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It had started with a story, published on the ‘net. Jen had read my efforts and sent me an e-mail, at the website. One thing had led to another and soon we had exchanged stories and a picture of ourselves. Gradually, we had become friends and then virtual lovers. Although we had yet to meet, I had seen her wearing nothing more than a wide smile and I knew she had to be a very special person. Jen had suggested that it was time to meet and had promised that she could make reality better than any fantasy.

This was how I came to be walking into a bar, near a railway station, in a town I hardly knew from a dot on a map. I blinked as I crossed the threshold, trying to accustom my eyes to the dimness. I scanned the room, my eyes flicking over the drinkers at the bar, sinking a swift beer in their lunchtime. The only seat I could not see the occupant of was in a corner booth, close to the jukebox. I walked slowly over, pausing at the counter to order coffee from the bartender. Carrying a steaming mug of surprisingly good, freshly ground, coffee, I approached the booth.

Jen was sat, with a glass of white wine in front of her. I could see her wristwatch, peeping from below the cuff of her silk blouse and I guessed that she had looked at it, just as I came in. I coughed and she looked up at me, her lips curving slightly in a polite smile, which became broader as she recognised my face. Jen slipped out of her seat and slipped her arms around me, hugging me gently and planting a delicate, fragrant kiss on my cheek. I could smell her perfume, fresh and slightly lemony, and feel the vitality that coursed through her body.

“Jen, it’s good to meet you. You’re even more lovely than your picture suggests.” I told her, my voice just loud enough for only her to hear.

“Thank you,” she laughed, “You’re quite dashing yourself.”

I spent a moment feasting upon the sight in front of me. Jen had chosen a white silk blouse with mandarin collar, with a dark blue suit, skirt and jacket, A pair of sapphire earrings glimmered behind the heavy curtain of hair. She was even more slender and willowy than her photographs suggested, and I felt lumbering and awkward, next to her natural, almost feline grace. I guessed that her hose was silk and the heeled pumps were fine leather.

I could feel Jen’s eyes roving over my own appearance. I had chosen a very pale blue cotton Oxford shirt, a co-ordinating necktie and a very dark charcoal suit with a vest. I took my spectacles off and polished them on the silk handkerchief that I kept for the purpose and let her look at my grey-blue eyes, before slipping them back on.

I sipped my coffee and watched as Jen curled her long, elegant fingers around the stem of her wineglass. She sipped, pursing her lips and letting a thin trickle of wine into her mouth. I imagined the taste of her mouth and remembered how, a moment ago, her body had been pressed lightly against mine. I thought of the key to the hotel suite I had booked, in my pocket and my breath caught in my throat, my mouth suddenly dry. Jen looked up into my eyes and I was sure, by the knowingness of her smile, that she had read my thoughts.

Jen set the wineglass on the table and reached out to touch the back of my hand. The touch of her fingertips burned like ice, sending sparks of desire through my body and igniting a furnace in my loins. She slowly stroked her fingernail along the back of my fingers, touching me so lightly that it felt like a breath against my skin. The scent of her perfume seemed to sharpen a little and it became more intense. She closed her eyes for a moment, catching her bottom lip between her teeth and drawing in a hiss of breath. I frowned in concern.

“Are you alright?” I asked, “You seemed to have a twinge.”

“I’m ok,” Jen answered, “it’s nothing really. Have you finished your coffee? I hope you have something interesting planned for the afternoon.”

Smiling, I stood up and offered her my hand. She slipped her fingers into my palm and rose to her feet, as I curled my fingers over hers. I tossed a couple of notes onto the table and led her out into the daylight. Less than fifty yards away, in the parking lot, I had a car waiting. It was hired, because I had taken the train into town, but the hire company had exactly the car I had requested. Jen’s eyes shone as she looked over the gleaming, dark blue, Jaguar. The paintwork was almost as dark as her suit and the chrome spun rays of afternoon sunlight across the pavement. I opened the door and helped her into the passenger seat, then hurried round to slip behind the wheel.

