I Want You

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Scottie looked down at the glass he was holding in his hand, bored. He didn’t know why he let Amanda and JENNY convince him to go out to the bar. They knew that it wasn’t his scene, but he let himself be convinced that he should come out to the bar with the whole team. Rossi, JENNY, Ricci, Callum, Amanda, Richardson, and Scottie were all at the bar, but the only one that wasn’t having the time of their life was none other than Scottie.

He sat there at the bar, swirling his whiskey in his glass. He wasn’t exactly the social-able type, but he felt rather ridiculous sitting alone at the bar after he’d came in with six other people besides himself. It was rather strange that he was sitting there while every one else was dancing and having fun.

Scottie looked around the crowded bar, spotting Amanda chatting with a tall, dark, and handsome man. He was gorgeous, and Scottie wouldn’t mind being in her shoes himself. Jenny was wrapped around Will in a romantic sort of way, and Callum was sitting with Kevin, his boyfriend. Rossi was drinking with Richardson, and Ricci was grinding himself on some hot girl he’d definitely be taking home tonight… oh yeah, he couldn’t he’s gotta drive me home.

Scottie groaned and downed his drink before slamming the glass down on the bar in frustration. God, why did I agree to this? He couldn’t believe he’d agreed to this bullshit. He was grumpy and wondering why he’d even thought he might want to go?

“Oi pretty boy,” Scottie jumped when he felt Ricci’s breath on his neck. Scottie turned quickly around to look at Ricci, who smirked at the boy. “What are you doing?” Ricci asked and Scottie sighed deeply and looked at his empty glass.

“Getting drunk.” Scottie stated the obvious, and Ricci rolled his eyes.

“Obviously.” He said, looking over Scottie who’d had two glasses of whiskey already. “Why, though?” He asked, and Scottie groaned.

“Can’t I just get drunk without it being a federal investigation?” He asked, and waved down the bartender. The bartender gave him another whiskey, and Scottie started sipping on his newly refilled drink.

“Yes,” Ricci said, and looked down at Scottie. “But you don’t drink, pretty boy. You eat jelly beans, and chips, you drink water, or soda. You don’t get drunk.” He said logically and Scottie groaned quietly in frustration.

“Not typically, however tonight is just one of them nights.” Scottie said, looking down at his drink.

“Well, why is that?” Ricci asked, and Scottie looked down at his cup. He was bored, tired, and over-all very disappointed in his night. All Scottie really wanted to do was go home. He realized, and fully understood that the reason he was so pissed off and grumpy was because he was crushing hardcore on Damien Ricci and he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt Ricci would never, ever reciprocate the feelings. Obviously Scottie couldn’t tell Ricci that, but he could always beat around the bush. He could tell the truth without telling the entire truth.

“Relationship issues.” Scottie said curtly. The annoyance of Ricci asking, plus the irritation of having to lie was making him slightly bitter.

“Oooh pretty boy gotta woman?” Damien asked, a hint of an edge to his voice. Scottie didn’t even notice that Damien was slightly tense.

“Not a woman.” Scottie replied, taking a long, deliberate drink of his whiskey.

“Oh…?” Damien asked, and then it seemed to dawn on him as a look of something splashed across his face before he mumbled out a “Oh…”

“Yeah, oh.” Scottie said boredly. He didn’t feel like explaining anything more to Damien than he had already assumed.

“So, what’s the problem?” Damien asked, and Scottie shrugged.

“Possibly that I want him, and he doesn’t even notice me.” Scottie said dryly, glancing sideways at Ricci pointedly. “I’m pretty certain he is straight-” Scottie sighed in frustration. He glanced around the bar as he took another sip of his whiskey. Damien sighed too, and then looked down at the bar.

“Aw come on pretty boy,” Damien said, “a man who was an arrow could not turn you down.”

Scottie rolled his eyes. You sure don’t have any problems ignoring me. “Plenty can, I assure you.” Scottie said, looking forward blankly.

Damien didn’t reply. Silence ensued between the two for a couple moments but it didn’t last long.

