Hotel Meeting

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**Please note that this was written for a woman that I’ve now for a long time. I sent it to her through a company e-mail server so the language was kept to a minimal while still getting to the point. I think you’ll find that it’s still an arousing story.**

I told you to meet me in the hotel lobby at just this time. The spot is just a little bit hidden away and you are alone. You figure I’m there, but you haven’t seen me yet. You are in that dress as I’d told you to wear it. All you can hear is the elevator like music over the speaker system and the faint sounds of people talking in other areas of the lobby. I somehow get behind you without you knowing, although you have no idea how that could have happened. My right hand groping your right butt cheek through the dress while my left hand grabs your chin and turns your head so that I can kiss you deeply. You try to turn your whole body towards me but my body is already pushed right up against you and my right hand is holding you in place. My mouth goes from your lips to the back of your neck and your exposed shoulders. You can feel my hardness up against you but you can’t do anything about it at this point. And as I’m enjoying your exposed skin my left hand quickly gropes your left breast through your dress.

Knowing that we can only go so far with the PDA I unhappily remove my hands from your luscious curves and my mouth from your skin. I have a wicked smile on my face as I grab your hand and walk the 10 feet to the elevator. We wait for the elevator and you try to get your hands on me more but I won’t allow it at that time. All you can do is see how my pants have tented and wonder what may be lurking for you there in the near future. After what felt like hours but was probably only seconds the elevator arrives with a startling ding. The doors open and 2 people walk out, and then we walk in. Thankfully as the door closes we find that we are alone. I push the button to the correct floor and then turn towards you and get you into a deep embrace. My hands are everywhere as we kiss like the new found lovers we are. And as my hands roam you feel me pulling the bottom of your dress upwards. My hand is finding it’s way towards your now exposed extremely moist opening. I find it sopping wet and oh so smooth. I play with the outer lips for only a short time before quickly thrusting first one and then two fingers inside. I hear you moan. You have your hand on the front of my pants trying to concentrate some on that but I can tell you are very distracted and already getting close to O

of the night.

But then we hear the very unwelcome ding alerting us to the fact that we are at our floor. I grab your hand and walk you down pendik escort the hallway towards our room while fishing the key out of my pocket. This proves extremely difficult due to the strain the pants already are under. When we get to the door I release your hand and attempt to unlock the door. That is slowed when you come up behind me and start groping me all over. And of course I have “difficulties” getting the door open because I’m enjoying your hands too much. But I finally focus and get the door open so we don’t make a spectacle in the hallway. And as soon as that door is open I usher you inside, spin you around so you are facing me while allowing the door to close behind us. I embrace you quickly allowing my lips to meet yours while my left hand holds you in place and my right hand roams along your backside.

This goes on for quite some time, with us getting into a bit of a rhythm with one another. But, I finally get to thinking again with the correct head and start to get to business. I stop the making out and spin you so you are facing away from me. I didn’t get enough of your already exposed skin the first time and so had to have another taste. I devour your neck and shoulder once again while staying pressed against you as much as I can. This time I allow your hands a little freedom to roam against me. I can feel you breathing deeply against me, as I enjoy watching your still covered chest rising and falling with your labored breathing. I can’t take it any longer, it’s time to start seeing more skin. As I’m still exploring the already exposed skin I begin to unzip your dress very slowly, my mouth trailing the areas being exposed. I hear you whimper, knowing that I’m teasing you. And I unzip the dress until just above your butt. The clasp of your strapless bra is fully exposed and I open that using my mouth and free hand. I then have my mouth trail back up along your back, up your shoulders, to your neck, and finally back to your anxious mouth. I’m now pressing my body against your exposed back. My hands slowly make their way around your body to the front side, slowly massaging your body until they reach your shoulders.

I begin to push my hands down your arms, removing the material of your dress from your upper arms as they go. The slack created by the unzipping of the dress allow the top part of your dress to slowly peel away from your body, fully exposing the front of your bra to me. My hands quickly find their way to your chest and pull the bra away from your body and throw is on a nearby chair. Your wonderful globes fully exposed to me for the first time. And with my arms pressed up against your body between it and your arms my hands go to work on both sides chest. escort pendik Massaging them with my hands while also teasing their pointy ends. My mouth then goes back to kissing you all over, licking your ear lobe, while listening to your panting, and again pressing my body against yours.

