Help Desk

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Tony stared at the computer screen in total disgust. If the error messages were written in Arabic they would have been just as useful to him.

“Kernel32dll error,” Tony mumbled to himself. “What the…”

Before he could finish his own sentence, he was dialing the all too familiar number on his office phone. On the second ring, the all too familiar voice answered.

“Help desk. This is Emily.”

“Well, hello Emily. It’s been DAYS since I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with you,” Tony said with more than a little touch of sarcasm. “Two fucking days.”

“Now Tony. You know this session may be recorded for purposes of quality control,” Emily scolded him. “How can I help you?”

“You can help me by making this god damned, fucking software work. I’m trying to run a bar here. I work twelve hour days serving nothing but the best beer and food to my customers and then you expect this piece of shit software to track it. It’s killing me. What the hell is a kernel32dll error?”

Emily had her hand over the mouthpiece of her headset to muffle any laughter she couldn’t stifle. Tony’s Bar, as it was ingeniously named, had been a customer of the company Emily worked at for almost a year. Emily had nurtured Tony through the installation and setup on a cheap system that barely met minimum specifications for the programs he ran. Now he routinely had ‘interruptions in service’ that caused aggravation his sensitive stomach could hardly tolerate.

“Well, Tony. Let me look at my list of things that can cause that. Viruses. Yep, you’ve got that. Low disk space. Yep, you’ve got that. Damaged registry. Yep…”

“OK. OK. Fix it!” Tony demanded.

Emily sighed. “When was the last time you turned off your computer?”

“How the hell do I know,” Tony answered without hesitation. “Probably the last time you told me to.”

“Tony. Before you go home tonight, turn off your computer. Come back in tomorrow and turn it on. Call me if it’s not fixed. I’m expecting not to hear from you,” Emily said arrogantly.

As much as Tony hated computers, he got an undeniable rush from talking to Emily. Her direct, no-nonsense approach, combined with a dry sense of humor, made her very attractive to him. Over the months, he had drawn a mental image of his help desk aide. She was about thirty with long, dark hair that was neat but not styled. She had dark features, like an Italian girl, and a girl-next-door body with ample curves.

Just hearing her voice again calmed him down. “So, when are you going to actually come to my place and see the lousy system that causes you so much trouble?” he asked.

“Hey. It doesn’t cause me trouble. It’s you with the trouble. Besides, you couldn’t afford my ‘in person’ rate. And…I do my best work over the phone,” she said with a hint of playfulness.

“Really?” Tony replied in a suggestive tone. “You ARE good on the phone, I have to admit.”

“You should hear me when I’m off duty.”

Tony’s heart raced even faster. “When are you off duty, Emily?”

This time Emily allowed Tony to hear her giggle. “Pretty soon, if you ever get off the phone.”

“I’d like to talk to you off duty and see what the real Emily is like,” he said.

“What would we talk about?”

“You,” Tony said without hesitation.

“Boring,” Emily answered.

“I doubt that,” Tony assured her. “You’re intelligent, funny, and I’m sure very pretty. There’s plenty to talk about.”

“Two out of three ain’t bad.”

Tony laughed. “So when can we chat.”

Emily paused, and then said, “You tell me.”


Emily was jolted by the response. She took a deep breath and said, “I’m off in forty five minutes.”

“Call me at this number?” Tony asked.

“Are you staying at work?”

“I will for you,” Tony said.

“I’m really not worth it.”

“I think you are. Call me,” Tony said.

“OK. Bye,” Emily said, followed quickly by the sound of a dial tone.

She would have been afraid of consequences at work for such a call except for two things: one, she knew the calls weren’t monitored; and, two, she’d flirted with many of her customers before. None of them, however, had taken it this far.

Emily’s odd fondness of the gruff man she’d never met only frightened her a little. She flirted with guys because she liked the power trip. Tony made her feel…different. Lustful.

An hour later she was sitting in her car in the empty, dark corner of a parking lot. The only light inside was from the tiny screen of her cell phone. She dialed his number and waited.


“Hi,” she said softly.

“I didn’t think you’d call,” Tony said.

“Then why are you there?”

Several seconds of silence followed her question. “Because I hoped you would.”

“And if I didn’t?” Emily asked.

“My computer would have had more than a kernel problem.”

Emily laughed out loud. “This is why I don’t let anybody take your service calls but me.”

“Really?” Tony said with surprise.

“Yep. You make me laugh.”

She heard his ‘humph.’ “I bet I do,” Tony said.

