Gay Anal while My Wife Watches

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My wife and I watch gay porn together. One night while we were a watching a particularly good one she started making comments about it. She asked me if I wanted to do what they were doing on the screen. I told her yes, and I wanted her to be there and watch me be fucked hard like that. One guy had a real nice cock and I told her I wanted to suck his cock before he fucked me.

I asked her if she wanted to see me do something like that for real and she said she definitely would. We started talking about different sexual scenarios. She wanted me to describe in graphic detail what I would do if there was a man in bed with me right then. She asked me if I would kiss him and what else I would do. I said yes, I’d make out with him then have him fuck me in the ass while I was sucking on another guy’s cock. She said we would need two guys then. This was getting real and I was getting turned on by the conversation.

I told her when she goes on trips I get on the Internet and search for someone we could do it with. I told her I went as far as contacting a gay erotic masseur on the internet. I said I found a guy in the city we live in and showed her his website. I said I wanted to hire him for an in home massage and have him give me an erotic massage while she watched. She seemed intrigued by it and agreed I could do that if I wanted to. She even suggested that we could do it in late June as our daughter was going away for a couple of days. We talked like this throughout our love making. We kept talking like we were serious about doing it. We both had powerful orgasms she had about five.

During the conversation she said one thing that was very intriguing. She mentioned that she would do it if we could find the right person. Someone in good shape, attractive, not a professional escort, but an anonymous safe person. Someone that I could have sex with and no complications. A perfect fantasy person come to life. With the right person I’m sure she would be willing to watch me and him in bed together, maybe she would even join in and make it a threesome.

When she was in the heat of the moment she said, quite convincingly, she wanted to watch me do it, but afterward she said she was just play acting and didn’t really want to. I said that I didn’t want to either. I understood her reaction because I felt the same way. In the heat of the moment, it was exhilarating to talk that way and pretend that it would happen for real. That’s what makes the fantasy so exciting pretending like we were actually going to do it.

I think in the height of sexual arousal true erotic desires are revealed. It’s like the chemicals in the brain cause normal inhibitions to diminish and one lets atypical feelings out. These expressions might or might not be true feelings. After the excited state wanes these thoughts are deemed too risky to actually follow through with. If the risk could be removed, I think she would watch me with another guy. When her mind was unencumbered, free of guilt and concerns about cultural mores, she expressed these cravings openly. I think there is a part of her that really wants to do something that forbidden. She might let it happen with the right person. Neither one of us had a right person in mind, and our misgivings about the risk outweighed the desire.

Despite these misgiving I started giving it serious consideration. Could we find that right person? Who could it be? A friend would be too complicated, an escort too risky, a professional massage therapist maybe (there is the guy in our city but how do you know for sure he’s legitimate). We could search for someone on the internet, from what I’ve read a male female couple looking for a male is easy to find, but that is also risky. I really couldn’t think of anyone that would fit. A discreet friend would be best, but that would make the friendship awkward. Then it came to me why not the only other person, since I’ve been married, I’ve had sexual relations with? I had sex with my roommate a long time ago when I was away from home on a summer job. He would be perfect.

I never told my wife about him as were married when I had sex with him. I kept it a secret all this time because I considered it cheating, and even though she has these gay fantasies involving me the real thing might be too much. Me an him had sex throughout the summer. He would be a perfect candidate to fulfill our fantasy.

We were friends we spent three months together. He would be much older now. He might not be as good looking. Maybe he got fat and bald, but he would fit because I could trust him as we did it quite often that summer. He was discreet none of our co-workers ever suspected what we were doing. Would he still be willing to have sex with me and to complicate it let my wife watch? It probably will never happen, but he would be a good candidate.

Lena doesn’t know I had sex with him. I lied to her about him. We had sex throughout that summer. All my previous homosexual experiences before him were strictly oral, but with him I went all tuzla escort the way. The second time we did it he fucked me. I never felt such a sexual high. Part of it was the forbidden nature of what we were doing, but the main part was it felt so amazingly good. We got into anal sex and continued doing it throughout that summer.

