Hector Ch. 04

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My friends, sorry for the delay. There is more MMF sex here. Again, if two guys having sex bother you, this tale is not likely to please you. Prudence, Hector and Jamie move to the bedroom and the fun continues as it’s Jamie’s turn for release. There’s a bit of teasing but no real BDSM. Once more, I wish there was a bi category for this type of story.

Enjoy. Please let me know what works and what doesn’t.

I totally neglected to thank HotandHollow for editing Chapter 3. Thank You and Sorry!!

Any errors remaining I slipped by.


Jamie laid back on the mattress. His eyes were wild. His dick was so hard I was afraid the skin would split. His dick was a dark, dusky purple I’ve only seen with a cock ring. Engorged veins coursed over the shaft. Pru had come three times, or maybe only twice; I wasn’t sure if her last orgasm was one long one or two back to back. I’d cum once. Like most guys, I usually need a few minutes to come down, drowse even, before getting back into action. Not today, not with Jamie’s dick raging at me.

Pru beat me to it. He wasn’t as thick as me but longer. She had to stop and pull back before she took all of his dick. When she did a slow slide off his cock, I nuzzled her cheek, moving her away. She allowed it.

I try not to be, but I’m a competitive mother fucker. I took him, all the way, in one steady motion, swallowing his cock until my nose was awash in his pubic hair.

“Oh, honey, what a show-off. And what a greedy little piggie,” Pru purred in my ear. “Sucking all that pretty cock.”

I pulled back slowly, swirling my tongue from side to side. When the head popped free of my mouth, I grabbed his cock and began to pop the head in and out of my pursed lips. I felt him stiffen, felt his body begin to lift. I stopped and squeezed his cock, just behind the crown.

“Breathe, amigo, breathe, not yet,” I told him, kissing his hip and thigh, before finding Pru’s mouth and tongue.

“Dude, I need to cum. Please man,” he gasped, reaching for his dick.

“Hold on a little longer baby,” Pru answered for me. “You won’t believe how amazing you’re going to feel.”

He continued to pant but did not speak. I risked relaxing my grip. A small surge of precum flowed from his slit but nothing else. Satisfied, I offered his dick to Pru. She kissed me in thanks and began to suck his dick. I held it for her. She kept it simple, knowing how close Jamie was to blowing his load. She took him as deep as she could, then caressed his length with lips and tongue as she withdrew.

Jamie whimpered. When he tensed up again, Pru squeezed his cock and scooted along his side. She tongued his nipple, kissed it, kissed along his collarbone, up the side of his neck, distracting him from his cock by shoving her tongue between his lips. I contented myself with nuzzling between his sack and leg, inhaling the smell of man, of sex, all the while watching my wife, my beautiful wife, tongue wrestle with him. I buried my face into the crease of his leg before moving up to join the fun.

I kissed them, my love and my lover. “Can you smell him, smell us, on my face?” I whispered. Pru chuckled.

“Yes, Hector, I can.” She nipped at my cheek, hard enough to cause me to flinch. “I can taste us on your face as well,” she growled.

I lowered my lips to Jamie’s. “And you, Jamie, can you taste us?” I inquired before running my tongue along his upper lip. He raised his head and smashed his mouth so hard against mine I knew my lips would be swollen later. He sucked at my tongue, harder than he’d sucked my cock. I pulled back and smiled at my wife, hovering on his other side. “Now who’s a greedy little pig, Pru?” I nodded at the flushed and groaning Jamie. “What do you think, babe? You think he might go all fountain for us?”

She nodded, then offered Jamie a huge smile, one with just a hint of mischief hidden in it, invisible unless you knew her smiles well enough to see it. “Jamie, do you know what a fountain is?” He managed a groaned, “no”. She kissed his cheek. “Poor baby. It’s when a man cums like a fountain. It’s amazing.” Her smile morphed into a faux frown, full of mischief, obvious to even a stranger. “But for it to be amazing, the guy really, really has to cum really, really bad, had to edge. It’s agony, needing to cum but holding it back. But, baby, the longer you can hold out, the more amazing your orgasm is going to be. Do you trust me? Trust us?”

Jamie’s eyes cleared. For a moment he was all there; he’d forgotten about his cock, forgotten how his balls throbbed. He was as focused as any soldier about to peek over the sill of a blown-out window. “Yes, Prudence. I trust you. I trust Hector. What do you need me to do?”

