Home Invasion… Vol. 01

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In all his 12 years as a high school teacher, John Hardwood had never regular entertained the thought of getting involved with one of his students. It was simply unacceptable in his eyes, even in the case of one particularly student named Chloe Owens.

At the age of 18, Chloe possessed a figure that was suitable for a porn star. Chloe’s immense cup size was a source of great speculation that was often the subject of sizable betting pools among the other students. Chloe was fairly cute, oval shaped face, short brunette hair, green eyes, a rather long pointy nose, high cheek bones with a dash of freckles on her ivory white skin and doubled chinned, so needless to say it was her behemoth spherical-shaped tits that garnered all the attention.

The size of watermelons, Chloe’s tits were the largest pair John had ever seen or heard of and she persistently showcased her prize-winning jugs in tops about two sizes too small. The way her monstrosities always seem to wobble, sway, and quiver like giant water balloons drooping off her chest made it hard for him not to be extremely aroused whenever face to face or lack there of with her. Everything from her chest down to her waist was burdensome, plump obtruding flesh of every breast man’s desire. She also liked to wear tight jeans to better showcase her large, shapely bottom that invariably drew the attention of every male in viewing range of it. The fact that all of this had developed on a 5’4 frame that was otherwise as willowy as a supermodel’s made her overly abundant charms all the more impressive in scope.

Not surprisingly, Chloe was constantly having to deal with amorous attentions of every male student attending the school. Male faculty members also made moves on her and some, if the rumors were to be believed, were even successful. Rumors also stated that she often used her charms to achieve good grades without the inconvenience of homework. Indeed, this seemed to work on every male teacher she had, except one being John Hardwood.

“You wanted to see me sir?” Chloe asked, as class was let out and she stayed behind at the request of her teacher.

“Yes Ms. Owens. Have a seat,” John replied, indicating a chair on the opposite side of his desk. Chloe dropped down in the chair with a nonchalant attitude that caused a tide wave to erupt beneath the flimsy white tank top and mammoth green bra she was wearing. John’s eyes were transfixed. His head moved up and down with the titanic motions of her gelatin breasts until they finally stopped wobbling and rested in a mass accumulation in her lap. She smiled warmly in greeting.

“I must say sir, you look rather nice today,” she stated as she moved her chair up closer to his desk, then learned forward causing her monstrous knockers to spill onto the surface of his desk. John knew exactly what Chloe was up too and completely ignored it much to Chloe’s evident annoyance.

“Thank you Chloe but I have something serious to talk to you about,” John replied keeping his eyes centered at Chloe’s eyes to avoid all temptations to look down at the mountainous soft cleavage on top of his desk. “I want to discuss your current behavior in my class.”

“What about?” Chloe questioned, as if she didn’t know what he was talking about.

“You realize your failing my class Ms. Owens,” John stated.

Chloe rolled her eyes and let out a small sigh as if she didn’t care.

“Yes Mr. Hardwood. I am aware of my low grades in your class,” she replied.

“Your attitude shows me that you don’t care rather or not you pass this class. You need this class to graduate Ms. Owens,” John added.

John leaned back in his chair and watched Chloe pick at her fingernails.

“Are you listening to me Ms. Owens?”

“I heard you Mr. Hardwood. Just shit at home is crazy right now,” she responded.

“Language again Ms. Owens.”

“Sorry sir.”

“I understand your having a rough time with your parents divorcing Ms. Owens but I expect all of your attention in my classroom. Your at the point where there isn’t much hope left if you continue to slip the way you have been.”

“Understood sir… Plus, mom is working double shifts now and I have to play mommy to my little brother while keeping my own job,” Chloe explained, as she sat back from desk, lugging her colossal heavy tits back into her lap, trembling sinuously. “So I haven’t had time to do much homework and study for test.”

John felt his cock growing pass the hem of his jeans so he leaned back forward to elude showing his hard on.

“But I told you we could make arrangements for you. Tutoring perhaps bursa escort but your mom always seem quite busy to have a meeting with me.”

“Now you know how I feel,” shrugged Chloe.

