In Stark Contrast Ch. 02

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From the instant she collapsed backwards against the inside of her front door and peeked out the curtains to make sure the cab was gone, Amber gradually felt as if her real body was slowly re-entering the shell of whatever it was she’d become over the previous hour.

Surveying the darkness of her apartment, afraid to turn on a light and take a chance of seeing what may be reflected in the mirror hanging on the far side of the room, Amber groped her way down the hall to her bedroom, looking every bit the drunk and exhausted woman she was. With each staggering baby-step she took, she tried telling herself what she’d done in the backseat of the cab was only part of a very vivid and naughty dream. Each time she rubbed the slickness of her tangy and warm juices between her fingers however, she knew it was all too real.

Amber surprised herself by how easily she was able to fall asleep that night, but the following morning was not easy. Besides the normal malaise of a hangover to deal with, each time she looked at a picture hanging in the house, or into a mirror for that matter, she had a hard time jiving the woman she saw looking back with the one that had done such a lewd thing in the cab the previous night.

While the guilt and embarrassment did gradually fade over the next few days, Amber still found herself visibly recoiling each time she saw a taxi pass by. Too drunk that fateful night to remember exactly which cab company it was that brought her home, she knew she would be playing Russian Roulette each time a situation arose and she had to hail down a ride in the future. Even if it wasn’t the same Arab guy driving it, somehow Amber knew there would be an icky kinship where the man that night would have told every other Middle Eastern cabbie in the world about what she’d done in his backseat.

It wasn’t long after that debacle of a night that Amber’s friends started bugging her to hit the town again. After a few weeks of hemming, hawing and excuse making, she decided to start joining them for the occasional drink after work. It took awhile but eventually Amber found herself back on the Friday and Saturday night barhopping circuit with her co-workers on a regular basis.

Much to her surprise, Amber started to feel more at ease than anytime of her life when it came to dealing with the men who approached her. Despite her continued self conscience about her height, and the presence of several yappy female friends to deal with, Amber found herself much more receptive to the flirtations of men, as well as more comfortable dabbling in a little of her own. Unfortunately she still hadn’t quite found the right guy to flip her switch.

All that changed one night however when Amber was returning from the bathroom of a club she and her friends had dropped anchor at.


Phillipe Ruiz had headed back up to the Great Northwest to check on a few business investments he’d made. It had been several months since he visited Portland, but he also looked forward to his visits. Venturing out his final night there with the owners of the stables he made the investment in, Phillipe didn’t have any concrete plans for the evening, simply planning to take things as they came before his flight out early the next morning. Trying to navigate his way through the flashing neon cloak of darkness towards the restroom, Phillipe’s night out took an early turn for the better when he accidentally collided with a woman nearly a foot taller than he was.


Just as she’d done months earlier when Phillipe approached her while she was at a bar buying her friends a round of drinks, Amber instinctively recoiled when a man that short bumped into her.

“I’m …so….sorry,” she started to babble until she recognized who it was.

“…No..Prob..,” Phillipe started to reassure until he too was also struck with a vague recognition.

A silent stare played out between the two as they blocked the zig-zagging stream of bar patrons making their way to the bathrooms.

“It’s ..Phillipe…right?” Amber stammered, wringing her hands together nervously as a smile of recognition came to the man’s angular face.

“Yes it is,” Phillipe nodded.

Hating himself for an instant when he wasn’t immediately able to recall her’s from so long ago, Phillipe noticed the shimmer in Amber’s eyes that said she didn’t expect him to remember her. He was able however to call up the name of the club where their paths had first crossed, and that brought a huge sigh of relief to Amber as she continued to fidget.

“Are you here with anyone?” Phillipe asked as he subtly nudged Amber towards the wall and out of the rush of human traffic.

“…..Yes…..No…..just here with some friends…,” Amber fumbled for her words, unable to get the memory of what she’d seen with Phillipe and that other woman in the pool out of her mind as he stared up at her with that hauntingly familiar, all knowing gaze.


Even fake taxi porno though he didn’t remember Amber’s name, he vividly did recall not only her incredibly long legs, stunning dark red hair and statuesque frame, but also the air of cautious vulnerability that oozed from her pores.

