Husband Watches Wife Have Sex

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I brought Ava home with me for the weekend. We had such a good time last time together that I wanted to share my good time with my husband; maybe share it more than once. After all, we do have all weekend. I think it’d be quite naughty of me to make him watch, don’t you?

My husband doesn’t know about what I did with Ava yet. It was my wet little secret that I’d kept to myself. I told him that a friend needed a place to stay for the weekend so he knows she is coming. He just doesn’t know what she is coming for. He doesn’t know she will cum for me personally very soon. I am going to shock the hell out of him, not to mention turn him on and make him rock hard.

I started out just making him wonder — an “accidental” brush of her tits when I reached around her, an extended hug and hesitation of my lips at her lips…just enough to make him unsure if he was seeing what he was really seeing. I guess just the thought was enough to excite him though if the bulge in his pants was any indication.

I took his hesitation away though when I pulled her t-shirt off and pinched her nipple between my fingers. I saw illegal bahis the quiver move through him. When I moved behind her and cupped her tits in my hands from behind so I could watch his face, he moved towards me. I told him to sit down and watch, which he did as Ava’s head leaned back against my shoulder as I fondled her hard nipples in my hands. My hands moved down her sides below full breasts, down her hips, and around to the front to rub my hands across the crotch of her shorts. I could feel the warmth of her through her shorts. I unbuttoned her shorts from behind and let her wiggle her way out of them, my eyes on my husband. When I ran my hands down her hips again, she was naked having not worn any panties.

With a few quick movements, I discarded my clothes on the floor and walked to my husband. I wanted him naked too. I wanted to see how much he liked this. I worked on his clothes with him and tossed them aside then had him sit back down. I wanted to torture him a little more.

I left the room for a minute and returned with Big Blue, my pink jelly wild rider vibe, and a bottle of lube. With Ava illegal bahis siteleri on her back, I knelt between her knees and rubbed the blue shaft across her slit. She wanted it. I lubed up the beaded anal probe on the other shaft and worked both of them inside of Ava. The thick shaft slid easily inside her cunt while I pushed the anal probe inside of her, one bead at a time. As each bead got larger and was pushed inside her ass, she pushed down against it, wanting it inside of her faster. When I had all six beads inside of her ass, I turned the vibe on and grabbed the handle.

As I pulled the vibe almost out of her and thrust it back in both of her tight holes several times, I looked over at my husband who was ready to explode. Watching me vibe fuck another woman had him frenzied, stroking his hard cock in his hand.

I changed my position to 69 with me on top of Ava, looking down at her wet cunt and ass full of vibrating shafts. I handed her my pink vibrator so she could slide the veined wonder into my pussy. I wanted my husband to have a good view of Ava fucking me. I knew he’d like it. After canlı bahis siteleri Ava and I fucked each other for a few minutes, I got off of Ava and asked my husband to come to me.

Propping Ava’s hips up on a pillow, I lowered my mouth to her pussy, leaving my hips up higher for my husband. My husband watched me eat out Ava’s tight pussy hole while he slid his cock inside of me from behind, pumping rhythmically. When my tongue moved to her clit and my finger slid inside of her cunt, I felt my husband speed up. We were getting to him. I couldn’t keep my fingers and mouth going at the same time while being fucked from behind so I removed my fingers and used my tongue instead. I licked and sucked at clit and pussy juices while my husband fucked me. Ava started to moan and press her hips into me, moving my mouth more firmly against her body while she came. When my husband reached around me to rub my clit, I felt the sensations wash over me and I was coming too. Ava and I moaned together, getting louder. I felt a frenzied fucking inside of me and knew my husband was about to cum too. His frenzy prolonged my orgasm, drawing it out so we ended together, my hips locked tight against him, my pussy devouring hot cock juice spurting inside of me.

To say my husband was surprised was putting it mildly. To say he was satisfied at the end result would be quite accurate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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