Full Relaxation

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Hey my name is Ryan. I can’t believe what just happened to me. I am here on a massage table, with my chest, face and hair covered in my own cum. It was the best orgasm of my life, and it was given to me by a man. How did it all happen? It was over a year in the making.

What would you see, if you passed me on the sidewalk? A pretty average guy. Dark brown hair, gray eyes, a strong jaw line and a clean-shaven face. I am 29 years old. I have been in the working world for seven years as a social worker and married for four years with a two year-old at home. About a year and a half ago, I decided that I needed to get into better shape. Back in college I ran cross country, and I was at the point where I could barely run a mile. Something needed to change… Even my wife, who is as kind as can be, started to mention the “little tire,” as she called it around my mid-section. So I did the best thing possible… I joined a gym.

It really was great: Doug, the trainer there put me on a program and kept me on it. He would even call if I missed too many days in a row. Around the gym he has the nickname of “one more.” He gets this name, since when you are at the end of pushing it; he has the tendency to say “one more rep, one more set.” While the encouragement has paid off, since joining the gym I have lost twenty-five pounds, and I think I have more muscle than I did in college.

Now I enjoy looking at myself naked in the mirror. I love seeing my 180 pound, six foot five inch frame, covered with a nice shading of body hair, and seeing more muscle than fat. Even my dick looks a little bigger at six and a quarter inches of cut meat. Best part is that my wife loves it too! I am turned on more often from being in better shape, and I guess I am becoming more of the “hunk” that she married.

Well, believe it or not, my wife is responsible for my first man-sex experience. Although she will never realize it. She started noticing the results before I did. After going to the gym for about three months, I was getting frustrated. I mean, I spend ninty minutes a day, five days a week pushing waits around and hitting the track, and it didn’t seem like I was making any progress. On top of it all, I seemed sore all the time. Well as a little encouragement, she decided to by me a six-month package of massages at a legitimate massage therapy clinic.

Now, Kim, my wife, has given me plenty of backrubs over the years, but I have never had a professional massage. “One more” at the gym thought it would be a great idea, and really help me out. So one Friday, I left work early and headed to my massage appointment with Ashley. I have never cheated on my wife, but I will confess that I have wondering eyes, so the idea of having a “young and hot Ashley” that I imagined in my mine touching my naked body was my main motivation for going to the massage.

When I arrived at the clinic, I was very surprised to discover that Ashley was a man. Well, I should have suspected as much, since I do know that Kim can get a little jealous. I really could not expect that she would knowingly casino oyna pay to have a young and hot babe rub my naked body.

I was nervous at first, but I figured, “o well, what the heck.” After all, I had really pushed myself hard at the gym that morning, and could feel that I NEEDED this massage.

Ashley was about my height, with a stockier frame. He carried his weight very well, and looked like he could have been a rugby player. He was around my age. He has a deep red head of hair, a little beard on his face, and judging from the hair on his arms, probably quite a bit of chest hair. He greeted me with a smile, and could probably sense my apprehension. After all, while I have seen plenty of guys naked in the locker room, I have never been touched by another guy besides a doctor. Never even seeing another guy’s erection, except for porn. Well, he put my right at ease with some small talk about his new wife, just closing on a house, and his soccer playing days in college (I guess I was wrong on the rugby). He didn’t ask me too much about my life, which I was fine with. We did some flexibility exercises while I was still fully clothed, and then he said I could disrobe. The first awkward moment: “Hey Ashley, ummm… how much do I leave on?”

“As much or as little as you want. Some customers only take off their pants, and others go in the buff. Either way you will be draped the whole time. I can massage you either way, but to be honest it will be a better massage for you if you are in the buff. I will leave as you take your garments off, and cover yourself with the drape on the table. I will knock to make sure that you are ready before I come back in.”

The moment of truth. At first I was going to stay in my Jockey brand boxer-briefs. But, I decided at the last moment to strip them off. I figured that I wanted the best massage possible, and the he probably saw plenty of naked people, men and women, each day, so it was no big deal for him.

Well he knocked, re-entered, and started to work my body over with his heavenly hands. My wife was right, I needed this. I was feeling more and more relaxed in his hands. He was right; I never felt awkward or embarrassed the whole time. He keep my buddy covered, and with his calm and soothing tone of voice, kept my mind relaxed. I could not believe that the hour fly by and he was done. He slowly lifted me to a sitting position, and gave me a bottle of water. He said he would step-out for a moment, and when I was ready he would come back in to schedule the next massage.

We decided to schedule massages once every two months. They were very helpful with my sore muscles, but it was something more. I thought that being naked with another man would be awkward, but it wasn’t. He talked with me, and I slowly opened up as met again and again. I had friends, but like most guys, it is pretty surface level stuff. Never connecting any deeper than beer, golf and football. With Ashley, I opened up, and I think part of it was being naked around him. It was definitely part of the bonding experience. Never did slot oyna it feel sexual. I did not have a sexual vibe towards him, nor did I feel that he had one for me. But, we were growing more intimate at the emotional level. I guess this is what deep friendship is supposed to be like.