The fact that she so readily pulled his name out of the air sent a tingle of primal curiosity through Phillipe. Having no clue she’d witnessed what he’d done with that other woman in a hotel pool several blocks away, all Phillipe could think was he’d made quite a good first impression when they’d met in passing all those months earlier.

Preparing to ask Amber if she’d care to dance, or perhaps just grab a drink and get to know one another in a dark corner of the lounge, he stopped himself when he saw the ghostly look of readied want in the much taller woman’s eyes.

“I have a room at the hotel across the street,” he looked up at Amber and offered over the din of music thumping around them.

“…..Good,” Amber trembled, feeling as if she’d somehow become handcuffed to a runaway train.

“Do you want to go tell your friends you’re leaving?” he asked.

“..No….,” Amber gulped. “I’ll…I think I’ll just call them on the way over and tell them I’ll be back in a little while.”

Within a minute or so the odd looking pair had made their discreet escape from the club.


Her eyes shut, Amber was saved from the absurdity of the sight below. Even if she had seen it however, it probably wouldn’t have mattered, what he was doing simply felt too good. Her shoulder blades pressed firmly against the far wall of the hotel room, Amber balled her left hand into the fabric of the curtains to her side as she lowered her right along the back of Phillipe’s grinding head for support. The same head that was now burrowed completely beneath her skirt.

At his height, Phillipe barely had to extend forward to bury his face between Amber’s quivering thighs. Using his left hand to tear away the skimpy material of Amber’s soaked panties, the young jockey lapped and swirled his tongue through the towering woman’s boiling sex.

Her willowy legs beginning to buckle as Phillipe chewed greedily at her vagina, Amber was forced to lock both her hands down on his shoulders to keep from toppling over. Even though he was nearly a foot shorter in stature, Amber seemed mesmerized by the strength and certainty that was coursing through Phillipe’s sinewy muscles as she wrapped her fingers around the back of his swiveling neck.

“UUUHHHH…..AARRGGAAHHHH,” Amber croaked in a rough and raspy cough, feeling as if the floor beneath her feet was gradually melting away.

Weaving her fingers together in the strands of Phillipe’s closely cropped black hair, Amber felt her chest begin to heave as his tongue slithered like a determined snake deeper towards the warmth of her womb.

“GGGAAA…GGGAAAA….. GGAAAWWWDDD… GGGGAAWWWWWDDDDDDDDD,” she eventually grimaced, her head bobbing spastically back and forth against the wall as the man below ate her to a series of brutal orgasms.

Without the support of Phillipe’s face propped between her thighs, Amber found herself crumpling on her weakened knees when he stepped away.

“….Damn….,” she bellowed, squeezing her breasts through her blouse with one hand while gently patting her screaming crotch with the other.

Her head still swimming in blissful release, Amber had no clue what to expect next. Phillipe, on the other hand, did. Half crouched with her back sliding slowly down the wall, Amber looked the part of a lifeless rag doll, powerless to stop the man in front of her from grabbing her by the waist and spinning her 180 degrees around.

Facing the wall now with her back to Phillipe, Amber brushed her hands against the smooth, satin finished paint, listening to the duel sounds of his breathing and her own rapid heartbeat. Then she heard him begin to unbuckle his belt.

“He’s gonna fuck me right here…just like this,” a shivering voice teased inside Amber’s head.

Every nerve in her body on edge, Amber held her breath, waiting for the inevitable. Lurching her heels off the floor when she felt Phillipe fold the elastic band of her panties between his fingers, Amber gladly rested there in place as he yanked them down her legs. Edging her left cheek against the wall, Amber balanced herself expectantly on her toes as Phillipe hovered behind her. She nearly fainted when he finally grazed his fingertips along the crack of her bare behind.

Feeling Phillipe’s warm breath drifting down along the back of her neck, Amber just knew she’d feel his cock slip between her spread thighs at any moment. Instead he made her wait and wait, enjoying the way her body tilted and swayed in front of him. When he finally did touch her again, its wasn’t with his dick, but his left hand.

“WHHAAAA,” Amber trembled, feeling his small but very firm grip clamp down hard on family stroke porno her still throbbing sex.

Patting her palms in unison against the wall to each side of her head, Amber gracefully grinded her rear end as Phillipe confidently fondled her vagina. She then visibly shuddered when he used his other hand to gently trace his fingers down the arched line of her spinal column.

