Hot, Sexy Librarian Ch. 14

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I was just getting back from taking my students on a five-day field trip. I couldn’t help but notice she was dressed to kill. My eyes savored the feminine outline of her dress; it was a super short, tight and low-cut. Damn, I love those tits!

I tried to continue the conversation, “Janie and I kept them out of trouble…we really need to take her out to dinner. There were no arrests and I hope no pregnancies…we’ll know in a few months.”

I certainly realized how much I missed her, and those amazing blue eyes; my dick pulsed toward erection, from just the conversation. Oh, my, god…those eyes! The excitement and anticipation was crazy; I could tell we both felt the electricity…I could see it in her face. She had the sexiest smile, and through the dress, I caught a glimpse of her puffy, mounded nipples, standing proud and erect, pushing against the fabric.

My hands quickly dug into her waist and I pulled her to my lips, with a long embrace…her body felt hot against mine. My heart raced as I trailed kisses over her neck and cupped a breast with my hand. It was perfect…firm, and just the right size to overwhelm your hand. Her nips looked even bigger, and that tight bounce, when she moved…perfect…damn, she had fucking perfect tits.

“Sweetie, I missed you so much…right now, I just really want you…let’s go to the bedroom.”

I grinned, “Race you!”

She turned and ran; I was right behind, and playfully swatting her ass, as she jumped onto the bed. Gripping the shaft, she said, “Just lay back and relax…let me do you.” Drawing her fingertips along the top, grinning, “Have you gotten bigger.”

I laughed and played along, “I bet I did…I bet I grew an inch over the five days…and I got wider, too.”

She giggled, “I thought so,” and stroked slow for a few minutes, but then I felt the heat of her mouth engulf the head.

“Yeah…fuck yeah…that’s nice.” I moaned, “Babe, I wanna watch you take…it…love to watch you take it.” I looked down and saw her beautiful eyes, peeking through the curls; she was bobbing up and down the shaft. Her lips roamed over the swollen flesh and her tongue teased the head; at the very tip, she had her tongue, swirling and swirling, till it glistened.

She licked the head and smiled, “I want you to fuck my mouth…put it in my throat…use my throat!”

Slowly, she pushed her lips down the shaft, with her tongue tight and gliding over the flesh. Lodging the very tip at the entrance of her throat, she paused before taking it all the way.

I was more than eager, teasing, “Come on baby girl…I know you can take it.” She forced the bulbous crown into her throat and bobbed slow, taking six inches…seven inches…and finally eight. “Fuck…fuck…that’s it…that’s…that’s it…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…yeah…yeah…fuck, yer amazing!”

When she started fucking her throat with my cock, I anxiously grabbed at the back of her head and started pumping. She moaned as I laced my fingers through her hair and tightened my grip. Even with her lips buried in my pubes, she grabbed my ass with both hands, as if she could push it deeper.

Encouraging me to pound at her throat, she was crazy horny…hungry for cock…I missed that, too. A face-fucking deepthroat…I never wanted it to end, but I knew it would…there’s no way I was lasting much longer. We both moaned, but I felt hers, travel up through the hard flesh. I thought to myself that this was a welcome home to remember; it had been maybe ten…fifteen minutes, and I was tapping her throat and on the brink.

She loves having it deep in her throat, taking every inch and I really love watching her do it…watching it pump through those plump, full lips. “Fuck…fuck…Megan…Megan…suck that…suck all that cock…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck yeah!”

I missed her pussy, too and felt like I was getting way too close…I needed more…and I needed to last.

When I pulled out, she immediately peeled off her dress and ditched the bra. I was a little preoccupied with the lube, till she laid back and spread her legs…no panties…and freshly waxed. “Oh my god! Fuckkkkkkkkk Megan!”

Mesmerized, I tossed the bottle on the bed, “I see you’re full of surprises.” I couldn’t help but run my fingers over the smooth, silky skin and spread her open. Except for a little strip, she was completely hairless, every subtle detail of her pussy was visible.

“I got waxed for you.”

Her pussy was amazing…fucking amazing. I wanted to ravage her…dive in…split her wide open…or fuck her till she was screaming; I wanted to do all those things and then do them again…all night long!

Minus one little bump in the road (you’ll see), it almost became reality when she grinned, “Mmmm, I’m all yours tonight! I can’t tell you how much I missed you!”

She was so god damned beautiful…and I was crazy, turned-on. Rock-hard, and upright, I was on the fucking edge; even her voice pushed me closer. I slapped it hard against my hand a couple bakırköy escort times, hoping to delay things.