“Damien casino oyna will you just take me home?” Scottie asked, looking down at the bar in front of him. “I’m just ruining you guys’ fun.”

“I’ll take you home,” Ricci agreed, “but we can watch some star trek or something.”

“You don’t have to hang out with me to ‘be a good friend’.” Scottie said grumpily.

“I want to, pretty boy.” Damien said and Scottie sighed deeply, and nodded in acceptance.

Scottie didn’t really have much of a choice in the matter, he realized. Damien was going home with him, whether he wanted to or not.

Damien led Scottie out to his car and they both got in. Scottie’s house was only a twenty minute drive from the bar, but the time stretched on for what seemed forever. Scottie felt rather smothery in the tight space.

Damien didn’t know what to do. This mystery man was ruining everything. Damien was beyond interested in Scottie, but now Damien couldn’t help but feel a bit… Jealous.

Damien wanted Scottie, to the point he could not even begin to hold back the rage-the jealousy, really. He was absolutely green with envy, unaware that Scottie wanted him as much as Damien wanted him, possibly even more so.

Damien sighed deeply and glanced down at his hands on the wheel and then over to the younger man in the car beside him.

Scottie was annoyed but he didn’t know exactly why he was so pissed off and aggravated.

When Damien pulled up in front of Scottie’s apartment building, he banged his fists on the steering wheel. “Can I come in?” Damien asked, and Scottie sighed and looked down to his lap.

“Um, sure.” he agreed and looked around as the two walked slowly up to his apartment.

Scottie stopped at the door and unlocked it, nervous all the sudden. Damien has never wanted to come over after drinks before, Scottie thought to himself tiredly.

Scottie knew too much, and yet not nearly enough in that moment. The two walked into the apartment, one confused, one pissed off.

They sat down on the couch together-was Damien merely imagining the way he could barely breathe as Scottie sat beside him? Scottie held his breath as he sat stiffly beside Damien.

Silence ensued-why was it so awkward between them? Scottie couldn’t get his head around it.

“I shouldn’t have told you!” Scottie finally snapped and Damien jumped. He looked confused.

“I don’t mind you being gay-” Damien said, biting his lip.

“Im not gay Im bisexual.” Scottie sighed and Damien smirked.

“Whatever-you like dick.” Damien said and Scottie turned bright red at the words.

“Yeah-” Scottie was cut off.

“Im not mad about you being gay, Im more so frustrated about the guy thing.” Damien said and Scottie looked at him, his eyes wide, confused.

“Then…?” Scottie wondered out loud.

“Scottie you are blind.” Damien said, and Scottie still looked confused. “I want you, pretty boy.”

“What..?” he asked.

“I want you,” Damien said softly, putting his hand on Scottie’s leg cautiously, “I want you to be mine. I want to fuck you-”

“Seriously?” Scottie blinked then, his cheeks flushed, and he bit his bottom lip nervously. Is he serious, or is he going to jump up and say aha you fell for it-! Scottie thought. “Like…”

“Yes, Scottie.” Damien said calmly. “Seriously. I just… You’re somebody else’s pretty boy now. I guess I should… I should go.”

Damien stood and Scottie froze-what? Hes leaving? “No!” Scottie exclaimed once he finally found his voice. Damien paused, and looked down at Scottie. He was flushed red, embarrassed, but his eyes were wide, deep… Turmoil clear in his eyes. “I-I don’t… I m-mean y-your the b-blind one…” he trailed off.

“No! I-I was talking about y-you.” he admitted, his eyes searching Damien’s-Damien’s searching his.

Suddenly, Damien came forward and pulled the smaller man into his arms. Scottie turned red, and he was holding his breath.

Seconds past, and Scottie stood up a little higher and pressed a kiss to Damien’s lips shyly-testing the waters. Despite the hesitation, Damien found the kiss to be sweet, a sign of trust.

Damien took control of the kiss, leaving Scottie breathless. Damien gripped Scottie’s hips tightly, and he moved their lips against each others. It was obvious slot oyna Scottie didn’t know what he was doing, but Damien found it so damn cute. Damien pulled back and looked down at Scottie’s pretty eyes.

