I Claim You as Mine Ch. 01

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Type. Type type.

Once in a while, the dark-haired young woman keeps glancing on the clock. Almost 5 o’clock already. She promised her friends to meet them in Club Revon at 6 o’clock, the lesbian club that they usually hang out together. She only got one hour to go home to change and get ready.

Ding. Ding. Ding. It’s 5 o’clock already.

Erin saves her work, shut down the computer and start gathering her belongings and ready to get home. She walks towards the elevator, press the down button and patiently waiting for the door to open. Suddenly, she feels someone approaching her from behind.

“Going home?” said that person.

“I’m not talking to you, Florence,” reply Erin without looking at the beautiful young woman who’s standing slightly on her right side.

Florence is Erin’s co-worker who recently becoming her boss after getting promoted. At the age of 30, she is the youngest person to ever be promoted to CEO in that company.

Florence is Erin’s senior, who had been working in the company for five years before Erin comes along. When Erin starts working there, Florence had become her mentor. She helped her with her work and socially by getting her to get along with other workers. Because of their age difference that not so far apart, they become best friends.

“Erin, I’m sorry if I offended you. You are my friend. I don’t want you to get hurt,” said Florence softly while trying to touch Erin’s right hand but Erin pulled away just in time.

“Well, YOU hurt me. You never trust me when it comes to romance. I broke up with THREE girls because you said they are not good for me,” said Erin almost yelling.

“Not this time. I love Julia. I’m not giving up on her,” said Erin again.

“She’s capable of hurting you. Physically. And mentally too,” She looks really concerned and her eyes almost teary.

“I trust her, Florence. I don’t think she will ever hurt me,” said Erin. Her voice softened.

“You can use the elevator. I’ll take the stairs,” said Erin and hurriedly walk away and left Florence alone.

5 hours earlier

After sending the paperwork to Herman, Erin returned to her desk. It had been a long week, works keep piling up every single day and finally today she will be able to breathe.

Erin and her group of best friends decided to meet up that night. It had been weeks she last met them. She had been busy hang out with her new girlfriend, Julia whom she met after a road accident.

Six weeks ago, Erin was late to work so she drives like a devil out of hell. Driving while texting to Florence to tell her about her lateness, she didn’t see the red lights and didn’t realize that the car in front of her is stopping.

BANG. Comes the loud crashing sounds.

Erin was terrified. First of all, that is one expensive car that she hit. Second of all, she hit it so bad that she thought she might kill someone. Third of all, she don’t think she can afford to pay for that damaged. And the last one, she knows that she will be REALLY late to work that morning.

Surprisingly, the driver of that Mercedes-Benz GLA250, who seems to be fine after the crashed is the one who comes to Erin to apologize to her. She said that she should never stop the car and just beat the red light.

“Is she stupid?” thought Erin.

Looking at the driver of that damn gorgeous car, Erin realizes that the driver is also wickedly gorgeous.

A few inches taller than Erin, the driver have a shoulder length red- haired, piercing green eyes and some freckles on her pretty face, she’s wearing blue tight work suit with tight black short skirt and black high heels. She is tall and slender with small breast. Probably 36A and a cute tight ass. With a body like that, she can pass as a model.

She doesn’t know what comes into her, but Erin frankly asking that drop dead gorgeous driver to be her girlfriend without knowing her sexual orientation or even her name.

Adding to her surprise that day, that drop dead gorgeous female driver agreed to become her girlfriend and ask her for a date that night. They even move in together after a week.

Later, she learned that the beautiful driver’s name is Julia de Cruz. She is 28 years old, four years older than Erin. She owns the biggest toys company. Kids’ toys. Not adults’. She is super rich that she doesn’t mind about the car. Besides, she has three more of the same car and many more whatsoever.

Erin snapped back to reality and realized that she had spent ten minutes day dreaming.

It’s almost lunchtime. Florence had asked Erin to have lunch together. She knows that Florence probably wanted to talk about the incident that happened last week.

When she arrived at The Corners, the famous eatery near their company, she spotted Florence immediately because of her red suit. She is sitting at one of the table outside. That place is not so crowded today thought Erin.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Just finished the last paperwork,” said Erin while taking a seat opposite of Florence.

“It’s illegal bahis okay. I’ve just arrive by the way,” reply Florence. The waitress comes to take their orders. When the food came, they ate quietly until Florence broke the silence.