Dragging it, up and down over her smooth, shaved pussy, I pressed the shaft against the tightly held lips and quickly realized, I wasn’t even going to make it inside. The blowjob…her bare pussy…everything was too much for me; I was going to shoot already. “Megan…fuck Megan…I can’t…can’t hold back…oh fuck…I’m gonna cum…cum already!”

She quickly started stroking it with her outer lips and I surrendered. I pressed my cock into the tight, outer fold, grinding, while she bucked her hips, to jack it with her pussy. My balls were heavy and aching for relief…aching to explode. I couldn’t believe I was going to cum already, and cut loose a steamy, hot shower, over her tits and belly. The seed flew everywhere, covering her with a shiny, creamy glaze.

I grabbed hold and gripped my throbbing male pride; it was still drooling some and Megan tipped her head and smiled, “Mmmm, that’s sweet…fucking hot…and sweet!”

Her gaze met mine, but slowly moved down over my torso, to settle on the cock. She savored the warmth she was wearing and started spreading it over her nipples, and then her breasts. I was still mesmerized, and she grinned, “You liked that, didn’t you?”

“Sorry about that…I think I liked it too much,” grinning.

“No worries…I know you’re horny as hell. With load like that…and a cock like that, you never have to apologize. Sweetie, I had like two serious boyfriends before we met…and you have to be bigger than the two of them put together.”

That made me feel better, but fortunately I was still hard, nowhere near done. She replaced my hand with hers; treasuring her man’s cock, she stroked it gingerly and smiled. Thinking about what she said, boosted my ego, and I felt it pulse against her hand. Finally answering, “Yeah…yeah…I liked that! Baby girl, you’re in for a long night.”

When she dragged the head over her labia, I pushed inside and started fucking, again, slow and easy. The penetration was smooth, and she nearly took three quarters of it, before I met any resistance. It was still challenging for her tight, little pussy, but she eagerly spread her legs, squealing with delight and moaning, “Yes…yes…mmmm, that’s what I was hoping for, sweetie…fuck me…fuck me good…mmmm…mmmm…love…love that cock…god, I missed you…mmmm…missed that cock!”

“Baby girl, I’m all yours…including that.”

My hot, little librarian moaned, “Oh god…oh god…Rob, fuck me…fuck my little pussy…yeah…yeah…yeah, that’s per…fect…perfect!” She caressed my torso with both hands, savoring the taut muscled abs with her fingertips and moving up over my chest, “Mmmm…that’s it…yeah, that’s it…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me…fuck me, stud…yeah, fuck me!”

Each time I pulled back, I nearly pulled out of her, but ploughed it all back in; the long, greedy strokes sent pleasure surging through her body. She moaned more, rolling her hips up to me and working her clit, “Oh god, baby…oh god…fuck me…fuck me…fuck my little…fuck my tight little pussy…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck it…fuck me!”

It wasn’t long before she was screaming with orgasm; I fucked her through it, before collapsing over her sated body. In the afterglow, I laid there with my hard cock buried deep inside, while we kissed. They were sensuous, lingering kisses…and her pussy still trembled around my dick. At that moment, I wanted it to last forever…everything that existed was in that bed, with me.

There was a long silence while we kissed, but I wasn’t done, “Baby girl, lay back and let me work that pussy…I’ll go easy.”

I got down between her legs, and pushed two fingers inside; she was steamy, hot and I pumped the tiny gap, my cock left behind. I fucked her, and gently teased her pussy with my tongue, taking great care to avoid her clit. The light caressing of her g-spot got her moaning, “Oh Rob…that feels good…mmmm, that feels…that feels so good…keep…keep that up!”

After a few minutes passed, “Go ahead, I’m ready…do…do my clit…yeah…yeah, do my clit! Oh…oh my god…yes…yes…yes…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s it…yes, that’s it!” Her head nodded back, and moans filled the room, when she started grinding into my face.

Damn, I loved that, but I knew it was time to move on, and shoved deep into her belly. Molding her insides around my swollen flesh, I held it inside, savoring the heat…and lust we shared.

“Mmmm, I love it…Rob! Oh my god…yes…yes…you’re so fucking thick!”

I cut loose and, with each thrust, did my best to give her thick. “Fuck, baby girl, you’re so tight…so fucking tight!” Slamming hard, I thrust deep inside, slapping my heavy, loaded balls against her. I teased, asking her what I already knew, “How’s that feeling…how’s that cock feel?”

“Good…feels so good…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck, so good!” Her orgasm was beşiktaş escort so close, she could taste it and started rubbing her clit, “Oh god, Rob! Shit, you’re…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…you’re gonna make me cum! You’re gonna make me cum again!”

