get away.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she replied, “I knew you would be busy so I thought I’d arrange a treat for you.”

Jack noticed her eyes widened as she said the word ‘treat’ and a smile formed across her sexy lips.

“Follow me,” she moved behind the curtain whilst grabbing Jack’s hand.

Jack was bustled by the burly doorman into a dark corridor. On either side of the corridor were closed curtains. Anna dragged Jack by his hand into a curtain on the left.

There was a comfortable-looking curved, black, leather sofa facing a pole and small dance floor. Opposite the sofa were floor to ceiling mirrors. The music was quieter in here and the lighting was low with a warm red glow that lit the shapes in the room.

“Sit down Jack,” Anna commanded.

Jack moved around the sofa and, with his back to the curtain, sat facing the pole and saw his reflection in the mirror as he slumped down onto the sofa. It was a deep piece of furniture and forced him to be nearly laying back as he sat in it.

Anna moved around and sat next to Jack and turned her body to face him. “I know how hard you’ve been working after your promotion,” Anna said, “so I wanted to get you something special because of all your hard work.”

Jack felt a slight growing feeling in his groin.

“I’ll just go and fetch it,” she continued, “back in a moment.”

Anna stood up and Jack watched her pert sexy arse wiggle its way across the dance floor to the curtain they had entered through.

Jack saw his reflection in the mirror and he could hear his heart beating loudly as he waited in anticipation. He tried to sit up but just ended up shifting himself into a different low down position.

Jack heard heels clicking along the corridor. Once more he tried to sit up but the sofa made it difficult to be in any other position than laying back.

Anna walked in and sat down next to Jack – she was smiling and was looking up at the two women who had followed her in. Jack followed her gaze and gulped at the sight in front of him.

There were two unbelievably sexy women standing in front of the sofa.

The first woman had striking red hair, beautiful green eyes and full red lips. She had breasts that were bigger than Anna’s (only by a small handful). They were pushed up and out so they were bursting out of her emerald green lacy bra. Jack could make out her nipples through the silky material. She was toned and clearly she kept fit because her midriff was shaped to perfection. Her hips, somehow, kept a very small g-string on her body. It was emerald green (to match the bra) and had a very high cut up past her crotch. Jack could see a mound under the small material so she must have just been neatly trimmed down there. She wore green high heels and they made her athletic legs really show off. Her tight thighs and toned calves were fully accentuated in those heels. Her whole tight body glistened like she had been rubbed with oil or glitter. Red (as Jack had called her) looked directly at Jack and licked the top of her teeth.

Jack’s eyes wandered to the girl standing next to Red. She was a little shorter but just as striking. She had striking blonde hair around her shoulders. It was wavy and hung loosely around her neck. She was tanned and her pretty face was highlighted with fine cheek bones and a pretty nose. Her blue eyes glistened as she watched Jack look over every inch of her body.

She had the biggest breasts of the group. They were more than a handful, Jack assumed. She wore a white cotton vest with no bra underneath (the nipples showing though made it obvious). Blondie (Jack thought) wore a very short, pleated, dark blue skirt. The skirt barely covered her groin. She swayed her hips to the music and the skirt flicked up at the sides revealing bursa escort bayan a white flash of panties underneath. Her legs – despite her height – seemed to go on forever. They were well tanned and shapely and her white high heels forced Blondie forwards: her back arching and thrusting her breasts out. Again, like Red, Blondie seemed to have covered herself in an oily, glittery substance that made her skin – particularly her legs – glisten in the light.

Red moved over and sat the other side of Jack. She moved in close and whispered directly in his ear.

“Hey Jack,” she breathed out onto his ear, “we are going to have some fun tonight.”

Jack closed his eyes as she spoke. She had a direct tone, someone who knew what she wanted. He felt his cock stir as he felt her hot breath on his ear.

“The rule we have here,” Red continued, “is that you are not allowed to touch us. We can touch you, if we choose, but you have to watch and not touch. Got it?”

Jack kept his eyes shut the entire time she spoke. He gulped and then nodded.

“Good,” Red said, “Now, open those eyes.”

