Hard to Control

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Three weeks ago, while working the night shift, a patient was having a stroke. 911 got called and as usual the Fire Department showed up first to take his vital signs. She was having a bad night, but she was not working as the manager on duty that night. She was on her way to make sure the newly promoted girl had everything in order, but she was too late. They came rushing through the door, all in short sleeve shirts stretched so tight across their muscles, it looked like their clothes were painted on. The four of them stood in front of her.

Like she was emerging from water, his voice came to her.

“Miss, Hey! Which way?” He asked again.

“I… Uh.. This way!” She jumped to a quick walk, taking them to the right side of the building. She couldn’t believe herself. She led them down the hallway remembering the time as a little girl when she bought that calendar that wasn’t even the right year, but it was covered in firemen.

She shook the memory from her mind and pointed to the right room.

“This is it.” She says meekly.

“Thanks!” He said, with a wink.

After all four of them entered the room, she keeled over and put her hands over her face. What got into her? It’s just four good looking guys, here to do their job, just like she is there to do hers.

Ever escort kartal since that night she has been fantasizing about him, the one who’s voice brought her out of her stupor, the one who’s eyes captivated her. Did he feel the same way about her? She could only hope.

“We need you and the blood pressure cuff in 321!” She hears over the radio.

She snatches up the cuff and takes off to the room called.

Shit, he is sick again. She thinks to herself.

She makes the call knowing she has to stay on her game tonight. She is the one on duty tonight, and she has to stay in the room with the first responders with the resident’s information. After making the call she sends one of the aids to the front door so the team of responders can be led to the correct room.

Please don’t let him come this time! Please, please! Wait, what am I saying? Wouldn’t it be so hot to be thrown against the wall, hair pulled, ass grabbed, fucked relentlessly right here, right now?!

“Miss?” He asks again.

“Dammit.” She whispers under her breath.

It is him standing in front of her. His eyes burning into her, making her sweat, making her juices seep from her.

Did the heater just get turned on?

She can’t breathe with him so close. What is he doing to maltepe escort her? Instinctively she grabs the neck of her shirt, and takes a deep breath.

“His vital signs were 190/119, He is short of breath, and…”

I am short of breath!

“I… I..” She couldn’t finish her thought.

A smirk takes over his features and she tries to rush from the room.

Footsteps follow her out, and a strong hand grabs her upper arm, holding tightly. With nowhere to go, she is cornered by him and his sweet smell, and his captivating eyes. His strong stance blocks any getaway route. She is trapped, and although she is shaking and nervous, she loves it. She loves how close he is, she loves the interest in his eyes, the danger they instill.

“I have fantasized about this moment for way too long.” He says.

His lips brushing against her ear, sending chills down her spine.

A moan slips between her lips and her body sags into his hold.

Both his hands grab her wrists and he restrains them behind her back with one hand. His now free hand runs a trail of goose bumps up her spine and grabs a handful of her thrown up hair, ripping her head back.

“What are you?” He whispers.

“I’m a slut sir!” She chimes quickly.

“Then prove it, dirty pendik escort bayan whore.” He commands.

Her knees go weak as his grip lessens and his hard cock is now eye level. Wasting no time, she takes the shaft into her mouth and starts soft and slow. Sucking lightly, brushing her teeth against him, harder and faster, she takes more and more of him into her mouth, making him proud each time she takes too much of him and gags on his length.

He grips her hair and pulls her off of him, leading her mouth to his balls. Without hesitation she takes them into her mouth and sucks on them looking at him as long as he wants her there. With a jut of his hips, her head is against the wall, and his grip of her hair keeps her in place.

“Open.” He commands.

She obeys immediately, and he again places his cock in her mouth. He fucks her faster, harder, the hardest she has ever had it, but she takes it. She is so wet from his punishments. Finally, he thrusts even farther and she is afraid she will throw up. Her gag reflex is failing her, but she holds it down as his hot load spurts down her throat time and time again.

The EMT’s show up outside of the room and she realizes she has been fantasizing him face fucking her. She is on her knees, and she knows she has been moaning, she can feel the moist spot in her panties and can smell her arousal. As she quickly takes in her surrounding, he is there, with a shit-eating grin spread across his face.

He strides up to her, gives her a slip of paper, and with a wink he says, “See you soon, slut.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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