God, her smile. Fucking amazing. I don’t have the words, not in Spanish, not in English. Her smile filled me in a way that nothing else in this world ever had. Jamie saw it too and smiled back . The old Hector would have lost his mind with ataşehir escort jealousy, seeing a man look at his woman the way Jamie was looking at her. The old Hector could never imagine a woman would want to stay with him. Or a man, as far as that goes. My jealousy, the old Hector’s jealousy, was born in the conviction I’d never be able to hold on to someone.

Pru’s smile had baptized me more profoundly than any holy water. I had been crazy for her, the moment I set eyes on her, before she said a word. I knew I was seeing the only person in the world capable of completing me. You can think I’m full of shit if you want but it’s true. Even so, I came close to destroying everything. She had smiled at me, but I had been too blind to see her smile for what it was. When she smiled at other men, eve other women, the old Hector was too wounded to perceive the difference. The old Hector would grow sullen. The old Hector would ignore her, thinking he was punishing her when in fact he was ripping out little pieces of him soul and tossing them into the dirt. The old Hector told himself what he need was to suck some dick.

So that’s what the old Hector had done. I headed to a club in San Antonio and spent the night sucking cock and getting sucked. I’d finished the night bareback, balls deep inside a dude’s ass.

She had known immediately. I’d showered, brushed my teeth, showered again. Threw all my clothes in the laundry. We weren’t married yet, weren’t even living together, but she paused as soon as she stepped across the threshold of my old apartment. She hadn’t even closed the door yet. She looked at me. She didn’t scowl but her usually smile of greeting had paused on her lips, failing to reach her eyes. Her cheeks didn’t dimple and her eyes, while still bright, did not blaze.

“Tell me what you’ve done,” she had whispered, pulling the door closed. The old Hector had fought the urge to look around his apartment. Was there a condom lying on the floor? Ridiculous. I been at a club. Besides, I hadn’t used a condom; I fucked that dude raw, left him with my jizz running down his legs. Did I leave porn on the computer? Gay porn? Bi? The old Hector drew breath, forced outrage into his eyes and onto his face. “What are you saying? What does that mea…”

Pru had turned away, reaching for the doorknob. The old Hector started to tell her to “go ahead, leave” but I stopped him. The old Hector was dragging me straight to hell. I knew if I let Pru walk out that door I was finished. Booze, drugs, jail, death. The new Hector, the one lying here watching another man gaze at his wife in wonder, was born in that moment. The new Hector, me, sat down in the small space between the breakfast counter and the back of the sofa and started to cry.

Pru had turned from the door and sat down facing me. She lifted my head with one hand cupped beneath my chin. “Cry. Cry until it, whatever this thing is that’s all twisted around your heart, is gone. Then we can talk. Okay?” I nodded.

She smiled.

I saw the difference then. The difference in the smile she let me share and the smile she shared with others. I’d stopped crying. Immediately. There was no need. Her smile had burned away the pain and anger the old Hector hugged to himself. Fuck, man that old Hector had been a fucking miser for misery.

The new Hector, born, or reborn, that day, could smile back. I told her everything, sitting there on the floor with snot running out of my nose and my cheeks wet with tears, the first I’d shed since before I started school. Don’t get me wrong. Nothing about it had been easy but I knew Pru wasn’t going to leave me. I could drive her away but she wasn’t doing to leave me.

She wasn’t going to leave me for Jamie. I wasn’t leaving her for Jamie. He might journey with us for a time. I gave a mental shrug. Hell, he might stay with us for awhile, I thought.

That was a thought better suited for another time. What was required at the moment was for me to get back to sucking Jamie’s dick before Pru beat me to it. It was a close race. We laughed as we both lunged for his cock. She let me win. She looked over her shoulder at Jamie. “We’re pretty good at telling when someone is getting close but if you need us to stop, just say so.” I could see Jamie nod as I cupped his balls. “Oh, and hey,” Pru continued. “This is about having fun. If you let it go too far and cum, no big deal, okay? It’s not a test. You can’t fail. We cool?”

I don’t know if he nodded again or not. I had already tipped my head and scooped his bobbing dick into my mouth. I’ve sucked a few dicks in my time but Jamie’s was something special. His dick pulsed in my throat, as if he were trying to take control of my own heartbeat, through his dick. His dick fit my mouth, fit my throat. I didn’t gag. It wasn’t a strain to get him into my mouth. His dick wasn’t small, don’t misunderstand me. He’s dick was bigger than mine, in length anyway. It just fit. It fit my jaw, kadıköy escort bayan fit my lips, fit my throat. Jamie dick and my mouth were a perfect match.


