I Never Thought Susannah Fancied Me

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I had no idea that Susanna fancied me. We work for the same company, in different departments, and we’d only met a few times before, at various business functions. We’re both fairly senior, but we do very different jobs. We knew of each other’s existence, and from my point of view, that was about the extent of it. I’d seen her walking into work once and offered her a lift, which she’d accepted. We chatted away in my car, but I thought nothing of it.

Last week, I found myself in the pub after work. Sometimes we all end up there, and sometimes it goes late. About 10:00, I saw Susanna talking to a couple of her team. Our management are always telling us to get to know other parts of the company better, so I thought I’d go and talk to Susannah. She acknowledged me sitting down next to her, but carried on her conversation. I had to wait for her to finish before I could butt in.

“How’re you doing”, I was able to ask, eventually.

“Not so bad”, she replied, giving me a big grin.

We talked about business for a bit. That was easy. We agreed that the two of us should talk more. The pub was closing, and Susanna’s team wanted to move on somewhere. I suggested my place. I’d been to France recently and had a few cases of wine stashed in the kitchen.

Back at my gaff, Susannah helped me pour drinks. While Susannah’s team were looking through my CD collection, she reached over and put her arm around my neck pulling my lips towards hers.

I’m single, so there seemed no reason to resist. Susannah’s a very attractive woman, so I planted a full smacker back onto her lips. I was conscious that her team might see her ‘in action’. “Are you sure?” I whispered. She nodded and pulled me towards her again.

In actual fact, we finished our illicit kiss before anyone noticed. My guests agreed on a particular album to listen to. Everyone was having a good time, dancing ang chatting away. Susannah and I kissed again, this time in front of her team.

About half-an-hour later, Susannah asked me to kick everyone out. I knew what she intended, so I called a minicab. The taxi arrived amazingly fast considering it was the middle of the night. Once the others had left, Susannah and I sat on the couch. I pushed my face to hers. She avoided my kiss, wanting to talk for a while. We swapped illegal bahis stories, talking about girlfriends and boyfriends past. Eventually we talked our way around to sex again, then began snogging, and I said, “I think I’d better take you upstairs”.

“What gets you really turned on?” Susannah asked me.

“Everything”, I said. “I love sex. Everything turns me on. What about you?”

Susannah tried to look bashful. “”Everything turns me on too”, she said, kissing me. I felt her tits through her shirt. Susannah tentatively rubbed my cock through my jeans. “But is there anything that really gets you off?”

I saw no reason to lie. Two hours ago she was just another colleague. And she wasn’t about to tell anyone what happened. She’d be more embarassed than me.

“I love everything”, I said, “but the one thing that really gets me off is anal”.

Susannah only reacted by kissing me again, no harder, no different than before. My hand found its way to her crotch. I rubbed her nub through her jeans. Then she stood and extended her hand, pulling me upstairs to my bedroom.

Susannah sat on the edge of the bed as I went for a pee, and washed my cock. When I came out of the toilet she was still sitting on the edge of the bed, now completely naked. The first thing I noticed were her breasts. By their late 30s, womens’ breasts have often begun to sag a little, but Susannah’s were as pert as an 18-year-old’s. They were small, which probably helped, with wide and chocolate-mousse-dark aureole. I dumped my own clothes as fast as possible and we sank into the bed.

Our hands began to explore each other’s bodies. Susannah’s pussy amazed me, it was almost clean-shaven, with just a porn-star stripe of hair. She was amazingly responsive, with every touch eliciting a little moan of pleasure. With that gorgeous pussy good and wet, I climbed on top. As I was about to enter Susannah, she told me to stop.

“I want to suck you first,” she said.

With that Susannah grabbed my cock and began to wank it. “God it’s so wide”, she said.

“All the better to fuck you with”.

“You will, baby, you will.”

She was an expert head-giver, lots of round-the-tip tongue action combined with a firmly gripped up-and-down wanking of my shaft. I would have come any time illegal bahis siteleri soon, so I moved around, taking my cock away, and placing my mouth on her mound to return the favour.

