G’s Submission Ch. 13

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Apologies for the long delay. I wanted to listen to all comments, and listen I did. I scrubbed off an even more ridiculous, over the top chapter and wrote this instead. You guys are essentially driving the story now. The next chapter, in the current direction, would be G’s time with Emma, the consequences of G’s shenanigans in class, and the repercussions of G ignoring Jane. I will direct the story into a direction that the more discerning comments lead me to, so please do comment!

Finally, a thanks to all the suggestions and comments and emails. I’ll refrain from leaving any names here, but you know who you all are 😉


The sun was warm around me. The queer patterns the sunlight made through the leaves danced on the stone bench. The sounds of the classroom were far away for the moment, but they were rapidly becoming closer. I was panicking. I wanted to go back. I was so scared of the thought of a displeased Jane. Was I scared of her? Was I afraid of her releasing all the incriminating photos and videos?

I was also afraid of my class. They had all seen me naked. They had all seen me literally deliver 5 marker pens out of my vagina. They were probably going ape-shit crazy. What was I doing with my life? I mean, most sluts and bimbos wore tight, skimpy clothes and fucked around. But not me, no.

I was hyperventilating. I was fragile, shaken and trembling. Life would never be the same again. I would probably be reported to the Dean. I would be expelled. I would probably never get a job…


I kept my head buried in an alcove formed by my arms. The noises grow louder. Steadily.

Mainly girls, walking down the path to the spot from the class. My heart was thumping.

They were within the trees now, along the border of the clearing. One of the girls not in the forum was yelling. She was furious. I could hear Jane’s voice among others, calming her down. I couldn’t make out much. I slumped deeper into a self-induced coma. I did not hear anything.

Maybe because I was wallowing in my sorrow. Maybe because my ears were pricked for one voice.

Emma. I probably should have told you about her earlier. I have a crush on her. She was important. And she had just seen me bottomless in the back of the class ejecting marker pens out of myself.

And worst of all, my roommate Jane gave me the instructions to do so. And I obeyed. It is a long story. The thought should have angered me. But, no. Not me.

I was rubbing my pussy on the rough stone of the bench gently. My lips parted. Yeah, the ones down there.

My open vagina completely suctioned onto the stone with a slurp. The noise turned me on soooo much. I ground myself gently on the bench, oblivious of the receding noises in the background.

My distended clit poked out, and got crushed under my weight.

I groaned inaudibly and stilled my hips. Oh God.

I tried to think of something disgusting. I did not want to come then. I tried to think of getting expelled. Going back to the apartment.

That worked, until my imagination took the idea and ran away with it.

I imagined Jane’d take complete control over me. I imagined being naked in the apartment all the time. Serving Jane being her slut. Strange new thoughts dug at my gut. The pleasure was strange, twisted. The ideas were vivid and depraved.

I was crushing my tender pussy on the bench. I was not being gentle. By now my moans were not so silent. My shaking of hips was not so subtle. My clitoris was boring through the wet stone. I slipped out one arm from under my head and extended my hand downwards. One touch.

With a shattering orgasm I stopped my jerking. I don’t know how long I came, or how many times. All I know was I sat there, clutching my thigh with one hand and my face buried in the elbow crook of my other, shuddering. I had splattered again, this time with less intensity.

My thighs were glistening. My pussy snot, for lack of a better phrase, was dripping down the bench in slow drops, landing in the grass between my feet.

How low could I sink?

I stayed still for 5 minutes, trying not to think of anything sexual. casino siteleri Well, that orgasm pretty much confirmed it. I wanted this.

I had to go back to apologize to Jane. But Emma would be there. And she’d be so disgusted by me. If she wasn’t already, that is.

I couldn’t bear to move.

I wanted to stay there forever, my breasts crushed between my chest and the table, my clitoris smashed to the bench. That would be a good punishment for it. That bundle of nerves was what was controlling me, not Jane…

I thrust my hips even harder on to the stone, as if in rage.



I am startled. I don’t move. The voice.

“Please get up G.”

It couldn’t be.

“I know you can hear me.” The tiny, lilting voice was very close to me.

The melodious sweet voice.

Emma’s voice.

I straightened up.

I try to get up to scramble away, but my pussy lips seemed stuck to stone bench. My legs had no feeling.

I looked at her, expecting disgust. I found her smiling reassuringly. I was never more surprised than I was at the moment.

“Are you okay?” She said, weakly. I could tell she was not completely comfortable speaking with a nearly naked girl, but she was making an effort. I could just sense Jane behind me.

My jaw opened and closed without making any noise. Boy was I wreck.

But then, what do you expect?

“How long…” I managed to whisper hoarsely. My voice seems to have decided to take the rest of the day off.

“Since before you came honey… ” Jane’s voice came from behind me.

