His First Taste of a Man

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My buddy Joe and I had just gotten back to his house after a friend’s keg party to celebrate our high school graduation. We were 18 years old, free to do what we want, and we partied hard all night, stumbling back to Joe’s house drunk off our asses. We went down to his basement where he has his room, far away from his parent’s room upstairs. Joe put the tv on and we sat around trying to sober up. I don’t know about him but I was so fucking horny after spending half the night around the biggest cock teasing girls from our grade. Actually, I would have fucked one of them at the party if she hadn’t passed out drunk as I was fishing my hard cock out of my pants. That bitch left me with a rock hard cock and aching balls that I had envisioned unloading all over her big tits. I had hoped to go get myself off after that scene, but the bathroom was full and it never happened.

So here we were at Joe’s, drunk and horny, not ready to call it a night just yet. Joe suggested we toss in a porn flick, to which I gladly obliged. We started watching together and I could feel my dick growing down my leg as the scene on the screen got hotter. I don’t know what made me look over at Joe but I glanced in his direction and noticed a bulge in his jeans as well, and his fingers beginning to linger in his crotch area, hoping to start rubbing himself. I was shocked to find myself curious to see my friend’s penis, and even more illegal bahis shocked to feel my own penis getting even more painfully erect at the thought. I HAD to stroke my cock and I told Joe I needed to hit the bathroom and I would be right back.

When I got into the john, I quickly unzipped my pants and freed my huge hardon, and I wrapped my fingers around the thick shaft. As I started to get into a rhythm rubbing my cock, Joe banged on the door yelling how he needed to piss also. Fuck! All I wanted to do all night was shoot my load! I told him to hang on, and I forced my hard cock back into my constricting pants. I flushed the toilet and opened the door, Joe pushing right by me and unzipping his own pants by the toilet. He showed no concern for the fact that I was still in there with him, and he just kept on pissing. As I made my way out, I caught sight of his cock in the mirror, and my eyes widened in my head. Even in its semi soft state as he urinated, Joe’s dick dangled halfway to his knees. My shaft instantly tented my pants in the crotch area and I remained still as I watched him finish. As the last drops shook from his hanging cock, he peered up into the mirror in front of him and saw my reflection staring back. To my surprise, he shot me a quick sly grin, and as he drops of piss subsided, Joe turned to face me, his dick still hanging out of his pants.

I stared at it as my hand automatically illegal bahis siteleri went to free my own cock and start rubbing myself. I don’t know if it was because of the alcohol, or just sheer horniness, but I dropped to my knees on that bathroom floor and leaned forward until my buddy’s dick was right in my face. For a moment I just knelt there while this massive piece of meat lingered in my face, I could breathe in the hotness and scent of his prick which was now drooling precum. I couldn’t believe this was happening, and as Joe whispered for me to “do it,” I left any remnance of inhibition behind and I wrapped my lips around his head. My first thought was how warm it was, as I felt the heat pulsating out of it. He shifted forward as if to fuck my mouth, and several more inches of man meat slid deeper into my throat, forcing me to gag a bit, but I kept at it.

Joe let out several moans as he started to buck his cock in and out of my mouth as my tongue bathed his thick tool with my saliva. As I did this, I let my fingers massage and squeeze his hanging balls, full of their hot cum. I slid my tongue down his entire shaft, which had now hardened to its full nine inches, and I slipped one of his oversized nuts into my mouth and sucked it gently while my hand continued to pump him.

In the meantime Joe had sat on the toilet seat for better support and his hands kept my face buried canlı bahis siteleri in his crotch with me mauling his monstrous proportions of cock meat with my mouth and tongue. My own cock was a steel pipe by now, and the precum was leaking out of me onto the floor. I could smell our hot sex and that made me even hotter for Joe’s snake. I worked him faster with my hand as my tongue licked the underside of his shaft, and the combination brought Joe to the brink of orgasm. He took over jerking his cock with his own hand and I kept my mouth wide open as his pumps got quick and hard. He gave it two or three more pumps and then I felt his cock stiffen, the anticipation of feeling my first ever load of man cum was maddening! Before I knew it, his giant cock exploded into my face, some of his hot white cum landed in my mouth and some splattered onto my cheeks and eyes, but I didn’t care as squirt after squirt kept erupting from his dick. I wrapped my tongue around his shaft as he nutted into my mouth with the last few spurts of his milky cum. I swallowed whatever I could of it, scooping some of the globs off my cheeks and sucking it down. As Joe’s cock started to deflate, I surprised him by deepthroating his big fuck tool, slurping up the last drops off cum from his cock.

We looked into each others eyes, amazed at the scene that just went down. And as I rose up from my knees, my cock hung at eye level to a fatigued Joe. He took my shaft into his hand, and told me it’s my turn, and let’s move this show into his bedroom. He got up and led the way, never letting go of my hard cock, leading us into his room, where the fun would continue in the cumming chapter?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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