When ataşehir escort bayan she didn’t answer, he asked her, “What do you really think when I call you?”

“The same thing I think about all you guys.”

“What’s that?” he asked.

“I imagine you sitting at your computer naked. It helps me break the boredom,” she said without a hint of embarrassment.

“Well, what a coincidence.”

Emily’s giggle echoed in her car and brought a large smile to Tony.

“What does THAT mean?” she asked.

“It means I’m thinking of you naked right now.”

“Then it’s a good thing you haven’t met me,” she said. “You may think twice after that. Besides, I work with a bunch of people. You probably sit in an empty office.”

“So?” Tony said.

“So, if I said ‘get naked’, you could.”

“Being able to and doing it are two different things, dear. Somebody could walk in here at any moment,” Tony said.

“Your bar closed at two. You’re alone.”

“Maybe,” he admitted.

“Then get naked.”

The abruptness of her request startled Tony. It also hardened his cock a little more than it already was. “What’s the incentive?”

“I’ll make it worth the trouble,” Emily answered in her sexiest voice.

Silence followed.

“At least take out your cock,” she said.

More silence, until Tony finally said, “You sure do issue a lot of orders.”

“It’s my job. Now do it.”

Emily was no fool. She had learned Tony’s traits over the months and quickly caught on to his fondness for assertive women. She thought she heard the sound of his zipper.

“What am I going to do if I take this out?” he asked.

“You’ll never know if you don’t do it. Is it hard, yet?”

“It’s getting there,” he replied.

“Is it out?”

A few seconds later, Tony said, “Yes.”

Forty year old Tony was married for fifteen years and never cheated on his wife. Now he was divorced. But despite many opportunities, he never had sex with a stranger. God knows he never had phone sex. But he never knew Emily before.

“Hold it in your hand, Tony.”

She could tell he was on the speaker phone and she heard the sound of his chair creaking as he leaned back.

“OK,” he replied.

“Stroke it, Tony. Stroke it while you think about me unbuttoning my blouse.”

He did just that. The cock began to throb in his palm as the image of Emily in a blouse appeared, only to have her hands work the buttons from top to bottom.

“Do you have a bra on?” Tony asked.

“Of course not.”

Tony rubbed harder. The sheer, blue blouse in Tony’s mind opened part way to reveal a hint of the firm, full breasts inside.

“You have lovely breasts,” he told her.

“Imagine your cock rubbing against them and the tip of your cock gliding over my erect, pink nipples,” Emily said almost in a whisper. She paused, then asked, “Are you really hard yet, Tony?”

The top of his cock loomed large above his hand. He was harder than he’d been in ages. And every time Emily spoke, he grew longer and thicker.

“I’m very hard, Emily. Thanks to you. Now take off your blouse.”

“OK. I’m pulling it over my shoulders and down my arms. The cool air feels great on my tits. I’ll lay the blouse aside. Do you like my tits, Tony?”

Tony almost moaned out loud. “I love them, Emily. They’re so big. I’d love to put one in my mouth and suck on that hard nipple.”

“Oh, please. Do it. Lick it, Tony. And bite it a little.”

Tony found himself actually spreading his lips at the thought of sucking on the beautiful breasts in his mind. He was stroking himself faster, the cock looking as if it was ready to explode at any second. “What’s it feel like when I bite your nipples, Emily?”

“Ohhhh God, Tony. Like I’m going to burst inside. I can feel it all the way down to my pussy.” Emily sighed.

After taking an audible, deep breath into the phone, she said, “Pull down your pants, Tony. I want to see you better.”

Without saying a word, Tony let go of his cock long enough to open his pants and push then half way to his knees. The cock still rose out of his boxers, so he asked, “And my shorts?”

“Take them off. Please.”

Seconds later, Tony’s cock was liberated and he resumed masturbating.

“I want your cock between my tits, Tony. I want you to fuck me between the tits. I’ll squeeze them together and you can feel my skin all around it. Fuck my tits, Tony!”

Tony leaned back in his chair, his mouth opened, gasping for air as he pumped his fist up and down his shaft.

“You’re going to…make me…,” he tried to say.

“What, Tony? Tell me.”

“I’m going to cum, Emily,” Tony managed to utter.

“I want you to. I want you to cum all over my tits, Tony. Stroke your cock for me until you cum all over me with your wet, warm cum.”

In his mind, Tony hovered over the beautiful Emily and her perfect breasts. His cock slid between them while she pushed her tits together. He could feel it—just like a cunt gripping his cock. And the tip of his cock was aimed at her chin and neck, ready escort kadıköy to cover her with his cum.