“Bed.” Scottie panted, and then blushed. “I-I’m sorry…”

“No your right, we need the bed for me to do to you what I want to do to you.” Damien said, and Scottie shivered, and shyly led Damien to his room. Damien sat down on the bed and watched Scottie. “Strip. Do it slow, though. I want to enjoy watching your pale skin come into view.”

Scottie blushed, but nodded. He was glad that he had long hair, he’d need it to hide his face. Slowly, Scottie unbuttoned his shirt, glancing up at Damien off and on, his cheeks burning.

He discarded the shirt, and looked up to see Damien’s eyes looking over the pale mans body slowly-Scottie bit his bottom lip as he looked around his bedroom, nervous.

Scottie had always wanted to be with Damien. He’d always craved that contact-that intimacy with Damien. He was the handsomest man Scottie had ever seen, and he wanted him more than he thought physically possible.

If this had been any other time, Scottie would have said some witty and smart comment about how much a man physically could take.

Scottie unbuttoned his pants slowly and blushed as he pushed them down to his ankles and then glanced up to look at Damien. He crossed his arms across his chest awkwardly and bit into his lip.

What if he doesn’t like it-me? Scottie thought to himself. Damien didn’t speak, he just stared at the young doctor.

Damien wanted nothing more than to be buried inside the boy, so deep and raw. Damien, having seen the nervousness behind Price’s pretty brown eyes, leaned forward and pulled the boy closer to him. He brushed a gentle kiss to Scottie’s lips-“calm down,” he commanded. Scottie blushed and shook his head in agreement.

Damien wrapped his arms around Scottie tightly, feeling the mans ribs against his arm as he bent Scottie back just the slightest. Damien was glad Scottie hadn’t taken his briefs off he wanted to have those honors himself.

Damien pushed Scottie back on his bed, Scottie’s body laid out like an offering-an offering Damien was delighted to partake in.

Scottie stared up at Damien, his eyes hooded and full of need. Damien met his gaze, enthralled by how desperate Scottie looked in that moment. Damien’s eyes looked over Scottie’s almost naked body, loving the way he looked thin and sweet.

Damien took Scottie by the hips and pressed his clothed body against Scottie’s scantily clad erection. If this had been any other man, Damien probably wouldn’t be doing this, but Scottie is special. Scottie is his…

Scottie arched his body up with a loud, breathy moan. His hands clutched at Damien’s shoulders and he grinder against Damien’s cock, working himself up.

Damien was shocked at how desperate the younger man was. It was almost as if he’d never been touched. Damien wouldn’t bring that up until tomorrow, or at least later that night, fearing losing his chance.

When Scottie started moving frantically against Damien, Damien tightened his grip on the thin hipe trying desperately to move. Damien pulled away, and ran his pointer finger over the waistband of Scottie’s briefs. Scottie gasped slightly as cool air touched his dick making his erection slightly uncomfortable. Scottie whimpered as Damien pulled off of his bed and rested his hands on his hips.

Scottie stared hard at him, and Damien slowly unbuttoned his pants, and then quickly shed them. The older man repeated the action until he was naked and exposed.

Scottie’s eyes locked on Damien’s dick and they widened, almost nervously. “Y-youre so b-big…” the words were hesitant and it caused Damien’s pride to swell greatly. “I-I’ve never taken o-one as big as yours…” Scottie stumbled around the words, his face heating up in a look of pained embarrassment.

“Good.” Damien replied smugly, looking down at the boy. He draped his larger body over the boy, and Scottie mewled loudly as the heated flesh of their arousals touched.

Damien groaned quietly, and looked down into Scottie’s pretty light brown eyes. “As much as I’d love to make you cum all over yourself multiple times, I need to fuck you more. I need to be deep inside your tight canlı casino siteleri little hole.” Damien said, and the dirty words made Scottie’s body light on fire.