“OOHH…AAHHHHH,” Amber’s voice cascaded through the room when it seemed as if Phillipe’s 10 fingers each took on a life of their own.

It wasn’t long before Amber’s juices were once again dripping from her labia.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” she heard him ask in a voice strangely and seductively accented in both Spanish and Creole.

The way her pussy lips flared and bloomed around his probing hand gave him the answer he wanted. Once again however, it wasn’t his penis that pressed down from behind, but his eager and warm mouth directly down on her puckered and exposed asshole.

“JESUS…FUCK…,” she winced and shook, her feet barely standing pat on the floor as Phillipe began doing something to her no man ever had.

Within a heartbeat, Amber felt as if a million microscopic bees began stinging her entire midsection when Phillipe started to ream his tongue back and forth between her cunt and anus. Her eyes sealed shut, Amber couldn’t fathom how erotic the sight was of Phillipe kneeling between her outstretched feet, his neck twisting as he eagerly devoured every square inch of her crotch. Her fingers now digging at the wall above her head, Amber bit at her lower lip as she grinded her asscheeks downwards against Phillipe’s face.

It all became a blinding blur for the half naked divorcee as she gyrated in her self imposed darkness, Phillipe’s tongue now felt three times it’s size as he raked it between her swollen pussy and the rim of her virgin ass.

“DEAR GOD!!” she spat down, her knees quivering to the point where she would have careened all the way forward if the wall hadn’t been there to stop it.

“DAMN…I can’t believe how good this feels,” Amber croaked to herself, feeling as if a spliced electrical wire had been rigged between her pussy and rectum as Phillipe relentlessly rocketed his tongue back and forth with cat-quick determination.

“SSSHHHEEEE…AAAAAHHH,” she wailed when he had the audacity to jab both his index fingers into her rear end.

Her entire body quaking as she rutted her backside against Phillipe’s feasting lips, Amber prepared to pass out when he digitally began penetrating her ass at the same time swirling his tongue like a maniac across her Skittle sized clit.

Just as the settling daze of delirium began to overtake Amber, Phillipe pulled his dripping mouth away from her crotch and stood up behind her.

“WHHHHAA…,” a whimpering groan gurgled from Amber’s lungs as she hurriedly dropped her right hand between her legs to keep the friction on her sizzling quim.

Allowing Amber to stew in her juices for several seconds, Phillipe loved the way she cowered against the wall, her behind jutting out towards him as if begging him to finish her off. With methodical precision, he swung his fully aroused cock forward and shoved it between the slickened chute of Amber’s thighs.

A rolling seismic tremor worked its way through Amber’s six foot two inch frame when she felt the blunt smoothness of Phillipe’s erection slide along the goose-pimpled skin of her forearm. For just an instant she was transported a few months back to the night she witnessed the ferocity in which Phillipe had fucked that other woman with in the pool. An icy warm tingle danced down her spine as well when she remembered how obscenely disproportional his penis had seemed to the rest of his body, the same penis that was now pressing insistently against the palm of her hand. Reaching blindly down, Amber wrapped her fingers around the mass of warm flesh as she felt the ticklish presence of his pubes on her bare ass. She knew he was moving into place.

Instinctively spreading her feet wider on the floor, without saying a word, Amber granted Phillipe permission to do with her whatever he pleased. Nudging Amber’s right hand away, Phillipe proceeded to do just that, burying the upper third of his manhood between the flowering folds of her waiting cunt.

“JEEEEZZZUUUSSS….YEEEEEZZZZZZZ,” the much taller woman winced and squealed, her long torso twisting terribly as the constricting walls of her vagina swallowed Phillipe’s prick steadily deeper.

Barely able to stand on her own, Amber was literally putty in the tiny man’s hands as he pounded her with increasing violence from behind.

Gasping loudly between each of Phillipe’s bone-jarring thrusts, Amber couldn’t help being struck by the dichotomy of what was happening behind her. Phillipe’s hands were so small, yet as firm as two vices as he held her by the waist. On top of that, despite his obvious stature, here he was fucking her harder than any man had before, female agent porno and it wasn’t even close.

“He’s treating you like nothing but a slut…..he doesn’t even remember your name,” the last voice of decency babbled inside Amber’s head, but was quickly drowned out by the flesh on flesh collisions of Phillipe’s thighs crashing into her raised ass.

“No wonder he’s treating you like a slut,” another more pointed voice reminded.