“How about I come over for a tutoring session?” John suggested.

“What? A fucking tutoring session?” an alarmed Chloe questioned. “And sorry about the language.”

“Sure. Why not? I’m not married nor have kids, so I have plenty of free time after school. This way I can help you understand the work I’m teaching personally,” John explained.

“I usually have to work and when I’m not working, I watch my little brother while mom is at work.”

“When are you off?”

“Tonight actually.”

“Great! I’m sure your little brother can keep busy to himself for a couple of hours.”

“Alright, Sure. How’s 6?”

“Works for me.” John was ready to stand up but remembered his dick was throbbing hard and sat back down. “See you tonight.”

“See ya,” Chloe replied with a hint of glee in her voice. As she stood up, her behemoth boobs heaved and John couldn’t help but to watch Chloe walk out of his classroom with her huge and ample rear-end mounds bobbing from side to side. He looked down at the bottom of his shirt and saw a medium sized small spot of pre-cum.

“Don’t do anything to embarrass us tonight,” John spoke to his hard dick.

Around 6:00 that evening, John arrived at Chloe’s house for the tutor session. Her little 12 year old brother answered the door and invited him in.

“Hello. I’m Mr. Hardwood from Hudson Heights High school. Is Chloe here? I’m suppose to be tutoring her,” John asked.

“Aren’t you a little too old for my sister?” her little brother replied.

“Too old?”

“I guess she forgot about the session because she’s in her room, down in the basement exercising. You can head up there if you want. She doesn’t like me anywhere near her when she’s working out.”

Although John thought it would be best just to wait but his curiosity got the better of him and decided to head on down to the basement to Chloe’s room. He could hear a loud punk rock band’s music blaring the speakers. He came to a door at the bottom of the basement with a stop sign symbol on the door that read: GTFO (Get The Fuck Out).

John turned the doorknob a little bit to peak inside and the music was undeniably deafening but the music soon became insignificant as his jaw hit the floor after spotting Chloe.

Standing in front of a mirror, Chloe had on a ridiculous undersized army-green T-shirt and doing the most tantalizing jumping jacks John had ever seen, that was sending her tremendously floppy and braless breasts soaring up and down and walloping into each other. The shirt draped loosely over her torso giving her immense tits much room to maneuver and only the tan pinnacle of her pendulous udders peaked from beneath the shirt with a hint of peach-colored areolas. Her tits definitely came to a full stop at her navel.

John moaned as his eyes were filled with ecstasy and his dick sprang hard as it looked like Chloe was bouncing basketballs underneath her shirt.

Chloe finished doing jumping jacks and started skipping on one leg that oscillated her oversize gelatin hooters in a more steady pace and Mr. Hardwood was attempted to jerk his hard dick on the spot as watching porn and reading the magazines never got him so hard. No women in any of his previous relationships managed to get his dick to be hard as iron just by looking.

John drooled at the scrumptious and uninterrupted jigging and bouncing of Chloe’s vast hemisphere that distended behind her like an ample apple concealed tightly within a pair of latex pants.

A minute later, Chloe placed her arms beside her and started stepping in place sending her colossal meaty spheres flopping side to side and it was all the mid 30’s Mr. Hardwood could take. He put his briefcase in front of his boner and entered Chloe’s room.

“CHLOE!” John yelled. “CHLOE!”

Chloe saw Mr. Hardwood through the mirror and waved at him while continuing to step in place and wobbling her monstrosities every.

“CHLOE! Well you please turn the music off!”

Chloe stopped stepping and used a remote to turn her stereo off.

“Thank you,” John said calmly. “Now can we please get started?”

“Sure teach.”

John exited the basement and founded his way to the living room. Chloe followed but it was her colossal, out of proportion, protuberance swaying, naturally sagging tits that entered the room two seconds before the rest of her. Her tits were so well-rounded on the sides, bursa escort bayan they tapped against her thin arms as they sluggishly swayed. John watched her remarkable, gargantuan floppy spherical knockers roll and push around tiresomely against the thin fabric of the little loose-fitting shirt as she walked over to join him on the sofa. He peaked out of the corners of his eyes to watch her enlarged blobs of flesh, bounce freely underneath her shirt as she sat down. She smiles warmly at him and placed her hands on her knees that caused her giant braless boobs to swell up outwards as they sagged into her lap and her nipples appeared to be very big and very hard.