We were partners in the field and shared a motel room for three months. I don’t know how many times we did it to each other that summer. We both had healthy sexual appetites. It was at least several times a week. We did it a lot but that was a long time ago. He was sexy and discreet, and he lived in California so no complications would arise. I learned a lot from him.

I was thinking about him and had a few vivid memories. The first time he fucked me was the first time I had real anal sex. I distinctly remember strong smell of the baby oil was thick in the air. He used it to lubricate my ass. To this day I can’t smell baby oil without thinking of that first time I had a hard a cock buried in my ass. I remember while it was happening being on an extended sexual high. It was so intense feeling his cock ramming in and out of me. I had been fantasizing about that happening to me since I looked at that gay magazine years before.

That first time was powerful. I remember afterwards staring up at the ceiling. I had just committed the ultimate homosexual act and the guy who fucked me was lying next to me in bed. He had ejaculated his semen deep into my ass. I was coming to the realization of what I just did. I considered myself heterosexual but here I was lying in bed with semen leaking out of my ass. My heterosexual ass had been defiled and I liked it.

I also remember the regrets. I started thinking about my wife and how I just betrayed her. I remember thinking “what have I done?” Cheating on her with another woman would have bad, but she would not forgive cheating with another man. I felt terrible and guilty but sexually exhilarated. I loved her, I didn’t want to keep any secrets from her, but I could never tell her this! This would have to be a secret I took to the grave.

I recall laying in that bed and my brain was in turmoil but as bad as I felt I wanted to do it again. The sexual excitement outweighed the guilt. I rationalize that because I loved her, and there was no risk of falling in love with him, it wasn’t a danger to our relationship. If there is no emotion involvement and no danger of him replacing her in my heart, then was it really cheating? I rationalized that It was no worse than jacking off when she wasn’t home. I put things in my ass when I was alone and she didn’t know. This really wasn’t much different except it was a real cock instead of a fake one. I convinced myself that it would just be for the summer, because after that job I’d never see him or do it again.

I considered it my one opportunity to explore homosexual sex. That summer of gayness allowed me to finally get a sense for what full homosexual sex was about, and helped get it out of my system. It never was emotional for me. It was just sex. The deed was done. I did it. What did it matter if I did it again?

I remember laying there feeling a sublime warmth emanating from my freshly fucked ass. I felt his semen leaking out of me. A warm feeling began to built in my genitals again. My penis started to move and grow. I looked over at him lying on his stomach with his enticing ass sticking up. I couldn’t stop myself the yearning pushed all negative thoughts out of my head. I reached for the baby oil. I fucked my first ass that evening. That was just the beginning of three months immersed in gay sex.

His name was Dario. He was half Greek and half Italian. He was taller than me. He had black hair and blues eyes. He was muscular but slenderer than me. He was a good-looking guy. When we went to the bar or out to eat the woman in the place would take special notice of him. My wife met him at the end of the job as she came to stay with me for the last two weeks. That was twenty years ago.

About a week after Lena and I had sex where we talked about the different scenarios of inviting another man to our bed I began thinking more and more about Dario. He seemed like a good candidate and would be perfect for our special fantasy. I decided to look him up. I got on Facebook. I found him pretty quick. He looked the same. He had the same piercing eyes, but his black hair was grey. He still looked good. He was living in California. I put in a friend request. A few hours later I checked my computer, and he accepted the request and he requested I add him to messenger.

I started scanning his Facebook page. He had a lot of photos. He was still in good shape he had a great body. As I was going through his photos, I started to get curious about something. Then I came upon a series of beach pictures. These were recent pictures. It was him and friends of his, all males, in skimpy bathing suits. One picture showed a bunch of guys on a beach. There was a picture of him kissing a tuzla escort bayan guy. He was gay! That explained a lot. He must have been homosexual but didn’t want to admit it. Coming out back then was tough to do. I sent him a massage.

