Happy Hour

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Normally, I love happy hour, but today it’s dragging. The well drinks are still cheap and there are a half dozen people here that I’d normally be stoked to hang out with, but right now I can’t think about anything except taking her clothes off. She kissed me hello when I got to the bar but now she’s sitting a few stools away talking to some friends. Next to me, Ben is trying to educate me about country music and I’m doing my best to pay attention, but my eyes keep straying back to her. A few rounds after work bring out everything about her that makes me crazy: a teasing wit, a cheeky smile, a truly evil laugh, and slow kisses when I can convince her no one’s looking; tangy and just a little sour from the vodka.

Finally I can’t stand it anymore. I head her off coming back from the bathroom, kiss her once on the lips and say quietly, ‘If I don’t take you away from here right now, I might do something that would get us 86’d for life. I like this bar and I want to be allowed back here next week. Say your goodbyes. Now.’ We leave very quickly and almost politely.

Why does the girl I want have to live in Queens? The subway is torture. We kiss a little and whisper to each other. The sensation of her warm breath on my ear travels straight down my spine to my cock. Why can’t trains be faster?

She drops her keys in the hallway and I nearly groan in frustration as she picks them up, sorts through them again for the door key and turns the lock. We manage to get inside, but kartal escort bayan I can’t make it to the bedroom. I grab her shoulders and pull her in for a deep kiss, kicking the door shut behind me. I spin us both around to press her against the front door. I feel a need to be as close as possible, pushing my body against hers with all my weight, feeling her breasts flatten against me as i take her lower lip between mine and tug, my hands tangled in her hair.

I don’t stop kissing, but I step back a little, moving my body to make room for my hands to run over her – over her hips and up her stomach to cup her breasts. The silk of her summer dress slides easily over the lace of her bra in a way that makes me wild. I let one hand run up her inner thigh, under the hem of her dress and into the waistband of her boxer briefs – an unconventional choice but somehow it works for her – and drag my middle finger along the lips of her pussy, gathering moisture before sliding just past her clit. I’m too worked up to tease though, and I slip two fingers inside her, letting them go deep before I hook them towards me and pull them slowly back, rubbing my fingertips over the front wall until I feel it give a little at her g-spot. I work my fingertips back and forth over it with a firm, steady rhythm, while my other hand squeezes her right breast and I kiss her neck hungrily and whisper in her ear, telling her how badly I need her to come for me. Her focus is incredible and escort maltepe it barely takes a minute before her breath quickens and I feel her squeeze my fingers as she comes. I press my body to hers again for one hard kiss, then step away and let her body slump against the door.

I take her hand and tow her into the bedroom, where i wrap my arms around her from behind and pull her tight to me while I kiss the back of her neck and her shoulders. I take the straps of her dress and slip them over her shoulders, following the dress down to her waist where I pull her boxers down to floor as well. I dig desperately in my wallet for a condom then unbuckle my belt and drop my jeans. I’m at the point where getting out words is difficult but I manage ‘On the bed. All fours.’ Climbing up behind her, I’m about to unwrap the condom but I want to feel her so badly I find myself sliding inside her, bare, almost before I realise I’m going to do it. The feeling is so intense that I let out all of my breath in a low moan. I let myself go slowly in and out twice before I come to my senses. ‘God damn it, why aren’t you on the pill?! I want to feel you like this all the time.’ I pull out and roll on the condom but not before I spank her once on each cheek, hard – harder than I meant to, I think – and she bites back a little yelp but doesn’t protest as my cock dips inside her again and, this time keeps moving.

At first my hands grip her hips tight while I fuck her, not all that pendik escort fast but with deliberate, firm thrusts, with the head of my cock pressing up against her walls. Even through the condom, the sensation is intense and I have to concentrate hard to stay on top of it. I tell her to crawl forward so brace herself against the wall, and bring her body upright so I can unsnap her the clasp of her bra and slip my hands underneath it, cupping her breasts and pinching her nipples. She’s breathing heavily but I really want to hear her voice so I twist both nipples hard like gain controls and make her moan, loudly. The sound makes me go faster.

I know I’m close to coming and I want to be as deep as I can get, so I flip her onto her back and lift her legs up over my shoulders. I go slow, concentrating on making each thrust deep and pulling back until I’m nearly falling out of her. She reaches between her legs and starts to rub her clit. Looking down at her flushed, gorgeous face and her breasts moving with her breath sends me right over the edge. ‘Don’t stop doing that,’ I say. ‘I want you to come with me but I can’t wait any longer, baby.’ I don’t think she’s going to make it, but she does. I feel her tighten around me just as I start to come. She squeezes so hard she almost pushes me out but I pull her hips toward me and fight to stay deep until my orgasm fades. Then, I collapse next to her on the bed.

I glance at the clock as I catch my breath and realise that it hasn’t even been ten minutes since we came through the front door. On the other hand, it’s also still early and I have a whole night still to spend with her. ‘I think we left at exactly the right time,’ I say, and roll over to kiss her again, very softly. And then some more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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