I licked my tongue up the length of her slit. Then again, and again, and again, and again, until her juice began to flow. I started to swirl my tongue around her clit, and Susannah’s hips went wild. It was all I could do to keep my tongue on her pussy. She started making the moaning noises I always listen for, so I found her clit and clamped my mouth on it, locking it into my gums, sucking and flicking it against the back of my front teeth. A minute or so of this and Susannah’s body was vibrating like the bottom string of a bass guitar.

Suddenly her legs clasped around my head. She was coming all right, coming like a freight train. I sucked her clit harder and she gripped harder with her thighs. Pain began to build in my cheeks and lips as both of us increased pressure. My jaw felt like it was going to separate from my face. I wasn’t sure I could take it, and I began to think about pulling away. Susannah felt me yielding. Her hand pushed my head even harder into her cunt. I knew what she wanted. I sucked as hard as I could. The pain in my cheeks and lips was like some sort of g-force simulator – there was no way she was getting out of this without an orgasm.

Then Susannah wailed. Her hips bucked at least a foot into the air, her pubic bone catching my chin like a left hook from Tyson. As her pelvis returned to the bed, I whipped my tongue again at her clit. Her hips bucked even harder and she pulled my head away, to say, ‘no more’.

Susannah was panting, reeling on my bed. True euphoria had been achieved, and I felt like a sex god. She threw her arms around me, and we lay uncovered, basking in the heat and sweat of her. A few minutes later I began to stroke Susanah’s slim, brown legs. She twisted on the mattress to let me stroke more and more of her, clearly enjoying it. Needless to say, my hand found its way up her inner thigh, then towards her almost completely shaved bush. I was glad there was still a little tuft of hair left. Just something to remind me this was a real woman.

It was getting late and I was tired. Susannah had had her orgasm. She stroked my cock, but canlı bahis siteleri it felt a little flaccid. I wasn’t sure that she understood me as well as I understood her.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“I want you”, I replied.

“I’m not sure you do, I‘m not sure you fancy me enough”.

The girl was being difficult, intentionally so. I knew the ploy, so I did what you have to do. I grabbed my bathrobe and went downstairs to have a smoke.

Five minutes later, I went back upstairs and Susannah apologised. “What do you want?” she asked. I responded by putting the head of my cock at the entraqnce to her vagina. I pushed in and built up a rhythm. Her noises began again. It felt wonderful to me, hot, soft, and like I could come at any time, depending on how fast I went: total control.
Just as I was getting my spunk up, she asked to me, “do you wanna come on my face, or come on my tits?”

“How about in your mouth”, I said.

I pulled out of her cunt and placed my cock on her chest. She grabbed it and began to suck.

After a few minutes I hadn’t come. Susannah said, “do you want to fuck my arse?”

I didn’t need a second invitation. Susannah’s arse was brown, smooth, muscular, and just plain gorgeous. I used some juice form her pussy and spit from my mouth to lubricate her. I had some K-Y in the bathroom cabinet, but it wasn’t even necessay, she was so wet.

Susannah rested on her side. I pushed the tip of my cock into her arse. She didn’t react, so I pushed again.

“Ow”, she said. I knew to relax, and stop.

Thirty seconds or so later, Susannah had relaxed, and I pushed again, this time my cock eased its way into her. We shifted position, so that she was on her kness, and I was directly behind her. She pushed back, gradually taking more of me inside. With another couple of thrusts I was amazed. I’d had anal sex with lots of women before, but none who could take the entire length of my cock.

Once fully inside her I began to thrust. Her ass gripped me like no blowjob has ever known. Her face was so gorgeous, her ass was so gorgeous, her tits were so gorgeous, her pussy was so gorgeous, it just all came together in one enormous volume of desire for Susannah. I orgasmed deep, and hard, inside her.

We lay together for a while, luxuriating in our physical abilites, thinking we were cleverer than anyone else in the world.

“You didn’t tell me you liked anal”, I said to Susannah.

“I don’t particularly”, she said. “But I thought you might”.

She was right.

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