I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa

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Merry Xmas, or should I say Merry XXXmas? Personally I like the second one better, it’s much more fun, in adult sort of way. Like the old song says I did see Mommy or rather my bosses wife kissing Santa, because I was Santa and damn could Mommy kiss! She did a few other things very well too.

Let me start at the beginning, my name happened to be the lucky one chosen to play Santa at my last Xmas office party. Some poor smuck always had to the job and I was it this year. I did not want to play Santa, I wanted to enjoy the party not dress in a hot fat suit with an itchy fake beard and hand out some dumb gag gifts, but I put on my game face and pretended I wanted to do the job.

Well the night in question came and I went to do my dreaded job at the office party. My boss’s wife Mrs. Jensen met me at the door and said ” I will help you with you know what when it’s time.” And then winked at me. I took that to mean my Santa suit. I was so wrong. Mrs. Jensen told me the suit was in the back office and she would meet me there in thirty minutes. I grabbed a drink and chatted with a few of my fellow workers and I was just getting feeling a little good from my drink when I felt someone close by me. Mrs. Jensen was at my side letting me know it was time to go get dressed up to play the dreaded Santa. Thirty minutes went by so fast.

She was not a bad looking woman, somewhere in her late 30’s or early 40’s. Her figure was not overly slim but very curvaceous; the power suit she wore could not even begin to disguise her figure. What I could see of her legs were shapely and she wore black high heels the kind called stilettos, very high with thin heels. Extremely sexy. The shoes should have tipped me off mostly because they did not go with the ugly power suit she wore. But I was clueless about how women dress and didn’t know any difference. Her hair was pulled back in a loose knot at the back of her neck and was a beautiful shiny brown. I longed to pull the pins from that hair and run my fingers through it.

We arrived at the back office and the lights were not very bright. On the desk was a big box with a red Santa suit inside. “I hope this will fit you.” She said to me and walked over to the window and shut the shades.

“I am sure it will be fine.” I said. I did not want to put that suit on. I sighed and went over to box. She came up beside me and pulled the pants from the box and held them to me. As I took the pants my fingers brushed against hers. “Sorry, didn’t mean to bump you.” I said. I didn’t want my bosses wife to get the wrong idea but if she attacked me I would not say no. Like that would happen. I put on the pants and they fit fine around the waist but were about sex izle 4 inches too short in the legs.

Mrs. Jensen looked at my charcoal pant legs peeking out of the bright red Santa pants. She had a look of displeasure on her face. “I am sorry but you have to remove those gray pants. I will turn my back while you take them off” She wants me to wear just the baggy fuzzy red pants??? What the hell I thought, she gave me little choice in the matter.

“Ummm, Ok.” And I started to remove the red pants. She watched me. I unbuckled my belt, and she was still watching. I paused before undoing my fly and looked at her. She turned towards the window. I pulled my pants down and folded them on the chair. I pulled the ugly red Santa pants up and looked towards Mrs. Jensen. The sneaky bitch was watching my every move in the window glass. The thought of her watching me strip off my pants was very erotic, but I could not think of that now. How would it look for Santa to have a hard-on? I pretended I didn’t know what she had done. “There, I am finished, you may turn around now.” I said to her.

“Good, now lets hope the coat fits!” she said. It fit fairly well except for the baggy front. I buttoned it up and put the big black belt around my waist and did it up. I held the belt out while she stuffed my tummy with pillows. Her hands brushed against my stomach and the tops of my thighs while she did this and I could smell her perfume. Her hair smelled very sexy too. She was too close to me for me not to notice. God she was making me hotter all the time! She stood and looked at me. “Yes that will do. Now the beard, wig and hat”

I must have groaned slightly because she looked up at my face. She laughed and said “It won’t be that bad.” Yeah for her, I thought, she didn’t have to wear them. “Look she said, if you think they will be really uncomfortable I will take off my panties while you wear the Santa suit.” I did not know what to say.

“Ok, that sounds fair.” What was I saying? The thought of her going commando under that ugly suit would only make me more uncomfortable, but it was to late now. She had turned and reached under her skirt and took off a pair of silky black panties. She folded them and put them into my pants pocket. I hoped nobody looked in my pocket! She grabbed the beard and placed it on my chin her hand trailing along my jaw line. Then she gave me the wig and hat. I put them on and as she reached up to straighten them her breasts brushed against me. My cock was already half-mast and those pert breasts touching me made it completely hard. I looked into the window to see if my hard on was evident, but the big coat hid it well.