Her other hand grabbed for the sheets and she screamed, “Oh fuck…fuck…fuck me…fuck me!” She could feel her pussy throbbing, with its lips working every inch of my cock…savoring the shaft’s thick girth.

As I pounded her body into the bed, her legs flailed over her shoulders, and the waves of ecstasy started to build. When I felt her shuddering, she moaned louder, “Fuck me, Rob…fuck me…make…oh god, make…make me cum…cummmmmming!” Her whole body shook, and I actually watched her toes curl. She screamed, “Oh god…oh…oh god, yes…yes…yesssssss, I’m cumming…cummmmmmming…cummmmmmminngggg!”

I let her legs come to rest, back on the bed and laid atop her sated body. She was still breathing hard, but I took each puffy nip between my lips. Her breathing calmed, but her body seemed to awaken with renewed energy, as if I breathed life into her lungs.

She pulled me to her lips for a long, lingering kiss and said, “Sweetie, I think you need to finish.” I reared back on my knees and my dick was wet with pussy, deep red and begging for another release; she took it in her hand, “And from the feel of things, you need it now.”

She smiled, “Put it in me…and finish…finish inside me,” and pulled her legs back, spreading herself wide. Then she spread the lips for me, “Ahhhh…yeah…yeah…yeah…oh god, I missed that!”

My cock throbbed inside, and I anxiously grabbed her waist, again. As I started pumping, she wrapped her legs around me and rolled her hips against mine. I pumped hard but didn’t last much longer, “Fuck me, baby…work it…work that dick…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah, work it with that tight…that tight pussy…oh god…yeah…yeah…yeah, that’s it…so…so close…so close…cum…cumming…cumming…cumming!”

My dick jumped with each urgent pulse, painting her cervix with thick, creamy seed. Burying it as deep as I could, l grinded her pussy till I was done.

“Fill me…gimme that load…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah, fill that tight…tight…hungry pussy! Mmmm, baby, you’re the best…I missed that, too,” she moaned.

Exhausted from the marathon welcome home, we didn’t make it all night, and nearly fell asleep in each other’s arms. Still deep inside her, I felt the hot, fertile pleasure warming my cock. I kissed her, “Baby girl, I missed everything, too…I missed my Megan. On the way home, I thought about this, right here…I really wanted to make love to you all night, but this’s perfect.”

She smiled softly, “Yes, it really is perfect.” as he kissed her face.

She kissed me again, “Welcome home, baby!”


Early the next morning, I was spooning her when she reached back to grab what was poking her. She moaned, softly and giggled, “Yessssss! Houston, we have morning wood, ready for lift-off!”

Before I said anything, she had flipped over, to lay on her belly, between my legs. She admired the manhood, carefully studying every detail, “I really love your dick…it’s so thick, long and…and pretty.”

You can always appreciate a hot, sexy babe calling your cock “pretty,” right? Still with flaky remnants, she started licking and got it shiny clean and spit soaked. Then she plunged forward, bobbing, up and down and taking it right up to her throat. There was just enough light to catch her sparkling, blue eyes. When she pulled off to swirl her tongue over the head, our eyes met, and I could read her thoughts; she was yearning to make love again. I was still mesmerized with her eyes, when she took it back into her mouth, repeatedly driving it deep, to the back of her throat.

A little out of breath, she finally pulled off to declare her pussy was starving. I stroked over my shaft, with a big grin, “I got what you need, right here…food for that pussy…that starving pussy!”

She pumped a couple fingers inside, “Oh god, I know you do…I know you got what I need!” I think she probably still had cum inside, from last night.

She immediately rolled over to the nightstand for the lube, giving me some and then working some over her lips. Once satisfied with things, she straddled me and used both hands to spread her pussy, as she lowered herself onto my cock. She went slow, bobbing up and down, and taking it inch by inch.

The pleasure of being stretched wide open and filled, almost took her breath away; I watched her gasp, as it pushed inside, “Ahhhh…ahhhh, that’s sweet…that’s what I need…right there!”

Once her ass was resting in my lap, she got a sexy smile and began to ride up and down. She shuddered and grinned, “Mmmm…mmmm…you ready for a horny cowgirl? She needs a good hard ride!”

Impaling herself, driving it deep into her belly, she groped her beylikdüzü escort big tits, and tweaked her puffies for me…it was totally for me.

With my cock buried deep, she lap-danced, sensuously swirling and twerking; I groaned, “Fuck yeah! Ride it…ride me…ride me, hard…ride it, baby girl!”

