Help the Aged Ch. 01

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My name is Alison, Ali for short. This is a true story about my journey into perverse pleasures. I am a typical 21-year-old girl. I have a good career ahead of me in finance, I have a good group of friends to socialise with, and I enjoy sex. That love of sex took an interesting turn recently though.

Now firstly let me describe myself. I am around 5′ 8″, fairly slim and with pert 34D breasts. My bum is in great shape. Generally I am proud of my figure and visit the gym regularly to keep in shape. I certainly get a lot of admiring looks from men in the street and I have had my fair share of short-term boyfriends, but nothing serious.

My story began when I was struggling to an extent to keep up with the mortgage payments on my 2 bedroom terraced house. Although my job pays well the recent hike in interest rates meant I was now overdrawn permanently. Sure I could have tightened my purse strings but I liked having a social life and shopping for new clothes. My friend at work Jenna, an attractive 24 year old girl but very much innocent was telling me how her Grandfather could not get a room at the local retirement homes due to overcrowding. He had been living with her cousin in a large rented house but his forthcoming move abroad would leave him homeless. She asked if I knew anyone with a room to rent, and that she would be sharing half the rent out of her own pocket, the other half coming from his pension. Jenna’s parents had died when she was younger, but in her rented 1 bed flat she had no room to accommodate them both.

My mind sparked into life and I wondered if I could bare living with an elderly housemate if it meant I would have a fresh income to balance my books. Some questions on my part revealed that he was in slight poor health and could not climb stairs. At 82 years old he just spent his days sitting in chairs reading newspapers and taking the occasional stroll. All I would need to do would provide him a dinner each night, a bed to sleep in and a bathroom. His slightly fragile state meant I would have to make some slight conversions to my downstairs bathroom with a rail and seat being fitted to the shower bath. I could convert my downstairs study into a bedroom. Jenna assured me her grandpa was harmless and not a nuisance. My mind was made up! The negatives of sharing my house were far outweighed by the financial positives and I set about preparing my home for my new housemate.

So 2 weeks later on a sunny spring Saturday morning as I cleaned the kitchen I had a knock my front door. I opened it and was presented with my elderly casino siteleri guest and my colleague Jenna.

“Hi I’m Ali” I beamed putting out a hand for the old boy. He definitely looked his age, balding grey withery hair and a very wrinkled face capped with glasses. His frame was fairly thin and he wore a dark green cardigan over an old collared shirt. His dated grey trousers were worn slightly high leaving his socks on shoe above his brown shoes. He stood uneasily on his feet with a curved walking stick aiding him.

“Pleased to meet you” he croaked with a husky old voice. Sounded like he must have been a smoker at some stage in his life. He shook her hand weakly with his own crinkled up hand with quite a bit of thick hair on the back and yellowing fingernails.

I ushered him inside and Jenna followed with his suitcase. He didn’t appear to have much with him, and after a cup of tea Jenna headed off and left her Grandfather, Bert, to his new house.

The first night was uneventful. I made a basic dinner of meat and vegetables and Bert seemed to appreciate it. I soon learnt that he was a very quiet man and kept himself to himself. I was confident I would be more than capable of getting by on this arrangement.

It was 2 weeks later that things took a more interesting turn. It was a Friday morning and I had been out for a few too many drinks with the girls the night before. I awoke on my bed completely naked with my suspenders, underwear and bra strewn across the room. My bedroom door was wide open and I suddenly felt conscious of my state and my lack of memory. Bert could not get up the stairs so my modesty was protected, but I just hoped I had kept my dignity on my way up to bed! My head was thumping and I made a decision to call into work sick.

Generally from conversations with Bert, he had told me he normally got out of bed around 10am so he wouldn’t be around for a couple of hours. I slipped on my silk dressing gown that came down to just above my knee and made my way downstairs. I opened a cupboard looking for a plate to put some food on. With no plates available I bent over and opened up the dishwasher. As I did so I was aware that my dressing gown rose up slightly above the base of my arse cheeks. I also suddenly became aware of somebody else in the room. I turned to see Bert sitting in his usual armchair in the lounge and slightly flushed – He had been looking straight up my gown!

“Oh hi Bert didn’t see you there! Early for you to be up?” I said pulling my gown down slightly, which in turn loosened the ties and slot oyna allowed a slight amount of cleavage to reveal itself.