“You watched him fuck another woman through a crack in a door like a common perv….Then you masturbated in the back of a cab that same night to pay your here you are with him in his hotel room five minutes after you ran into him coming back from the bathroom at the club..and he still doesn’t even remember your name!!”

“He’s treating you exactly how you’re acting like you need to be treated!!” she finished chiding herself.

While it certainly wasn’t Amber Ross’ “N.O.W.” moment, the overwhelming sensation of Phillipe’s cock blasting relentlessly in her womb was worth every temporary knock to her character.

Then there was the one other thing she hadn’t noticed that day she spied in Phillipe in the pool. While she had certainly taken note of just how well endowed he was, Amber didn’t notice the pronounced horn-shaped rise in the upper third of the charismatic man’s erect penis. Given the position he currently had her in however, ignoring that fist shaped blade slamming repeatedly into areas inside her no man had ever touched was simply too much for any woman to endure.

“He’s gotta cum soon,” Amber groaned, hanging on to the wall for dear life.

Given her experience, albeit limited, with men, Amber just knew the man pounding her from behind had to be closing in on his release, yet the pace and brutal efficiency of his thrusts showed no signs of slowing down. Over and over Phillipe plunged his cock in and out of Amber’s squishing cunt, the sound of it filling the room along with an occasional savage grunt from each.

Her forehead curled against the wall, Amber slitted her eyes open far enough to see the oblong spear of Phillipe’s phallus gouging her pussy wide open.

“PLEASE FUCK ME….OH GOD PLEASE DONT STOP..FUCK ME PLLLEASSSEEEEEE,” Amber heard a voice she barely recognized as her own reverberating inside her head.

Happy to oblige, Phillipe continued his debilitating assault, locking his 10 fingers around each side of Amber’s meaty hips as he impaled her spasming cunt.

“OHGODI’MGONNACUM..OHMYGODI’MGONNNACUM” she whimpered several times without taking a breath.

“OH MY GOD..OH MY GOD..OHHHFUCCKKKK.. OOHHHGGGOOODDDDDDDDD,'” Amber then bellowed at full throat into the wall, unable to withstand another second of Phillipe’s virile stampede before she let go.

And let go she did. Her eyes still partially open, Amber could see the musky froth of her arousal leaking from her pussy like rain from a clogged gutter as the ruthless man behind her continued to jab his cock forward. Within a minute or so, both the wall and the carpet below had become drenched in her own liquid fulfillment.

When she was finally done, all Amber could do was drop down to her knees, her disjointed body spent from the ringer Phillipe had put her through. Feeling his cock dislodge with a mucusy plop, Amber looked up through the cobwebs of her dazed eyes and saw his erection now jutting proudly above her eyes.

“He still isn’t finished with me,” Amber told herself with a mix of fear, exhaustion and joy.

Amber couldn’t help but take note of how their perspectives had suddenly shifted. Remembering how she’d towered over Phillipe the first time he’d introduced himself to her at the bar months earlier, now she found herself kneeling at his feet, every nerve ending in her body screaming as she gazed up at him.

The scent of her pussy steaming from the slab of marbled cartilage hanging in front of her face, a tremor of expectation swept through Amber when Phillipe tilted her chin forward with one hand and fed the curved head of cock between her lips with the other.

The weight of his manhood instantly pressing down on her palate, Amber found herself having to breathe out of her nostrils a little more with each exhale. Her cheeks puffing out as he slowly shoved his girth deeper down her throat, all Amber could see when she looked up was Phillipe’s handsome but emotionless face as he watched her give head.

It wasn’t long before the bees were once again stirring in Amber’s loins. Reaching up with her right hand, she tenderly cupped Phillipe’s tiny but muscular hips as she sucked his dick, at the same time dropping her left hand back down between her own greasy thighs.

Sensing she was ready for more, Phillipe eventually helped Amber to her feet before leading the groggy and staggering woman towards the bed.


How she made it across the room to the bed she’d never know. Every nerve in her body aching from the prolonged and awkward position Phillipe held her in while he took his pound of lust, when Amber finally collapsed down on the mattress, a chilling sigh of relief rippled from her gut.

“10 seconds and you’ll be fast asleep,” a voice inside her head warned, but Phillipe wasn’t about to give her the time to get too comfortable.

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