Subconsciously, John knew nothing from the start was appropriately for a tutoring session between a teacher and a student. His dick was raging hard and pressed uncomfortably against his crotch as a result.

“Shall we get started?” Chloe said breaking the ice.

It was hard enough for John to try and focus on helping Chloe but the girl persistently shifted her body in different positions that caused her humongous low-seated tits to move in such ponderous, lecherous and unfathomable manners. It was just too much for him to endure.

“I think we better call it a night,” John quickly spoke up, as he closed his study book.

Chloe looked at him with a questionable look. “How come? Did I get something wrong?”

“No Chloe. Its not that your wrong. I’m wrong. I really shouldn’t be here under these circumstances.”

“What circumstances?”

“Look at you Ms. Owens. Your half dress and your falling out all over the part. This is totally unethical and unprofessional. I could get fired if this ever came out. I don’t know what I was thinking. I should have… O-O-OOH!” John moaned out loud before he could finish speaking, to the feel of Chloe’s hand groping his incredibly large protruding bulge.

“Maybe you were thinking with the wrong head,” Chloe suggested, as she continuously groped and squeezed at John’s hard dick through his jeans. “Let me help you release some of that tension.”

Poor Johnny Hardwood felt utterly neutralized to Chloe’s touching. All of his moral principles about student and teacher relationship was driven out of his mind when Chloe unzipped his jeans and pulled out his 10-inch rod of meaty steel in all of its glory. The sight of the longest and fattest she ever seen bobbing in front of her, almost paralyzed her.

“Oh my fucking GOD!” Chloe gasped. “I didn’t know Asian men’s penises came in size elephant!”

Unquestionably, Chloe was memorized and turned on by her teacher’s huge accessory. She grasped it by the wide base to steady it but her small fingers unable to encircle its girth. “Oh fuck, its so big and hard!”

Chloe dived mouth-first onto John’s huge blond dick. John nearly cried aloud when her warm mouth enveloped his dick. Nothing but sucking and slurping noises accumulated from Chloe’s wet mouth as she bobbed up and down the thick length of his cock with increased enthusiasm. At times she would slowly pull up only keeping his big bulbous cockhead between her lips and letting her tongue swirl and lick on it. The sensation was damn near unbearable for John and it didn’t help to feel her giant unbra’ed pliant jugs heaving across his upper thigh with her big, round diamond-hard nipples dragging along as well. John groaned, curled his toes, and bucked his hips while Chloe’s hand gently fondled his equally enormous testicles.

After giving John’s huge dick a slob down, Chloe moved her mouth down to his huge balls and suckled both of them in turns. She licked and sucked both incredibly fat balls and covered them in her saliva. A few minutes later, she returned sucking his big dick down into her throat. This proved to be all one man could take…

“AAH! AAAAH!” John cried as he blasted a stream of cum down Chloe’s hot throat.

“Mmmmmmph,” Chloe moaned with cum rolling down her chins, as she milked him dry with her mouth and swallowed every load he burst from his overheated huge dick.

“Take off your clothes Mr. Hardwood. We only got a few hours to play until my mom gets home,” says a fanatical Chloe. “I want that big dick of yours inside me!”

Mr. Hardwood wasted no time in getting completely undressed with his huge heavy balls drooping and his big dick was as hard as ever with this naughty, supple teenage girl standing in front of him with her voluptuous, inconceivably full and overdeveloped spongy flesh blobs of unwieldy, behemoth sagging, spherically-rounded tits with big, raspberry-shaped nipples, heaving in such a lecherous escort bursa behavior with no boundaries underneath her T-shirt…


Its been over an hour since 12 year high school teaching veteran John Hardwood had arrived at one of his lower then average passing student’s house; Chloe Owens for a bit of a tutoring session. But after some unprofessional conduct, the session came to an end as well as John’s 10 inch rock-harden dick when vastly 32K cup busty Chloe Owens gave him a blowjob like he had never felt before.