Jack opened his eyes to see Blondie dancing directly in front of him. She was swaying to the time of the music and flicking her hips to the side. Jack could see her breasts bouncing with every movement and the soft muscles on her long legs tensing with every step. Jack looked across at Anna – who was still sat next to him – and she was transfixed by the hypnotic movements.

When Jack turned back to Blondie, she had turned around and was now slowly bending over. The short skirt instantly rose up and Jack saw that Blondie was wearing a very small white thong. She had tanned, pert arse cheeks. Blondie kept her knees straight and bent at the hip – slowly revealing her perfect arse. Jack thought it was on a par with Anna’s but this one was more tanned. Blondie looked back over at Jack and slid a finger in her mouth.

“Wow. Jack, look at her arse,” Red whispered in Jack’s ear. His cock was now starting to grow to a full erection. “I know my friend loves to suck cock, Jack,” Red continued, “she loves to make a man cum hard over her pretty face. She keeps her eyes open as she teases and swallows a man’s cock. Hmmmm.”

Jack’s mouth suddenly went very dry. He tried to shift his position so that his cock could move from its sideways position in order for it to fully grow in his trousers.

“I can just make out her tiny puckered hole, can you?” Red questioned.

Blondie turned back around and moved over to Jack. She placed one leg either side of his knee and thrust her hips forward. It caused her skirt to flick up and Jack could see that the front of her white thong was a frilly see-through material. Blondie repeated her movement again and on third time she quickly whipped one of her legs over, spun around and gently lay back on Jack’s chest.

Blondie’s face was now very close to Jack’s as she looked sideways at him. Jack looked down and he could see right down her thin cotton vest. He could clearly make out her full breasts and her nipples. The were very erect. Blondie wriggled her sexy arse right over Jack’s crotch. She then thrust backwards three times. Jack met her thrusts and on the last two he forced his crotch up to meet her attention. His hands moved up Blondie’s waist and snaked their way round to her breasts.

“No touching Jack,” Red commanded, “remember?”

Jack silently swore and placed his hands at his side.

“I know, Jack,” Red continued with her commentary, “those breasts are fantastic aren’t they? Look at how hard her nipples are right now. Watch.”

Red then moved her right hand up over Blondie’s top and squeezed her breast. Blondie groaned out loud and Red moved her fingers on top of the material and located a nipple. She tweaked the nipple causing it to stand to attention even more.

Blondie continued to move her hips over Jack’s crotch. Jack automatically met each thrust with his own thrust upwards.

Suddenly Blondie spoke over him to Red, “he’s so fucking hard right now.”

“Are you Jack?” Red enquired, “has she made you hard. I love a hard cock Jack. Hmmmm…she has such a fantastic arse doesn’t she?”

Blondie then got up and spun around so she was facing the couch. She continued to move and sway to the music and slowly she eased her arms behind her back and undid her skirt. She looked at Jack and then directly at Anna and let the material slide down her long legs.

Jack turned to see Anna. She was wide eyed and smiling. Jack could see a redness around her neck and he knew that meant she was aroused too. He swiftly used his hand to adjust the position of his cock into a more comfortable position.

When he looked up Blondie was standing in her see through panties staring at Anna. Blondie moved one leg either side of Anna’s knee and then repeated her thrusts forward.

Jack looked at Anna and she was watching Blondie’s crotch with utter fascination. Jack looked too and he could clearly see she was clean shaven and Jack could make out her pussy lips, escort bursa he knew Anna could too. He gulped.

Then Blondie repeated the same movement and flipped herself onto her back, laying across Anna. Blondie started to grind her arse into Anna’s crotch. Jack could see that Anna was meeting the thrusts with her own.

“She’s grinding on your girlfriend now Jack,” Red whispered into his ear. Her breath was making Jack’s cock start to pulse in his trousers. “I bet Anna is just as turned on as you are right now,” Red continued, “I’d love to watch you two fuck. Your sexy girlfriend bent over as you slide your cock deep into her wet pussy. Mmmmm…that would get me so horny.”