I could tell from the look on my husband’s face he had left us, off in his own head. It no longer frightened me as it had in the past. I knew he would come back to me. I no more than completed that thought when the pensive look on his face was replaced with desire. And love. That was the critical component. Love can survive without desire, or I think it can; I’ve never had to test that theory. But desire without love is dangerous. Before I meet Hector, there had been times when I simply needed to fuck. I’m not ashamed of that. Sex without love doesn’t have to be terrible but one must be very, very careful. Hook-up sex was able to relieve the itch between my legs for a time but that was it. More often than not I had to get myself to the finish line. I’ve never wanted to be a man, but the idea of always cumming when you fuck is just mind-blowing. Hook-up sex filled a need, to feel something made of flesh inside me, that was all.

If you haven’t had love sex, haven’t ‘made love’, you may not understand how utterly beyond simply fucking making love can be. I hope all of you find it, love I mean. Find it and hold on to it. If you’re willing to accept advice from someone who’s only been able to drink, legally, for a few years, holding on to love is the tricky part. Because what you’re trying to hold on to is constantly in flux. The love I have for Hector is not the same as it was when we married, or when I first took him inside me. It’s not even the same love we shared before we meet Jamie. Love morphs and shifts and does all sorts of crazy, bizarre, wonderful contortions. It likes to hide. The Greeks knew what they were talking about when they imbued Eros with a streak of mischief. Same for the Hopi and Kokopelli, part trickster, part fertility god. One had better tend to love or it will most certainly rip your heart out.

Thank god thoughts are faster than words. I doubt anyone but Hector could have noticed my little hiccup of introspection. Jamie was too busy processing the sensation of my husband’s throat clenching around his cock. The sight made my pussy do some clenching of its own. Greedy little pussy. Always wanting more.

I caressed Jamie’s nipple with my lips. I love playing with a guy’s nipples. They’re always so amazed at how good it feels. That baffles me. If guys don’t realize nipple play is so much fun, why are they always playing with a gal’s nips? Is it for them or for the gal? In this particular case, with his cock balls deep in Hector’s throat, it was going to take more than a caress to get Jamie’s attention.

I closed my teeth around his small bud and bit, harder than I would if we were just getting warmed up. The guttural “fuck” Jamie panted made it clear I had his attention.

You know that scene in Tombstone, the one where a drunk Doc Holliday (love Val Kilmer) perfectly mimics Johnny Ringo’s fancy gun moves with a tin cup? Hector loves that movie. Personally, I think the dialogue is pretty atrocious but I’m happy to watch the scenes with Val in them. Anyway, that’s what I tried to do to Jamie’s nipple. I tried to recapitulate every flick and tug Jamie had used to pleasure my clit. I can’t pretend I had every move down as cleanly as Doc, but I don’t think it mattered. Within a minute, Jamie was panting, “stop, stop a second, stop”.

I stopped but I couldn’t resist clamping down on his nipple just a bit harder before letting it go. His gasp assured me that if we were to repeat this little get together, the nipple clamps were coming out. I soothed what had to be a throbbing nipple with soft kisses, waiting for his breathing to slow, waiting for his body to stop shuddering.


I couldn’t stop shaking. When I was a kid I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. My fever hit a 104.5. That was the only other time I remember shaking so hard. The pneumonia shudders were agony. The shudders Prudence and Hector induced were equal parts pleasure, anticipation with just enough agony thrown in to make it interesting.

When Prudence bit down on my nipple I was sure I had lost the battle and was going to blow a load all over Hector’s face. I don’t think he would have minded but they had gotten me interested in this game. I finally understood why edging was considered by some a form of BDSM. I’d never had enough control to really get to this point. What I considered edging wasn’t even close to what I was experiencing. There were certainly elements of discomfort, even pain. My balls certainly ached like mad. Still, I wasn’t restrained. Prudence had made it clear if wanted to cum, go ahead. With us, it didn’t seem very BDSMy. But holy fuck was it intense.

Prudence’s lips felt amazing, brushing lightly across my nipple. Hector was nuzzling the side of my ball sack, stopping every so often escort maltepe to blow his hot breath over the head of my cock. I wished I was uncut; I still do. That was an easy decision when my wife and I had kids, no circumcision. Our boys weren’t happy about it for the longest time. It’s hard to look different in the locker room. We’ve always been very open with our kids but that doesn’t mean either of is about to ask our grown sons if they enjoy having a foreskin. Call me old fashion, but I believe there is such a thing as too much openness.

