I Didn’t Mean to Have Sex with Him

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I didn’t plan to have sex with him so early. I was planning on waiting until our wedding night which was only a week away. We had known each other for 4 years and been engaged for 8 months so we knew each other pretty well. We had had a lot of conversations about sex because I was a virgin and didn’t know what to expect. He had some experience so I looked at him as kind of an expert. We had talked about all kinds of things like what things he liked in the bedroom and he tried to calm my fears about it hurting. He was able to put my mind at ease with assurances that he would be slow and gentle and would try to help me enjoy myself. I was a little nervous about not knowing what to do but I trusted that he would be patient with me like he usually was, I really am a lucky girl to have such a wonderful man.

We had talked about what our wedding night would be like, one of the things he asked me to do to prepare was to shave my pubic hair. He said that he liked it when a girl shaved because it made them look more pure. I didn’t have any attachment to my pubic hair and didn’t really know much about anything sexual anyway so I just went along with it. Luckily my mom was there to help me, she told me that it would be a good idea to start shaving a month or so ahead of time so that there wouldn’t be any razor burn.

We lived on a little island off the coast and often walked on the beach together, we usually wore our swimsuits because both of us liked to take a splash in the ocean. . A week before casino siteleri our wedding we went for a walk and we were being silly throwing water on each other when we both got all giggly and started passionately kissing each other. There was kind of a small cliff sticking out that blocked the view from the rest of the beach, we walked over to that rock and laid down on the sand. We were still kissing, I laid on my back and he sort of straddled over me.

We had kissed in this position before but I’d never been as turned on as I was that day. I don’t know what came over me, maybe it was the anticipation of our upcoming marriage but for some reason that day I had a burning desire to feel him inside me. It started when I felt him getting an erection, he was pressed up against me in a way that his penis was rubbing up against my pussy. I had felt his dick before, he sometimes got hard when we made out but he never tried to go anywhere with it because we had agreed to wait until we were married. Well, for whatever reason when I felt it that day I knew I wanted it right then, I didn’t want to wait another week.

The way we were lying, he had his legs on the outside of my legs so he could steady himself on the sand. I let him know my intentions by pulling my legs out from under his and opening them, I kind of pulled him closer to me by wrapping one of my legs around him. I think at first he wasn’t quite sure what I wanted him to do so he got an inquisitive look in his eyes. I just gave slot oyna him a little nod and he got the hint. He asked me if I was sure I didn’t want to wait, I told him that I had waited long enough. I came up with some silly line about how marriage was a state of being, that I was already his wife in practice if not yet by law. The way I could feel him pressing his dick against my crotch, I knew he wouldn’t need any more encouragement.

He moved one of his hands down below my waist, when he touched my inner thigh I thought I would just melt. I was wearing a one piece swimsuit so he moved a hand down and pulled the cloth to the side. He moved his fingers against my pussy for a minute, I think he was feeling to see if I was wet, which I most certainly was! He pulled his dick out the top of his swimsuit, moved it up against the entrance to my pussy and slowly pushed it in.

We locked in an embrace and kissed deeply as he pushed himself inside me. He knew from our talks about sex that I wanted our first time to be slow and sensual so was making a point to take his time. I expected to feel pain; and it was a little uncomfortable at first but it was mostly just the pressure of his dick, there wasn’t much actual pain. Once he got his dick all the way in he stopped and gazed at me. Neither of us said anything, but I smiled at him and kind of raised my hips so that his dick would rub my clit better. He started to slowly pull most of the way out of me then push it back in over and over. He pushed canlı casino siteleri his dick in as far as it would go so his pubic bone was pushing on my clit, every time he pushed into me I could feel a warmth building in my midsection. I knew that it had been a long time since he had had sex with his last girlfriend so I didn’t know how long he would last, for that matter I didn’t know how much longer I would last.

We kept going that way for several minutes, we were both moaning in each other’s ears and kept kissing. I was in absolute ecstasy, I had hoped that I would enjoy sex but I didn’t realize that feeling him inside my pussy would be the best feeling I had ever experienced. He kept up the thrusting and I kept pulling him closer with my legs. We went that way for maybe 10 minutes with it feeling better and better with each thrust.

I wasn’t going to last much longer, I had gotten into kind of a rhythm of raising my hips to meet him as he thrust his dick in me until went limp and laid back onto his arms. He realized that I was close and picked up his pace slightly. I felt a kind of shudder go through me that started in my pussy and worked its way through my whole body. I let out a loud moan and my pussy started contracting on his dick several times. Because I was cumming, I didn’t realize how close he was also to cumming; when my pussy contracted his dick he also let out a loud moan and I could feel the inside of my pussy get warmer as he came inside me.

He kept his dick inside me for a few minutes as we kissed and held each other. Finally he started to go limp and pulled it out. We lay on the beach for quite a while that night and I thought about what had just happened. I had no regrets, just love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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