Jen leaned back in her seat and looked out of the window as we drove. The quiet between us was not hostile, nor oppressive, more companionable. I felt the gentle press of her fingers, as she rested illegal bahis her hand on my thigh. Classical music, I cannot remember what tune or even the composer, drifted from the car CD player. The drive seemed to last forever and, at the same time was over all too quickly. I steered the car under the portico of the hotel I had chosen and handed the keys to the doorman. We crossed the lobby to the elevators and slipped into a waiting car, just before the doors closed. Jen had a leather purse tucked under her arm and I could feel the corner brushing against my suit jacket, as she moved closer to me. The scent of her skin and hair seemed to fill with a fresh sweetness and I wanted to pull her close to me, so that I could feel her body pressed against me.

The elevator door slid open and we stepped out into a quiet hallway. I took Jen’s hand and led her down the corridor to the suite I had chosen last night. Unlocking the door, I gestured for her to step inside. The door clicked shut behind me and, at last, I had Jen to myself. I caught her by her hands and drew her close, sliding my hands around her waist. She opened her mouth to speak, but my lips were on hers and we were kissing, passionately. My tightening my arms around her, I pressed my tongue against her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked gently on my tongue, drawing it inside. Our tongues explored each others mouths, probing and twining together.

We broke apart, Jen trembling in my arms. She opened her eyes and looked straight into mine, then moaned, deep in her throat as I kissed her again, my tongue thrusting between her lips. Spreading my hands over her back I stroked along her spine, resting my fingertips on the dimple at the base of her spine and then spreading my fingers to cup her buttocks. Jen moaned into my mouth and pressed against me. I could feel her nipples as hard points, even through our clothes. She trembled and sobbed into my mouth again, then pulled away.

“Andrew,” she said, so softly I almost could not hear her words, “I’ve just started my period.”

“Do you want to stop here? Or what?” I asked her, gently.

“I don’t want to stop. I get so horny, but I bleed a lot and it’ll make a mess.” she whispered, her head lowered.

“So it’ll be messy. Making love is never the neatest of things to do. And we can shower afterwards.” I coaxed gently.

Slipping my hand under her chin, I lifted her face towards mine and our mouths found each other’s. I could almost feel a flare of heat rushing through her and she trembled in my arms. I slid the sleeves down her arms and laid her jacket across the back of a chair and waited as she slid her hands under the breast of my jacket and slid it off my shoulders. Her hands were pleasantly cool as she plucked at the buttons of my vest and opened the material wide. I unfastened the tiny pearls holding her collar closed and gently kissed the base of Jen’s throat.

Slowly my hands moved downwards, undoing her blouse over her breasts and then, lower still, over her smooth, tanned belly. I pushed the material off her shoulders and let her blouse slide down her arms and drape around her waist. Jen’s breasts were cradled in a sheer ivory silk bra, spilling a little over the top of the cups. I could see that they were swollen and they looked a little tender, as I bend my head and flicked my tongue into the deep cleft between them. Her nipples were pressing against the slick satin and I could see the hard points through the thin cloth. I slid my hands down over her smooth belly, as Jen unbuttoned my shirt and slid her fingers inside to brush them over my erect nipple. The silk of her blouse slid easily out of the waistband of her skirt and she moaned, quietly, as the material caressed her smooth skin. I felt her fingers tighten on my nipple, tugging gently as her mouth opened in a long, drawn-out growl.

Reaching behind her, I drew the zip of her skirt down, then unfastened the button, letting the skirt fall in a heap around her ankles. Jen stepped out of the pile of cloth and stood in front of me, her tanned skin contrasting with the ivory silk of her bra. Her panties were white cotton, a little darker where they pressed against the lips of her pussy. Black hold-up stockings complimented the smooth skin of her thighs. Jen reached out and slid the zipper of my trousers down and then unfastened my belt. With a twist of her fingers, she had undone the waist and let my pants fall to the floor. Gently, she teased the waistband of my briefs over the head of my swollen cock, sliding them down, past my heavy balls, until they fell to join my trousers around my ankles. Jen grinned and cradled my balls in one hand and slowly stroked my cock with the other. I could feel her fingertips caressing the swollen velvety head as she kneaded my shaven, illegal bahis siteleri heavy sac with her other hand. Sliding my hand along the front of her thighs, I pressed a fingertip against the cotton covering her pussy lips, teasing them apart and pressing the cloth between them. As my finger brushed over the tip of her clit, Jen yelped and a gush of wetness stained the gusset of her panties.

