His Star Pupil

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This was written for a very special reader of mine, a while back. This is for you, my love.


She had chosen a seat in the front row of his classroom with plans of seducing him bouncing around inside of her head. As she entertained thoughts of how to tease her young professor her legs gently parted beneath her wooden desk to expose a more devilish side of her personality. As her milky thighs began to spread, her instructor quickly caught notice (though tried his best to not acknowledge it with any form of body language) that below her burgundy pleated skirt, her womanhood was completely on display for him to see. His mind began to race; images of him dropping the chalk from his hands and kneeling down in front of her desk to explore her womanly form flooded his senses. Not before long, he discovered that he could potentially have a growing problem on his hands.

Her gaze captured his, and sweat began to form at his brow, signaling his realization that he had been caught staring up a female student’s skirt. With a coy smile she slid a hand down between her legs and inconspicuously gave her moistening slit the tiniest of caresses. The other students did not pay even the slightest amount of attention; hell, they didn’t even notice their Professor’s raging hard-on at the front of the classroom. She tilted her head back and released a barely audible sigh as her fingers delved between her folds as her teacher helplessly ogled at this spectacle that she had created. Did she care if the other students saw? Not really, she was always somewhat of a closet exhibitionist, and loved seeing her favourite Professor so effected by her actions. She averted her eyes to the clock; her instructor noticed it as well and positioned himself behind his lectern to hide his growing erection from his students who would soon fall out of their inattentive trances once the bell rang. His ambitious student in the front row, who had so openly exposed herself to him slipped her fingers out from between her pussy and hid them innocently betwixt her glossy pink lips.

The bell rang, and once the students began to file out of the classroom, his star pupil stayed behind until she and he were the only two left in the room.

He smirked slightly in her direction and much to his disappointment; she rose from her seat and headed towards the classroom bursa escort door. With one foot out the door his heart sank, but soon leapt once again as she pulled the knob shut with the two of them inside of it. Her slender fingers gently caressed the lock into its secured position. Once the trap was set she turned away from the door and began to approach her Professor with a seductive grin spread across her youthful face.

“You know, I really enjoyed your lesson today,” she spoke in a breathy voice as she drew near him; “you really have a way with words” she teased. Once she was just close enough to touch him, she stopped dead in her tracks and began to walk her fingers up his chest; even under his thick clothing she could feel the rapid thump thump thumping of his heart as she neared his neck.

With a loving grasp she held his tie in her palm and looked him in the eyes,

“You know, I never got to really thank you for returning my books to me.” She loosened her grip on his tie briefly, and proceeded to lead him over to his desk. In a swift motion she cleared his workspace of all test papers, notebooks, and pencils; and replaced the surface with her inviting figure. She propped herself up on his desk, with her front facing him, and quickly spread her legs and tugged him by the tie between them. Now holding him against her, she whispered in his ear,

“Now show me what you really wanted to teach me, Professor.” In a moment’s notice, her hands trailed down his body to rest at the growing bulge in his trousers. Their lips met with an amazing passion and her fingers began to stroke his stiffening member from outside of his material fortress. Her Professor released a moan into her mouth as they kissed and proceeded to gently grind his hips against the dainty motions of her hands. She ends the kiss abruptly and voices,

“Ah-ah. Let’s take care of this properly.” Once the words left her lips, she moved from the desk and propped her eager Professor up against it. Quickly dropping to her knees she nudged him back on the desk and stroked her fingers over the button and zipper of his trousers, teasing him, awaiting a response.

“Oh, dear god.” He emitted as his student began to nuzzle against his bulge like a kitten generally does against a leg.

“Mmm, don’t worry Professor; I’ll take care of you.” She giggled bursa escort bayan as she removed his pants and boxers, leaving his bottom half completely exposed for his student’s fantastical manipulation. Her hand enclosed around his shaft in a loving embrace and commenced to caress its entire length at a steady pace. Her Professor tried not to look at her, he knew he’d burst if he watched the girl of his fantasies stroke his cock in such a beautifully perverse way. Though, to the best of his efforts, he simply could not resist. The moment his eyes fixed their gaze downwards at her she smiled mischievously and extended her tongue to lick his member from base to tip. He couldn’t help himself. His diaphragm released a guttural moan, which, much to her delight she took as a cue and she practically inhaled his length down her throat.

“Fuck!” he half moaned/half gasped as the tip of his cock tickled the back of her throat in a powerfully stimulating swallowing motion. He couldn’t hold it in any longer; his hands found their way behind her head and ever so lightly nudged himself further inside of her mouth. He threw his head back and simply lost himself in pleasure as she repeated the swallowing motion around the aching head of his cock quickly sending him into a monumental orgasm. His cum began to shoot in ropes down her throat and he found himself immersed in this euphoric state of orgasmic ecstasy. As she continued to milk the last few streams of seed from his member she slowly withdrew herself from around him.

“That was amazing,” he spoke through pants.

“But it’s not over yet,” she remarked with a gleam in her eye. Rising from her position she climbed onto his lap, keeping his member within reach.

“How long will you need until you’re ready to go again?” she queried, as if her question was nothing out of the ordinary.

“A minute or two; it’s still sensitive,” her Professor replied exhaustedly.

She laid her ear to his chest and breathed in rhythm with him for a few minutes before letting her hand travel in a more southern direction to revive her new friend. In a few series of strokes, her instructor’s cock was approaching its full hardness once again,

“I still have no idea how you can do that so easily to me,” he chuckled slightly as his member flexed itself at its fullest length.

“Now, escort bursa Professor,” she began, with an innocent tinge in her voice, “I want you to do what ever you want to me now since I’ve done one thing I’ve always dreamt of doing to you.”

“Mmm,” he mused, tossing about ideas in his mind. The girl he had always wanted was throwing herself at him, and he had to think fast.

Without so much as a word he motioned for her to extract herself from his lap, and soon mimicked the same motion himself.

“Desk,” was the only word he spoke to her, which immediately sparked an idea in his head, which he quickly proceeded to pursue. Placing one hand on her back, and another on her hip to steady her, he lowered her down and bent her over his desk. Once she was comfortably situated, he let his hands wander up her skirt and gently slide the fabric up over her hips so that her backside was fully presented to him.

“Fuck me, Professor,” she moaned in anticipation as he readied himself to take her.

“Are you sure?” he asked as a precaution, to which she replied in yet another moan,

“Yes!” That was all her needed to hear. He positioned himself to take her from behind and powerfully thrust his cock into her eager body. The two both released moans in response to their wicked indulgence in one another as his considerable size entered her slightly smaller frame. His hands propped themselves at her hips, guiding his thrusts accordingly as she begged for more.

At that point, they didn’t care if anyone heard them; if someone were to walk in, they probably would not have even made an attempt to slow down their bucking and moaning. The ages of unrelieved tension between the two had finally culminating into one enormous impending orgasm.

“Oh god, Professor, I’m gonna cum!” she screamed as the sound of their heavy breathing and skin slapping against one another filled the room.

“Ahhhh!” he groaned as he could feel his body prepare for climax. Without warning or intention, the two both reached orgasm as one in a torrent of cum and muscular spasms. His star pupil expulsed such a great deal of wetness that he soon discovered it dripping out around his cum-soaked cock and down his thigh.

As their heart rates began to slowly fade back to normal, the two found comfort in cuddling with one another on the surface of his desk, the Professor’s member still buried deep within his student.

“That was amazing,” she panted, planting tiny kisses all over his perspiring face as they faced one another as one on his classroom desk.

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