Her tits were sensuously bouncing with the frenzied up and down movement, and I reached up to grab hold. Digging my fingers into the firm flesh, I savored the puffy rise of her nips, against my palms. I thought to myself…mmmm, hefty D-cup titties and puffy nips…god damn, I missed these, too. Teenage wet dreams weren’t even close to this good.

Her head fell back, and her eyes closed, “Uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…that dick…feels so fucking good…this’s exactly what I needed…big…big hard, dick! Ahhhh…yeah…squeeze those titties…I know you love to watch…watch’m…uhhhh…uhhhh…watch’m bounce!”

“Yeah, I do…sweetie, they’re amazing…fuck’n ride that dick…yeah, ride…ride it…ride that dick!”

Slamming her body down over me, again and again, she moaned, “Oh fuck…Rob! Give me that…yeah, give me that dick…fuck me! Yeah…yeah…give me…dick…give me that dick…all…all that dick!”

It was always pleasure for Megan…always ecstasy, and I could see her lips gripping the shaft…hanging on tight. She needed more than just a good fuck and I pumped harder, driving it as deep as I could…seriously impaling her. She needed to feel it stretch her pussy…she needed to feel it molding her insides…she needed to feel it deep in her belly.

At one point, she had to pause and get a better stance, grinding and squirming to get it as deep as she could. “Mmmm, that’s the best!” That’s when her fingers landed between her legs, rubbing frantically till her whole body shook.

Her pussy’s grip shuddered around me, as wave after wave overtook her body. She groaned loud, letting the orgasm take its course. “Oh…oh…oh Rob…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…yes…yes…yes…yesssss!”

As she relaxed, she almost rolled off me, but I held her tight. She looked over with a sexy, just-been-fucked smile, and spread her legs, “Now, it’s your turn…fuck me!”

I pulled her down and pressed my lips over hers, both tongues thrashing…and pushing deep. When we parted, I grabbed hold and started again, humping deep and hard. I used long, greedy strokes, almost pulling out before pushing it all back in; she groaned, each time I bottomed out. I took my time but found myself fucking harder and harder…with balls slapping her ass. She closed her eyes and threw back her head, “Fuck! Ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…yeah…god yeah…that dick…that dick!”

My balls were so fucking ready; I thought for sure, her orgasm would do me in, but I managed to hold off. She moaned, “Fuck my pussy…fuck my little pussy…yeah…yeah…yeah…use that…use that little pussy!”

On the verge of satisfaction, I hammered her pussy, till I felt it in my balls. The seed shot through the shaft in powerful pulses, causing my cock to jerk inside her. Completely draining my balls deep inside, I felt her pussy squeeze and work it. Capturing every precious drop, she milked the thick, throbbing shaft, till it was done.

When she raised up, I pulled out and watched it trickle onto my leg. She giggled, “Welcome home, again, sweetie!”

I grinned, “Mmmm…another welcome home creampie!” Before I finished, she was face down in my lap, with my dick between her lips. Her head was bobbing up and down and the spit washed away the sex her pussy left behind. She pulled off to whisper and stroke the shaft, “God, I missed that dick,” before settling back into the pillows.

We never went back to sleep; as the sun rose, we were still talking…about the field trip…about what we were doing that weekend…about everything, really.

I went to make coffee and scouted the kitchen for breakfast, while it was brewing. When I went back with the two cups, “Baby I think we should just go out; things are lean in that kitchen…we probably need to go shopping today.”

She was still in the shower and I sat her cup on the sink. Sweetie here’s your coffee, but let’s have it in bed. Meet me there?”

“Sounds perfect…almost done.”

Fresh out of the shower, she was wearing a short robe, and sank back into the pillows. Holding the cup with both hands, she took a sip and smiled, “Baby, nobody does coffee like you…you’re so sweet to me.”

I pulled her close and we kissed, “God damn, baby girl…I really missed this…I missed coffee in bed.” I opened her robe, “But I really missed my hot, sexy Librarian…and her cute, shaved pussy.”

“We both missed you.” She grinned, “You know, I used the boys while you were gone…I just broke down one night.”

“Darin and Benji? What, you screwed Ben?”

“No…no, not the real boys…the boys in the box…the dildos…I used Robbie, twice. It filled me just like you, but it’s just not the same as having the real thing…a real man inside you.”

I grinned, “Well, sweetie, that’s what it’s for…when I’m not around. But, you know, it’s cool to ask Darin for some help…I’m cool with it. He’d jump at the chance…Benji no way, but Darin would. Ten inches is pretty sweet, especially when you need it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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