Scottie nodded, and wrapped his legs around Damien’s waist, pulling their bodies close together. Damien maneuvered them to where his hard Dick was pressing against Scottie’s hole. Scottie let out a needy whimper, and pushed into Damien’s touch. “You’re wet.” Damien chided, and Scottie flushed red. “Why?” he demanded.

“I-I umm was umm raising my b-blood p-pressure earlier…” he trailed off, too embarrassed to use the word masturbate out-loud.

Damien smirked, picking up on it. “Oh? What did my pretty boy do to himself?” he asked, and Scottie looked down at the comforter he had clenched in his fist.

“I um like…” Scottie stuttered, unsure. “I put my um fingers…” he trailed off shyly. Damien smiled a bit and pressed the head of his Dick against Scottie’s hole.

“Im glad you did I dont wanna do foreplay tonight. I just wanna fuck you long and hard.” Damien said and Scottie nodded his head shyly.

Damien pressed into Scottie slowly. Scottie squeezed his eyes shut and bit his lip in slight pain. Damien stopped at three inches, and Scottie sighed in what Damien thought was relief. “A-are you in?” came Scottie’s shy question causing Damien to smirk and shake his head no.

“Not even close, pretty boy.” Scottie whined softly. Damien pressed a bit more and Scottie reacted differently than Damien thought he would.

Instead of crying out in pain, he begged… For more.

“More-” Scottie asked him. “I know it’ll hurt but I dont care-” Scottie was clearly losing his shyness the deeper Damien went. It was nice to see the Doctors guard come down some.

Five inches, six inches, seven… Deeper and deeper Damien sank into his lovers warm body, until Damien felt the boys tight ass against his balls.

Scottie was arched up, his nails digging into Damien’s shoulders, and his teeth biting painfully into his bottom lip as he adjusted to the feeling.

The feeling of bliss and fullness. “D-Damien-!” Scottie whined. Damien was already close just from feeling Scottie rub off on him, and Scottie being needy wasn’t calming him down at all. In fact, every breathy whimper that left his lips left Damien’s body on fire.

Scottie wriggled his body around, desperate for Damien to move, even if just the slightest bit.

Damien was slightly worried about how long they’d last, but Scottie wasn’t giving him time to calm down.

Damien slowly thrust into Scottie’s lithe body, feeling the mans hole clench with each movement. Scottie was moving against him, wanting Damien closer-close as physically possible.

Scottie was moaning, crying out, and begging all at once. Damien could barely wrap his head around the slutty version of Scottie.

Damien wanted nothing more than to feel the man cum on his chest. Damien thrusted into Scottie, and nailed his prostate head on, making Scottie react brazenly. The young man jumped, bit into Damien’s throat slightly and squealed as he spilled his spunk all over them both.

Damien was shocked that Scottie came so quick, but didn’t comment.

Damien began fucking Scottie body harder, chasing after an orgasm that he desperately wanted. He needed to cum deep inside the boy, to make him, and let him know who he belonged to.

Damien didn’t stop until he came, Scottie was barely moving, whimpering with half opened eyes. He knew he was being a slut but Scottie couldn’t bring himself to care. Not that the stimulation to his sore and used body would allow for such contemplation on any subject, especially not one that would distract and embarrass him beyond repair.

When Damien came, he growled in Scottie’s ear and bit down hard on the mans neck, marking his territory as he filled the boys ass with his cum.

He couldn’t help how hot his entire body felt, how good it felt to be full of Damien. His Dick and his cum.

Both were equally amazing, Scottie realized as the older man pulled out of him. Scottie cuddled up into the mans arms shyly-“that was amazing.” he whispered after a few minutes his cheeks heating up.

“Yes,” Damien sighed, “amazing.”

“Im so glad you were my first…” Scottie whispered in embarrassment. He hadn’t wanted him to know, but Scottie felt overall it was obvious.

“Me too, pretty boy. Me too.” Damien sighed and kissed his young lovers head sweetly. “Rest up, you’ll need it tomorrow.” Damien suggested, but Scottie was already sleeping silently beside him.

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