All of John’s principles had been erased from his mind once he was alone with Chloe and her unforgettable, gigantic low-hanging tits that was his for the taking…

“OH GOD!! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!! OOHAAAAAAAH!!” Chloe Owens screamed out loud, as her older Asian teacher Mr. Hardwood, pounded her wet, tight pussy with his bigger then average dick into an orgasmic submission.

Their bare flesh melted as one as John plunged in and out of her little cunt rapidly in missionary style. Their horny, sweaty bodies slapping together on her bed as Chloe caved in under the intense pounding and her pussy cum oozed around John’s thrusting cock, down to his rapidly swaying huge balls that pounded the outside of her asshole.

“OH FUCK! OH FUCK!!” Chloe continuously cried out with just socks on her floundering feet and her well-toned legs high up in the air as her teacher drilled her soaking pussy.

John, fast pumping his huge hard dick with a merciless vengeance into the teenage girl that has enticed him with her ginormous soft and heavy K cup melons of saggy flesh for years, savored the wondrous sensation of being absorbed by Chloe warm, extremely moist, and lively small pussy.

“OH YEAH! OH FUCKING YEAH!” he shouted breathlessly, thought his cries were bring drowned by Chloe’s earsplitting screeching.

Chloe’s mammoth aggrandized of plentiful boobs were wedged between their soaked in sweat bodies and slightly wobbled off their sides. The feeling of her wet pussy devouring his lunging cock was enticing but the feeling of her colossal, overly heavy floppy naked noonies with their dinner plate-sized areolas and big diamond hard nipples that were both peach colored, swayed up and down against his hairy chest, was a feeling words could not illustrate.

“OOOH YES!!” John bellowed out, as he continued to thrust deeper within the juicy wet walls of Chloe’s pussy while resting his bearded-chin on the jiggling slope tops of Chloe’s exceedingly swollen, gelatin flesh jugs that overlapped from between their bodies.

“OH GOD DAMN JOHNNY! YOUR IN THERE DEEP! OOH FUCK!!” Chloe gasped, as she struggles to take in the huge yellow cock. She was lucky the fuck session was taking place in the basement. Besides their nonsensically loud moans and groans, the headboard of the bed continuously thudded into the concrete wall with each stiff pounding impact John delivered to her pussy. Chloe was bombarded with uncontrollable orgasms, one after another that made John feel like he was fucking water.

The couple switched position after several minutes with Chloe climbing on top of John in the reserve cowgirl seating. John had yet to cum but seeing the vast circular curves of her behemoth slumped breasts sticking out from her sides was a mind fuck of itself.

Giving it all he had left, Mr. Hardwood unleashed a serious of furious poundage up into Chloe’s poor wetly pussy. He hammered away hard, sending her pendulous, plump humongous knockers into a ballistic fury, slapping against her stomach, ribcages, thighs, arms and sometimes reaching up to her chin. The slaps were loud and thunderous and Chloe had to endure the throbbing pain her heavy elongated tits were causing.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” cried out John, as he smacked and squeezed Chloe’s delicious, wobbling ample ass that was buried in his crotch.

Chloe grabbed and restrained what she could of her wildly rolling and swaying monster tits in her small hands. She let her cumbersome, sweat-glistening watermelons clap in her hands as John continued to fuck her with his huge steel-like cock, balls deep.

“OH SHIT! OOH SHIT! OOWWWAAHHHHHHHHHHH!! HHHHHH FFFFUUCK!” Chloe screamed, as she suffered another sequence of intense multiple orgasms.

After a long session of hard, intense, and unbelievable fucking, John neared his end as he tighten his grip of a handful of Chloe’s majestic big ass cheeks and lets out a huge load of hot cum deep in the young teenage girl’s tight shaved pussy. It was the biggest load John had ever let out after fucking the most incredible, out of proportion, enormously saggy tittied girl he ever met. His life hasn’t been the same since she graduated and moved away to college…

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