Stepping out of my clothes, I slid my hands along her back and unhooked the fastening of Jen’s bra, letting her breasts slip out of the cradle of silk. The points of her nipples were hard and almost bruised-looking while the dark circles around the base were puffy and crinkled. Jen was almost panting now, as my hands slid back down to caress the lips of her pussy through her panties and she moaned loudly as I closed my mouth around her hard nipple. She squeezed my cock and gasped as I flicked the tip of my tongue over her nipple, trapped between my lips. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the taste of her nipple as she ran her hands back and forth over my cock. I could feel her smooth caress on the length of my shaft and the gentle cupping of her fingers around my heavy sac.

Reaching down, I took Jen’s hands and led her over to the bed. The sheets had already been turned down and I lowered her onto the smooth linen. Kneeling at the edge of the bed, I pressed my hands gently against the inside of her knees and eased her thighs apart. Slowly, I ran my fingertips along the inside of her thighs, stroking and caressing her warm silky skin. Jen moaned in encouragement, urging me to caress her pussy. Gently, I teased the tender lips of her pussy open and stroked the tip of my finger over the hard pearl of her clit.

“God yess!” Jen cried, “You’re making me so hot and wet. Please don’t stop.”

Gradually, I moved my other hand along the inside of her thigh, until my fingertips touched the end of the string that led to the tampon inside her pussy. Very slowly, I began to wind the string around my fingertip, feeling the tension increasing as the cotton wad slipped along her pussy. My fingertips pattered gently around the base of Jen’s clit and I could see the tendons at the top of her thighs tightening into hard rods. Her clit swelled and hardened under my fingers and her breath came in harsh grunts.

“God yes, finger me, play with my clit, YESS!” she screamed.

Droplets of sweat speckled her belly like dew and she was thrashing her head against the bedclothes as I caressed her. The tampon slipped from between the lips of her pussy with a soft ‘plop’ and fell wetly onto the sheet. Jen’s whole body convulsed from the sensation of the tampon sliding out of her pussy and she howled as my fingertips flicked across the end of her clit. Leaning forward, I kissed the inside of her thigh, catching the coppery smell of her blood, like a hot penny. She squirmed under my hands and I had to grip her hips tightly to keep her from bucking right off the bed. I moved my mouth over her shaved pussy, flicking my tongue against the smooth skin and lapping at the puffy, swollen lips. Jen stiffened, her back arching, as she lifted her ass into the air, offering me her clit. I sucked the hard pearl into my mouth and swirled my tongue all over the tiny shaft. Jen cried out, a scream of arousal, as my tongue slid along her clit and dipped into her pussy. I tasted the gush of blood as her pussy flooded with sweet juice and then eased my head away, kissing the inside of her thighs as blood oozed from her pussy. Jen was panting and reaching down to touch her clit and thrust a finger into her bleeding pussy but I caught her wrists and held them, so that she could not reach her pussy to bring herself off.

“You bastard,” she sobbed, “I need to cum. Let me cum please.”

I moved up her body, planting a row of kisses along her belly and between her breasts, until I could thrust my tongue into her mouth. Her body was slick with sweat and my kisses left a line of bloodstains over her body. Jen tasted her blood on my lips and moaned into my mouth, arching her back so that the tip of my cock brushed the lips of her pussy. The touch of my velvety cock head against her pussy made her tremble, all over and she moaned again into my mouth. Reaching down, I guided my cock between her pussy lips, so that the head nuzzled against the opening of her tight passage. I could feel the hot slippery blood, oozing over the tip of my cock and onto my shaft as I leaned forward, sliding it into her. Jen bent her knees, locking her ankles behind my thighs and dragging me deeper inside her. I could feel the tight walls of her passage gripping my cock and rippling against the sensitive head and shaft. Jen whimpered into my ear as I pressed my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy, stretching canlı bahis siteleri her slowly and gently, until our bodies were pressed tightly into each other. Both of us were panting, as we pressed our bodies together, her hard, swollen nipples pressing against my chest like bullets.