He responded to my message right away. We conversed for several weeks. He told me he was bisexual. He said he came out in the nineties. He told me that when he was in high school, he figured out he was attracted to both sexes. He dated mostly girls but hooked up with guys too. He said by the time we were working together he knew his orientation and what he wanted

We talked about our time that summer. We hit it off right away. I remember he told me about the tics and suggested we inspect each other after each day in the field. He said by the way I reacted to his touch that I might be susceptible to his advances. He said he was hesitant to try anything at first because I was married, but he was encouraged by my willingness to allow him to touch me in places most guys would have objected to. He said he was going to tell me about his orientation back then but he didnt. He wanted to keep it just sexual. I told him I had my suspicions because he seemed to have more experience than me. I told him that I liked the sex, but I loved my wife. He told me throughout his sex life he had come upon many happily married men that had gay sex but emotionally were mostly heterosexual.

We filled each other in on what we had been doing the last couple of decades. He wasn’t married but had some long-lasting relationships. He wasn’t in a relationship at the time but was dating regularly. I told him my history. I was still married to Lena, he met her on our job, and we had one daughter. I told him I was living in Denver. He said that was a coincidence he has been to Denver many times on business and that he had a business trip planned to Denver in June. When he said that I got a semi erection and my genitals felt warm. It turned out he was going to be here the same days my daughter was going to be away. I told him he would have to come for dinner one night. He readily agreed.

I told Lena that I had recently connected with my friend from my summer job. I told her I found him on Facebook. I told her he was going to be here in June and that we should have him for dinner.

She said, “Sure that would be nice. He was the one you were roommates with, right?”

I said, “Yes we were field partners and shared the motel room for the season.”

“I remember him we met when I came to visit you. He was good looking.”

I said, “Yes that’s the guy.”

Lena responded, “That’s good I’d like to talk to him and hear about your time together. Like what you guys did in your spare time. You guys seemed to be really good friends. I’m surprised you haven’t contacted him before this. It has been a long time are you looking forward to seeing him again?”

The way she said that it seemed like she was insinuating something. She always had her suspicions about my orientation. She is convinced, and rightfully so, that I have had gay sex that I haven’t told her about.

I said, “Yes it will be good to see him it has been a long time.”

During the intervening weeks Dario and I texted a lot. One-night Lena went to bed early. He called me on FaceTime. This was the first time we talked directly. When I saw him, I was surprised how young he looked. He didn’t look that much different. A few wrinkles but time was good to him. He commented on how good I looked too. We eventually started talking about our field work together which led to talk of the sex we had that summer. He told me he looks back quite fondly on that time. I told him that I did too. I said I didn’t have any regrets about the sex we had. I told him I did regret lying to my wife. I said I never told her about him.

We had only been married a few years when I was with Dario. I couldn’t tell her at the time because I didn’t know how she would react. I told him about Lena’s and my fantasies. He asked me if I ever had gay sex again since we did it together. I told him no. He said it must be difficult to have those desires but not be able to act on them. I said that I’ve been completely satisfied with my sex life. I didn’t really have a strong desire to do it. My wife and I played out the fantasy and that’s good enough for me. He said ok if you say so.

At that he put his hand down his pants and started rubbing himself. I watched. He stood up so his crotch was right in front of the camera. He pulled his pants down, he had no underwear on, his hard cock sprang up and took up the whole screen. It was about seven inches long and was sticking straight out of his close cropped black pubic hair. My mind went back to the first time he fucked me with that cock. He sat back down and started playing with himself.

I followed suite and took off my pants and shirt. When I looked back at the screen, he was completely naked. We both started jacking off. He had no chest hair as he must shaved his chest escort tuzla because I remember him having hair before. He was rubbing his chest and pinching his nipples while stroking his cock. I started doing the same. We were talking about what we use to do to each other. Then he said he wished I was there with him and we could relive those nights in the motel. I said I’d like that too.