Well today, I showed up for my appointment. The usual, flexibility exercises, he steps out while I remove my clothes and slip under the sheet. He comes back in, and he starts to work his magic over my tired muscles as we start to talk. The massage is going great, but there is something different. He is working the back of my calf muscles and I can feel my little buddy stirring. This has never happened before. I was getting worried. Right now, I was face down on the table, so it growing erection was hidden. Would it go down before he asked me to turn over? I hoped so. I mean, I know that the brochure that the receptionist handed me when I came for my first appointment mentioned this, and said it was natural – and should not be seen as a sexual sign, but rather a sign of “full relaxation,” I never experienced an erection in front of another man before. At the doctor’s office, I was always too nervous, and well here it never happened before. What was happening? What would Ashley think, if he saw it? I am no perv. As expected, the more I thought about it the harder it got.

He could sense that something seemed wrong. I had stopped chatting. He said, “I can tell there is something on your mind, but I will make sure that you are fully relaxed.” He started providing long hard strokes up and down the side of my spine. He has done this before, and it always puts my mind at ease. It was this time, but it was making my dick ever harder, and now I think I was beginning to leak pre-cum. Now I know there is no chance that my erection will go down, and I hope in vain that the sheet will be enough to hide it, when it is time to flip over.

As he finishes working my scalp, he says it, “please turn over now.” The moment of truth. I gingerly turn my body, being very careful not to stimulate myself any more.

The tent in the sheet is obvious. You know how guys always wish they would have a larger cock? Well, I always did too, except that at this moment it felt like my six inches was a sixteen inch monster and I was hoping that it was a two inch micro. He didn’t mention it. There is no way he couldn’t have noticed, but he pretended to not even notice. Perhaps, these are more common than I thought, and it was just a fluke with me that I have not had one yet. I try, and mostly succeed in relaxing my mind, but my hard-on stayed just as hard.

The massage was coming to an end, and as he always does my quads are the last thing he works. I was at the point where I had convinced myself that this was normal, having a massive erection and leaking pre-cum, during a massage, and was re-relaxing. Just at that moment, as he was moving from the left quad to the right quad, the sheet slipped. I guess there is only so much that a sheet can hold back for so long. I don’t know what to do, and canlı casino siteleri as I reflex, I say, “Sorry man, I don’t know what is with him today.”

“It’s alright, it just means that you are relaxed and the blood is flowing. You certainly are healthier than your first massage, and when you are healthy these things happen.” He recovers me, but my little buddy appreciates the open air, twitches, and with a mind of its own throws the sheet off. Ashley, doesn’t seem to mind, and just continues to work my right quad. He finishes with a quick foot rub. He comes back to my end of the table. I am expecting him to say his usual: I’ll step out for a moment, here’s some water, let’s reschedule.

Instead, he says, “I guess I finished early, but that’s alright, since you have clearly not achieved full relaxation. At this point, I am putty in his hands. Even before he does it, I know he is going to do it. I want to say no. I am not afraid of it; I just don’t want to ruin our friendship. But, I am putty in his hands I am so relaxed. I offer no protest. For the first time, I look down at my raging hard cock, and can see that it has been continuously leaking pre-cumming for a least a few minutes. A string of the sweet and sticky liquid was hanging out of the hole of my dick.

While he remained standing right by my head, he reached over, BREATHED on my cock, which send an orgasmic shiver up my entire body. His hand made contact. He slowly and gingerly stroked my cock. Just the base, with a very light grip. Stroking up and down, never quite making it to my head. His strokes match my very relaxed breathing. I can feel that I will shoot my load soon, but it is very different than any other orgasm that I have ever had. It is not building up like an eruption burst, but rather it is like a slow accumulation of heat all throughout my body, slowly concentrating in the one part of my body that he has not yet touched – the very tip of my dick. It is now purple with anticipation with what will be coming. His hand goes lower, and he cups my balls and rubs them. He leans further, and starts to take the base of my cock between his lips. It is not quite a kiss, but his tongue is involved. As his hands continue to work my balls, one finger starts working over my taint and just barely fingers the outside of my hole. I feel myself just barely whisper “please.” With that he slips just the tip of his finger into my anus and his sends me over the edge. In less than a tenth of a second, all the heat that has been building in my entire body, flowed into the head of my cock, and I started shooting. I have shot so much cum in my life. The orgasm sent wave after wave of energy through my body. It was such a powerful orgasm, that for a moment I was no sure if I was having an orgasm or a seizure. I don’t care. It was just plan good.

As the wave of orgasm passed. Ashley regained his composure. And ended the appointment completely normally, like nothing happened. “Mr. Konen, your time is up. Please make use of these facial tissues to blow your nose and clean yourself up. I will knock on the door when you are done redressing to schedule our next appointment.”

After he left, all I could do was bask in the light for a few more minutes, and say “Damn dude.” I guess this is just a normal part of achieving full relaxation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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