After some time of massaging your chest while enjoying the rest of your skin soft with my mouth I decide I again can’t wait any longer. I spin you around and my hands switch the sides of your chest they are exploring. I kiss you again passionately and then start to explore the front side of your body. I spend some time nibbling on both sides of your clavicle while starting to raise up your right globe. My mouth exploring every inch that it comes in contact with. Eventually arriving at the end I spend a decent amount of time there before then exploring the underside as much as I can. All the while my right hand has been still enjoying the other side. And as I fully raise that side up and my mouth begins to explore that side I hear you moan once again. I can tell you are really enjoying all of the attention, especially as I reach this tip and begin to give it my full attention.

I eventually turn towards the underside of the left side of your chest when I move my hands and decide that your time with clothing is over. I have one hand reach behind and find the zipper and push it down the rest of the way. Then I use both of my hands to pull the dress down past your hips and fully expose you to me completely. But you’ve had more than enough of me being in control. You quickly push up against me and start to passionately kiss me. I feel you start to untuck my shirt. Almost in a blur you pull it over my head exposing my hairy chest to you. I get to feel your body heat against mine for the first time. Your nips are rock hard and I feel them dragging along my chest as we kiss again. Your hands are roaming all over my back until suddenly the move in between the two of us. I feel them fumbling around with my belt until it’s undone. Quickly after that my pants are unbuttoned and unzipped and are a puddle at my feet. You are caressing my hardness through my boxer briefs but even that doesn’t last long as they come off quickly.

We are now there making out while you stroke me with one hand while the other hand is on my rear pulling me ever closer. My hands are all over anywhere they can reach exploring your body. But suddenly you break off the kiss and your mouth starts to explore other parts of me. I feel your lips on my chest and trailing further south.. I look at you and you reach your knees, look up at me with a wicked smile. You give me a wink and then engulf me at once. The feeling almost makes pendik escort bayan me explode right then and there. My knees are weak and I have to fight from falling over. But this doesn’t stop you as you bob away. But you can tell where I’m at from my breathing and reactions and you slow down and eventually stop. You get up and walk over to the bed and lie down on it after pulling back the covers and putting a pillow under your head. You lie back with legs spread and beckon me over to you.

I haven’t seen a site so appealing and know exactly what to do. I get up on the bed between those spread legs and get my first close up look of that perfectly smooth area. I run my fingers along there and find not only is that area completely soaked, but there is wetness along the inside of both of your legs at least all the way down to your knees. I can no longer resist as I begin to feast. My mouth is all over the entire area licking up as much juice as I can. It’s practically a water fountain and I can’t keep up, but trying is just so much fun. I tease both lips, tugging with my teeth, nibbling, and of course licking. I also get the hardened nub and as I suck on that hard you let out a loud moan. I go at this for at least 10 minutes, but who really is counting. I stick my tongue up the hole and move it in and out. And at times I use my hands not only around here but also on your chest just to increase the stimulation.

Eventually you start to call out my name, telling me you can’t take much more. So I eventually slow down and work my way back up your body with my mouth. I find your lips and we kiss again, both tasting a bit of ourselves on one another. I eventually begin to use my right hand on you and really begin to play. I’m using them to go in and out of your nether regions, alternating between one finger, two fingers, or my thumb. You are wailing around on the bed like crazy while still keeping contact with my mouth. After you’ve reached the promise land again I eventually bring my hand back up near our mouths and begin to suck off all that sweet nectar from my fingers. I offer you one as well and you suck it in the same way that you had sucked me earlier.

As we finish that up I begin to position myself in the right spot to enter you from above. I don’t even have to do anything to position correctly as it slides right in. You can feel me inside of you going back and forth, slowly at first until you tell me to go harder. I oblige without any hesitation. Unfortunately the break I was given wasn’t nearly enough, and the thrusting only lasts a few more minutes. We both scream out around the same time as we reach the O at the same time. As we finish off I am lightly pistoning back and forth while I grab your head with both of my hands and kiss you over and over again. I soften some and eventually pull away and lie next to you, holding you in my arms. We slowly drift off to sleep in one another’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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