“Hey, Erin. Do you remember my friend, Abby?” asked Florence.

“Yeah. What about her?” asked Erin back without looking up from her lunch. How can she not remember? Abby ruined her date with Julia.

“She said sorry ,” reply Florence before she went quiet while still looking intently at Erin.

“What do you want to tell me exactly, Florence?” asked Erin when she sensed that her best friend still have some unfinished business.

” Well…,”Florence take a sip of her orange juice before continuing after putting the glass back on the table.

” You see, after what she did to Julia, I was as upset to her as you do. So, we don’t talk to each other the whole week until she message me last night,” Erin stops eating. Now she’s paying fully attention to Florence.

“She told me that her older sister used to date Julia and Julia is not someone who you think she is,” said Florence.

Erin’s face turned sour.

“Of course she will say that. That’s what her sister told her. Anyone will believe that their sibling is not at fault in a failed relationship,” said Erin sounds a little bit angry.

“No. You don’t understand. I know Abby’s sister. I’ve seen what Julia capable of doing. She was hurt so bad. Her family managed to save her just in time. She’s not the same person anymore now. Always scared and crying all day,” said Florence sadly.

Erin’s face change from angry to worried. She can’t believe what she just heard. That’s impossible. Her gentle Julia who never gets angry of anything will never hurt anyone so bad.

“Back then, I didn’t know the woman who hurt Lisa. I don’t know what her family did but Julia can never get near Lisa anymore,” said Florence again.

“Impossible, Florence. She’s a kind woman. I know her. Can it be that Abby mistaken her for someone else?” asked Erin hopefully.

“I don’t think anyone can forget the face of their love one’s tormentor. Think about it, Erin. Besides, you’ve just know her for a few weeks,” reply Florence softly.

“I’m sorry, Florence. I still think Abby make a mistake. She’s just confused Julia with someone else,” said Erin and at the same moment standing up to leave. She left before Florence could say another word.

Later that evening, after changing to her casual dress, white mini skirt , yellow dress and a pair of very sexy high heels, she met her friends Rebecca, Angela, Susan and Raeny at Club Revon.

Erin knows these girls since her first year in college and they had been friends since then. It turn out that all five of the sexually attracted to women. But, Erin never dated any of them. Not even one night stand.

In the club, they are drinking, dancing, laughing and chatting about everything and nothing. Even though they are in the bar, Erin only sticks to her orange juice. She never consumes alcohol in her life. She dances with the girls for a while before retreat to their table. She’s not the club type of person. She only comes to the club so that she can hang out with her friends.

All of Erin’s friends really enjoy their night by dancing seductively with each other, french kissing random women and just grinding their hot and aroused body to any women nearby.

Erin is the only one who still stays on their table. Not that she’s bad looking or what. It’s just that everybody is tired of trying to get her attention. Compare to her pretty and sexy friends, Erin is the prettiest of them all. Her long dark smooth silky hair make anyone wants to run their fingers in it, her exotic blue-grey eye will make you want to stare into it all day and her soft red lips will tempt anyone into kissing it for the rest of their live. She’s a slim and rather short plus petite girl.

Secretly, all her four best friends want her. They even jokingly discuss behind her back how they want to tied her down and have their way with her. But, even when they got the chance, they never act on it. They treasure the friendship rather than give in to their undying lust for Erin.

11p.m. the club start to get crowded. Rebecca, Angela and Susan came back to their seats.

“Where’s Raeny?” asked Erin when she realized that one of their friend is missing.

“Dunno. I think she’s still talking to some woman,” said Susan while taking a sip of her drink.

“Here she comes,” said Rebecca pointing to Raeny. Raeny heading to their table but she is not alone. Walking alongside her is a tall woman.

When they get closer, Erin was taken aback by that woman’s beauty. She has long strawberry blond hair, amazing blue eyes and sexy thick lips. She’s wearing some kind of green sundress which hugs her model like figure and a pair of red high heels.

“Hey, girls. Introducing Caitlin. She is my sister’s friend,” said Raeny while pointing to Caitlin using her palm.

“Caitlin, illegal bahis siteleri these girls are my best friends,” said Raeny, introducing them one by one.

Caitlin smiles politely at all of them but she stopped dead when she saw Erin. Realizing that Caitlin stared at her intently, Erin starts to blush. Only Rebecca realizes what’s going on.