I stroked her hair from her sweating face as my cock slid the last fractions of an inch into her pussy and the tip pressed into her womb. Jen felt the last stab of my cock and cried out, biting gently at the base of my neck as her body stiffened and she cried out as her pussy squeezed my cock. Gently, I nipped at her earlobe and planted rows of feathery kisses along her jaw and cheekbones, kissing her eyelids, as she closed her eyes and drew a shuddering breath. Then she lifted her head and looked down the widening gap between our bodies, as I drew back, easing my cock out of her pussy. She sighed as she caught sight of the shaft of my cock, streaked with blood and nectar from her pussy, then grunted from deep in her belly as I drove my cock back inside her with a smooth, hard thrust. We stayed motionless for a moment, as though we were welded together. The Jen pulled my head down to her breast, her lips almost brushing my ear.

“That feels so good,” she murmured, “but I need you to fuck me.”

“Are you ready?” I asked, “I want to fuck you hard and deep.”

“Oh God! Yess!” she whimpered.

I slid my hands back and caught her thighs in my palms, lifting them so that her knees were hooked over my shoulders and her heels rested on my back. Her hips were tilted and her knees pressed into her full, taut breasts, while her hips were tilted, so that I could plunge my cock even deeper into her pussy. Hot blood and nectar oozed out of her sweet gash and trickled slowly along the cleft of her ass. I could feel the trembling in her thighs as I leaned forward and slid my cock deep into her pussy. Starting slowly and gently, I worked my cock into her pussy, listening to Jen sighing almost purring, in fact, as I filled her tight slippery pussy. The mound of her shaven sex glistened red with blood from inside her passage as I eased back, leaving the head of my cock just inside her slot. The hot-metal smell of blood filled the air as I slid my cock back and forth, while the sheets were sticky where it had dribbled down the cleft of her ass.

Taking a deep breath, I plunged my cock back into Jen’s pussy, ramming hard and fast. She grunted explosively as our bare skin slapped wetly together and clung for a moment, then peeled apart when I withdrew my cock until only the tip was between her lips. She shuddered as though electrified and I rammed into her again, my cock sliding like a well-oiled piston in her bloody sleeve. Wet slurping and squelching noises punctuated her grunts ass we established a mutual rhythm. “Fuck me, Andrew.” Jen grunted, “Stick your cock inside me.”

“Tell me what you want Jen, tell me what a dirty girl you are” I demanded.

“Yes, she groaned, I want your cock in my bleeding cunt, I want you to fuck me hard and cum in my cunt. I want you to let me cum. Now fuck me, pleeeease” she moaned, building to a howl.

I needed no further invitation and began to pound my cock into her pussy, our bodies slapping wetly against each other and our grunts filling the quiet of the room. I could feel my sac tightening until my balls were riding high, beneath the root of my cock. My cock itself was swelling, until it ached to spray my thick fluid into Jen’s womb. I could feel it throbbing with the blood that pounded through it as it swelled even more. I managed a single thrust that seemed to drive Jen into the bed and my cock began to jerk, praying her womb with thick hot seed. Jen clutched at my back and raked the skin of my shoulders with her fingernails as her body arched off the bed, driving her hips upwards as her pussy sucked around my cock. She ground her teeth together as her jaw seemed to lock and a muffled howl escaped her lips before she went limp and fell back to the bed with my pumping cock still buried deeply in her pussy.

Panting, I eased my cock out of her tender pussy, feeling the hot wetness smearing over my softening cock. As I looked down I could see blood and cum smeared over the top of her thighs and seeping between the cheeks of her ass. Carefully, I laid down beside her and rested my palm on her hipbone, tracing patterns in the drying blood on her pussy. Jen stretched and turned towards me. Her shoulder length hair clung damply to her face and I could smell her musky sweat as she drew herself closer to me.

“Thank you,” she whispered in my ear, still breathless from cumming so hard, “I loved you cumming inside me.”

“Thank you,” I murmured as we snuggled wetly together, “I’ve always wanted to do that.”

“And are there any other things you’ve always wanted to try?” Jen asked, grinning invitingly.

Well, readers, there are other things for Jen and I to explore together. I may tell you about them. If we do try them and if, of course, Jen allows me to.

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