As my breathing slowed, Prudence began to kiss her way across my chest. Her breast was pressed firmly against my arm. Down south, Hector began to kiss the top of my leg, my belly. When his cheek brushed against my cock, my body gave a brief spasm, but I was back in control. I was in control and it occurred to me that I want something more. I loved what we were doing but I wanted more.

“You can video this if you want,” I whispered, surprised I could form coherent words. “It’s okay. I trust you. I want you to,” I managed to confess. It was Prudence who spoke first.

“Just you or us? All of us?”

“I’m fine with all of us but if you’re worried about it, just me. That’s cool.”

“Bro, I shared a video of me sucking your dick with Pru,” Hector added. “But it only showed my face, not yours. It’s unlikely anyone would recognize you by your dick even if I was the sort of douchey mother fucker to share it. I know I should trust you, since I’ve asked you to trust me, but I won’t risk Pru. Sorry, if that makes a dick.”

I rose up and rested on an elbow. “I get it. Honest. I do trust you, but we’ve really only just met. We could use my phone and just get me cumming. However, we do it I want to be able to watch it. So, if you want to use your phone, I’m cool with you controlling the video but at some point, even if the faces are pixelated, I would like to have a copy at some point.”

It was Prudence, amazingly passionate yet practical, who settled it. “What if we use your phone. When you get close, tell us. I’ll sit on your face. Only my back will be visible. I don’t have any tattoos or birthmarks. I’d be anonymous. Your face will be buried in my pussy. You’d be anonymous and Hector could simply show his hand stroking you to a finish. No faces.”

Hector’s smile could compete with Prudence’s at times; this was one of those times. “Thank god, I married a brilliant woman, not just a sex goddess.” He tore his eyes away from his wife and looked at me. “Is your phone in your pants?” I nodded. Hector frowned. “Great, now where the fuck are your pants?” He hopped up, his cock swaying, leaking and looking delectable, in search of my pants.

Prudence took the opportunity to reintroduce our lips to each other. I would never tell my wife this, but Prudence was as amazing at kissing as she is. Like I said, it’s possible to share too much information. Cate’s kisses are out of this world but so were Prudence’s. I tugged at her lip with my teeth, trying to convey without words that I enjoyed the way she’d tugged at my nipple. I don’t know if she understood but when I release her lip, her tongue danced with my tongue. I wrapped her in my arms and stroked her back as we kissed.

“What’s your code?” Hector asked as he plopped back onto the mattress. I told him, as Prudence nibbled on my ear. He nodded. “Dude,” he smirked. “We’re going to bring you to a place, where, when the time comes,” he smiled. “Comes, get it? You won’t remember your name much less the code to your phone.” I didn’t have time to respond before he placed my phone on the floor beside the mattress and laid his head on my belly. He didn’t suck my cock. He teased it.

He pushed his tongue out and touch it to my slit. I couldn’t see but I could picture a long shimmering strand of precum stretching from my cock to the tip of his tongue. He flicked the tip of my cock with his tongue a few times then lifted his head. He turned, smiling, making sure he had my attention before dipping the tip of his finger into the clear pool of liquid resting on my lower belly — cock drool, that’s kinda gross but accurate. He stuck his finger in his mouth and sucked. His smile widened as he pulled the finger from his mouth with a ‘pop’. He lowered his head and dipped his tongue, then pursed his lips and slurped up the pool of my excitement. He exaggerated the sound, like a kid sucking up the last of a milkshake. Prudence shook her head, smiling at her husband. He moved up beside me, leaned over and kissed her.

“Is it okay if I go down on you? Until it’s time for you to eat my pussy?” she asked, breaking their kiss.

I could only nod. She moved lower in the bed and lifted my cock up with one hand. She licked the underside of my shaft, softly and very slowly.

“Suck his dick, babe,” Hector encouraged, his whisper sounding very loud in my ear. “It’s a great dick for sucking,” he added, dropping me a sly grin. She flipped him off as she slid her lips back down my shaft and he laughed. I curled my toes and held my breath as she eased me into her mouth. I was so close. I’d never been so close to cumming and been able to hold back. I did that afternoon though. I did it for them, Prudence and Hector.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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