“God, Emily. Oh God! I’m…I’m…almost…”

“Cum all over me, Tony. Shoot your cum onto my face and neck and tits, Tony. Cum for me! Hard!”

“Yes! Yesssssss! I’m cumming…,” he cried out.

Tony frantically pulled up his boxers just as the first shot of cum flew from the head of his cock. He gripped the shaft with the fabric of his shorts and rubbed as fast and as hard as he could, shouting out with each successive blast. Emily listened to each grunt, knowing that cum was pouring through his cock and landing…somewhere.

Twenty seconds later he was done, a huge wet spot covering the top half of his boxers. Tony lay in his chair, panting after the effort he put into the orgasm.

“Good night, Tony.”

And she was gone.


“Help desk. This is Emily.”

“You’re very good on the phone,” Tony said.

“It’s my job.”

“Did you enjoy it as much as I did?” he asked.

Emily thought for a second, looking around her work area to make sure she was either alone or close to it. “Probably not as much as you did,” she replied.

“That’s too bad. Did you even get a little bit turned on?”

“Of course. But I had fun making you…,” she paused to look around again. “I had fun and yes, it was exciting, but that one was for you.”

“So I owe you one,” Tony said.


“Do you have a request?” he asked.

Emily smiled. “Wow. I don’t get offers like that very often.”

Tony quickly answered, “Then don’t turn it down.”

Neither of them spoke for several seconds. Finally, Emily said, “I do have a request.”

“Good. What is it?”

“I think you’re a little too stressed, Tony,” Emily began calmly. “You really need to add some fun to your life. A little excitement. Last night didn’t count…that was just, um, a warm-up. You need to move up to the big leagues. Plus, both of us will benefit from this.”

She paused, but Tony let her continue. “I’ve always had this kind of weird desire to listen to two people having sex. I mean, hearing you last night was awesome, but think what it would be like if TWO of you were there. Anyway, I have a wish.”

This time Tony jumped in when she stopped. “Go on.”

“I want you to pick out a customer—a really sexy babe that you want to fuck. You must get them in there all the time, Tony. Talk to her. Flirt with her. Get her into your office and fuck her brains out. Call me ahead of time and leave your phone on speaker. I want to hear her scream, Tony.”

Tony’s cock was throbbing just listening to Emily. “God, Emily. You’re totally messed up.”

Emily peered over her cubicle. “Is your cock hard, Tony?”

“Of course.”

“Then you’ll do it. You want to do it…for me.”

He couldn’t deny it. This woman could make him jump off a bridge for her, and if sex was involved he’d jump any way she wanted.

“When am I supposed to do this?” he asked.

“Tonight. Call my cell.”

Tony wrote down the number as she rattled it off quickly.

“Be aggressive for a change, Tony. Any babe in there that is willing to talk to you, especially near closing time, is willing to fuck. Trust me,” she said.

Tony wasn’t sure if that was a backhanded slap in the face or not, but she was probably right…again.

“If I happen to succeed, do you promise to cum this time?” he asked with a bit of apprehension.

“Oh, I promise. I’m wet thinking about it.”

“You’re a very bad girl, Emily.”

“Call me tonight, Tony.”

She hung up.

Tony’s Bar had a fairly regular clientele of young to middle-age blue collar men and women who came in to ‘unwind.’ The place wasn’t big by any means, with a seating area for people who wanted to eat at tables and the usual booth setup closer to the bar. He could expect several dozen people to come and go as the evening wore on.

Tony immediately began to panic that he wouldn’t have the opportunity to provide Emily with the ‘entertainment’ she desired. He resigned himself to the fact he might have to lower his standards in women to pull this one off. But Tony would only stoop so low to please a woman he’d never met in person, despite the previous night’s diversion.

Luckily, Tony was good looking enough to catch the eye of nearly any female. He still had an athletic body, with muscular arms and a chest that neatly filled out his shirt. On many occasions, he had entered into conversations with female patrons that nearly led to exactly what Emily wanted tonight. Could he pull it off under pressure? That was the question in his mind.

As the evening wore on, Tony’s confidence grew along with the crowd. It seemed to be a better than average night with more than the usual number of cute girls in attendance. He looked at them differently this time, seeing each one not just as a customer, but as a potential ‘target.’

One in particular had his attention. She arrived between ten and eleven and looked around the room before joining a small group in a booth. She had maltepe escort short blonde hair, which Tony assumed made her look younger than she really was. He put her somewhere in her late twenties. She wore a tight sweater that highlighted what appeared to be smallish, but firm, breasts. Her short skirt showed off perfectly formed legs.