“Yes its such a lovely day I decided to make my way down to the shops early and get my papers.” he said with a grin. He unfolded his usual broadsheet and started to take in the day’s stories.

I quickly made my toast and excused myself before returning to my bedroom. I collapsed on the bed and after eating my breakfast I slept for a few more hours. It was then that I had a peculiar but rather saucy dream. I was dressed in the tiniest skirt and a tight see through blouse. I was doing the housework whilst Bert sat reading his newspaper. Occasionally I would bend over sticking my arse cheeks out towards him and he would look over his paper and would tut whilst frowning. I awoke and recalled the dream and scolded myself for having such a weird imagination. I chilled out for the rest of the day and thought nothing more of it.

That weekend I went to netball practise with the girls. I got home around 7pm and headed straight for a shower. I peeled off the sports knickers from underneath my short pleated netball skirt and then the phone ran. It was an old friend of mine and I ended up spending 30 minutes chatting and catching up. By the time the call was finished I decided I might as well skip the shower as time was getting on and I was hungry. I was sure Bert would be too. I skipped into the kitchen and greeted Bert sitting in his armchair.

“Pizza ok for dinner?” I asked.

“Ooh sounds lovely” he laughed and went back to watching his TV program, some sports quiz. I placed the pizza in the oven and went and sat down on the sofa opposite Bert. It was only when my bare arse cheeks made contact with the cold fabric of the 2 seater that I realised the revealing nature of my outfit and my lack of undies. Here I was sitting opposite my work friend’s 82-year-old grandfather in a short sports skirt and no underwear. Luckily I was sitting with my legs tight together; otherwise the old boy would have a view of my smooth, shaven pussy. Those words suddenly hit home like a lightning strike and, I hate to admit it, I started to tingle downstairs, which in turn started to moisten up my silky lips.

“What is wrong with me?” I thought to myself. “What part of showing my privates to this old man is getting me hot?” It was ridiculous and I told myself as such. I hadn’t been laid in a couple of months though so it was quite understandable. At least that’s what I told myself. However the more I tried to throw these thoughts from my mind, canlı casino siteleri the more I was intrigued into what would happen if I did flash the old codger. Would he get off on my private show? Would he scold me for being a naughty little girl? Again my thoughts got me tingling and before long my pussy juice was making its way along my inner thighs.

My body started to take over from my mind and soon I started to slightly part my legs. I pushed both hands down to hold the material of the skirt over my personal place but I kept widening my legs, eventually to a position where if it weren’t for my hands, old Bert would have a great view of my sodden hole. I pretended to be watching the TV and then I slowly removed my hands from my lap. I was conscious of the air hitting my pussy as I carried out my perverse display. It was then that the buzzer went on the oven. I was snapped out of my trance and snapped my legs back together. I looked up and Bert was still watching the TV. I had no idea if he has seen me but I felt slightly ashamed at my behaviour and hoped that he hadn’t. I checked on the pizza before disappearing upstairs and putting my sports knickers back on.

Later that night after dinner and as I was preparing for bed I wondered if Bert had glanced and seen my pussy, and if he had would he have realised I was showing off on purpose? I told myself he couldn’t have seen a thing as if he had he would have made a comment and I slipped under my bed covers. It must have been 2 hours later I awoke with a start after another lurid dream. I was soaked with cunt juice and decided I needed a drink. Slipping downstairs quietly so as not to wake Bert I was surprised to hear a strange noise, almost a slapping noise coming from Bert’s room.

In complete darkness I tiptoed over to his room and placed my ear against his door. I had to bite my lip when I heard Bert’s heavy breathing and surely the slap slap slapping sound made by a man playing with his cock. Bert, an 82-year-old quiet and lifeless old man was sitting in his bedroom, just directly below his 21-year-old female housemates room and masturbating with all his might.

I ended up with my hand inside my own underwear frigging off my swollen pussy as I listened to the dirty old fucker build to his climax. I bit my lip tighter as my legs trembled and I collapsed to the floor, at which point I heard Bert let out 3 or 4 small grunts. He had shot his load. I felt filthy and dirty as I made my way back to my bedroom, but I couldn’t help think that my blatant display of exhibitionism had gotten the old man hot, and he had been jacking off with thoughts of me.

My mind went wild with ideas that I only partly tried to rid myself of but it was no use. I was going to see where this ended up.

To be continued…

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