I was mortified. My face went bright red. I turned my neck and spotted Jane. Alone.

Thank God.

I turned back to Emma. I still couldn’t believe how cool she was with the whole thing.

Emma’s smile was more nervous now, making her prettier, if possible.

I felt Jane’s hand snake around my body, now. I chilled. All fight in me had died for good. All I cared about was that Emma was cool with it.

I mean, she might not be comfortable with it. She might not even care. She might just be acting reassuring because Jane had told her to be so. I, of all people knew how persuasive Jane can be.

But to me, it didn’t matter. Emma hadn’t sneered at me in disgust.

Jane’s finger grasped my right breast now hanging free under the crop top. She squeezed it gently on her way down my navel to the juncture of my legs. She gently pushed one thigh, then the other with a finger, indicating me to spread my thighs. I obeyed in tune to her fingers.

Emma looked on with wide eyed shock.

I tore my gaze away from Emma who had gone from slightly pale to white and now was flushing red at the sight of my submissiveness.

I looked down at Jane’s hands instead, and caught sight of what shocked Emma. My pussy lips were spread wide and come unstuck from the bench, and my distended clit was staring right at her. The shame! God!

Jane extended her index finger down to the start of my slit. To my wet, engorged, very visible nub. I could imagine her smile.

She scratched the hood with her fingernail, making me shudder into a minor quake. The wet bench was refreshed with a fresh coating of clear, slightly foamy juices from my clenching vagina. Emma gasped.

Jane didn’t stop. She formed a forceps with her index finger and thumb and pulled my clit hood up, exposing my button of shame. I tried to push my torso into the bench to hide all my exposed jewels from Emma, but it was no use.

Jane pinched pulled the delicate bit of skin above my clit harder upwards. “tut tut.” She, well, tutted, as if disappointed by her performing dog.

Emma gasped and looked wide eyed at Jane.

Sharp pain as the fingernails dug into my fairly sore nether regions, and I gave in, doing exactly what Jane wanted me to do. The last of my resistance wearing off at the sight of Emma’s sympathy to my pain.

I leaned back and spread my thigh. I was thoroughly and fully exposed to Emma. I had little else to hide, and I could feel my brain hiding into a corner of my head, shrinking with it all feelings of embarrassment and modesty. I looked slot oyna up at her reaction, resigned to my fate.

Emma saw me looking up and tore her eyes off my very exposed lady parts. She then suddenly seemed to get her voice back. She turned her head to the side with a slightly nervous giggle and put her open hand like a blind near her eyes to partially avoid seeing me. Through all my depraved humiliation, I loved her response to a naked woman spreading herself in front.

“Jeez, too much pink girls…” She said, in a strangled voice.

“That was the idea.” Jane replied. I looked up and Jane was grinning. “She’s a submissive exhibitionist.” I dare not open my mouth.

It took a while for the information to sink into Emma. I spent the time blanking out the events, just fervently hoping against hope that Emma wouldn’t run away disgustedly. I mean, that would be the normal reaction of a straight girl when seeing another girl splayed open in such a depraved fashion, exposing herself so wantonly, while another girl pulled up the shred of skin that covered her tenderest parts.

“Since when?” Emma shot back, looking at Jane’s stare. Well, Emma was no straight girl. Or she was an exceedingly tolerant teen. Whatever it was, she was different.

“A few days. Barely a week, in fact.” Jane said. At this point, both of them were speaking as if I weren’t there. Jane had let go of my clit hood, mercifully, and wiped her wet fingers on my boobs. The skin was settling back over my nub, with no more than a couple of dents where her nails had dug into it. I pulled my thighs shut quickly.

“And is she gay?” Emma asked, the throaty quality returning to her voice.

Jane nodded. “In fact, she discovered she was gay only because of you Emma.” I wanted to speak up, to tell Emma that Jane was making up stuff, the harridan. But my mouth was stilled with shock.

My head jerked up to glare at Jane, whose eyes stared back with a twinkle of mischief in them.

Emma went absolutely crimson. Her cheeks were suffused with color. I tried to work out if she was offended, disgusted or pleased.

But I think, through the surreal haze of shock that clouded my vision, she was pleased and embarrassed. Maybe even flattered. My heart did a leap.

“But…” Emma tried to look away from me.

“But you must know, she’s also extremely turned on by being humiliated.” Jane smirked.

Ouch. Jane had crossed a line. Emma’s credulity was already stretched thin.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. It was one thing being humiliated by Jane, but quite another being made a spectacle of in front of Emma. My worry that Emma might be too alarmed or shocked was being confirmed, and I was scared now.

Emma’s eyes narrowed. She looked sharply at Jane, in a way that seemed to burn through her soul. I suddenly chilled. Something about Jane’s statement and my reaction to it seemed to affect Emma. Jane was taken aback, as if hit by sharp contrition. Her maniacal, gleeful grin faded suddenly to a guarded, almost apologetic pout.