Tony watched her interact with her friends in an energetic, good-natured way. Sitting directly across from the bar as she was, he had ample opportunity to stare at her luscious legs as they hung crossed under the table.

A few minutes after she came in, she approached the bar.

“Margarita, please,” she said in a stunning Southern accent. “Make it your favorite flavor.”

Tony smiled as he started on her drink. “You win the award for best accent tonight.”

The young woman sat on the edge of a stool, leaning on the bar. The tops of her breasts bulged against the v-neck of her sweater. Tony’s cock reminded him, once again, of his deal with Emily.

“Why, thank you. I get that a lot,” she said shyly. “I just moved here. Now I’m not sure if I want to get rid of it or not.”

“Don’t. It’s very nice to hear,” Tony said, attempting to prolong the making of her margarita without being too obvious. “I didn’t think I recognized you when you came in. I hope you can come back.”

The woman grinned and batted her eyes. “I will. And if I like the drink, what should I ask for?”

“Oh, I’ll remember you. Just say you want another one,” Tony said, sliding the drink in front of her.

“How much?”

“The first one’s always free,” Tony lied.

“I like this place more and more all the time,” she said in the deepest twang yet. She slid off the stool and said over her shoulder, “I’ll be back.”

She took the drink and turned towards her booth. Tony watched every step she took, her little ass gliding back and forth under her skirt. He followed her until she re-took her place in the booth, the skirt gracefully sliding up her thighs at the same time. He wouldn’t rule out any other female who happened to take his bait, but this was the one he really wanted.

It was well past eleven when Tony saw his blonde Southern belle moving toward the bar once again. She had been in and out of the booth several times. Sometimes she headed toward the ladies room, sometimes she appeared to go outside. ‘Maybe she’s a smoker,’ he said to himself.

Either way, she was half seated on the end bar stool again.

“Another one?” he asked.

“Yes, please. I see why it’s your favorite,” she said. “And do you make them all that strong?”

“You may have distracted me,” Tony said with a wink. “May I ask your name?”


“Hi. I’m Tony.”

“I was hoping the owner was the only one allowed to give out free drinks,” Beverly said.

Tony laughed. “If Jim’s doing it, he has ulterior motives,” Tony said, tilting his head toward his young assistant at the other end of the bar.

“And you?”

Tony approached Beverly with her drink and a renewed appreciation of her intelligence. He put the drink down. “That’ll be twenty bucks,” he said seriously, doubling his normal cost.

At first he got the predictable shocked look from Beverly. Then they smiled simultaneously and she said, “Damn. Being the owner sure has it’s perks.”

“Give me ten and we’ll call it even,” Tony said.

“Deal.” Beverly opened her small purse and pulled out the cash. She laid it on the bar and looked up at Tony. “I’ll be back.”

He considered his tip the privilege of watching her walk away. The booth was down to just her and a girlfriend now, and Tony prayed Beverly wasn’t a lesbian. With that dreadful thought on his mind, Tony told Jim to take over before heading for his office.

Tony pushed the speaker button and dialed Emily’s cell phone.


“Hi. It’s me. Are you ready?” Tony said.

“The question is, are YOU ready?” she replied.

“I’m more than ready. I just need a willing partner,” Tony admitted.

“Well, I’d hate to have to wait until closing time, but if that’s what it takes, I’ll keep the line open.”

“I have someone in mind that might happen sooner than that. She’s a real babe,” Tony said.

“A screamer?”

“How the fuck do I know,” Tony exclaimed. “But I’ll try to find out. Just for you.”

He heard Emily giggle. “You’re the best. I’ll be here.”

“OK. Hope to have something for you here soon. Bye.”


Tony deposited some cash into the small office safe and headed back to the bar. Before he could even look toward Beverly’s booth, he saw her and her girlfriend standing by the cigarette machine. They chatted for another minute or two, then the girlfriend left. Beverly went straight to the ladies room.

He assumed she would leave after that. His best opportunity…out the door. Tony began cleaning glasses, talking to Jim and regular customers at the same time. His back was turned moments later when he saw the now-familiar figure of Beverly in the mirror, climbing onto the end bar stool. His heart jumped into his throat.

“The same?” he asked.

“Nah. You’ll get me arrested.”

“Coke? Water?” he offered.

“Small coke is fine. Thanks.”

As she suspected, Tony wouldn’t let her pay for it. He put his hands on the edge of the bar and leaned on them. “All your friends leave you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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