Her Daughter’s Friend

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Angela Gordon didn’t feel comfortable around her 18-year-old daughter’s new friends. They were of a rough type that she had always avoided. Jackie had met them at the factory where she worked. Two of them, Bobbie and Sheila, were downstairs now, watching television with Jackie. Angela had excused herself and gone to bed. She had read for a while and was about to turn off her light when her bedroom door opened. Bobbie stood there.

“Can I help you, Bobbie?”

She came over and sat on the bed.

“Sure can, Mrs. Gordon. Sheila and Jackie have gone to bed, leaving me alone. I thought I’d join you. “

“I was about to sign off. “

“Let me see if I can change your mind. “

She leaned down and tried to kiss her. Angela turned her head away.

“Quit it, Bobbie. “

Bobbie grasped her chin, holding her head still, and pressed her mouth against Angela’s. Angela struggled.

“This won’t do. Be good Mrs. Gordon. “

With a sudden push she shoved Bobbie away and leaped from the bed. Bobbie caught her by the door, grabbing her gown. It ripped and came off in Bobbie’s hand. It was all she was wearing. Bobbie caught her by the wrist and twisted it behind her back. Bobbie walked her back to the bed. Still holding her arm, she reached around and grabbed one of Angela’s breasts. She dug her fingers into the soft flesh. Angela squealed.

“You gonna behave, Mrs. Gordon?”

“Bobbie,please… casino oyna don’t. “

Bobbie applied more pressure.

“All right, all right… I give. “

Bobbie released her and led her over to the chair by her dressing table. She sat down and pulled Angela onto her lap. She sat nude on the younger woman’s knees. She was very embarrassed and hoped that no one came in and saw them. Bobbie made her put an arm around her neck.

“Let’s see what we have here. “

She felt one of Angela’s breasts then the other, flicking the nipples into aroused erection.

“Not bad for an old broad like you. “

Bobbie placed a hand on Angela’s knee and moved it up her inner thigh. Angela resisted, but Bobbie glared at her and she spread her legs. Angela always showered first thing in the morning and she knew that she had an odor now. Bobbie ran a finger up and down her slit, spreading her lips, toying with her clitoris, then entering her vagina.

“A little hint of fish smell, but not bad. How does this feel to you, honey?”

Angela said nothing.


Actually it felt very good. She hadn’t been touched like this for a long time and never by another woman. She was aroused and she could feel herself getting wet.

“It feels okay. “

“Sheila’s in the other room, fuckin your darlin daughter, and I’ve got you. If you’ll relax and do what you’re told, slot oyna you’ll get a lot of pleasure out of what I’m going to do to you. If not, I’ll do it anyway You’d probably get off on that anyway. It’s up to you. Where do you keep your vibrator?”

Angela blushed. Her toys were in the top drawer of the night stand next to the bed. Bobbie would find them easily. She told her.

“Lay down on your back on the bed, raise your knees and spread them. “

What can I do? This woman is so much stronger than me. She might hurt me badly. Please, please, let me control myself. She did as she was told.

“Here it is, and a dildo too… a big one!

You naughty girl!”

Bobby turned the vibrator on, used it on Angela’s nipples, then applied it to her crotch. Angela’s head tossed. She groaned. She was near orgasm. Bobbie inserted the vibrator into her now dripping vagina. She climaxed violently. Her legs trembled. Her hands came up and kneaded her breasts.

Bobby gave a little laugh.

“You like that don’t you, sweetie? You smell so good. I have to taste you. “

She removed the vibrator and replaced it with her tongue. Angela had two more orgasms before Bobbie quit. “

“I told you you’d have fun. You can lower your legs. Get up on your hands and knees. Now lower your tits to the bed, knees apart… What a view!”

She took the dildo and inserted it in Angela’s vagina. It slid canlı casino siteleri in easily. She pumped it in and out while she toyed with Angela’s asshole. Angela heard the vibrator come on then felt it against her asshole. Her sphincter spasmed. The vibrator was wet with her juices and it entered painlessly. Angela had never done this to herself. This was a new experience. Her nervous system went wild. She came, again and again… loudly.

After what seemed an eternity of sensual ecstasy, Bobbie stopped. She gave Angela a smack on the ass and laughed again.

“Okay my turn. Relax while I get more comfortable. “

Angela rolled over onto her back and watched Bobbie strip. She had almost no tits, broad well-muscled shoulders and narrow hips. Angela looked at her hairless crotch. She was a woman there, anyway. Bobbie climbed on the bed and began kissing Angela. Their open mouths mashed together. Their tongues dueled. Angela could feel Bobbie’s saliva draining into her mouth. Bobbie straddled Angela’s head. Her cunt was by Angela’s mouth. It was clean, almost no odor. Angela began to lick. She had learned from Bobbie and she tried hard to please her.

“You. Baby you are a natural muff diver. “

Bobbie came several times.

“Now my asshole. “

Angela got out a muffled “no”, but she complied. Angela was finding it very exciting to be degraded like this.

Later Bobbie held her, nuzzling her ear.

“You little ass licker, you did good… real good. Sheila can have Jackie. I’ll take you any day. “

Angela felt a strange pride.

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