Fulfilling a Fantasy

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Big Tits

The idea first came to me when I saw it happening in a film. The main character had sex with a bunch of guys while she was blindfolded and tied up and I was so turned on by just the thought of it, of being able to feel, hear and sense, but not see, that I promised myself I would give it a try. I’d done some light bondage before but never tried the blindfold.

So the next day I rang Adrian at the swingers club where I’d been twice with Neil, and told him about my fantasy. He said he would happily try and make it happen and that he was sure that the guys and the girls would all be up for it. We arranged that I would do try and do it at the party on the following Sunday night.

When it came to Sunday evening, I took a long relaxing bath, shaved my legs, under my arms and my pussy, got dressed and headed for the club. I had already arranged to get there a while before everyone else arrived so that I could get blindfolded and wouldn’t see anyone until I decided that I wanted to. My intention was to only take the blindfold off when I needed to go to the toilet or take a shower.

When I arrived, Adrian welcomed me with a peck on the cheek, took my coat and poured me a glass of wine. I sat at the bar, sipped my drink and explained what I wanted to do and he told me what he would be doing to try and get the guys (and the girls) involved with my fantasy. He said that when I was ready I could just go and get settled and ready in one of the upstairs rooms and then I could just lie there and wait for company.

About five minutes later, the doorbell went and the first couple arrived. I decided that I would chat with them and tell them what I was wanting and I was happy to see them as I knew that even if they did then join in later, I wouldn’t necessarily know it was them. They were really friendly and were regular swingers and the guy was quite good looking. I told them about what I was hoping would happen and asked them if they’d be happy to be the first to play with me just to get me warmed up.

They were both happy to oblige, so the three of us made our way upstairs to the room that was by the bathroom at the back of the house on the second floor. It had the biggest bed and mirrors all around. We all sat on the bed and the couple started to make out and soon they were both stripped and playing with each other. I was already getting really turned on by this so I went into the bathroom, stripped off and then rejoined them in the room, wearing just a robe. By this point, the guy was standing with his partner sat on the bed and she was sucking on his cock.

“Do you mind if I join in now?” I said.

“Feel free,” they said in unison.

I didn’t need asking twice, so I started to kiss his chest and then started to suck his cock too. We took it in turns to suck and lick him. Up and down the shaft and across the head — his partner sucked on his balls too.

He was groaning with pleasure and his hands started roaming over my body.

“OK, I’m gonna do this,” I said. I reached for my bag and pulled out the blindfold that I had brought especially for this night.

I lay down on my back and fastened the blindfold behind my head.

“Would you mind licking me out?” I said.

“Of course not,” came the eager voice.

The next thing I knew, I was being pleasured by a woman I’d only just met! It was an amazing sensation, she was so gentle and I could feel every little stroke of her tongue. Then I felt a hand on my breasts and then lips on my nipples which were already erect. The guy had obviously decided to join in as I could feel his light stubble on my skin.

I felt myself getting more and more turned on and soon I could sense some movement between the couple. Then I felt it — touching my pussy. It made me shiver with excitement and I stretched my arm down below and helped to guide him inside me. He slipped in easily.

He wasn’t huge but I could feel him inside me all the same — he started to thrust slowly and asked me if it was good. I groaned my approval and he carried on. Slowly he began to speed up his and then I felt lips on my nipples again. Soft lips this time, no stubble.

Then I heard some other voices. I shivered with the sheer casino siteleri anticipation. I felt someone stand near me. They took my other hand and soon I was holding a cock. It was rock hard and very large. I started to stroke it and play with it as the guy of the couple carried on fucking me faster and faster. Soon after that, I felt him come and then withdraw but as soon as he had got off me, I felt a moment of discomfort but then immense pleasure as another cock, a much bigger one, thrust into my now dripping wet pussy. I felt it really stretch me as it made its way deep into me. Meanwhile I kept playing with the cock that was by my head.

“Can you suck me?” said the voice belonging to the cock after a few minutes.

“Sure,” I said. I guided him into my mouth and started to suck him. He was big and I could only manage about a half of his length. He had no condom on and soon I could taste his pre-cum and then soon after that he said “I’m gonna cum” so I went back to wanking him again and soon he came across my face and in my hair.

While this was happening I was still being pounded by my second cock of the night. I was close to climaxing for the first time and could feel myself tensing. Then it came, a gushing orgasm. Not knowing who had given me such pleasure was an amazing turn on. Then I felt soft lips on mine (I guessed it must’ve been the woman from the couple but for all I knew it could’ve been a random female) and then felt a powerful and intense thrust from the guy who was fucking me. I heard him groan with pleasure as he came inside me.