He said, “I want to bend you over and fuck you right there on the computer table.”

I said, “When you get here next week, I’d like to make that happen. I want to feel that cock inside of me again.”

That was the first time one of us mentioned that we could have sex when he got here. We both came shortly after. We cleaned up.

He asked, “You said you couldn’t wait to feel my cock inside you again. Did you mean that? Do you really want to do it? What about your wife?”

I said, “Yes I really want to do it, but I wouldn’t do it unless me and Lena had an agreement. I’ll have to talk to her about it before we can do anything. It has been a fantasy of hers to watch me with another guy, but fantasy versus reality is an entirely different thing. If it is going to happen it will be only be with her consent. Would it be ok with you if she watched us?”

He said, “Sure it won’t bother me. You are a lucky guy. I’m surprised you can even broach the subject most married guys I know have to be very discreet and sneak behind their wife’s back. They could never discuss it with their wives. You’d be surprised how many of them there are out there too. I’ll bet I’ve up hooked up and had sex with at least a half dozen married guys over the years. Most of them have been older like in their forties, fifties and older.”

“I’ll see how she reacts to the arrangement. It isn’t so much the present situation, but what we did in the past. I’ve been lying to her all these years. I’m going to have to tell her about what we did before we go any further. I’ll let you know how it turns out.”

We ended the conversation there. He would be in Denver the next week.

I was thinking about how I would approach Lena about confessing to her. I had to come clean about what me and him did that summer. Days went by and it never seemed to be the right time to bring the subject up. How do you tell your wife that you had been lying to her for twenty years? He was going to be here in just one more day. I decided I was going to talk to her about him that night in bed.

We got in bed. I was shaking with nervous energy. I finally worked up the courage.

I said, “There’s something I want to talk to you about. I have to tell you something that happened a long time ago.”

She said, “OK I’m listening.”

“I’m just going to say it right out front. Back when I was on that summer job Dario and I had sex. We had oral sex and anal sex. It wasn’t just once or twice it was all summer long. I’m sorry I never told you.This happened when we were married. I’m sorry I did it. I hope this doesn’t hurt you too much. You are my only love. It was just sex. Just a way to get off nothing else.”

After a long moment of silence, she said, “It’s about time you told me the truth. I’ve always suspected it, no I’ve always known. When I came to stay with you for those two weeks you were different in bed. You started to be more interested in and aggressive with my butt. I remember you giving me a back rub. You moved down to my butt and started spreading my cheeks apart so you could get a good look at how hairy I was down there. Then you put your tongue in my ass and it shocked me. I was wondering where that came from.”

“You didn’t stop there you moved on top of me and without even asking you put your dick up my ass. While you were pumping my ass you seemed exceptionally excited. You were moaning and groaning more that you ever had. You were thrusting into me wildly and when you came you tensed up and shuttered for almost a minute. I actually liked what you were doing, but I was surprised by your behavior.”

“Then I met your roommate. It made sense. I started thinking, “That guy is really sexy and good looking I’d have sex with him, and Ron has been sleeping in the same room with him. What have they been doing these past three months?” I knew back then what transpired between you two I just wasn’t a 100% sure. That’s why over the years I kept asking you. I wanted you to tell me the truth!”

“Your intuition was correct. I’ve wanted to tell you for years, but as time progressed it became too difficult.”

She said, “I know why you’re telling me now. You want to fuck him again don’t you, and you want me to watch you do it? After we talked about your homosexual fantasies, I had a feeling that you were serious about wanting to do it. I knew you were thinking about doing something. Then out of nowhere you contacted your friend after all these years… I knew right then that you have been lying to me. When you told me you contacted him, that finally convinced me I was right all this time. You had sex with him. I knew that you were trying to find someone to fulfill your desire to do it again and who better than him. I was certain you were working on setting it up with him, then I saw you in the computer room the other night.”

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