“Sorry, Cait. This cute girl over here is already taken,” said Rebecca while hugging Erin from the side. Caitlin looked disappointed.

“But her girlfriend is not here. So you can have fun with her as much as you want tonight,” said Rebecca again while laughing. Erin gave her death look but she seems oblivious to it.

” Oh, really?” asked Caitlin while not really want an answer. There’s a little spark in her eyes that only Erin noticed.

A few minutes later, Caitlin asked the girls to come with her to a very exclusive lesbian club in the city called The Garden. Only famous people or a very wealthy one can join the club. You see, Caitlin is some kind of billionaire herself. She had joined the club long time ago, and she can bring anyone she wants. The only reason she’s at the Revon Club is because she’s bored of looking at the same women in The Garden.

At first, Erin refused to go. She feels tired and besides, she missed Julia. She just wants to get home right now. But, all of her friends insisted that she come along, especially Caitlin who can’t take her eyes of Erin. Erin finally gives in to their request.

Raeny is the only one who brings her car. Rebecca and Susan ride with Raeny while Erin and Angela ride with Caitlin.

Erin doesn’t know whether it just her imagination or Caitlin really taking advantage of her by touching her thigh every time she shift gears. She just shrugged it off later.

When you say exclusive and rich people place, well it really look so posh-like place. Oh, is that crystal glass that you put my drink into, oh, is these floor made of gold?

That place look really fancy but it never stopped the girls from having fun. They sit for a minute before making their way on the dance floor and seduce all those super rich women.

Like always, Erin is the only one without company and makes no effort to get one. Realized that she’s alone, Caitlin use this opportunity to get to know Erin.

“Not a very fun person are you?” asked Caitlin looking at Erin.

“I’m just tired” said Caitlin half- truthful. Actually, she’s kinda uncomfortable with Caitlin who seems to never stop flirting even though she knows that Erin already has a girlfriend.

“Really? You seems fine to me,” said Caitlin while getting close to Erin. Her hands on Erin’s exposed thigh, and it’s getting higher up.

“What are you doing? I already have a girlfriend,” she snapped and spontaneously grabbing Caitlin’s wrist with her right hand. Caitlin laughs.

“So do I. But that never stop me from having fun,” said Caitlin.

“I don’t know about you and your girlfriend. But I am not a big fan of an open relationship,” Said Erin releasing Caitlin’s wrist.

“Such a loyal girl. I’m jealous of your girlfriend. She gets someone who only looked at her,” said Caitlin, looking a bit sad. Suddenly Erin feels pity towards Caitlin.

Caitlin’s mood change and fast as the music in the club.

“Wanna dance? This is my jam,” asked Caitlin showing her angelic smile.

“I don’t want to,” reply Erin.

“Just one dance. Come on,” said Caitlin while pulling Erin to the dance floor ignoring her protest.

Erin feels really uncomfortable dancing so close to Caitlin who openly tried to seduce her. While dancing, Caitlin keeps trying to touch Erin mostly on her intimate places and successfully dodge by Erin every time.

Caitlin and Erin were facing each other when the music changed to slow and intimate one. Erin starts to move away from there and go back to their table. Sensing that Erin trying to slip away, Caitlin’s hands securely lock around Erin’s waist and she gently but firmly pulled their body closer. Caitlin brought her face closer to Erin’s.

“No, please. Don’t do this to me,” begged Erin while trying to push Caitlin away. But Caitlin had none of it and tightened her grip on Erin and pressed her harder to her body.

Erin almost kissed Caitlin when suddenly someone pulled Erin from behind and release her from Caitlin’s grip.

Erin feels a soft breast pressing against her back, a pair of gentle arm hugs her tightly from behind and lock both of her hand in front of her.

Without having to turn around, she recognized that hand so well and that smell, her favorite perfume.

“Julia,” she gasped when she feels Julia smelling her hair and suddenly sucking her neck.

She doesn’t know how long they had been in that position or what happened to Caitlin. Maybe one of her friends told Caitlin that Julia is Erin’s girlfriend and asked her to leave us alone.

Erin tried to turn to face Julia but Julia never let her. Julia’s hand is soft but at the same time so strong. Erin realized canlı bahis siteleri that Julia feels different tonight.

“What are you doing here, with her?” Julia spoke finally. But there is something different in her toned. The mixed between extreme jealousy and anger .

“She’s a friend of friend. She asked me and the girls to come here,” reply Erin softly.