“Umm.. Jane?” Emma said softly. I could hear a steady conviction in her voice. “Give us a minute will you? We’ll meet you in the class?”

“Umm .. Sure babe…” She backed off, slightly put off and puzzled. “I understand. You need some alone time with her…”

She gave me a piercing glare before looking back at Emma.

“Don’t keep me waiting too long girls,” She picked up her bag, and walked backwards to the edge of the clearing. “I have some pretty great plans…”

“Sure Jane..” Emma grinned, and gave her a thumbs up. Jane grinned back and turned around and walked to the class.

Emma went to the edge of the spot to make sure Jane was walking back all the way.

Emma seemed to really want to talk to me alone. I figured that would be the ideal time to dress. By dress, I mean pulling up the excuse for a skirt to cover parts of me that Emma had seen in more detail than even I had.

But I did it anyway, and by the time Emma came back, I was nominally covered, and pulling out tissues from my book-bag that Jane had been kind enough to bring from the class, and cleaning out the canlı casino siteleri bench I had just sat on, along with my slightly tear stained face and the insides of my thighs.

I pulled my crop top down to cover my breasts more sufficiently, thinking that I should be decent for some time at least before the elastic cloth decides that I shouldn’t really be hiding my tits from Emma. I was under its mercy, really.

I tried to look Emma in the eyes, but I couldn’t.

I knew what was coming, and I was readying myself for it.

Emma opened her mouth. “The part about having a crush on me…” My neck whipped up with such force that I almost had a neck sprain, and my nipples freed themselves promptly from the crop top and stared at Emma. It was only a matter of time…

Emma cleared her throat and looked up from my nipples. “The part that Jane said about you having a crush on me… ” she repeated. My heart was pounding. “Is that true?”

I nodded. Slowly, hesitantly. “I’m sorry Emma. I never meant for you to see any of this… ” I started to apologize awkwardly, but was abruptly cut off.

Emma had lunged at me, face first, almost toppling me backwards. I arrested my fall back on the table with one hand, and tried to grab Emma with my other, but nothing in life could have prepared me for what came next.

Emma lips crushed my own. She was kissing me with such force that I was seeing stars!

I opened my mouth and let myself lie on the bench, giving in. Emma got on the table, her lips never leaving mine. She straddled me and thrust my mouth with her tongue, exploring me with it. I started crying, happily, and gave in.

My insides were exploding, my brain was shot to hell, but I gave in, and lay down. She kissed me for what seemed like ages.

I just gave in, tears of joy streaming down my face, a smile in my lips that I couldn’t wipe.


When we finally broke apart, Emma looked into my eyes for a long time. She got up, and sat on my bare belly, thighs and either side of me. Her jeans rubbed gently on my navel.

I giggled, looking at her through my eyes blurred through tears. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I rested my head back on the stone table, trying to convince myself that it was reality.

“So…” Emma broke the silence after a long time. I didn’t want that moment to stop, but the inevitable had to happen. “This Jane…”

And it did. My reality pinch had arrived. I visibly winced. Of all the ways I wanted to meet Emma, this wasn’t how I imagined it. Not through Jane. It would forever leave a taint on our first meeting, I feared.

But somehow, that wasn’t to happen. If there was any moment that I fished through my past during times that I needed affirming that Emma was special, not that there were many such moments, it was this.

Emma noticed everything. The wince. The darkening of my face. Everything.

She immediately bent down and kissed me again, effectively shutting me up. She disengaged and whispered, “Never mind…” She then proceeded to lick off the salty tears from cheeks, leading to even more tears, rendering her efforts void. She finally got off and sat back up and looked at my teary face smiling vacuously.

“Emma…” I whispered. She smiled, cocking an eyebrow and leaning her head in an incredible cute expression. “Thanks…” I said, my heart flooding with emotion.

“Oh you dumb bimbo… ” She said, shaking her head, with a smile on her face. “You dumb dumb, beautiful angelic Bimbo… “

She leaned down for a last peck on my lips and slipped down, off the table.

“Let’s ditch Jane and go to my place?” She said, picking up her book back. I got up and nodded, grinning widely, while trying to wipe my face. I got down from the table as ladylike as I could and picked up the book bag.

She grabbed my hand and led me full speed down the path. We entered my classroom, and raced through it. Emma yelled, “Don’t wait up… ” to a surprised Jane who was sitting on the front row, twiddling with her phone. I need not have turned back to see Jane’s surprised expression.

I followed Emma, as she clutched my arm and ran at breakneck speed. All thoughts left my mind, including Jane’s slack jawed face composing itself into an expression of rage.

The ground flew beneath me, and everything was one, happy blur.

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