Blondie got up from Anna and, whilst keeping her back turned to the sofa, she lifted her white vest off and spun around. Her breasts were revealed and they were full and pert. Blondie’s nipples were fully erect and she squeezed them between her finger and thumb.

Blondie then moved back over to Jack and sat on him with a leg either side of his crotch. He could feel the warmth of her pussy on his cock.

“Open your mouth Jack,” Red demanded.

He did.

“Remember the rule Jack,” she reminded him.

Blondie then tweaked her nipple and placed it into Jack’s open mouth. He could feel the warmth of the skin and he was desperate to slide his tongue over the erect nipple. Blondie then removed her nipple from Jack’s open mouth and shifted her body over to Red. Red looked directly at Jack and smiled. She then stuck her tongue out and slid it over Blondie’s nipple. It glistened and a line of spit caught across the trailing tongue and soft skin of the hard nipple. Blondie groaned and involuntarily thrust her pussy down onto Jack’s hard cock.

Jack groaned too.

“Watch me lick the other nipple now Jack,” Red instructed, “I bet my friend is getting so wet down there.”

Red softly grabbed Blondie’s other breast and slowly sucked the nipple whilst watching Jack. She swirled her tongue around the nipple and slid it over one last time. Blondie groaned again and started to grind her pussy into Jack’s cock.

Blondie then got up quickly and stood on the sofa. She placed one leg over the side of Anna and the other leg across the other side. Anna was now laying back between Blondie’s legs. Blondie lowered her pussy down towards Anna’s face.

Jack watched wide – eyed, taking in every detail. Anna stared intently at Blondie’s crotch. Blondie thrust her hips forward in time with the music and her silk see-through panties brushed against Anna’s chin. Anna began to open her mouth involuntarily and Blondie repeated the light brushing on Anna’s pretty chin.

Jack looked down at Anna’s hands. Her fingers were gripped tight to the side of her thighs.

“I bet she is so fucking aroused right now Jack,” Red whispered in Jack’s ear. Jack shifted in his seat to make his rock hard erection more comfortable. Red looked down at his clearly visibly erect cock. “Here,” She said, “let me help you”. Red snaked her hand across Jack’s upper thigh toward his cock. She then expertly placed her fingertips exactly over the tip of Jack’s cock. Red then delicately shuffled his cock to a more comfortable position in his trousers. She used her entire hand to grip the sides of his cock and squeezed. Then she rubbed her palm down and back up the entire length and removed her hand.

The attention to his cock had made Jack groan and he was thrusting his cock up to meet her attention.

“Jack, you are very hard,” Red said, “I bet you’re desperate to cum, but wait…look…”

Red raised her eyebrows towards Anna and Blondie.

Jack turned back to see Blondie had moved her covered pussy directly over Anna’s mouth. She then started to rub over the soft material covering her pussy.

Anna looked up at Blondie and they both stared intently into each other’s eyes. Anna slowly opened her mouth and her delicate tongue slowly slid out towards Blondie’s pussy. It snaked forwards to the area where Blondie was rubbing on her panties.

Jack held his breath. Red was now using the palm of her hand and brushing circles over the head of Jack’s cock. He started to move his hips to meet the light attention.

Suddenly Blondie moved her body backwards and, whilst still standing above Anna, she swayed and wriggled her hips again to the music. She moved her hands up her body and stroked both breasts before pinching each nipple.

Blondie then moved back above Jack. She placed one leg either side of his body and lowered her hips so her panty-covered pussy was hovering in front of Jack’s face. She then slid her hands down to her pussy and rubbed over her clit again. Jack could feel the warmth of her pussy and could see that a wet patch had gathered on her panties near her pussy lips.

“Is she wet, Jack?” Red whispered. She had moved her hand from Jack’s crotch and he was starting to ache for some attention on his cock.

Blondie then slowly slid aside her panties to reveal her wet pussy. The lips protruded a little and they glistened in the low light. Blondie placed her fingers at the base of her pussy lips and started to stroke. Her eyes rolled up to the back of her head as she touched herself. Anna, Jack and Red watched this sexy show without blinking.

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