“Let’s go.” Mrs. Jensen sexmex porno said. I grabbed the gift bag and we went out to the conference room. I went out and was Santa. I handed out the silly gag gifts but I had a hard time concentrating. Mrs. Jensen’s ass was in front of me the whole time and I knew it was bare! It was all I could think about, that bare ass. My cock was showing no signs of retreating either. Thank god it didn’t take all that long to hand out Santa’s gifts because I did not know how more I could handle. The bag was soon empty and Mrs. Jensen and I headed back to that office where my pants were. She walked in front of me and I watched that hot bare ass sway in front of me. I wished she had no jacket on so I could see it better, but I knew it would be firm and round underneath all of those clothes.

We entered and I whipped the hat and wig off, the beard was next. I never noticed Mrs. Jensen locking the door and slipping off her ugly jacket. I turned and saw her in her white camisole and tight black skirt. I stared at her not believing my eyes. “Santa baby, have you a little something for me?” she purred. Oh I had something for her all right. She walked towards me and undid the Santa jacket. The pillows fell to the floor but nobody picked them up. I could not tear my eyes from her. She pulled the jacket off me and reached for my shirt buttons. When she had those undone she stroked my chest.

Her fingers went to my nipples and gently pinched them. My body reacted with a small shudder. She sucked gently on my nipple, then swirled her tongue around it. “O god.” I groaned. She looked up into my eyes and the corners of her mouth curved with pleasure at my reaction. Her other hand caressed my back then she raked her nails gently down my back. I lowered my hands to her breasts, I could feel that she wore no bra and the nipples were erect through her silky white camisole. I slipped one strap from her shoulder and she shrugged her arm out from it. The other strap followed suit and the camisole slipped down over her breasts and rested on her hips.

Her breasts were on the heavy side with rosy pink erect nipples. I touched them and she threw her head back in response. I lowered my head to her magnificent breasts and suckled them gently. I ran my tongue over each one and then up to her neck. I grabbed her and pulled her to me, out bare chests touching and sending little currents of electricity through both of us. I looked into her eyes and then I kissed her, her tongue was warm inside of my mouth.

I reached down and slid my hand under her skirt. I wanted to touch her bare ass, the one I had been lusting after all the time I had played Santa. sikiş izle My hand pulled her even closer till she could feel exactly how hard I was. Her eyes flew open in surprise when she felt my hard cock against her. I picked her up and put her on the desk and slid the skirt up to her waist. I placed my fingers inside her wet waiting pussy. She lay back to enjoy what I was doing to her and I lowered my mouth to her dripping pussy. I licked her juices from her pink pussy lips. I sucked her hard clit. She was writhing under me. She made absolutely no noise. I kept my mouth on her pussy till she came, the juices spraying into my mouth and I lapped them all up. She tasted sweet like honey.

She sat up and pulled me to her. Mrs. Jensen kissed me hard and I knew what my kiss tasted like. She was hungry for me. Her hand slipped into the ugly red Santa pants to caress my big red throbbing cock. I pushed her hand away because I was not ready to finish with her just yet. She grabbed those pants and yanked them down and then jumped from the desk and pulled my shorts from me. She looked so sexy with her skirt up round her waist and her camisole down around her waist. She pushed me to the floor upon those pillows that I had hated so much. She looked at me and straddled me without a word and slipped my cock into her hot wet pussy. She was incredibly horny and rode me hard and fast. I let her ride me for a while till I could take no more. I grabbed Mrs. Jensen’s hips and flipped her beneath me. I went wild and pounded her hard. I was going to cum soon and I knew it.

Her hips thrust up towards mine and I felt her pussy squeeze my cock like a vice. “Ummpphh.” I grunted and came deep within her. I could feel my cum squirting deep in a thick white stream. I tensed with what felt like an eternity and let her pussy suck me dry. I did not slump against her but pulled out. “Did you enjoy Santa’s gift?” I asked her.

“Very much.” She replied. “We better re-join the party soon.” She was right I knew, but I would much rather have fucked her again. I reluctantly dressed and folded up the Santa suit and I left the office to go to the bathroom and clean up.

While I was in the bathroom stall waiting for my cock to return to a normal state two of my male co-workers came into the room. “How long do you think Mrs. Jensen will fuck Santa this year?” then they both laughed.

“Yeah, it’s practically tradition for her to fuck Santa every year. I remember when it was my turn, it made playing Santa worth it.” He said.

I was in shock; she had used me for sex. Did I mind? Not really I decided. It was awkward because everyone knew it was going on. What the hell, it looked like over half of the guys here had did her too and given the chance I knew I would do it all over again. I hope my name gets drawn to play Santa next year! Mrs. Jensen also left me with a present, a pair of black sexy panties; she had left them in my pocket. Merry Christmas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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