Then I felt him slowly take out his huge cock and felt what seemed like another one go straight in! But then I realised it wasn’t a cock but 3 fingers together. I knew this because of the ease with which it was moving around inside me — then another sensation — someone had started licking me and was now slowly moving their tongue over my clit while the fingers were roaming around inside me at quite a pace. Soon I felt the fingers hit my G-Spot and I moaned my appreciation at which point the fingers started to rub it furiously. Within seconds I felt my body shake as I relaxed and let out a mighty yell of pleasure.

The tongue and the fingers kept going together and soon I was on the brink of yet another orgasm. At this point I felt the urge for some more cock so I asked if anyone wanted to take me from behind and soon I was on my knees on the edge of the bed being fucked doggy style by what felt like another gigantic cock. Soon, I was coming again and the guy continued to fuck me for about three more minutes before he blew his load.

By this point, I was knackered, sweaty and needing the loo so I asked if everyone except the couple could leave the room. I took of my blindfold and made my way to the bathroom where I took a shower and had a wee. My pussy was already red raw and I still had 3 hours of the party left. I aint gonna be able to ever walk again after this, I joked to myself.

After showering, I went back into the room and dried myself off — the couple were fucking again but this time I left them to it for a while. I sat on the comfy chair in the corner and watched them for about twenty minutes until they had finished.

“Do you want to try playing with her now?” asked the guy.

“OK, if you don’t mind?” I said — “I’ve not had much experience but I’ll definitely give it a go!”

So the guy lay down on one side of the bed and his partner lay on the other and I dropped my towel and climbed on the bed in between them.

I started to kiss her lips and then her neck and started to touch her breasts gently with my hand. Then I decided to really go for it and I helped her spread her legs open, put my head between them and started to lick her pussy that was still soaking from her first fuck. She tasted real good, really good. Soon I was lapping her up and licking her clit as if it was the top of a Mr Whippy! She seemed to be enjoying this as she was moaning after the first few minutes. And her moans began to get louder and louder. As I continued to lick her, her husband started to suck on her nipples — she really started to groan when he did this — he clearly knew what really turned her on. Then he started to slot oyna finger her really quickly with two fingers while I rubbed her clit furiously.

Soon she was panting and groaning “Oh god yeah, fuck yeah, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” she yelled.

And then she did! She came all over the bed. I was really shocked as I’d never seen a real life squirter before, never mind had one empty themselves in front of me. Her husband held his fingers in the air and I licked them — her juices tasted really good — it was almost sweet — like honey.

“I’m sorry” said the woman, “I should’ve warned you that I meant I was gonna cum like that”.

“It’s OK” I said, “just surprised me a little — I’ve never seen it before!” “You taste nice though, real nice.”

“Do you want him to make you do it too? He has this technique. I bet he can.”

“OK,” I said. “I’ve always wondered if I could do it and how it felt.”

“First, go for a wee,” she said.

I looked at her in puzzlement.

“Trust me — you’ll understand later.”

So I did. I went to the toilet, gave myself a quick wash down below and then went back into the bedroom and lay down on the bed.

The woman of the couple spread my legs wide and she licked my clit and pussy intently until I was soaking wet. Then her husband put two fingers inside me. He felt around and then started slowly stroking my G-spot. Soft, circular motions to begin with. Then, as I got wetter and more and more turned on (his wife was sucking my tits too), he began to speed up. It was so intense as he sped up I thought I was gonna pee, but it was a slightly different sensation, and I managed to stay relaxed. He kept going at it, faster and faster until I felt an amazingly intense wave all through my body followed by an eruption unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. And sure enough there it was – a squirting orgasm, the juices shot out from between my legs all over the sheets. My legs buckled. It was just…just…indescribable. So intense, there is nothing that compares to it. I felt overwhelmed by emotion and I grabbed onto both of them and held them tight. I felt vulnerable but in ecstasy at the same time, almost as if I had done something in public that no one else was ever meant to see. But I was so erotically charged. It was insane.

After that mind-blowing experience, I needed to relax and have a breather so the three of us went downstairs to the bar and spoke with Adrian and some other people. It was really strange not knowing which of the guys (or girls) had fucked or fingered me but I also decided that I wanted to be more in control for the rest of the party so the blindfold was gonna stay in my bag for the rest of the night.

As I was sat chatting, I spotted an absolutely gorgeous guy who was stood in the other room with his towel around his waist — he had an amazing body — a 6, no 8 pack stomach and a perfect chest with big strong arms. It made me go all tingly just looking at him.

“He’s hot isn’t he?” said a female voice from nearby.

