Gloryhole Adventure

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My job puts me under a lot of stress and I only seem to be able to deal with it is through sexual release. Being single I have to look for women to hook up with. Lately I have been striking out on that front. I’m not beyond going to the gloryhole to get sucked off by whomever is there.

So, sitting around my apartment one night I decided that I needed relief past my own hand so I headed to the gloryhole. The place was pretty busy with a big group of guys just milling about so I slipped into the only booth without a light and put my money into the video machine.

I didn’t take long before there was a beckoning hand in the hole asking for my cock. I pulled my cock out and put it through the hole and was rewarded by a nice warm mouth as he immediately took me all the way down his throat. I was so horny I blasted my load after only a few strokes.

After he finished cleaning me off and I was putting my cock back in my pants he put his cock through the hole. Even though I have been to the gloryhole many times, I have never touched another guy. I leaned over and told him “sorry, not going to happen pal.”

As I turn around and move towards the door I catch movement on the other wall. Another cock has been presented. I realize that in my haste to get sucked I didn’t think when I got in the booth. I had entered one of the middle booths which are used by the guys who will take on all cummers.

I figured I better make a hasty exit.

But before I did, I looked at the cock that had been pushed through the hole and it was absolute perfection. This guy could have been the model for the mold for dildos. It was long, straight, reasonably thick with a perfect head. I froze, just staring at it. I was fighting to tear myself away and run out of there, but I was mesmerized by this cock.

I bent down and got a closer look. illegal bahis I was close enough to smell it. He must have just showered as it smelled of soap and a slight trace of cologne. I instinctively reached out and took it in my hand to feel the heft of it. I could feel his pulse throbbing. I started to slowly stroke it. I drooled on it to offer some lubrication.

Soon I could feel his cock getting even harder and then he moaned and started to pump out huge jets of cum all over my hand. He pulled back and I quickly wiped my hands with the paper towels in the booth and got ready to get out.

There was another cock poking through the other hole. It was the guy I had turned down the first time.

It was decision time. Leave or service another cock. I knew that if I didn’t get out right away there would be a line of guys waiting their turns and I would never be able to leave. After all, many a time it was me on the other side of the wall waiting to get my turn, so I knew that once Mr. perfect cock got out of his booth word would quickly spread and I would be stuck.

I heard the door close as he left the booth and I knew I had less that minute to decide. I was frozen. When I heard the door from the empty booth close I knew there was a new guy there and the time to choose was on me. Service the first guy or run. I chose.

I grabbed the cock in the hole and started to stroke it. When I got down on my knees and got closer I was not surprised that this cock didn’t smell as nice as the first one, but there was no stopping me now.

I leaned in and gave the head a lick. When I opened my mouth and put the head to my lips, he pushed as far as he could to try to get me to take it deeper. Lucky for me he wasn’t too big or too long so I was able to take it all the way to the base. I slowly started to bob my head back and illegal bahis siteleri forth taking him as deep as I could with each down-stroke.

It wasn’t long before I heard that familiar knock. My mind raced with the instantaneous decision to back off or keep my mouth on his soon to spurt cock. I kept it in my mouth as he unleashed a spurt so strong that cum squirted out around the sides of my mouth. As he kept pumping I got into a rhythm and began to swallow as he filled my mouth. It was an amazingly powerful feeling to feel him pulse and to have him filling my mouth with his cum. As he slowed I backed off a little and took the last few spurts and held it in my mouth. I swirled it around like I was at a wine tasting. Only thing was, I didn’t spit it out.

When he pulled his cock out of the hole I just sat back on my knees and realized what I had just done. I just became a cocksucker. And I loved it! I was hooked and now I started going from cock to cock as they were presented through the wall and guy after guy took turns with my mouth.

One guy stuck his limp dick in the hole and I just took it completely in my mouth and began to suckle like a baby with a pacifier. I had the whole thing in my mouth and when he started to get hard it was the most amazing feeling as his cock grew and grew. I just held my head still as his cock reached full rigidity. I could feel his pulse on my tongue. Before I even started to move he knocked and I had to back off so I wouldn’t choke as his first spurt went straight down my throat. It took him longer to finish cumming than it did for him to get stiff in my mouth. I had to swallow twice before he was done.

I must have sucked off seven or eight when the guy I jerked off (Mr. Perfect cock) came back. I decided that I would try to deep throat him. I bobbed back and forth taking canlı bahis siteleri him a little deeper each time. When it hit the back of my throat I paused and tried to concentrate not to gag. I had heard about a trick so I tried it. As his cock was pressed at the opening of my throat I swallowed and pushed down further. It slid all the way in until my nose was pushed up against his pubes. I did it!

He didn’t move as I held it there with my lips wrapped around the very base of his magnificent dick. After a few beats I pulled back about half way and then pushed all the way back down. I really got the hang of it after three or four strokes and was able to now take it to the root with ease.

I pushed all the way down and held my mouth there until he got the message and started to pump his hips back and forth and began to fuck my face with slow, deep, powerful thrusts. As he got close, he began to use my mouth like a pussy and was fucking my mouth faster and faster. When he knocked I backed off a little as I wanted to taste what I missed when I jerked him off the first time.

As I hoped, his cum was as perfect as his cock. It was thick, creamy, a little sweet but with a hint of bitterness. I was able to get it all in my mouth as I kept sucking until he was finished and started to go soft and pulled out. I wanted to hold it in my mouth for as long as I could, but another cock appeared in the other hole and I had to get back to work.

I spent the next few hours sucking off every cock that came through the walls. There were more than I could keep track of. There were big cock, small cocks, white, black, cut and uncut. A couple I recognized had come back for seconds or thirds.

I swallowed every load that I worked hard to get. There was every variety of taste and texture. There were a couple that I had a hard time with because they tasted so bad, but generally I enjoyed the tastes.

By the time I was done my knees were sore, my jaw ached, my lips were numb and I kept belching up the taste of cum

I’ll be back tomorrow. In the middle booth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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