“You are mine, you know that?” asked Julia while groping Erin all over.

“Of course,” said Erin. Actually, she feels scared of Julia right now. She never sounds like that, so firm, and she never hold her that kind of way. She feels so possessive.

“Let’s go home,” said Julia while pulling her away from the dance floor towards the exit.

Erin wants to ask Julia to let her go and tell her friends that they are leaving. But looking at Julia’s eyes which getting darker every minutes and listening to her toned, Erin decides to just keep quiet and follow her obediently.

On their way out, she spotted Rebecca talking to Caitlin. Their eyes meet and suddenly Rebecca looks like as if she just sees a ghost. Caitlin follows her gaze and she also gave the same reaction.

“What’s going on? Did they know something that I don’t know?” asked Erin to herself.

Julia parked her car not far from the main door. She opens the passenger seat and gently pushed Erin inside before closing the door of her Mazda. It scarily quiet on their journey home.

When they get home, Julia harshly pulled Erin into the house until it hurt her. She kicked the door closed behind her with her foot.

“Ow, ow, stopped it Julia. You are hurting me,” said Erin while trying to release herself from Julia’s strong grip.

“I trust you. I thought you are mine. Why in the world you getting hot and close to that woman? If I don’t come sooner, both of you will be kissing by now and who knows what after that ,” said Julia angrily and almost yelling.

“WHAT? Are you saying that I’m cheating on you? No. she comes to ME, I try to refuse. I swear,” said Erin almost in tears when the person she loves doubted her.

She never sees Julia that angry. No. She never sees her get angry at all. Now she’s all furious like a demon.

“You don’t believe me, fine. I’m out the here. I will be at Florence’s ,”said Erin while starting to head towards the front door.

Suddenly, she’s being pulled from behind. In a blink, Julia’s mouth smashed with hers. Julia kissed her so hard and forcefully pushed her tongue into Erin’s mouth.

She pushed Erin against the wall, pinned her hand above her head by locking both of Erin’s wrist with her one arm.

Julia used her body to press Erin hard to avoid her from escaping while her free hand was used to roam Erin’s body.

Julia bites Erin’s neck and causes her to scream in pain. She pinched Erin’s nipple through her thin blouse mercilessly.

“Stop, stop. Please, Julia. It’s hurt,” begged Erin. Tears starts running down her flushed cheek.

Julia ignored Erin’s plea, instead started to strip her real fast. Julia is surprisingly strong where she managed to ripped all of Erin’s clothes from her body with a single hand while never stop attacking her neck with her teeth.

“I’m so sorry Julia. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. I’m yours. I belong to you only. I promise,” said Erin between sobs. She feels so scared of Julia right now. Suddenly she remembered Florence’s warning. Maybe Florence is right after all.

Using her feet, Julia spread Erin’s leg apart and without warning, she shoved three fingers inside Erin’s vagina.

“Argggggghhhhhhhh,” scream Erin. The pain is unbearable. She’s not aroused. So her sex is not wet. It is really painful to be penetrated while your sex is dry.

She writhed, trashed her head from side to side. She used all of her energy to get away from the pain, to get away from Julia but it’s no use.

Julia starts pumping her fingers in and out of Erin’s sex, forcing orgasm out of her.

“No, no, no. Stop it Julia. Uh- uh-uh,” she huffing and puffing between crying.

She tries to kick Julia away with her foot but Julia locked both of her legs using her own foot.

A few seconds later, Erin’s massive orgasm start crashing on her. Before she could recover from that first massive orgasm, second orgasm hit her.

Sex life with Julia is always great. One orgasm is enough to satisfy Erin. Three orgasms that Julia always gave her is kinda too much. More than that, it might kill her.

But right now, Julia seems oblivious to anything except making Erin orgasm again and again and claimed her body and marked her mercilessly.

Erin’s vision started to get blur. She has no energy left whether to scream or struggle. Her body starts to surrender to the assault. Only her tears still keep raining down.

It’s hurt. Her body hurt. Her heart hurt. Who is this woman? This is not Julia that she used to know. Julia was gentle. Julia never hurt her. This pain is too much.

Erin feels her body almost black out when suddenly the assault stop. Julia no longer pinned her to the wall.

Because she had no support anymore, she comes to realize that her knee feels so weak and she can never stand any longer. She almost falls on the cold floor when someone catch her just in time.

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