“Gorgeous,” I replied, without thinking.

“He’s my husband,” said the voice.

“Oh, I see. I’m sorry,” I said.

“Don’t be, it happens all the time, I’m used to it. Go on, go and talk to him. And maybe I’ll see you again in a bit?” she said with a smile.

So I got up from my seat and walked over to him.

“Hi, I said. I’m Jane.”

“Hi, Jane. Rob,” he replied holding his hand out.

“Hi Rob, pleased to meet you. I was just talking to your wife. Would you, you know, like to play with me? Upstairs?”

“I’d love to. I’m just gonna go check if she minds or wants to join us — is that OK?”

“Sure,” I said. I could see the bulge in his towel, and from what I could see he was massive. I felt myself getting wet again.

He walked over to his wife, whispered in her ear and then came back over to me.

“She said it’s fine and she might come and join us in a while.”

“OK,” I said and headed for the stairs with Rob close behind.

When we arrived in the room upstairs there was a guy fucking one of the single girls but there was some space on the other bed so we went over to it and I sat on the edge.

Rob stood in front of canlı casino siteleri me and took of his towel. He was HUGE. He was almost flaccid and must have still been about six inches long. I was so turned on that I just instantly went for it and took him in my hand and began to slowly lick the shaft and the head. With my other hand I started to play with his balls and also stroke his solid stomach. Soon he became hard — he was still growing! When he was rock hard I stopped sucking and just stared at it — he must’ve been over ten inches. I started to panic about whether I could take him.

He must’ve seen the worry in my face because he said “Don’t worry, you’ve already managed it,” and winked at me. It took me a while to get what he meant but then it became clear that he was the same “huge” guy from earlier who had fucked me when I was blindfolded. I was glad that I had been blindfolded before because I would have really panicked at his size but now that I knew I was able to accommodate him, I relaxed immediately.

“Can I lick you out first?” he said. “I didn’t get chance before.”

“Sure you can,” I said.

I lay down on my back totally naked. I spread my legs and he knelt on the bed and put his head between them. He kissed the inside of my thighs softly and then slowly began to lick my pussy and clit. He stretched his left arm above his head and held my right hand which was by my side.

I wasn’t as wet as I had been earlier as I had been “resting” for a while so it took a while for me to get going again but he didn’t seem to mind. He looked like he was really enjoying himself and licked and nibbled away for a good ten minutes. Then he could obviously tell I was almost ready because he started to finger me as well as lick me. Soon I was near orgasm yet again so I knelt up and started to play with his cock again just to make sure he was hard and ready. Then I pushed him onto his back and lowered myself down onto him.

I felt a small amount of discomfort and then felt myself stretch as he went inside me and felt him hit my G-spot as he went in. I inched my way down further until I had taken nearly all his length inside me and could feel that he was really deep.

I started to move slowly up and down, each time I went down I felt his cock hit my G-spot hard and soon I was bouncing away. We fucked like this for about 10 minutes during which time I came twice more.

Then he asked if he could come on me and I was like “You can do whatever you want,” so he withdrew from me, knelt up and I sucked him until he was ready to come and then switched to my hand. He came all over my tits. Some went on my face and some in my hair — there was so much and it was so thick.

“You Okay?” he said

“Yeah thanks. You?”

“Yeah that was great fun — maybe we can play again later?”

“Sure — If I’m still alive!” I said.

He laughed.

We both went to the bathroom to clean up and then headed back downstairs. His wife was no longer in the bar area, she was on one of the beds downstairs. She was lying on her back being fucked from behind by a young black guy. She was moaning each time he thrust into her and soon we heard her climax.

We made our way into the bar area and sat on a couple of stools and started to chat. It turned out that he and his wife were fairly new to the scene and it was something they had decided to try to spice up their sex life a bit. Soon, his wife came over and sat next to him. She was flushed from her exertions and smiling.

“OK darling?” she said.

“Fine thanks,” said Rob “you OK? Having fun?”

“God yes — very OK,” she said, playfully squeezing his bum.

It was at this point that I decided it was time to leave — I think I would’ve probably died had I tried anymore sex! So I went upstairs to get dressed.

In the room with the wardrobe where I’d put my clothes, there were three naked girls on the two beds all being fucked and about ten guys all stood naked. Some were masturbating and some were being sucked or given hand-jobs. I took my clothes, went into the bathroom and got changed.

Once I was dressed, I headed back downstairs, said my goodbyes and made my way out into the night air.

I was sore but happy. My fantasy had been fulfilled. It was even better than I had dreamed of and I had had a ridiculous number of orgasms in the space of two hours and even experienced my first ever squirting ones!

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